Shaken and Stirred

Shaken and Stirred

Aiden Bates / Aug 23, 2019

Shaken and Stirred Omega Sam Marlowe hasn t always had an easy life but he s got everything he needs now He co owns a biker bar with his brother Silas They live upstairs and they rent out the other apartments upstair

  • Title: Shaken and Stirred
  • Author: Aiden Bates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Omega Sam Marlowe hasn t always had an easy life, but he s got everything he needs now He co owns a biker bar with his brother, Silas They live upstairs, and they rent out the other apartments upstairs He s got his bike, and he doesn t have much else that he could ask for He doesn t have a steady alpha, but he doesn t need that It s just him and Silas, and they re hapOmega Sam Marlowe hasn t always had an easy life, but he s got everything he needs now He co owns a biker bar with his brother, Silas They live upstairs, and they rent out the other apartments upstairs He s got his bike, and he doesn t have much else that he could ask for He doesn t have a steady alpha, but he doesn t need that It s just him and Silas, and they re happy with that Trouble comes to town when an upscale restaurant opens up next door The arrogant restaurant manager starts things off on the wrong foot, and he doesn t seem inclined to improve The fact that the manager is an attractive alpha doesn t make it any better Alpha Logan Evers is determined to make sure that he never winds up broke again His employers have given him an opportunity to build something amazing with this new restaurant outside of Portland There s just one problem the seedy biker bar next door The amazing omega that co owns that dump just makes it worse Logan can t take his mind off of him, even though Sam won t back down They finally acknowledge their attraction to one another, but that s just the beginning of their problems When Sam becomes pregnant, they ll need to decide if their worlds are too different to ever bring together This is an alpha omega non shifter male pregnancy gay romance book This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18 The book is approximately 60,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

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    1. *** Aiden Bates gives us another Alpha/Omega tale that we gobble up. ***It's a non-shifter MPreg story. Sam, independent Omega, who owns a successful biker bar with his brother, is doing well. He's tall, built, long haired, and tattooed. Logan is opening an Italian restaurant next door, and he heads over to the bar to talk to the owners. The Alpha is tall, blue-eyed, with brown hair and in a SUIT ! Immediately, no one likes him, but his attitude is the reason. Logan wants them to close down the [...]

    2. Not sure how I'm supposed to find this one romantic. Logan is a giant douche through the entire story, and he never really changes. He didn't sacrifice anything to be with Sam, and the only reason he finally decided to stick around was because Silas gave him a job.

    3. ThoughtsAt approximately half through there is indication of Alpha, Beta, and Omega and not in a shifter world. I always find these kind of weird. Why use these terms that are majority shifter related? Gives kind of a false start impression. This one in particular kind of muddy's just a little more cus brother Silas is a Beta. And what does that mean in this world? Still waiting to find out.Over all, also at the half way mark, I'm not all that impressed with Logan. I don't see any real or remark [...]

    4. Rough but sweetSam is a big gorgeous Omega who looks rough and tough but is very sweet and smart. He knows the score when he meets Logan who smells and looks amazing but is pretty shallow and cares only for money. What I love is how they make each other better. I was surprised that the villian in the story, Alpha Mr. Utkin didn't do more damage than he did, but the hold he had over Logan was pretty strong. I think the not so silent hero in the story is the broher, Silas. Even though he really di [...]

    5. The topic of this novel was well conceived and characters were rather well developed. However, all that was undercut by weak writing: with editorial reviews and smoothing out of the grammar, this book could have been on par with some of the well written books in the gay genre.

    6. The omega seemed more 'alpha' than the actual alpha. I understood Logan's motivations, but they were still weak. I also felt that Silas had a bit of a brother complex in the guise of being overprotective.And I never really understand the point of the 'bonus chapters' when Bates includes new information or characters, but doesn't follow up with it in another book. Like (view spoiler)[the brothers' father comes back into the picture somewhat randomly, but that's it and the book is over. (hide spoi [...]

    7. Shaken and StirredAnother enjoyable read from this author! I'm slowly getting through his books and so far I've really liked all of them. You definitely need to check read at least one of them but be forewarned, you can't just stop at one!

    8. Bars & RestaurantsIt showed all the ups and downs of real life. Juggling work and family and doing there best to keep everything together.

    9. 4.5 StarsOh this book got me right in the feels! I’m definitely a fan of Aiden’s Alpha and Omega books and I think this may be the best one yet! Sam Marlowe had a rough childhood, bouncing from foster home to foster home, but that’s all behind him now. He’s got his older brother Silas and together they run a successful biker bar and enjoy life. That is until a new hipster restaurant decides to open up right next door to the bar and the manager, Logan, manages to continuously offend the M [...]

    10. The book blurb does a much better job of describing this book than I ever could******************************************************************************We have Silas, a beta, and Sam, his brother, an omega, who own a biker bar named Joe's. These two are not the preconceived notions of what an omega and a beta should be: Sam, pretty assertive for an omega & Silas, aggressive for a beta and both are HOT!. Enter Logan, the alpha, who starts manages the "new" restaurant across the street. T [...]

    11. Shaken and Stirred: M/M Mpreg Alpha Male RomanceBy: Aiden Bates5 out of 5 starsThe story Shaken and Stirred: M/M Mpreg Alpha Male Romance by Aiden Bates is one story you don’t want to miss. Omega Sam Marlowe has not always had and easy life. He has everything he needs, his brother Silas who he co-owns a biker bar with. He is happy with that. Then he meets Alpha Logan Evers. Logan manages the restaurant next door and is determined to make it successful. There is no way that both him and Sam are [...]

    12. “I want people to see you and to know that I'm yours, and you're mine.”I loved Sam, he’s such a bold and assertive omega, with such a snarky and playful sense of humour, that I couldn’t resist anything about him. With such an adversarial start when he meets Logan, I could feel for how he’s so conflicted about being attracted to Logan despite the contempt that seems to ooze from neighbouring bar manager. That element of classism that Logan holds onto frustrated me enough that I wanted t [...]

    13. *I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book*Logan and Sam have a rocky start even with the intense chemistry between them. Since their businesses are very close they are forced to interact with each other and eventually they end up in bed. Each carry their own scars from their childhood and issues with their father. Those issues are the driving force in how they see their current relationship, and once the pregnancy is revealed it causes those issues to come out in a negative way. Each [...]

    14. I thought this story was well written. Sam and his brother own a bar called Joe's. Sam and Logan meet when Logan comes in and asks sam and his brother to close the bar on the restaurant's opening night. Sam and Logan realized that they were attracted to each other and they start dating. Logan's boss doesn't want the bar by the restaurant so he tries to get the bar shut down unsuccessfully. Logan's boss shuts down the restaurant and says that Logan has to move. But sam brother buys the restaurant [...]

    15. Sam & Logan have a similar upbringing, but they are opposite on all levels in their lives now. Where Logan is only concerned about money and married to his job literally, Sam doesn't care about money, he just wants someone to love and want him. Sam's upbringing was heartbreaking to read, but I am glad he had his brother Silas. The way I look at things is it doesn't matter what side of the tracks you grew up on, because love can move mountains. I want be able to drink black tea again without [...]

    16. Overall I enjoyed reading this book. I really liked how the rolls were reversed in the sense that the Omega (Sam) portrayed stronger character traits verses the Alpha (Logan). Shaken and Stirred is not just a love story but a book about classism, rich vs blue collar middle class. Throughout the book you are wondering who will win, the rich and uptight owners or the witty and sexy bar owners, especially when Sam mentions how Silas earns extra cash.Sam is a bit of a badass with tattoos, a motorcyc [...]

    17. Tattoos and Martini'sCountry Club Snob meet Bad Boy Biker. Who wouldn't love this book it's just truly amazing, I love the plot, I love the characters, I love the development of it. I really enjoyed this book. So what do you get when you put an upscale restaurant next to a biker bar.? One romantically inclined roller coaster ride. The love making scenes weren't all that big and there were only like one or two episodes, but it was a really good read I do suggest for a good read.

    18. Not so good :/Well, this was a big let down. I think that this story, once edited and redone a bit would be really good; however, as it stands right now, not so much. I guess I feel like this story was rushed and not a lot of thought went into it. For starters, I feel that there is no chemistry between the two MC's, Logan and Sam. It doesn't help that Sam has more of a backbone than Logan. In addition, Sam seems like an ass a majority of the time. I kept reading hoping it would get better, but i [...]

    19. 3 stars. It was ok. Another formulaic story by this author. I like the world he's built, where non-shifter mpreg is normal, and the stories have potential if only he'd break away from this formula he follows in each and every book. If you've read one you've read them all. I keep holding out hope the next one will break out of the mold.

    20. interesting. good story with open mindis was my first MPreg and I have to say it took me a while to grasp even though the story intrigued meI must say, keeping in mind that it's a paranormal much like a shifter, it's still hard to wrap my brain around the omega concept. but I really REALLY enjoyed the story!

    21. This sounded awesome until I saw that it was MPreg >:-o!! I just don't see the point of MPreg (and I never will) why fuck around with and ruin a great thing (i.e. M/M) :-/? If I wanted to read about pregnancy, which I NEVER ever do, I'd read an M/F book!! *Grumbles* - I'll be passing on this!I mean no offense to the author of course, this is just my personal opinion!!

    22. Good StoryThe characters are well developed throughout the story. The story is well written. There are a couple of twists that you obviously don't see coming. Im looking forward to reading the next book.

    23. Loved I loved shaken and stirred it was such a amazing story Logan and stole my heart The connection was so intense and amazing Shaken and stirred was so beautifully writtenThank you Aiden bates for Sam and logans beautiful journey

    24. BikersBikers are a rare breed that always do the unexpected. This is a story of just that bringing different worlds together and making for a unique blending of lives and cultures. This was well written and very enjoyable to read.

    25. I love Aiden's books!If you love M/M Mpreg stories you will love this book. You can feel the emotions the characters emit as you read this. I am an Aiden Bates fan!!!!

    26. I liked this book BUT. sam was waaaaaaay to accepting of the fact logan would leave him. the pregnancy was completely rushed. that ending though?

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