The Descent of Man

The Descent of Man

Grayson Perry / Sep 17, 2019

The Descent of Man Grayson Perry for King and Queen of England Caitlin MoranGrayson Perry has been thinking about masculinity what it is how it operates why little boys are thought to be made of slugs and snails since

  • Title: The Descent of Man
  • Author: Grayson Perry
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  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grayson Perry for King and Queen of England Caitlin MoranGrayson Perry has been thinking about masculinity what it is, how it operates, why little boys are thought to be made of slugs and snails since he was a boy Now, in this funny and necessary book, he turns round to look at men with a clear eye and ask, what sort of men would make the world a better place, for e Grayson Perry for King and Queen of England Caitlin MoranGrayson Perry has been thinking about masculinity what it is, how it operates, why little boys are thought to be made of slugs and snails since he was a boy Now, in this funny and necessary book, he turns round to look at men with a clear eye and ask, what sort of men would make the world a better place, for everyone What would happen if we rethought the old, macho, outdated version of manhood, and embraced a different idea of what makes a man Apart from giving up the coronary inducing stress of always being right and the vast new wardrobe options, the real benefit might be that a newly fitted masculinity will allow men to have better relationships and that s happiness, right Grayson Perry admits he s not immune from the stereotypes himself as the psychoanalysts say, if you spot it, you ve got it and his thoughts on everything from power to physical appearance, from emotions to a brand new Manifesto for Men, are shot through with honesty, tenderness and the belief that, for everyone to benefit, upgrading masculinity has to be something men decide to do themselves They have nothing to lose but their hang ups.

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    1. 3.5 starsGreyson Perry is honestly self-reflective in this treatise on masculinity. As a transvestite, he sees himself as having been contemplating his own responses to ideas of femininity and masculinity from a young age, and therefore as particularly capable of identifying the problematic gender constructions of modern society. For this is book is not about the failure of men, but rather the issues in how maleness is defined and determined by society. From blue baby clothes and toy fire trucks [...]

    2. What with this and Robert Webb's recent How Not To Be a Boy, it feels pleasantly like the UK is having a prominent polite debate about what masculinity is. This makes me happy, because I've always felt that gender relations in the society I grew up in were less polarised and less weaponised than they are in the cultural America to which, as an expat, I am now primarily exposed when I engage with the Anglosphere via mass media or the internet. The subject is notoriously fraught, though. As Perry [...]

    3. As Philadelphia writer R. Eric Thomas is fond of saying, "masculinity is a prison." By now it should come as no surprise to anyone that rigid gender roles limit everyone, and while women have made some advances in areas previously seen as "male," men generally seem more reluctant to embrace their so-called feminine side, despite the obvious drawbacks to having to be seen as hypermasculine all the time. It's not clear how much farther the project of gender equality can go without men being fully [...]

    4. The most pervasive aspect of the Default Man identity is that it masquerades very efficiently as 'normal' - and 'normal' along with 'natural', is a dangerous word, often at the root of hateful prejudice.Grayson Perry is known mostly for his artwork and transvestism. Here he draws on his own experiences with masculinity and femininity to explore traditional ideas about what it means to be masculine, and challenge those ideas. It's an easy, interesting read, complete with some great artwork.Where [...]

    5. The "Descent of Man" is a critical analysis of masculinity, disguised as personal anecdote. While feminism is much discussed, masculinity is not. That alone makes the book worth reading. Grayson Perry defines masculinity as "a construct of conditioned feelings around people with penises." and is on a mission to rescue men from a predisposition to violence, self-harm, depression and cruelty.For non-UK readers, Grayson Perry is a man and a famous British artist. He has been a transvestite since he [...]

    6. An essential, accessible read that everyone should have on their bookshelves. This does not blame, it shows where responsibility lies and the damage forcing men into the patriarchal narrow box of toxic masculinity does to everyone. Written with humour and bite, a wonderful book!

    7. Men's Rights (according to Grayson Perry's manifesto):The right to be vulnerableThe right to be weakThe right to be wrongThe right to be intuitiveThe right not to knowThe right to be uncertainThe right to be flexible The right not to be ashamed of any of theseHard to argue with that.In The Descent of Man, Grayson Perry argues that the current concept of masculinity needs to change. He approaches the subject with warmth and wit. I enjoyed this book, and will encourage my husband and sons to read [...]

    8. Thank you to PenguinRandom House for the ARC of this book. Read this book along with the most updated version of "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Klein. And have the whole thought narrative turn you sideways.Perry questions what masculinity is and why certain types of behaviour are associated with it. And also, how can masculinity be adapted to the 21st century world. But all in all, what makes a man?

    9. Until a friend recently pointed him out, I’d never heard of Grayson Perry. I have since looked at his artwork online and am as impressed over his painting and his clothing choices as anyone would be. They are quite…wildly spectacular and suggestive…of a world where sexuality is a choice.Somehow, despite Perry telling us that he experienced and acted out of a deep well of rage in his youth, we feel comfortable with him telling us what he thinks we’re misunderstanding about sexuality and g [...]

    10. Very interesting take on masculinity and what it means for today's society.The audiobook was really well narrated and it was a joy to listen to it.

    11. Grayson Perry is a bit like Marmite or Mansun; I quite like him, while getting the feeling that most other people who like him like him much more than I do. So too with this illustrated essay on masculinity, its travails and possible ways of allaying same. I suspect many will love it, as they did the Channel 4 shows on a similar theme which I never quite got around to watching; meanwhile, the usual suspects will be as outraged as ever when Perry points out the emperor is naked and not half so 'a [...]

    12. "Men's rightsThe right to be vulnerableThe right to be weakThe right to be wrongThe right to be intuitiveThe right not to knowThe right to be uncertainThe right to be flexibleThe right not be ashamed of any of these"I am a declared feminist in the sense that I consider equal rights and opportunities between the sexes a given. Women's rights are human rights. It's quite refreshing to read a Greyason Perry's thoughtful little book on how masculinity is bad for everyone - particularly men. The cons [...]

    13. This was an interesting exploration of masculinity, though possibly more interesting than enlightening. I enjoyed reading it, and found several of the facts, statics and Perry's thoughts, engaging and interesting to read, though I am not certain that much of it was new to me.

    14. The Caitlin Moran quote on the back initially deterred me(/review/show)Not all bad though. Not all great either. Grayson Perry is known for his eccentric artistry, television documentaries and his transvestitism. He is not known for his writing, and it will probably stay that way.Perry provides us with a feminism-lite deconstruction of modern masculinity. It goes through everything you already know, whether you've read it elsewhere or because you're not an idiot. His argumentation could be vastl [...]

    15. Very easy to read and although Perry's not saying anything particularly new, it's doesn't reduce the importance of the message surrounding the nature of masculinity - particularly in an ever increasingly automated age and future. Particularly interesting to read after watching his recent documentaries on the same subjects which he touched upon in detail surprisingly little here.As short as it is, it still feels a little overstretched near the close and I'm not sure I agree with all his conclusio [...]

    16. Really thoughtful and thought provoking book about what it is to be a man and what our current predominant model of manhood means not only for men but also for all of us. Grayson shows how so many problems we currently have, are directly correlated to the still predominant idea of manhood, which values, brute strength, dominance, power, rivalry and success more than understanding ones own and other people's feelings, being able to negotiate positions and teamwork. Do we still need a man to be ab [...]

    17. This was easy to read and covered lots of interesting stuff. I liked how Grayson Perry brought in his experiences and hang-ups and vulnerabilities as he discussed masculinity. I liked how he talked about men needing to change while acknowledging (and not in annoying way) that there are good men out there But also how we need good male role models in the public eye like (his examples, but ones I'm on board with) Barack Obama, David Beckham, Chris Packham, David Attenborough and David Bowie. I fou [...]

    18. I saw a news article for a camouflage covered baby bag 'FOR THE DADS!' and all I could think about was this book. Both confronting and oddly lovely I laughed and winced while reading and immediately recommended to my brother. I would love for all men to read this book as I think it would speak a lot more to them than myself (understandably) but it was helpful to read this as a woman and think about the struggles of my y-chromosome having compatriots.

    19. Conceptual artist, broadcaster and transvestite Grayson Perry is always entertaining, and this is an accessible, if uneven, read on masculine identity and power.If you’ve read about or thought about gender you won’t find much that is new here, but you might find a way of talking about it to the people who say with genuine bewilderment, ‘We should just treat everyone the same’ or, ‘What about men’s rights?’ Perry’s humorous and well observed conception of the ‘Default Man’ exp [...]

    20. I've always found Grayson Perry to be an articulate and interesting man so was intrigued to read his thoughts on the subject of man and masculinity! And it has been a witty and insightful journey through a number of topics surrounding the role of men nowadays and how it has changed over the years, and how it continues to transform with the rise of feminism and even more topical with the role of gender playing less of a role in the world we live in now.Really interesting to read his thoughts on h [...]

    21. I should start by saying I really like Grayson Perry and agree with Caitlin Moran that he should be running the country. His intelligent analysis of entrenched views is a joy to read - and at times amusing. In this book, he is looking at "masculinity" in its widest sense. Everything is challenged and the book goes deeper than his recent TV programme. Perry says "When I talk to a lot of men about a world without the gross bias of the patriarchy, I feel like I'm describing a world without gravity [...]

    22. Este livro trata de questões de gênero pelo ponto de vista da masculinidade, sobre como ela afeta/é afetada pelos padrões aprisionadores do machismo. O autor - o artista Grayson Perry - faz vários pontos relevantes e interessantes, mas acho que ele me perde um pouco quando tenta fazer comparações do tipo "o homem que não se identifica com os padrões estabelecidos de masculinidade sofre tanto quanto uma mulher". Aí não, né, fera?

    23. A friend of mine read this recently and reviewed it on Facebook - it looked fascinating so I gave it a read. I'm very glad I did.As someone with a male body who has never felt comfortable with "being a man", I really appreciated a book that I felt articulated thoughts I've had since I was a kid. It's helped me to understand why I feel the way I do and has helped me feel confident that I might find a way to be much more comfortable with myself. It's a fairly short read and it's not particularly w [...]

    24. As someone who has been interested in gender for a while, I didn't find too many new ideas in this. However it was well-written, concise and had some quite funny one liners in it. I especially liked the chapter on Nostalgic Man and the general theme of promoting improved emotional literacy and mental health. The drawings were good too.

    25. I am an unashamed fan of Grayson Perry and his work as an artist and cultural commentator, so I was delighted to receive a copy of his latest book, The Descent of Man, from the publishers Allen Lane, a Penguin imprint.Gender politics is a very live and current issue. Many of us who are passionate about equality are fearful of a mood in the world that seems determined to row back on much of the progress that has been made by successive waves of feminism. For some the battle appears to be won, and [...]

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