The Princess and the Pirates

The Princess and the Pirates

John Maddox Roberts / Feb 25, 2020

The Princess and the Pirates His two years of aedileship over Decius is ready for his next adventure He would rather do anything than join the war with Caesar so he and Hermes find themselves on a mission to rid the Mediterrane

  • Title: The Princess and the Pirates
  • Author: John Maddox Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780312337247
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • His two years of aedileship over, Decius is ready for his next adventure He would rather do anything than join the war with Caesar, so he and Hermes find themselves on a mission to rid the Mediterranean of pirates They set off with shoddy ships and sailors to the island of Cyprus, where a young Cleopatra is staying Between her impressive crew and the ex pirate Ariston pHis two years of aedileship over, Decius is ready for his next adventure He would rather do anything than join the war with Caesar, so he and Hermes find themselves on a mission to rid the Mediterranean of pirates They set off with shoddy ships and sailors to the island of Cyprus, where a young Cleopatra is staying Between her impressive crew and the ex pirate Ariston providing insider knowledge of that cutthroat occupation, Decius thinks he stands a good chance of bringing himself some glory.That would be too simple though The ruler of the island is murdered and Decius has a sacred duty to find and punish the guilty party As he investigates world trade, the island history, and the new kind of piracy plaguing the waters, he is finding connections menacing than he had ever imagined possible Roberts crafts another skillful mystery, this one fervently pulsing with the collision of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian interests.

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        aka Mark RamsayJohn Maddox Roberts is the author of numerous works of science fiction and fantasy, in addition to his successful historical SPQR mystery series The first two books in the series have recently been re released in trade paperback He lives in New Mexico with his wife.


    1. So this book started along similarly to all the others except that at some point (did I miss a book?) Clodius is killed and Milo exiled. Um, WHAT?!?!?! Way to completely skip over two of the main plot points of the entire series that probably would have made a full book in and of themselves. This felt like the chicken's way out. Anyway, this book was very much in line with all the others excepting this point.

    2. Recommend: Yes Pros: Very short concise book; characterization, plot, setting, are all strong.Cons: Very short. The ending was a little off.The Bottom Line:Best book in the nine book SPQR series (at the time of review, 9 book series). Very quick read, very enjoyable dip into this time period. Historical/Murder/Mystery.Full Review:This book is the ninth book in the SPQR series. The SPQR murder mystery series follows the career of Decius Caecilius Metellus during the last days of the Roman Republi [...]

    3. With The Princess and the Pirates, the reader hits the ground running: the protagonist's archenemy is dead, one of his best friends exiled, his family's power fading. But these issues weren't really tackled in this book; instead they served as a backdrop to Decius' adventures in Cyprus.Somehow, I could not reconcile the image of Decius as a pirate-hunter with Decius the politician or even Decius the soldier. But I guess well-born Romans were really trained to be all-around "servants" of the Sena [...]

    4. The title is a bit misleading, as our buddy Decius doesn't actually fight pirates.Surely enough, he is sent to Cyprus to fight pirates, and even allies himself with a sixteen year old Cleopatra because he needs her yacht as an auxiliary, but pirates are few and far between.Eventually, there's a murder, and Decius figures it out, but most of the novel is Decius wandering about Cyprus trying to figure out what's going on.Not bad, but perhaps not the best in the series.

    5. In terms of plotting and characterizations, it not one of the best, but it is an interesting look into the twisted way money, power and politics influenced trade and commerce. Most of the main characters have been thoroughly drawn by now and Roberts never wastes much effort anyway on the side characters.The title is somewhat misleading as there are pirates and a princess in the story but the twain never really meet.

    6. Been a while since I read one of the books in this series. I pretty much binge-read all of those I could get hold of in my library a few years agoey were just so much fun to read! If you're a weirdo who's into detective stories & 1 century BC Ancient Rome period, this series is just a complete goldmine.The gap between reading this one and the last one sort of dulled my ability to recognise one Roman name from another, I'm afraid I went "wait, who dat again?" a few too many times towards the [...]

    7. Another good little story from this series but not as captivating as those featured in other SPQR books. Nevertheless, as normal it is well written and emphasises another corruption that existed in the Roman world and one that Decuis has to deal with.

    8. What one expects from the SPQR series: palace intrigue, corruption, and the prowl for power. Roberts does a good job of incorporating history into his story without wonking out on it.

    9. For once, not in any real trouble, Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger is off to Cyprus with a naval commission as commodore of a (nonexistent) fleet, commanded to wipe out the burgeoning pirate fleet operating in that area. In addition to the exasperation of outfitting and staffing a fleet from the scraps left over from Pompey's and Caesar's raids on the stores, the governor, Sylvanus, is murdered in a truly odd way--someone has stuffed over a pound of precious frankincense down his throat. G [...]

    10. Decius has finished two years as aedile so about two years has passed since the last book. Clodius and Crassus are both dead in the background. There is a fleeting reference to the battle Crassus was killed at without even mentioning he has died. The only evidence of Clodius being dead is in explaining why Milo is exiled. I am glad that we got to skip that episode as this version of Milo is so much fun and such a good friend to Decius. His guilt is only by wrong place wrong time rather than the [...]

    11. Η ένατη αυτή SPQR περιπέτεια δεν αποκλίνει από το επιτυχημένο (και αγαπημένο) ποιοτικό ύφος που χαρακτηρίζει τη σειρά στο σύνολό της . Είναι ένα μικρό ιστορικό αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα με άρτια πλοκή και γρήγορη, σπιρτόζικη δράση. Μετά από τη Ρώμη, τη Γαλατία και την Αλεξάνδρει [...]

    12. The author does a very good job setting the stage for each of these books. Details about the city, names of the roads, types of buildings (temple, apartment block, gladiator training school, etc) are given so the reader feels a part of the story. "The Princess and the Pirates" was not quite as engrossing as the previous book, "The River God's Vengeance". I got bored half way through the book but managed to finish it. Sometimes this happens with an authort every book is fantastic. It's still a ve [...]

    13. This is number nine in a terrific mystery series set in the late Roman Republic period.The main character, Marcus Decius Metellus, is a swashbuckling rake on his way up the Roman political ladder who also has a talent for solving crimes in the midst of historical events. Besides great stories, this series is also very enjoyable historical fiction; especially for an Ancient Rome buff. The author definitely belongs in the class of others in the genre such as Steven Saylor and Lindsey Davies. Consi [...]

    14. Another great read in the Roberts' historical mysteries series set in Rome and featuring the adventures of Decius Caecilius Metellus. Set during the time of Caesar, Decius is married to Caesar's cousin, Decius receives a commission to fight the pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean and goes to Cyprus where he deals with Cleopatra, the pirates, as well as the muder of the Roman governor of the island.

    15. A quick, pleasant read. This time in Cyprus, our here is charged with defeating the pirates, something he works at with his customary directness, however, not all is smooth sailing. There is a conspiracy between the pirates at sea and officials onshore, with smuggling, murder, and mystery. Decius comes close to death once, but is rescued in the nick of time. The ending, again, seemed too abrupt. This is a feature of every series novel I have read.

    16. Auch in diesem Band der Reihe erfährt der Leser viel über römische und dieses Mal auch ägyptische Geschichte. Nach wie vor finde ich Decius und Hermes, Julia und Titus Milo, sogar Kleopatra überaus sympathisch. Allerdings tragen nicht alle Personen zur Handlung bei. Für so einen dünnen Krimi gibt es zu viele Personen und eine eher schwachen verkomplizierte Handlung.

    17. My least favorite of this series thus far. Decius is off chasing "pirates" around Cyprus with Cleopatra. Unfortunately the plot of this installment drags quite a bit. Normally I enjoy Roberts detail and attention to the simple things in Roman life, but this story lacks these points. The overall "mystery" is also quite weak. Too bad.

    18. This is another engrossing entry in this ancient Roman mystery series. It uses the historical fact of the danger that pirates posed on the Mediterranean at this time to weave a tale that gives us many insights into the culture and history of the period.

    19. Decius goes to Cyprus under Rome's orders to stamp out pirates that have been raiding in the area. When he gets ther he finds a young Cleopatra who demands to work with him. I love this series and its characters. But this was not my favorite.

    20. Somehow this one did not appeal. Same great writer and narration, butPerhaps it was just my mood at the time as I have loved all of the others in this excellent series. I will probably return to it at a later date.

    21. Decius is given a commission to clear pirates from the seas surrounding Rome's newest colony of Crete. Shortly after arriving the governor of Crete is found murdered, his throat stuffed with frankincense, favorite of the pirates trying to circumvent Ptolemy's monopoly.

    22. The depiction of Cleopatra is one of the three standout female characters in the series. I love that he did not take the traditional approach of criticizing her "legendary" promiscuity (that is largely recorded by her enemies) but rather emphasized how extraordinary she was for the times.

    23. Cleopatra enters this story as a 16 yr. old exiled princess. She has not yet met Julius Caesar. She assists in Decius's search and fight against pirates around Crete.

    24. I can't say anything I havent said before - the SPQR series is just a good time waiting to happen if you haven't read the books yet!

    25. I really enjoy this series since I'm a sucker for ancient Rome. It is based on real events, but with a decidedly lighthearted and humorous tone.

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