Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez / Sep 15, 2019

Locke Key Vol Welcome to Lovecraft Locke Key tells of Keyhouse an unlikely New England mansion with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them Home to a hate filled and relentless creature that will not rest unt

  • Title: Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft
  • Author: Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez
  • ISBN: 9781600102370
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Locke Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them Home to a hate filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all

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        Joe Hill s debut, Heart Shaped Box, won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel His second, Horns, was made into a film freakfest starring Daniel Radcliffe His other novels include NOS4A2, and his 1 New York Times Best Seller, The Fireman which was also the winner of a 2016 Choice Award for Best Horror Novel.He writes short stories too Some of them were gathered together in his prize winning collection, 20th Century Ghosts.He won the Eisner Award for Best Writer for his long running comic book series, Locke Key, co created with illustrator and art wizard Gabriel Rodriguez.He lives in New Hampshire with a corgi named McMurtry after a certain beloved writer of cowboy tales His next book, Strange Weather, a collection of novellas, storms into bookstores in October of 2017.


    1. 2018I was gifted the beautiful hardback set of these a while back and just finished re-reading the first book.n. Can't believe how much I'd forgotten! The gist is that the violent murder of their father by two teens sends the three children and their mother to their dad's ancestral home. Keyhouse. Layer by layer the story of why their father was killed, what happened to them during the time the killers were in their house, and how the family is coping, starts coming together to paint a heart-wre [...]

    2. You can color me SOLD on this series.Here's another intelligent, strongly written story with which to pummel the perceptions of the elitist book snobbers, who sneer and snide at the graphic novel medium. To them, I politely say, "BITE ME"e this is great stuff. I was excited to read this because it was written by Joe Hill, the talented offspring of a certain literary King who shall remain nameless Stephen. While I thought Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box was a promising first work, I really fell enamore [...]

    3. I think most of my friends on have either shelved this book to read or have read it. I had to jump on that bandwagon but I was a bit scared. You see most of them have loved it. Except Erica But she is a hater rebel. Usually books that everyone else loves and fangirl/boys over tend to leave me dry.I actually liked this one!It starts off all violent and shit. This guy is killed by a teenage nut job and the nut job is going for his family also, but they get away from him and he ends up in juvenile [...]

    4. Fuck! That was an admiring “Fuck” not a “Fuck you” Fuck.Creative Team:Writer and Co-Creator: Joe HillIllustrator and Co-Creator: Gabriel RodriguezColoring: Jay FotosLettering: Robbie RobbinsKEY TO SUCCESSWelcome to Keyhouse, kid.Was it weird to grow up in a house with a name?You have no idea.I’ve heard a lot of good things about this comic book series, butoh, boy! I never thought that it was THAT GOOD!!!This first volume was really awesome!The creative team, Hill & Rodriguez, defi [...]

    5. When I first started reading Locke & Key a couple years ago, I kinda shrugged and thought to myself, "Yeah. Okay. That's pretty good." But the story got its hooks into me pretty quickly after that. Unique concept. Great art. Great storytelling. Great characters. I read a blurb somewhere that said something along the lines of, "Locke & Key is this generation's Sandman." I don't know if I'd go that far but if someone wanted to take that stance around me, I don't think I'd waste much energy [...]

    6. I could, as seems customary in cases like this one (where twenty thousand million people—and a half—loved a book but two—and one quarter—didn't), put one of those silly "unpopular opinion" warnings at the top of this review. But I won't. Ha. "Why," you ask? Because:1/ Love a book? Hate a book? Doesn't matter. It's your opinion, you're entitled to it. No need to apologize for not agreeing with the masses. Your opinion is what makes you YOU, so bloody shrimping own it. And stuff.2/ People [...]

    7. oooooo. an eerie old mansion on a woody estate, strange mysteries and dangerous secrets, a tangled and forgotten past, a san francisco family of three - father slain - seeking a new life on an island named Lovecraft off the coast of massachusetts, in a place called The Keyhouse. a beautiful girl who lives at the bottom of a well, an insane killer on the hunt for magical keys, doors that open into odd places, walk through one door and change your gender, walk through another door and turn into a [...]

    8. After months of putting this aside, I finally decided to read this. The premise was very gripping, and the execution was adequate. It's not the best graphic novel I've ever read, but it does have the type of plot that would keep you reading till the end. I can't wait to read the second volume and find out what happens next.Ups:-Fantastic plot-Likable CharactersThey all had their own problems, and each one resulted positively in terms of enjoyment. I enjoyed the graphic novel more because of that [...]

    9. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I’m giving this 4 Stars because it’s the first in the series and I need some rating wiggle roomFuck that, this gets all the stars.Locke & Key is proof that there is indeed a graphic novel out there for everyone. Being from a small town without a lot of a lot of exposure to the world of comic books and being a *gasp* GIRL on top of that . . . I never bothered with the genre until I birthed a tiny little nerd and then I started dabbling in illustrat [...]

    10. Please don’t tell me that I didn’t get it, it’s no use. I already feel as if I didn’t read the same book as all the friends I trust who loved it.► I know that many readers loved the art, but it threw me off completely. First because in my opinion none of the characters look like their ages (Sam and Tyler, teenagers ??!!) and that increased my general confusion in the beginning. Secondly I thought that all the shapes were too ‘abrupt’, with weird shades on the faces, for example, an [...]

    11. This book was (I imagine) what it might be like to down a spoonful of sugar that was, unbeknownst to you, laced with Meth.What is IN this shi-at, Mary?!The sugary spoonful sounds like a great idea in your head. "A house full of strange locks and doors with many keys that perform different astonishing feats. One door that can force your consciousness out of your body, while your body appears to be dead. A special key that can open any door and take you anywhere." Sounds great, right? Unfortunatel [...]

    12. Re-reading this for the third time as I get ready to tackle the final two volumes in the series:Clockworks andAlpha & Omega. I love everything about the world and its rules Joe Hill has conjured here, and the characters he has lovingly crafted to live in its pages. Locke & Key has become one of my favorite series ever and I can't wait to see how it's going to end. 2012 Review:This is my second go around with Joe Hill's phenomenal foray into graphic novel territory (to prepare for Volumes [...]

    13. This will be a rushed review, because :1) I was too engrossed in the story to take notes, 2) I want to start on the second album as soon as possible.The first thing I feel you need to know about the comic is that it is definitely a horror story, not for the faint of heart. Yes, the protagonists are very young, namely the three children of the Locke family, but I hesitate to call it Young Adult material, given the physical and psychological torments they are put through right from the start. Ther [...]

    14. When I put down Horns, I had a feeling I was going to be a Joe Hill fan. However, when I finished Locke and Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft, I traded that "feeling" in for a Joe Hill fanboy membership.Good Gravy, this book was spectacular.Granted, I had my reservations before cracking the cover (which I think I literally did when I dropped it on the floor of the library). Whenever I start a second book by an author I reallllly liked the first time around, my head fills with all these questions [...]

    15. This comic actually confused me quite a bit at the start. I was a bit slow to catch on but once I did, wow! I thought this comic was quite dark, interesting and gripping. It's quite an original concept and I can't wait to read what happens next. The illustrations and colouring were pretty good but I absolutely loved the covers for each individual issue. I would recommend this.

    16. Hey, hey, hey this was a great little ghost story. You've got a big creepy house with interesting rooms to explore. You've got a family trying to rebuild their lives and start over. You've got keys to rooms where magical stuff happens. You've got keys that take you anywhere. You've got a psycho murderer with a rough past. You've got a scary something at the bottom of a well. Yeah, so if this kinda stuff is your jam then you will probably like this book, I mean comic book, I mean graphic novel. J [...]

    17. Joe hill does it again, conjuring up another tale of dread, macabre and supernatural goings on with a real gem of a main protagonist in the form of a young kid.The young boy in question loses someone dear to him and only hopes to be with them. Opportunity presents itself in the form of doors and keys, will he be able to unlock another realm of possibilities. Doors play a key role in the everyday swing of things. Stories have been written involving doors opening up to all kinds of opportune choic [...]

    18. ★★★★☆½Okay here goes my second dip into the shallow end. I had so much fun with my initial venture, Saga, that I was more than willing to test out the waters once again.You can go ahead and mark me down as two for two, because this shit was fantastic! The only criticism I could even level, is perhaps the writing is a bit clunky here & there. But honestly, when I looked back over a few of the sections I had issue with, they seemed fine the second time around. The artwork is top not [...]

    19. I'm late as shit to the Joe Hill graphic novel game. I only read WRAITH because it was included in the limited edition of NOS4A2. I hate that I haven't started this series before now, but these shits are expensive. Rightly so, mind you, but I'm a professional writer, which means my income is limited. Plus I have a horrible (horrible in the best sense of the word) book addiction, so all of my fun money goes to novels and whatnot. This collection costs a hundred bones, but I managed to find a coll [...]

    20. Going back and doing a reread of what I consider one of the best horror comics of all time. Joe Hill is Stephen King's son and Joe has definitely picked up some of his father's best traits. The story starts off tragically. Gabriel Rodriguez's art is so expressive. I felt myself getting all verklempt watching these kids deal with the awful aftermath of that day at the cottage. So the family packs up and moves in with their uncle back at the family estate in Lovecraft, MA. As they are dealing with [...]

    21. A chili cheeseburger with avocado, tomatoes and jalapenos, there's plenty to sink your teeth into in Joe Hill's Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft. It's a psychological horror story (not that the blood and gore isn't there in spades), but I feel like the characters are driven by guilt and tormented by what's missing from their lives. I enjoyed it. Not sure I will continue the series, even though the story became more compelling as it came to an end (of part 1). I do like my cheeseburgers, but [...]

    22. I had a copy of the first volume of this series since two years ago, but I finally only got to read it this year. Much like the first two volumes of Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples' SAGA, I managed to finish this one under an hour, but it's equivocally a different experience. Granted, it was still a very good one because I was invested the entire time I read it. Writer Joe Hill brought a great horror story to life in graphic novel form with Locke and Key, there was denying it. It has all the r [...]

    23. melissa413readsalotThe graphics in the book are phenomenal! I liked the story line as well. I love the character of Bode, he just tries to do the right thing. Poor little guy, all of this violence going on around him! I'm looking forward to reading these books and finding out what is the meaning to all of these doors. Where did they come from? You also have bad guys in the book you have to deal with, but hopefully they will get out of the freaking way so I can find out about these doors. :)

    24. (This review stands as my review for the entire series.)Reading Locke & Key was a revelation to me. I was not a kid who grew up reading comic books, so I’ve spent the last few years educating myself by reading some of the best and some of the middle of the medium—usually on recommendations from those who have read far more than I. However, it was with Joe Hill’s Locke & Key that I felt I finally ran into a master who understood the strengths of the form. I’m sure it helps that at [...]

    25. The story begins. hmmm, see that's the thing with this comic - I'm three words into this review and I've already lied to you. I'll try again.So bad things happen to the Locke family and the survivors move out to a creepy house on an island. Some of the issues focus on one of the kids in particular. They're all traumatised or changed in some way. I think I liked Bode the best. He's the youngest kid. The opening panel of this book shows a door. There's going to be a lot of doors in this book - it' [...]

    26. This has been on my TBR shelf for a while now (as have many other books), but I hesitated to pick this up, though I've had opportunity before, because I was afraid of being disappointed. Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft may be one of the coolest titles I've heard of in a long time. It's evocative, and I was worried that the evocation might go horribly awry.My fears were unfounded. I'll spare you the story - several other reviewer friends of mine have outlined the story more clearly [...]

    27. I read this puppy when it first came out a few years ago and really wanted to like it, and didn’t. So, now the series is done, I thought I’d go back and give it another shot - maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind, or maybe I was just plain wrong, and this time I’d love it? Nope - still terrible, unfortunately.Three kids - an older boy, his slightly younger sister, and their youngest sibling, a boy called Bode (and the only one whose name I could remember, purely for being such an odd nam [...]

    28. I am a newbie to graphic novels. I have read The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes and Through the Woods and while I found them interesting I also found them difficult to understand. I wanted to try at least one more before I gave up for good and Joe Hill's Locke & Key series came so highly recommended I couldn't pass it up.I liked this one! There’s magic and strange supernatural presences that might have once been real life human beings and a kid who has gone completely bonkers. Wit [...]

    29. I love - no, really, love Joe Hill's writing. I think he has a beautifully wicked imagination, and to be frank, I believe that even the man's grocery lists are probably strange.Like everything else I have read by Joe, the story line was simultaneously sad, unsettling, and downright odd; however, the icing on the cake came from Gabriel Rodriguez's gorgeous illustrations. From the front cover to the back, each panel was just captivating, with brilliant color schemes and mind-blowing attention to d [...]

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