Socrates In Love

Socrates In Love

Kyōichi Katayama Akemi Wegmüller / Feb 26, 2020

Socrates In Love Kyoichi Katayama s Socrates in Love depicts a sweet high school romance between an average guy and a beautiful girl Sakutaro is a dry witted teenage boy precocious and slightly sarcastic he s the per

  • Title: Socrates In Love
  • Author: Kyōichi Katayama Akemi Wegmüller
  • ISBN: 9781421513928
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kyoichi Katayama s Socrates in Love depicts a sweet high school romance between an average guy and a beautiful girl Sakutaro is a dry witted teenage boy precocious and slightly sarcastic, he s the perfect counter part to Aki, a popular girl next door type The two meet in junior high, and puppy love slowly blooms into a serious relationship But tragedy ensures whKyoichi Katayama s Socrates in Love depicts a sweet high school romance between an average guy and a beautiful girl Sakutaro is a dry witted teenage boy precocious and slightly sarcastic, he s the perfect counter part to Aki, a popular girl next door type The two meet in junior high, and puppy love slowly blooms into a serious relationship But tragedy ensures when Aki falls ill with leukemia, and Sakutaro proves his love to be true enough to test the bounds between life and death Socrates in Love is a bittersweet journey of young love, enduring devotion, and heartbreaking loss Affectionately known in Japan as Sekachu short for Sekai no Chushin de Ai wo Sakebu , the incredible popularity of Katayama s novel developed into a social phenomenon in Japan and drove it to become one of the classic love stories of all time Socrates in Love took the Japanese publishing industry by storm, becoming the all time best selling novel in Japan Finally, U.S readers will be able to experience the phenomenon that became the inspiration for a blockbuster movie, a hit TV show, and a popular manga A national sensation that touched over three million readers, Kyoichi Katayama brought innocent love and romance to the forefront of Japan s ultra hip mass market.

    Socrates Socrates s k r t i z Ancient Greek , translit S krt s, s krt s c BC was a classical Greek philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, and as being the first moral philosopher, of the Western ethical tradition of thought An enigmatic figure, he made no writings, and is known chiefly through the accounts Socrates Ancient History Encyclopedia Socrates BCE was a Greek philosopher and is considered the father of western philosophy Plato was his most famous student and would teach Aristotle who would then tutor Alexander the Great.By this progression, Greek philosophy, as first developed by Socrates, was spread throughout the known world during Alexander s conquests Socrates was born c BCE to the sculptor Socrates Sculpture Park We are seeking an Assistant Educator for our Sculpture Studio teen art making program APPLY NOW Symposium Plato The Symposium Ancient Greek , Sympsion sympsi on is a philosophical text by Plato dated c BC It depicts a friendly contest of extemporaneous speeches given by a group of notable men attending a banquet The men include the philosopher Socrates, the general and political figure Alcibiades, and the comic playwright Aristophanes The speeches are to be Socrates Philosophical Life Nov , A survey of the history of Western philosophy Plato s description of Socrates s final days continued in the .Now in prison awaiting execution, Socrates displays the same spirit of calm reflection about serious matters that had characterized his life in freedom. Socrates Educational Theory NewFoundations Socrates theory of education analyzed into eight factors RETURN edited Due to the fact that Socrates B.C B.C wrote nothing, or next to nothing, regarding his philosophical insights and methods, we are left to glean the essence of his works from the writings of others. learn to love less mnmlist The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking , but in developing the capacity to enjoy less Socrates In that one little line, Socrates summed up one of the major problems with our modern society, and offered a simple solution. Socrates B.C Respectfully Quoted A QUOTATION The children now love luxury they have bad manners, contempt for authority they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households They no longer rise when elders enter the room They contradict their parents Will Ferrell s Socrates Tells Sarah Silverman What s Wrong Will Ferrell, dressed as the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, stopped by Sarah Silverman s Hulu show I Love You, America to debate democracy. Lecture Greek Thought Socrates, Plato and Aristotle Lecture Greek Thought Socrates, Plato and Aristotle The political and social upheaval caused by the Persian Wars as well as continued strife between Athens and Sparta see Lecture had at least one unintended consequence.In the th century, a flood of new ideas poured into Athens In general, these new ideas came as a result of an influx of Ionian thinkers into the Attic peninsula.

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      119 Kyōichi Katayama Akemi Wegmüller
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        See also Katayama was born in the Ehime Prefecture and graduated from Kyushu University Katayama s first major book was Kehai Sign The book won the Bungakkai Newcomers award.Katayama wrote the book Socrates in Love also known as Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World The book was adapted into a manga illustrated by Kazumi Kazui , a film, and a Japanese television drama Socrates in Love was his first and, as of 2008, only book translated into English.


    1. Love is a form of violence that forces you to think.There is not much to think about in living for oneself alone. Seeing only oneself is equivalent to seeing nothing. Only through love for someone outside of ourselves do we start thinking about the world and the meaning of true love, life and death. "There's nothing in the world that can be thought through completely. Even if you think you've exhausted a subject, after a while you start feeling you haven't. And then you can think about it some m [...]

    2. Maybe 2.5 bacause all the tears shed deserves at least one star and a half.Grey. That’s the color that defines this book to me, and my mood after reading it. Grey. Not the oranges and reds I was expecting. Not even the feared black darkening it all. Just grey. And that, let me tell you, it’s pure disappointment. *sighs in frustration*The most important highlight about my reading it’s that I was crying from page two. TWO!!!!! Yes, I’m a softie but still The thing is that I was a mess at t [...]

    3. Estoy molesta. Muy, pero muy molesta. Esperaba CUALQUIER cosa menos esto. Aaarrggh, ¿por qué me hicieron creer que se trataba de una simple ―épica― historia de amor? ¿Por qué alguien no se molestó en prevenirme de que la historia iba en realidad sobre el luto de un adolescente? Vamos, que no les estoy arruinando nada. Apenas abran el libro se enterarán de que ella está muerta.El que me haya enterado a la primera del final es lo primero que me molestó de la historia. O sea, hay un mo [...]

    4. CHUYỆN TÌNH QUA GÓC CHỤP CHỒNG FILMTôi thường gạt phăng đi ham muốn đọc một quyển sách nếu không cảm thấy bị thu hút bởi bìa mới so với bìa cũ. Có thể kể đến Giết con chim nhại, Vĩnh biệt Tugumi, Nhím thanh lịch làm ví dụ. Socrates in love suýt bị liệt vào danh sách này. Tôi tưởng ấn bản mình sở hữu là bìa cũ và bìa tôi ghét đến không thèm mua sách đọc là tái bản. Nhưng hóa ra tôi vớ [...]

    5. Es un libro bonito. A mi me gustó. Me encantaban las partes donde la relación de los personajes era narrada. Era muy romántico y estúpido a la vez. Un tanto idílico tal vez. De pronto me llegó a enganchar por aquello de que siempre me han gustado las relaciones chapadas a la antigua, en las que los novios pueden durar años juntos antes de casarse y nadie dice nada. No lo sé. Me gustó, pero hubieron partes que pienso fueron innecesarias. Me mantuve expectante hasta el final. Le doy cuatr [...]

    6. Tre stelle e mezzo. Uscito prima dell'esplosione del trend "love stories strappalacrime di adolescenti malati o agonizzanti per altri motivi", questo romanzo giapponese affronta il tema con una delicatezza che ho apprezzato molto. Non ci sono quegli elementi forzati che di solito mi danno fastidio in questo genere, non c'è bisogno di fare sensazione: ci sono due ragazzi che prima sono amici, poi innamorati, e che affrontano qualcosa di enorme e devastante senza doverla buttare in drammah. Molto [...]

    7. Si quieres leer una historia de amor dramática, sentimental y hermosa, debes de leer este libro. Es fantástico, trágico, lo mejor es que ya te predisponen a la tragedia. Me encanto la manera en la que se narra en primera persona, sientes y vives todo lo que el personaje está viviendo. Muy conmovedor, y llore más de una vez con sus páginas. Muy fácil de leer, muy especial y reflexivo.

    8. No lloré con Titanic, ni The Notebook. No lloré con Marley y Yo, ni con My sister's keeper. Generalmente no lloro con NADA —en mi casa suelen decir que no tengo corazón— pero como lloré con esto.¿Por qué los japoneses insisten en destruir mi corazón?

    9. 3.5/5No puedo creer que lo terminé. En varios momentos sentía la necesidad de dejarlo y no volverlo a retomar.No me mal entiendan, el libro es hermoso, divertido en partes, muy dulce, con personajes agradables y reflexivos pero me pareció muy tedioso de leer.“Una vida solitaria se hace larga y tediosa. Sin embargo, cuando la compartes con la persona amada, en un santiamén llegas a la bifurcación donde tienes que decirte adiós”.Puedo entender por que a tanta gente le gusta este libro, a [...]

    10. Long enough to be a well-told story, yet short enough for readers not to fall asleep. I intentionally took the book from my roommate's bookshelf as a type of sleeping pill when the computer was not available, keeping in mind the idea that "this is gonna another stupid love story". I even kept calling it "Socrates in Hell" as my personal habit of sarcasm for love tends to grow years after years.The book turned out to be great! In terms of small details, Katayama's story telling is unbelievable, c [...]

    11. (4.5) Es un libro PRECIOSO. Se lee en un suspiro, engancha a pesar de tener un ritmo lento, y la prosa del autor, siendo más poética de lo que podríamos imaginar, nos enamora creándonos un aluvión de sentimientos en cada página. Una maravilla que recomiendo a todo el mundo.

    12. yourhappinesslifeUn libro con una historia llena de amor, fuerza y ternura, con una pluma delicada y filosófica, Katayama consigue evocar una relación pura, dulce y triste.

    13. In Das Gewicht des Glücks geht es um Sakutaro und Aki, wie sie sich kennen und lieben lernen. Beide sind noch sehr jung, als sie sich kennenlernen, um die 15 Jahre alt. Sie sind gemeinsam im Schülerkomitee und lange Zeit ist Sakutaro nicht einmal bewusst, dass er in sie verliebt ist. Von Anfang an hat die Geschichte eine traurige Grundstimmung. Vor allem auf den ersten Seiten merkt man, dass etwas schlimmes passiert sein muss, das zwei Menschen auseinander gerissen hat. Obwohl die Charaktere s [...]

    14. 4/5starsI LOVED THIS. LIKE WOW.Okay so I binge read this in 1 day obviously, and I loved it. We follow "Saku-chan" who is a teenage boy, in love with his best friend since childhood, Aki. You know from the very beginning that Aki has recently died. The author then takes you through their life together, from the moment the two met, up until Aki's passing. This story was beautiful, and extremely relateable on a lot of aspects. It brought up a lot of great conversations too such as faith (is there [...]

    15. Đây không phải cuốn sách nói về sự kiên cường chống chọi với cái chết của cô gái mười bảy tuổi. Đây là một câu chuyện tình yêu, là tiếng gọi tình yêu giữa lòng thế giới của Sakutaro hướng về Aki của anh!Cách tình cảm giữa Aki và Sakutaro nảy nở cũng tự nhiên như cái cách mà hai người họ có mặt trên đời. Đó không phải là thứ tình yêu sét đánh, mà là kiểu mưa dầm thấm lâu. M [...]

    16. "Chỉ bốn tháng thôi, chuyện xảy ra chỉ trong khoảng thời gian chuyển mùa ngắn ngủi, một cô gái đã biến mất khỏi thế gian này, nhanh đến độ sửng sốt. So với sáu tỉ người trên trái đất, hiển nhiên việc đó chẳng thấm vào đâu. Thế nhưng, tôi không ở cùng một chỗ với sáu tỉ người ấy. Tôi không ở đó. […] Bởi người đã truyền cho tôi khát vọng sống, truyền cho tôi động lực đ [...]

    17. I didn't really know what to expect when I borrowed this from the library as I missed the hype the first time round when the book was published 15 years ago, and the blurb is a bit opaque so at the risk of repeating the obvious let me say this: it's a tearjerker of a love story about high school lovers, one of whom dies of a nasty disease. This is not a spoiler, by the way, we know this within a page or two of the first chapter. What makes it compelling is the development of the love between the [...]

    18. Cốt truyện, theo ý kiến cá nhân, không có gì đặc biệt, hai học sinh học cùng nhau cấp 2, rồi lên cấp 3 yêu nhau. Bất hạnh ập xuống, người con gái bị mắc bệnh máu trắng (khá tương đồng với nhiều phim truyền hình Hàn Quốc :D). Người con trai cô độc nhớ mong cô gái. Hết. Điều hấp dẫn để t vẫn đánh giá truyện này 2 sao là bởi cách tác giả xây dựng hình tượng nhân vật chính, cụ thể [...]

    19. ¡De qué manera tan veloz, tan trágica, transcurría el tiempo! La felicidad era como aquellas nubes que cambiaban de apariencia a cada instante. Brillaban doradas, o se teñían de gris, sin permanecer más que un momento en el mismo estado. Las horas más radiantes pasan de largo veloces, como un capricho o como una broma. Me extrañó muchísimo que me gustara esta novela. Como no soy amante de estas historias románticas que te hacen (supuestamente) llorar a mares, me sorprendió que me gu [...]

    20. Dos estrellas xD puede parecer que no me gustó porque hay libros que no me han gustado mucho y que les he dado dos estrellas pero la verdad no es el caso. Lo que pasa es que no me dio ni frío ni calor D: pero no lo encontré malo. Está lleno de momentos y frases para el recuerdo, aprendizajes y más cosas que lo hacen ser el éxito que es ~ el tema es que no me hizo sentir tanto como a todo el mundo ._. obvio que sentí pena y me cayó la lagrimita un par de veces pero no fue tanto, no sé.Li [...]

    21. Une histoire d'amour aussi belle que triste. "Me rendre à cette évidence, c'eût été signer ma destruction. Mon coeur serait tombé en poussière, comme un pétale gelé auquel on applique une simple chiquenaude".

    22. La verdad, no me gusto para nada. Trata sobre la historia de dos adolescentes que se conocen en el colegio, y luego ella se muere de leucemia. No hay mucho más. Ella no tiene mucha personalidad, todos los personajes del libro son demasiado "correctos" y al final, la cosa termina pareciendo un pastiche educativo (algo así como un libro de autoayuda para lidiar con un duelo). Es como Norwegian Wood, pero malo - le falta la chispa, la promiscuidad, la maldad y la sinceridad que tiene el libro de [...]

    23. อืมมม จะว่าไงดี ถ้าได้ดูเป็นภาพเคลื่อนไหวอาจจะอินกว่านี้ก็ได้นะ เท่าที่อ่านจากหนังสือรู้สึกว่าเนื้อเรื่องมันเป็นเส้นตรงไปนิด อาจด้วยใจคาดหวังกับแนวญี่ปุ่นว่ามันจะมีอะไรใ [...]

    24. Quyển này nếu được bình phẩm, mình mạn phép cho rằng nó là một bước đệm cho chủ nghĩa hậu hiện đại kiểu Murakamis - Ryu, Haruki, hay kiểu Banana Yoshimoto/Yamada Amy. Hai nhân vật chính chủ chốt của câu chuyện từa tựa như đang tượng trưng cho tinh thần của cả giới trẻ Nhật thời bấy giờ - xôn xao, náo động, ồn ào, giữa những làn sóng phản đối và khiêu khích đó là một bộ phận giới tr [...]

    25. Decepción mayúscula la que me ha supuesto este libro. Historia normalita, mas vista que el tebeo y, que, bajo mi punto de vista, tampoco está contada con una especial sensibilidad.En fin, prescindible y olvidable, el grito de amor se queda en un mero bostezo de hastio.

    26. Que ganas de volver a ser adolescente y enamorarse de la manera en que lo hicieron Sakutaro y Aki. El final te lo dicen desde un principio, pese a eso, no pierde el encanto y de todas formas quieres tener un final feliz en la última hoja. Es posible que sí lo tenga, de una manera inesperada y liberadora. Una felicidad a la japonesa.

    27. Một trong những thói quen mua sách của tôi là chọn lấy quyển nào có bìa đẹp. Socrates in love là cuốn sách có bìa đẹp nhất mà tôi thấy trong lần lượn phố mua sách của mình cách đây hơn một năm. Hình hai cô cậu học sinh được trình bày bằng hai màu đen trắng giản dị cùng với mặt trời đỏ nổi trên nền bìa trắng giống cờ Nhật khiến tôi thích thú. Quả thật, cả về hình thức lẫn nội d [...]

    28. In the novel Socrates in Love, an average boy named Sakutaro Matsumoto meets a girl who changes his life forever. As they get to know one another, they began to discover feelings like no other. Their relationship was perfect; he loved her and she loved him. When life couldn’t get any better, it got worse, Aki was diagnose with leukemia. Now, in a world without Aki, Saku struggles to let go as he lingers in the past, trapped in his own beloved memory of Aki.The theme of this novel is, “linger [...]

    29. This books, in my opinion, might be the precedent of modern realistic YA fict. In fact, I can say this book is the Japanese counterpart of Green's The Fault is in Our Star. A sick, yet optimistic girl? Check. A wish to visit other country? Check. A boyfriend who tries his hard to make the wish come true? Check. A philosophical and existential conversation performed by two teenagers? Check, check, check.Kitayama's writing itself is inarguably enjoyable (I read the translated version, though). It [...]

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