Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me

Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me

Andrea Portes Joel Silverman / Feb 28, 2020

Liberty The Spy Who Kind of Liked Me What is a hero Paige Nolan knows Sean Raynes the young man who exposed America s unconstitutional spying techniques is a hero even if half the dum dums in the country think he s a traitor And her j

  • Title: Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me
  • Author: Andrea Portes Joel Silverman
  • ISBN: 9780062421999
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What is a hero Paige Nolan knows.Sean Raynes, the young man who exposed America s unconstitutional spying techniques, is a hero, even if half the dum dums in the country think he s a traitor And her journalist parents, who were captured by terrorists while telling stories of the endangered and oppressed they were heroes, too Or are no one has ever told Paige if they reWhat is a hero Paige Nolan knows.Sean Raynes, the young man who exposed America s unconstitutional spying techniques, is a hero, even if half the dum dums in the country think he s a traitor And her journalist parents, who were captured by terrorists while telling stories of the endangered and oppressed they were heroes, too Or are no one has ever told Paige if they re still alive, or dead.Not heroes Anyone in the government who abandoned her parents, letting them rot somewhere halfway across the world.And certainly not Paige herself, who, despite her fluency in five languages and mastery of several obscure martial arts thanks, Mom , could do nothing to save them.Couldn t, that is, until she s approached by Madden Carter, an undercover operative who gives her a mission fly to Russia, find Raynes, and discover what other government secrets he s stockpiled In exchange, he ll reopen the case on her missing parents.She s given a code name and a cover as a foreign exchange student.Who is a hero Not Paige Nolan, but maybe, just maybe, Liberty is.

    USS Liberty AGTR USS Liberty AGTR was a Belmont class technical research ship electronic spy ship that was attacked by Israel Defense Forces during the Six Day War.She was originally built and served in World War II as a VC S AP type Victory cargo ship named SS Simmons Victory Her keel was laid down on February , under a Maritime Commission contract at Oregon Shipbuilding New revelations in attack on American spy ship Chicago Lockwood was aboard the USS Liberty, a super secret spy ship on station in the eastern Mediterranean, when four Israeli fighter jets flew out of the afternoon sun to strafe and bomb the virtually USS Liberty incident The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on June , during the Six Day War The combined air and sea attack killed crew members naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian , wounded crew members, and severely damaged the ship. We The People Radio Network Lighting The Fires Of Liberty Host Michael Badnarik Website constitutionpreservation Program Archives Call in Number Time Weekdays, am am CST Michael Badnarik began studying the Constitution and Bill of Rights twenty five years ago, which led him to the disturbing conclusion that MOST of what our federal, state, and local governments do is unconstitutional. Project Details Liberty Energy Project Through coordination with the communities in which we work and rigorous adherence to safe operations, the partners of the Liberty Project will create the jobs of USS Pueblo AGER Jul , On January , the United States Navy ship USS PUEBLO AGER was attacked in international waters by North Korean forces Eighty two surviving crewmembers were captured and held prisoner for eleven months. Liberty s Kids The Second Continental Congress Oct , Liberty s Kids Season Episode Part The Second Continental Congress Synopsis James unknowingly befriends a British spy Sarah USS Liberty Israeli Pilot Speaks Up rense We had been surveilled all morning and part of the afternoon by Israeli forces They knew who we were We heard them reporting over radio who we were and how we were sailing and where we were sailing. The Talbot Spy A Conversation with Talbot County Council President Corey Pack As a result of feedback from Spy readers over the last few months, we begin today a series Liberty For Life NOW AVAILABLE LibertyForLife PRODUCTS Wearing the LibertyForLife brand is than a fashion statement, it s not only cool and sexy, you re supporting a revolution for truth and liberty.

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        Andrea Portes is a bestselling American novelist Her novels include HICK, BURY THIS, ANATOMY OF A MISFIT, and THE FALL OF BUTTERFLIES Portes is also the author of the upcoming LIBERTY book series and the upcoming HENRY EVA book series She also published the SUPER RAD graphic novel series for Dark Matter Comics.Portes was raised in rural Nebraska, outside of Lincoln She attended Bryn Mawr College on full scholarship and later received her MFA from University of California, San Diego After graduation, Portes moved to the neighborhood of Echo Park in Los Angeles.In 2007, Portes published her debut novel HICK that was an instant bestseller After the book s huge success, the movie adaptation of HICK went into production in 2011 The film, starring Chlo Grace Moretz, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Redmayne, Juliette Lewis, and Blake Lively premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011.Portes s second novel, BURY THIS, was published in January 2014 by Counterpoint Press s imprint Soft Skull Press to critical acclaim.In 2012, she wrote SUPER RAD, a sci fi series for Dark Matter Press.Portes third novel, ANATOMY OF A MISFIT, was published in September 2014 by HarperCollins In July 2014, the book was optioned in a pre emptive deal by Paramount Pictures, with Allison Shearmur THE HUNGER GAMES, CINDERELLA producing.In Winter 2015, Portes spy thriller series LIBERTY was bought in a three book deal by HarperCollins Twentieth Century Fox Fox 2000 acquired the rights to LIBERTY and will be producing the series with Wyck Godfrey TWILIGHT, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.Her fourth book, THE FALL OF BUTTERFLIES will be out in May 2016 published by HarperCollins.Portes also chose HarperCollins to publish HENRY EVA AND THE CASTLE ON THE CLIFF, the first in a middle reader series of HENRY EVA books The second release in the series will be HENRY EVA AND THE FAMOUS PEOPLE GHOSTS.Portes is currently working on THEY WERE LIKE WOLVES, a work of literary fiction.


    1. I missed reading books such as this one. Silly but fun. Simple but original. Super fast but super engaging also.In fact, I think these are the types of books that are of the hardest to write. The writing must seem effortless, like we’re having a coffee with the main character. The story must be impossible to put down, that’s how entertaining it is.And finally, the characters must be both real and fictive. They must enable us to imagine them existing in real life, while doing and saying thing [...]

    2. (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“She’s alive.And my father’s alive.And I will find them.”This was a story about a teenage spy, whose famous journalist parents had gone missing. Paige was quite a witty and funny character, and it was hard not to find the things she did amusing, especially when she was going on about how much she hated guns, and pretty much removing them from anyone who had them, even when they were a lot bigger tha [...]

    3. 4,5 Stars! Liberty ist eines der coolsten Contemporary Bücher, das ich dieses Jahr bisher gelesen habe. Ich vermisse einfach solche Geschichten, die ein bisschen verrückt, originell und super schnell zu Lesen sind, weil sie mega Spaß machen! All das bietet Andrea Portes neuer Roman. In "Liberty" geht es um Paige, deren Eltern beide Journalisten sind, welche über Kriege, Ungerechtigkeiten und Politik berichtet haben, bis sie von Terroristen entführt und einige Zeit später für tot erklärt [...]

    4. *I received a free ARC from Harper Teen, through first to read program, in exchange for an honest review* Okay I kind of loved thisTo start off, it is important to note that in order to thoroughly enjoy this book you may require some suspension of disbelief. That or you can be a really young, naive pre-teen/teen who thinks that a secret government agency would actually use a freshmen college student as a spy in a top secret undercover mission. You know, whatever works for you. Secondly, you hav [...]

    5. Liberty - The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me is absolutely hilarious. It is a super fun, caper of a spy novel, with an instantly likeable protagonist.Paige Nolan's parents, high profile journalists, are missing. They may be dead, Paige was never told. So when Paige is recruited from her (mostly) mundane college life by a spy (handsome, is younger than expected, and wears a suit very nicely), she is at first incredulous, then reluctant, but finally agrees knowing it might be the only chance of findin [...]

    6. 3.5 starsInitial thoughts:This was a very entertaining and amusing book. I did enjoy some parts of it as the narrative is very fresh and the MC is one sass queen.Unfortunately, the plot was rather simplistic and there were quite a number of references that were lost to me.Overall, a fun romp in Russia with some LOL moments.Full review to come.

    7. I LOVED this book. It tugged at my heart stings, it was funny and witty! I loved the writing style. I literally flew through the book. I love Paige as a character, she's quirky and at times has no filter. I don't think there was anything I hated about this book!

    8. Such a different read, but still very fun and enjoyable. I'm in a contemporary YA romance stage, and this was a little off the cusp for the stage I'm in. It's contemporary, there's a bit of romance, but there's so much more. This book gets deep while still being surface level and cute, but it's in a way that's not annoying. I laughed a lot, and I teared up a bit.I would've cried more if we had the ruin I was expecting, though. Guess I'm reading about the next mission when Andrea Portes gives it [...]

    9. This book is BONKERS but definitely in a good way. I'm so looking forward to the next book in this series and I'll never look at Edward Snowden the same way again ;)

    10. tl;dr: I feel like I should've liked this more than I actually did? It's funny and I really liked the MC and all her snarkiness, yet I just like I read a good but too long and too self-narrative heavy fan fic, which is both complimentary and not.

    11. The last Portes book I read was her debut YA novel Anatomy of a Misfit. That one was a long wait for me to actually sit down and read it, but when I did, I found myself liking it along with being mixed. I got some great humor, an interesting voice-driven style to move the plot along, and bits of Anika's life that I actually cared about. But at the same time, the plot was very messy, the characters weren't really developed as a whole, and the humor did taper off every once in a while. Even with t [...]

    12. I kind of liked this one despite it being completely unrealistic and actually quite silly in many ways. Paige is an awesome, kick-ass heroine who has skills and an attitude any girl can admire. I mean, any girl who can take down a gang of Russian thugs singlehandedly is cool in my book!Paige is a college freshman. Her parents are journalists who have vanished in the Middle East after following a suspicious lead. Paige will do just about anything to get them back, or just to discover if they are [...]

    13. Yep. I'm actually giving a book I read in 2017 5 stars. I saw this at the library, remembered I liked this author and checked it out. Portes writing style is unique and distinct. Not for everyone, mind you, but I dig it. I think most of the references would go over most young adults. But for me, I got most of them, and if this gets one teen in the world to resurrect Elliott Smith's music, then I am an even bigger fan. Of course our heroine is college aged, and every girl that goes to college sho [...]

    14. Have you ever met someone whose parents have passed away? They don't sound like Paige. Her flippant comments about her parents MAYBE dying in the first few chapters is enough for me to DNF this book. There wasn't any genuine grief or anguish over it. Just some sarcasm and some rants about not feeling sorry for her. I feel no connection to her, I want to punch her in the face, and I will not suffer another page with her POV.

    15. 4.5 i would say!not my favorite book from her but it definitely has the classic Andrea Portes feel and humor in it! it is at times a little confusing but you will get over it soon THERE A SEQUEL? BECAUSE I LOVE PAIGE NOLAN!

    16. I have sort of a thing for snarky spies. Come on, what's better than an imposter with constant sarcasm problems? #relatable. So of course I had to pick up Liberty: the spy who (kind of) liked me (let's talk about the title later). A modern-say spy story rooted in fact, starring the supposedly hilarious Paige. And may I just say, it is all of these things and more. The main problem I had is that it's just so weird. I know. It's a bad reason to downgrade a book. I just felt like the format was ver [...]

    17. I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting from Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me, but I thought it was going to be a somewhat serious Alex Rider style of spy novel, where the protagonist goes on secret missions and saves the world as we know it. And I suppose in a way, I did get a spy novel where the protagonist goes on a secret mission and saves the world. It's just told in a very different tone to what I expected: it was incredibly snarky and irreverent.The book overall was quite fun, w [...]

    18. E ARC available at Edelweiss Above the TreelineInteresting premise, but too YA. Salty language by page 20.

    19. Paige Nolan ostatni raz widziała swoich rodziców podczas strzelaniny na granicy turecko-syryjskiej, potem zniknął po nich wszelki ślad. Dziewczyna, choć nie może mieć co do tego żadnej pewności, skrycie ma nadzieję, że jej rodzice wciąż żyją i ukrywają się gdzieś w świecie. Gdy pewnego dnia Paige rozbroiła w restauracji dwóch postawnych facetów, których zamiary bynajmniej nie były pokojowe, nie miała pojęcia, że nagranie z jej walki zostało zarejestrowane przez monit [...]

    20. Tekst pochodzi z bloga: amandaasays/2017MÓWIĄ, ŻE MAŁE JEST PIĘKNE, CZYLI O PAIGE SŁÓW KILKANasza główna bohaterka i narratorka w jednym jest niską, drobnej postury studentką, która kryje w sobie małego buntownika i wojownika. Niezwykle inteligentna, z wysokim IQ, znajomością kilku języków i różnych sztuk walki. Och, czy wspomniałam, że ma też trzech chłopaków równocześnie? A w dodatku ma sarkastyczne podejście do życia, które jest jej maską, pod którą ukrywa ogro [...]

    21. Paige Nolan feels helpless despite her martial arts skills and fluency in several languages when her journalist parents are captured by terrorists while they pursue their next story. She struggles to find peace, and she balances her time between three boyfriends and wondering if her parents are still alive. For a while, she denies their livelihood. It is easier to handle the stresses of life if she accepts her parents' death. Then Madden Carter shows up.Before she knows it, Madden Carter reveals [...]

    22. Super fun—girl runs off to Russia to be a spy, basically. Bonus points for this being set in the present day and for Paige having a more real-life Russian experience (erm, when she's not being a spy)e's not a tourist and is uninterested in trying to be one, so we're spared the montage of her going to St. Basil's and other Russian equivalents of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben and so on.A tangential Seven Sisters quibble: I go to an all-women's college named Bryn Mawr. It's one of the "Seven Siste [...]

    23. I seem to be in the minority here, but I wasn't overly fond of this book. In fact I almost dnf'ed it a couple of times, but since I am accomplishment motivated and I need to improve my challenge number, I pushed ahead and finished it! And you know what? It actually got better right at the end. Not enough better that I will be recommending this to friends, but at least my misery wasn't a 12 on a 10 point scale. (And it is what bumped my rating to a 2 star.)Basically, I had trouble with the main [...]

    24. This is the kind of book that I enjoy reading. Sure, it was a little tongue-in-cheek, a little over-the-top unbelievable. But mostly, it was just entertaining. It was fast and funny, the characters were like colorful smears of paint- sure, they lacked a certain dimension and emotion, but the essence of humanity- more important, in my opinion, than tragic backstories or mellifluous character introductions- elevated their slightly ridiculous action novel images to extremely likable people. On that [...]

    25. Liberty: The Spy Who Kind of Liked Me - 3.5/5 🌟s~This book was such a total heartbreaker. 😭 And I don't mean in the "I can't believe how beautifully emotional this book was, it tore my heart to shreds" way. No, I mean in the "Why did you do this to me, you were such a knockout of a book in the first half, but you started to dwindle in the second half and then you crashed, man, you crashed" way. The entire first half of Liberty was SO promising. It was HILARIOUS and opinionated and heartfel [...]

    26. On the surface, Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked Me is a romp through an international web of intrigue by an audacious heroine whose exploits surprise even herself. Underneath it all is an often poignant search for loved ones who've disappeared and a deeper journey to find out who you are and what you believe to be worth the fight.Both haunting and hilarious, filled with banter and ongoing repartee with the reader, this novel challenges your view of everyday life and calls you to examine you [...]

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