Omega for the Pack

Omega for the Pack

N.J. Lysk / Dec 15, 2019

Omega for the Pack Ray s a werewolf but other than running during the full moon and a taste for raw meat he s a regular guy But then Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha and his life changes forever As a male

  • Title: Omega for the Pack
  • Author: N.J. Lysk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: ebook
  • Ray s a werewolf, but other than running during the full moon and a taste for raw meat, he s a regular guy But then Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha and his life changes forever As a male omega, he s expected to mate with a select group of alphas and start a pack of his own.

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    1. This was really good, and totally not what I expected. This is no normal shifter fluff + mpreg with bonus KNOTTING. This wasn't fluff at all. I especially liked how it skirted the same ol' tropes and delved into darker emotions. I really felt for Ray and the guys. Imagine growing up thinking you know who you are and seeing such a bright future ahead only to have it all come crashing down in an instant. And your new life, the one you're destined for, is repugnant to you. Lots of feels in this one [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThe more I read stories with alpha's and omega's the more I love them.This one included.Rayways thought he would be an alphabut no. he is not he is an omega. Now has to gain his own pack. In line there are five alpha's and he just don't want them. He is confused and angry. He only can resist them for a while.After they have all their turn on Ray they just are sweet as sugar trying to make it as comfortable as possible for a pregnant omega. Ray still resist them hard. until he can't anym [...]

    3. 3.4 StarsI admit, I picked this up for the "warnings." (Seriously, those are more likely to entice me than warn me off.) That said: How the fuck do I keep ending up with feelz in my porn? I wanted orgiastic werewolf knotting & matingd got an emotional read that really made me think. I mean, it's not ground-breaking (I've read others that go into more depth and detail on the Omegas' second-class status and supposed lot in life) but still, really interesting because this one was less a stateme [...]

    4. This was a pretty good read. Ray grew up thinking he would be an alpha but when he presents as an omega instead his whole world his turned upside down. Male omegas are rare so instead of one mate he is given 5 to start a new pack. I had a love hate relationship with Ray he took it out on his mates Josh was his friend they grew up together and he had feelings for him. Alec who is a doctor Gabriel who was a distant cousin Iesu and Sergi are all his alphas and they all tried there best not to hurt [...]

    5. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT looks like i still haven't learned from the Drunken Ebook Buying Debacle: this is on kindle unlimited but because i was drunk i pressed the buy button. so i wasted one whole pound on whatever this is. goddammit i was just inebriated and sexually frustrated i don't even like alpha/omega dynamics or mpreg and i'm broke enough as it is without spending one whole pound - ok, 99p - on mediocre-fanfiction-y ebooks anyway i'm not going to rate this because from what i can hazily reme [...]

    6. 2.5 sad starsThis is the first and last time with this author. I was looking for Ray to finally stop being an ass because he presented as Omega instead of the Beta they thought he was.This wasn't a dark romance. Their wasn't any love that I read in the whole story. He mated with five Alphas, one was his best friend and one of the others was his cousin. I continued to read this dumb story thinking that Ray would come around to getting use to the idea of his new role as pack Omega but he was a whi [...]

    7. Even though I was intrigued by the story line, the constant forced matings with the depressed omega that my heart went out for, just made me sick to my stomach. I think the problem for me was that the matings were so animalistic. None of the alphas really thought of wooing the omega, it was all just about needs-mostly their needs for mating (only once did one of the alphas even give the omega a blow job, and even then it wasn't for the omegas benefit, really.) That would work if these were just [...]

    8. Another dark, forced omega breeding storyMy true reaction: I hated it (hence the one star). Omegaverse stories usually focus on the sexy fetish (knotting, mpreg) and/or an erotic romance (often a strong Alpha rescuing an oppressed Omega), instead of darker or horrorific themes. Readers who want to delve into the more oppressive (and less romantic) truth of forced relationships and breedings may appreciate this author’s more realistic approach to the realities of non-consensual activities logic [...]

    9. Eine eigentlich gute Idee, nicht besonders gut umgesetzt. Ich fand die Geschichte "trocken und schnell erzählt" - sorry, war nicht meins.

    10. Ryan presents as an omega and must form his own pack with five alphas as mates. Ryan accepts his duty but never really emotionally accepts being an omega. Going into heat right after being informed what is to happen and ending up pregnant doesn't help. He is still fighting against it at the end but slowly accepting his lot in life.

    11. Let me start off by stating that this series is unique. I’ve never read a book where the main character had five lovers, or mates in this case. The story gives a solid reason for this, which is the need to start a new pack and a shortage of (male) omegas. So far, so good. I’m cheating a little here, by the way, because I’ve already read the three books available in this series (Alpha for the Pack and Protectors for the Pack) and will say something about the other two books as well in this [...]

    12. Ray has just come of age in his werewolf pack, and his arrival heralds the time where a new pack splits off from the main one. Ray finds himself in a unique position, however, and one that's not enviable Instead of being an alpha male, he is in fact an omega malea rare commodity as that makes him a treasured find for a pack full of males. Omegas are males that can breed, who end up serving the whole pack, and not just one mate. This fate was not what Ray envisioned for himself, and adapting to h [...]

    13. A different take on alpha/omega relationships. Typically in mpreg a/o books, alphas are very territorial and do not want to share their omegas. Omegas generally adapt to mating and pregnancy quickly, fall in instalove and life is gravy. NOT in this story. This novel is well written with realistic feelings and issues. Who wants to be mated to 5 different alphas and spit out 5 different kids each time he is bred? Not Ray. His life is turned into a nightmare in an instant and he has no options. The [...]

    14. I'm a reader who can read many different things and shifter stories are amongst them, as is M/M. I must admit before reading this, I wasn't aware this was a multi partner story, but again, I'm not against this in a story. I quite enjoyed the style and flow of the authors writing. However, I did feel it would have benefited from some back story. For instance Ray's reluctance in his role as Omega isn't something that's unclear. What is unknown is what this stems from - you never really know if it' [...]

    15. Different take on the Alpha/Omega shifter story. Ray has always grown up believing he’d be an Alpha. But Ray presents as an Omega; therefore, he must be mated and start another pack. But not to just one Alpha, in this case five Alphas. And Ray isn’t happy about it. So, there is a lot of angst in this story. And a lot of sex, most of which Ray doesn’t want. You feel for Ray as everything he thought his life was going to be is taken away from him.I would have liked to have the story more fle [...]

    16. My Video Review on VimeoMy written and video reviews contain spoilers!2.5 stars(view spoiler)[Cover⬡ Overused stock photosGrammar⬡ Very few/no typosEngagement⬡ Read all at once (normal)Likes⬡ The fight between Ray's instincts and his rational thought processes⬡ That his depressed state wasn't glossed overDislikes⬡ The dub-con feel of the story⬡ That Ray absolutely had to get pregnant; his life is already ruined, why make it worse?Sex Scenes⬡ Plasma hotCharacter Depth⬡ Hip deepE [...]

    17. Ray always thought he would present as an alpha but then he presented as an omega. He is not happy with the situation especially since male omegas are rare and often used to start a new pack. His uncle chose five alphas for Ray including an older cousin and Ray's best friend. Ray is resenting all the changes his body is going through and feels like he is being used. He is fighting with his body demands and his wolf demnds. Will Ray ever be able to accept his life as an omega or his mates? This i [...]

    18. This is a well written story about an Omega who has a very hard accepting his role in the pack. He thought he was going to be an alpha but turns out he's an omega and is given 5 alpha mates in order to start a new pack. Ray is not happy about it and really dislikes having to have sex with all of them. All of the main characters are very well developed and I really hope that things start turning around for Ray as this series progresses.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    19. What a totally engrossing story! I really didn't know what to expect but the beauty and loving compassion of these Alphas make this book so much more dimensional. I wanted to smack Ray a time of two because I thought his bitterness was a little too petty and the feeling sorry for himself exaggerated. Mr. Lysk writes his dialogue and characters with enough substance that I was able to understand the fear that was compelling Ray's actions (though his Alphas were pretty darned patient and more forg [...]

    20. WoahI am a little speechless after reading this book. Don’t get me wrong I liked it but to read this from Ray’s POV was seriously intense. Everything was taken away from him and his body was no longer his own. During some points it was really hard to read that particular chapter. Hands down to NJL because I felt a ton of emotions while reading this book. Downloading the next one as I type!

    21. Interesting read, I did not know this was a series at the time I started so I was getting irritated with the MC trying to figure out why he was such a punk to the Alphas all the time. Later as I wrapped up the book I realized there is more to come and this book sets the foundation to many issues that come with being an omega. I will actually be reading book 2 to see how it works out but atleast I have a better understanding of the MCs perspective.

    22. First time reading this author and I was not disappointed at all. I really liked how the author didn't make the omega "perfect". He was practically imperfect in every way. The omega did his duty but didn't just roll over and be submissive. He tries to find him even while being what he was born to be. A++

    23. Well, I wasn’t expecting this. I have to say I felt really bad for Ray and hope that the next story reveals more for him. It was definitely not like any other mpreg books I have read, not bad or good, but different. It was very fast paced and I hope that all six men’s characters are revealed in the rest of the series. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    24. I’ll keep readingI realize there are more books and hopefully the story gets better. I’m good with the Reluctant Omega who’s bitter about being driven my instincts/hormones, but Ray is much more Reluctant than I’m used to. I don’t know if I want to feel bad for Ray or yell at him. We’ll see how he is firing book 2.

    25. I quite liked this book i have not read many mpreg books before this one and i really liked it the author did a great job of getting us inside Ray's head and how confused he his going to read the next one now.

    26. I liked this book alot the story plot was well develope I was interested to nowhat will happen to ray character as the story was told. Overall this book kept me instrested.I voluntarily read An Advance reader copy and my opinion are my own.

    27. this was a good one parts though i didnt like i felt like he wasnt exactly for it so i felt like it was wrong i did enjoy the story and am reading the next one to see what happens. lol

    28. This book just didn't click with me. I've read a lot of books like this, but this one just wasn't doing it for me.

    29. DNF. I hated Ray. If he would have just gotten over himself and gave them a chance then maybe I could have moved passed him.

    30. Not badI liked the story although Ray could have been a little more open to his mates , but I understand he was going through a adjustment period. Still I would read the next one.

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