Body of The Crime

Body of The Crime

R. Scarlett / Jun 16, 2019

Body of The Crime Sequel to Vein of LoveWarning cliffhanger Never trust a demon Never trust your heart And never trust the woman who holds it In Body of the Crime a beast craved a beauty and oh how she ravaged h

  • Title: Body of The Crime
  • Author: R. Scarlett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook
  • Sequel to Vein of LoveWarning 18 , cliffhanger.Never trust a demon.Never trust your heart.And never trust the woman who holds it.In Body of the Crime, a beast craved a beauty and oh, how she ravaged him.

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    1. RATING 4.5 STARSBody of The Crime is book two in the Blackest Gold series by R. Scarlett. “She wanted all of him…including his iron heart.”Our Molly Darling has most definitely grown up. She is no longer that naïve, indecisive girl we met in the first book. Molly has trained, learned how to control her powers, and knows what she wants. She is tough and determined but still somehow holds on to her sweet loving nature. Tensley and Molly are getting to know each other and their bond is stren [...]

    2. ➳R. Scarlett has done it again in this new sequel to Vein Of Love…➳The darkness and the mystery behind this thrilling sequel is always and has always been present when it comes down to this love story. Yes, it not only is a thrilling and mysterious love story, but it also has a the aspects of fantasy and a thrill taking experience when it comes down to the plot and climax points throughout the story. At first I was confused as to how Mrs. Scarlett moved from the ending of the first one and [...]

    3. 1.) Vein Of Love ★★“Love is a weapon; it´s a weakness.”This is book two of a series all about demons and the wicked world they try to hide from humans. This book stars a young 19-year-old girl, Molly, who is the victim of a 300-year-old contract that was set up by her ancestors. The contract promises Molly, who was born with ancient daemon (unlike demon) powers beyond her control, to marry a demon of a very prestigious demon house. She is also promised to give him an heir eventually, bu [...]

    4. Cliff-hanger alert!!Cannot be read as a standalone! Demons don’t love, they destroy.Tensley Knight (“an incubus. A demon.”)He’d have no mercy / regrets / but was willing to protect Molly with his life, He was a demon; he craved violence, reveled in sex.Molly Darling – all claws and venom – her character development was excellently executed!If you read book 1 you would know that Tensley is not allowed to fall in love, as stipulated in paragraph below, he was not allowed to show his lo [...]

    5. 4.5 heart be damned starsTensley and Molly are back with a vengeance and boy do they have a point to prove. Molly wants to prove that she is more than a power play at his side she wants to be his everything and anything. Feeling her way past his defenses allows her to see a side of him she only dreamed of, but holding someones heart is a huge responsibility, especially when there are secrets left unsaid. They were exploring each other, learning each other—mind and body, and everything in-betwe [...]

    6. ~4.5 Stars~"Sometimes we can't help how we feel; sometimes we're cursed to be drawn to the wrong people."Body of the Crime is the second book in the Blackest Gold Series. With a hypnotic blend of demons, passion, romance, and intrigue, the stakes are high for Molly and the dark and deadly Tensley."He destroyed her, and she still loved him. How cursed she was." Body of the Crime picks up after Vein of Love. Molly and Tensley are engaged and an arrangement has been set. Although Tensley and Molly [...]

    7. 5 STARS <3How much I loved this one, I enjoyed it even more than the first book!It has everything I wanted in a story and even more!It was fast paced, it has action and many intense moments between Tensley and Molly!Finally these two getting to know better each other!I love their moments together!Whenever these two where together there was tension,angst and passion!I loved their relationship and I like how things went between them in this one!Molly changed a lot from the first book and I enjo [...]

    8. Many people have asked if my opinion of Molly changed while reading this book and I must admit that she redeemed herself a little bit. I actually didn't hate her. I still didn't love her, but that didn't stop me from loving this story.Once again it was Tensley who owned my heart. The author did a remarkable job of humanizing this fierce demon and I loved watching the battle that was being waged within him. As his heart grew, he was fighting against everything he knew. He was on the cusp of break [...]

    9. I’M FREAKIN SHOOK TO THE CORE. Paranormal Romance has never been my cup of tea but omg. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THIS?!!! I hate myself for missing out on this series for so long. I think this might easily be one of my favorite romances of all time.I’ve finished the first and second book within a few hours and I’m already devouring the third book. I haven’t read a romance series this good in so long. 😭

    10. I was really impressed with Vein of Love and didn’t really think that R. Scarlett could top that first book but boy did she. Body of the Crime is amazing! I couldn’t stop reading and my mind revolved around Tensley and Molly constantly. I was and still am in a Knight/Darling bubble. What really made me love Body of the Crime is the character arcs of Molly and Tensley. What a transformation Molly goes through. From a naive young woman to a strong warrior goddess. She fights for what she wants [...]

    11. I like this cover better than the one for book one. The composition is much better with the tagline place above the title. It's very similar to the to book one's cover so it adds some nice consistency to the series so far.I enjoyed this one even more than I did book one. I think the writing was even better. Same high pace as book one. We get even more world building and twists and turns. We also meet some new secondary characters. Some are intriguing, and I want to know more about them and some [...]

    12. IT'S LIVE EARLY!!!!!!!! MAKE SURE TO GRAB A COPY!!!_____________I will no rate nor review this book because I'm wayyyyy too biased when it comes to this one, but I'll say this: READ IT! READ IT NOW (well, when it comes out in a few days) YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Read book one (Vein of Love) first though if you haven't read it yet or you'll be lost hahaha!!My review of Vein of Love: /review/show

    13. This is book two of the series and I have got to say I am loving it! Tensley and Molly are a likeable couple and I found Molly to be a ton more tolerable in this story than in book one! I'm dying to get started on the third book, so I will move on right away! If you are a reader who enjoys paranormal aspects to your reads then you must give this series a go!

    14. 'Body of The Crime" by R. Scarlett is book Two in the "Blackest Gold" series. Body of The CrimeThis continues the story of Molly and Tensley from book One "Vein Of Love ". Yes, this book does end with a cliffhanger that sets us up for the Third Installment into this series. Please don't let that stop you from taking part into this series. I have fallen in love with this series and Ms. Scarlett writing. Ms. Scarlett's writing is somewhat different then some of the books I readwhich is a nice chan [...]

    15. 5 "I'm Yours" StarsI read this a few days ago and I'm still thinking about it and wishing book 3 was out already. R. Scarlett really upped her game with this addition and I'm officially in love with this series. And I NEED more. Tensley and Molly are finally starting to connect. Molly is gaining strength and confidence and Tensley seems to be opening up. Still they don't fully trust each other and their connection is constantly tested. But as they really get to know each other, sparks fly. Still [...]

    16. 4.5 stars!! ARC kindly provided by author in exchange of an honest review. The book starts a couple of weeks after the end of Vein of Love! The plot is surprising with twists coming out of nowhere. Actually this is why I love Ms. Scarlett's writing. Ms. Scarlett has created an original paranormal world that everything is possible. She doesn't give anything away and succeeds to surprise me again and again. Molly has really changed since Vein of Love. She learnt from her bad choices and tried real [...]

    17. ***** 4.5 Stars *****Cannot be read as a standalone I wasn't a great big fan of Tensley after reading Vein of Love, but now he's got me drooling. My saliva can form its own river.Tensley continues to fight against his feelings for Molly. If he grows a heart, then he'll truly become a heartless monster like his brother. Molly also realizes that she was the true monster, and she deeply regrets the mistakes she made in the previous book. So she tries to show Tensley that she is on his side by fight [...]

    18. OMG I LOVED this book!! Don't get me wrong, 1st book was amazing too but I really, really enjoyed this book more than 1st one because of Tensley. My beast Ahhh he's melting my heart I love him so much. <3Overall I highly recommend this series to you!!! And thank God I have 3rd & 4th books on my Kindle otherwise I'd lose my mind Okaaay enough of this chit chat! I'm going into next book Bye!:D

    19. Get your shit together and read this series.Body of the Crime continues the story of Molly and Tensley. While I struggled with the first chapters in Vein of Love, Body of the Crime hooked me in from the very first line. It was as if everything on the planet stopped spinning and there was just me and Tensley. Oh yeah, Molly was there too.Ok, back to business. Reading Body of the Crime was nothing like I’d dreamt about. It was hotter, more thrilling. It was every-fucking-thing. With a captivatin [...]

    20. Holy shitwhen the book keeps you up until 3:45 am and you need to get up at 6:00 am for workYeah, holy shit - sums it alllolBody of the crime continues right where Vein of love left us – in the turmoil relationship of a demon Tensley Knight and his destined deamon Molly Darling.Two entities that were pushed into the ruthless world and in each other's paths by an unavoidable blood contract A contract was made in blood: our protection in exchange for the one born with those eyes.And now, they co [...]

    21. I may have just found my new addiction: Tensley Knight. God, he's so yummy. His narration kept reminding me of another favorite character of mine: Sebastian Stark of Shay Savage's Surviving Raine series. He's just as grouchy, gruff and alpha, and though I can't see myself ever putting up with someone like that in real life, I get all gooey and tingly inside when reading about them. It's so odd.He was withdrawn. Cold. Emotionless. A beast. He was heartless - and he had to remain that way.Molly ok [...]

    22. 5 'get you a demon who can do both' stars(This review includes some book one spoilers. If you haven't read book one, stop now. If you like spoilers, read on.)Wow. Just wow. Once again R. Scarlett has successfully thrown me into the world of demons and other paranormal creatures effortlessly. Not only does she create characters who you love and root for, but she creates characters that you absolutely LOATHE. Amazing writing that actually makes you feel all of the feelings.When we last left Molly [...]

    23. Paranormal Romance is my first love. The only genre I used to read when I got into reading so it holds a special place in my heart. I'm always looking for books of this genre so when I saw that R. Scarlett was writing a New Adult Paranormal series, how could I pass that up? I mean, it's my two loves coming together!!! Body of the Crime is book two in the Blackest Gold series and I just have to say that R. Scarlett really stepped up her game with the sequel. I know people are always afraid of the [...]

    24. 4.5 StarsThis is the second book in the Blackest Gold series and it picks up right where Vein of Love ended. After reading Vein of Love I was so glad the Body of the Crime was already out. I could not wait to continue Molly and Tensley's story. Tensley is finally starting to let Molly get closer in this book. He's still holding back though. He is constantly reminded what happens if he were to grow a heart. He's also still not sure if he can trust her after she stabbed him in the back. Molly know [...]

    25. I read Body of The Crime for few hours. It was love story mixed with action, suspense, and darkness. Once I started I couldn't stop Unlike the first book, here the action was developing faster. Tensley becomes so adorable because he finally opens himself to Molly. He struggles with his attraction to Molly but he will protect her and kill anyone who tries to hurt her. I was amazed how much Molly has grown up. I'm not used to the female character to break the trust but here wow, I was shocked. It [...]

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