The Disembodied

The Disembodied

Anthony Hains / Aug 26, 2019

The Disembodied Thirteen year old Griffin Rinaldi seems like a normal kid He plays basketball at the Y and he s just learning to talk to girls But Griffin doesn t feel normal He s been diagnosed with Depersonalizatio

  • Title: The Disembodied
  • Author: Anthony Hains
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Thirteen year old Griffin Rinaldi seems like a normal kid He plays basketball at the Y and he s just learning to talk to girls But Griffin doesn t feel normal He s been diagnosed with Depersonalization Disorder he feels disconnected from his body, and at times, he doesn t know if he s dead or alive And it seems to be getting worse.Following the brutal death of his abusThirteen year old Griffin Rinaldi seems like a normal kid He plays basketball at the Y and he s just learning to talk to girls But Griffin doesn t feel normal He s been diagnosed with Depersonalization Disorder he feels disconnected from his body, and at times, he doesn t know if he s dead or alive And it seems to be getting worse.Following the brutal death of his abusive father, Griffin is haunted by a red haired kid only he can see and who wants him to do things he doesn t understand Griffin s only sources of support are his grandfather, Soren a regional author of Outer Banks ghost stories and his same aged cousin, Tanner, a boy coping with his own troubled life.When a rare blizzard strikes the Outer Banks, Griffin recognizes the red haired boy as a vengeful specter from Soren s tales To make matters worse, his well meaning aunt has convinced his mother he s under some sort of spiritual attack Unsure if the mysterious boy is a symptom of his disorder or an entity with evil intent, Griffin finds himself in a struggle to save his life, his sanity and maybe his very soul.

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        Anthony Hains was born and raised in Port Chester, New York He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology from the University of Notre Dame He is currently a professor of counseling psychology with a specialization in pediatric psychology His research focuses on the understanding and treatment of adolescents with chronic illness.He is married with one daughter and lives in Wisconsin.


    1. The Disembodied by Anthony Hains is a strange and unsettling story about mental illness, love, hate, life, death, coming of age, and so much more. The book started slow, then got better. I was so confused about what the poor kid was seeing. Was it a real kid? A ghost, grief, med induced? So much was going on in the story also. The author took on many challenges and did it well.

    2. There's currently a giveaway at Horror After Dark for a signed copy! (Open to those in the U.S. only): horrorafterdark/2017/0 The Disembodied starts out like a coming-of-age story and then it turns into a psychological horror story of familial love and abuse that will keep you guessing to the very end!Griffin is a boy on the verge of becoming a man, when he loses his father to a somewhat violent death. Luckily he has a sweet and caring grandfather that loves to spend time with him, and a close c [...]

    3. I have no idea if this review will be seen due to the changes in review policies. I am a reviewer as well as an author and I know how important reviews are to independent authors who have no access to the hype machine.So - I was sent this book for an honest review; I have not been paid for this review!ReviewI loved this book! The story is extremely well written and is original and powerful.The style of writing pulls you in at once and the subject matter is intriguing, mystifying and compelling [...]

    4. Once again, Mr Hains serves us with a sinfully delicious read. We have a young boy (Griffin) with a disorder known as the depersonalisation disorder. An unusual quirk to the character that makes us feel sympathy towards the young guy. Especially when we hear this disorder is not his only issue. He has a strained relationship with his father. And that is an understatement. Oh, and he keeps seeing a strange red-headed boy that usually makes an appearance around the time that trouble happens. Thus [...]

    5. Griffin Rinaldi is not your average teenage kid but he tries to be. He plays basketball, is starting to date and loves hanging out with his cousin Tanner. He also has depersonalization disorder, sometimes he feels disconnected from his body, and at times he doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. Griffin has had a rough childhood, his abusive father has recently died and he keeps seeing a red-haired kid who no one else can see. Griffin is struggling to keep his sanity and his soul.Whether you li [...]

    6. The DisembodiedBy: Anthony HainsI was just recently contacted by . They congratulated me for reading 50 books in 2016. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed in myself since I read sixty-two in 2015. But, I digress The truth is, of those 50 books only a few could be called true five-star reads. This book, The Disembodied, by Anthony Haines…is a five-star read.Griffin Rinaldi is a typical thirteen-year-old kid. He’s into sports, girls, music and technology. Yet, Griffin’s life is anything [...]

    7. Suspenseful and Spookiness at it's bestThis review is from: The Disembodied (Kindle Edition)If you're one of those readers who are looking for a new read, look no further. This story will boggle your mind and capture the senses.Mr. Hains has a writing ability that draws the reader into his surreal world that is impossible to put down. Facets of mental illness is introduced that inspires the reader to dwell deep into the characters psyched to learn of Mr. Hains background, made this story even be [...]

    8. I'm not sure what I expected from this book but it was not really my type of book. There were moments when I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next but this did not happen throughout the book.

    9. WOW!!! I really enjoyed this book! The author did an amazing job with a very complex, difficult subject. This was confusing at times. Some of the subject matter was difficult to read. I am talking about the horrible abuse both boys endured. I could not put this book down! Frightening for reasons you won't understand until you come to the end. Mr Hains ties everything together at the end. My only complaint was with poor editing at times. Typos, wrong names etc. With better editing I would have gi [...]

    10. What is going on with Griffin Rinaldi? He wishes he knew. Sometimes he feels like his body is dead and he's observing someone else going through the motions of his life. At other times he sees the red-haired kid from his dad's stories even though no one else can see him there.Griffin's got a tough life; it would be hard to deny that. His dad died less than a year ago, and his grandfather, whose heath has been better, is trying to help him through the worst of it, but Griffin's mom doesn't know q [...]

    11. Reading Anthony Hanes new suspense/thriller/horror novel, “The Disembodied” I was struck by several things. One, Mr. Hanes continues to grow exponentially as a story teller and producer of goosebumps with each successive story. with my enjoyment of his work. I was impressed by his first, “Birth Offering”, floored by his second, “Dead Works” and literally charged and sleep deprived by “The Disembodied”. I spent whatever time I managed to tear myself away from the story, lying in b [...]

    12. The Disembodied written by Anthony Hains was a wonderfully thought out novel with a bit of mystery, horror, drama and suspense thrown in! Overall this novel was well written and had a story line that was new to me, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The story revolves around a boy, aged 13, named Griffin, who lost his abusive father and has been diagnosed with a disorder known as depersonalization disorder. The novel begins with the introduction of Griffin’s grandfather, Soren, who is a writer. Furth [...]

    13. This is the story of Griffin Rinaldi. He is a boy that has been abused by his father. Then his father dies while Griffin is at his home and everything starts to happen. He doesn't feel like he is alive and sometimes he watches himself from outside his body. Does Griffin have Depersonalization Disorder as his therapist says or is there a more sinister mind at work? This is an awesome story! You start out on one journey only to feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere. The characters are wonderfu [...]

    14. **I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**This book was not what I was expecting at all. I loved the mix of psychological and supernatural elements; it was unlike other books I've read in the past. That combined with the mystery and suspense made this book unforgettable. Anthony Hains is a brilliant writer and his knowledge of psychology shows. I can't recommend this book enough!

    15. You just got pass this book up! No matter how old you think this book may or may not be for! It's remarkable and an attention grabber! This book had me turning the pages just to see what was coming next! Great read!

    16. The first few chapters go a little slow so I debated reading this. It is a decent read and I struggled through it because at times it seems to be going nowhere, but then you get to something interesting and I just wanted to know where it was going. The ending was pretty good and it tied up decently. It's worth reading if you just stick with it.

    17. This was an excellent read. It reminded me of a book I loved when I was a kid: The Other by Thomas Tyron. There is plenty of creepiness to scare the pants off you, and much too realistic. I thought I had some things figured out, then the author hit me with lots of great twists. Childhood is not all innocence, and this book proves it. I received a copy of this book through the Kindle Scout program.

    18. This book introduces you to 13-year-old Griffin Rinaldi. He is suffering from strange out-of-body experiences.With The Disembodied, Anthony Hains has created a surprising and thrilling story about a boy who is having mental issues after his father’s death. It is a compelling read, drawing you close to Griffin and his grandfather, Soren. Anthony Hains knows how to keep you glued to Griffin’s story, giving you the feeling of being an invisible ally and/or at least part of the events. Griffin i [...]

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