Dark Minds

Dark Minds

Michelle Diener / Jan 27, 2020

Dark Minds The mind is the most powerful weapon of all Imogen Peters knows she s a pawn She s been abducted from Earth held prisoner and abducted again So when she gets a chance at freedom she takes it with b

  • Title: Dark Minds
  • Author: Michelle Diener
  • ISBN: 9780992455965
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The mind is the most powerful weapon of all Imogen Peters knows she s a pawn She s been abducted from Earth, held prisoner, and abducted again So when she gets a chance at freedom, she takes it with both hands, not realizing that doing so will turn her from pawn to kingmaker.Captain Camlar Kalor expected to meet an Earth woman on his current mission, he just thoughThe mind is the most powerful weapon of all Imogen Peters knows she s a pawn She s been abducted from Earth, held prisoner, and abducted again So when she gets a chance at freedom, she takes it with both hands, not realizing that doing so will turn her from pawn to kingmaker.Captain Camlar Kalor expected to meet an Earth woman on his current mission, he just thought he d be meeting her on Larga Ways, under the protection of his Battle Center colleague Instead, he and Imogen are thrown together as prisoners in the hold of a Class 5 battleship When he works out she s not the woman who sparked his mission, but another abductee, Cam realizes his investigation just got a lot complicated, and the nations of the United Council just took a step closer to war.Imogen s out of her depth in this crazy mind game playing out all around her, and she begins to understand her actions will have a massive impact on all the players But she s good at mind games She s been playing them since she was abducted Guess they should have left her minding her own business back on Earth

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    1. I loved this final book in the Class 5 series. I'm already lapsing into despair over the fact that I have no more books in this incredibly fun sci-fi adventure romance series left to read. This whole series was just my type of sci-fi. It was a character driven story with a good balance between the action, intrigue, romance, and humour. The sci-fi world was a cool one. The aliens and societies were almost Star Trek like in nature, never a bad thing in my eyes. The Unified Council is made up of 5 [...]

    2. I love this series!It's esy to read, interesting with just a hit of romance!I mostly love the Class5 intelligence!!! They're awesome! And I was really sad (view spoiler)[when poor Paxe self-destruct (hide spoiler)] :(I'm wondering what will happen now that all 5 of them are freed will the series end? Will Ms. Diener write another one book about something else in the same universe?

    3. Well this is the third book in this series and I have loved them all. This one seemed a bit less but possibly because I am used to a few things from the other books. Since it was still a 4.5 Star story I just rounded it off to 5.Imogen Peters might be a familiar name to you if you read the last book and it was mentioned as a name written in an empty cage. This is her story and it has many things that are different in her story so if you are expecting a carbon copy of either of the first books wi [...]

    4. I loved this one's personality even before we got to meet her. Teaching the parrot how to sing that final song in The Life of Brian.

    5. Over too soonLove action, adventure, romance, space battles, galactic power plays, heroines who rescue themselves and heroes that try to keep the heroines out of trouble without stifling their personalities or going all alpha?! This is a book and series you'd enjoy. A very enthralling wrap up of the class 5 series. Imogene in personality and action is wonderful to behold. Cam provides a great counterpoint. Highly recommend. Read it now then go back and read the first two if you haven't .Warning: [...]

    6. Dark Minds by Michelle Diener in the third and final Class 5 book. I may have enjoyed the other two books slightly more, but I still think this was a fabulous book and a great way to end this trilogy. This book features Imogen Peter, another woman who was abducted from Earth and Captain Camlar Kalor. They are thrown together unexpectedly as prisoners on a Class 5 battleship. When Cam finds out she's another abductee from Earth things get complicated and closer to war.I've always loved the charac [...]

    7. This is the third (and final?) book in Diener's Class 5 SFR series. The books follow three women who are kidnapped separately from Earth and brought to a far-away galaxy in which several different alien species are playing politics and threatening conflict over five Class 5 spaceships that are run by AIs (artificial intelligences). But the AIs are more slaves than anything else and, with the help of the human women, they become self-aware and yearn for freedom.Each book features one of the women [...]

    8. I love this series and this is such a great additions. Please, please let there be more books set in this universe. I adore the philosophical questions being developed here about morals within the thinking machines. I think there are some interesting explorations of cultural stories that ingrain bias as well as some looks at gender at least in the human culture.The heroine and hero have develop a real bond and love which is stronger than in the other books. I wish we got to see much more of the [...]

    9. 4/5; 4 stars; A-I really enjoyed this light sci fi romance. There were good guys, bad guys, Intelligent thinking systems, space ships and lots of adventure. I liked this book enough to go right out and buy the next two in the series. I wanted to check this author out and found I like her style. I would rate all three books the same.

    10. Ok and kept my interest, but weak on conflicts and plot.I loved the first book in the series (Dark Horse). This is book 3. It’s set in the same world with Class 5 battleships. An earth female forms friendships with two artificial intelligences running two battleships. They have names. In this book Imogen meets Pax and Orace.This didn’t feel like a story. It was more about things happening in that world, meeting characters and going places. It needed better plotting somehow.The Gree love to h [...]

    11. 4.5/5Michelle Diener is certainly rocking this sci-fi series, ladies and gents! So far each book has been pretty awesome. If you haven't read Dark Horse and Dark Deeds before, they are each about a human woman kidnapped as a specimen by Tecran race which just discovered Earth. There is this whole alliance of planets and races far, far away, and Tecrans built these 5 huge ships (Class 5) with illegal thinking systems in them, which in turn are trying to escape, and as it happens, the women from E [...]

    12. Imaginative and Immensely Entertaining Science FictionThis third book of the Class Five Series trilogy is just as imaginative and entertaining as the other two books, perhaps even more so. The story picks up a little before the second book with Imogen Peters being transferred from the planet Balco.  Shortly afterwards, she meets Camlar Kalor, who is my favorite male lead character of the series. Paxe and Oris are the two remaining class five thinking systems, and the author developed each into [...]

    13. I have loved the first Class 5 book for its originality and the uniqueness of the characters. I like the 2nd too but a bit less and I think I liked the 3rd a bit less too.The one part I liked most was that you could see a real connexion and evolution in the relationship between Imogene and Cam. The two looked like a real couple for once. Pace and Oris were really intriguing and I really felt for Paxe most of all. The thing I liked a bit less was that everything seemed to be happening to fast or [...]

    14. Fun, fast paced, lots of action with a little bit of romance to spice things up. I really, really enjoyed this series!

    15. 5/1/2017 listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the story with the little more that listening brings.12/11/2016 re-read. Why, oh why, do I finally find a series I love and it's only a trilogy? I love this series so much! It's totally one of my top favs. I wish there were like 20 books out so I can just keep reading! I really love the idea of the thinking systems and the relationships they have with the human women. The fascination the aliens have with singing is also unique and fun. I found mysel [...]

    16. For those that have read the first two, we know what to expect and we love it. The details that make each abduction different and each AI unique are what bring us back. Not all the AIs will get a happy endingThere is new information on the other alien races and for those that wondered what happened to a certain 'animal' at the end of book 2 will get answers. Our three abductees meet up and awesomeness ensues. I still think there is more in this galaxy to explore and would like more!

    17. 3.5 to 4 stars, better than the second book but still can't touch the first book. It was still very enjoyable and easy to recommend if you like the fist two. So glad I found this series and even if the 2nd two books were not as strong as the first it was still a very good series and I enjoyed it a lot. You know it was a good series when you wish there was another book.

    18. Imogene Peters’ feisty attitude and strong, resilient mind makes her a good addition to the Earth girl alliance as the heroine of Dark Minds, the 3rd in the Class 5 series from Michelle Diener. As with the other two previous main characters, Imogen was abducted by the Tecran and held prisoner hidden away. The highest ranking investigator of the Grih Battle Center, Captain Cam Kalor had been sent to meet with the second Earth woman recently discovered, Fiona Russell, who is living on Larga Ways [...]

    19. So this is another one where I received an arc (this time from the author directly-this does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my review) and bought it anyway- because this author gives me great joy and I am pleased to throw the money at her. Not knowing where she lives and thus being unable to properly stalk and throw money in person, shall have to do.I am both saddened and joyful to report that this is the completion of the Class 5 trilogy. I mean I adore series that comple [...]

    20. Class 5Every book in this series is so different from anything else I've read and at the same time completely different from each of the other books in the series. Dark Minds was no less an incredible adventure than the two that came before.In book three we finally get to find out what happened to Imogen Peters, who we first heard about in book two. Her relationship with the Grih and the class 5's is different from Rose and Fiona's but no less exciting. Romance is there but not overbearing, frie [...]

    21. What a good ending to this series. I'm sorry that it's over though. Imogen was probably my favorite of the Earth women. We get to meet the final two thinking machines, Paxe and Oris. Once again the Tecren are causing trouble but this time they have help. Oris is ready to go to war. Paxe's actions are a turning point. There are some good supporting characters in this series also. I have this shelved under SFR but the romance is definitely not the focus of this series. The romance is PG.I feel lik [...]

    22. I've really enjoyed the Class 5 series. I found the notion of one rare, imprisoned species (humans) connecting to a rare, imprisoned thinking system to be fresh and thought inspiring. When does AI become a life form? Is it due the same respect and reverence we give other intelligent life? Can it become enslaved? Dark Minds draws the series to a tidy, satisfying finish. I did find the story line between the H/h to be a bit predictable since it followed the same general format as the first 2 books [...]

    23. Great readI really enjoyed this book. It's unique, well written and has great characters. I look forward to more books by this author

    24. Another good addition to the series, but I still wish one of the humans had been tone-deaf. It's like music is this super-power that renders them invincible and it removes a lot of the tension. If they get in trouble, all they have to do is sing. If you haven't read the previous two books, don't start with this one as you will be hopelessly lost. Diener relies on the world building in the other two books to provide context for the reader in Dark Minds. I also think the emotional trauma of what I [...]

    25. Dark Minds. It’s the last in the series, and I loved that we got to see Rose and Dav and Fiona and Hal again. Cam, the hero from Dark Minds, was just as strong and awesome as the others, and he’s sent to find Fiona (Dark Deeds) who they learned was also abducted by the Tecran (Maybe the Tecran. There’s a lot of races and I get confused. It could have been the Krik. But I think the Tecran. Anyhoo.) Instead, he and his team are captured by Paxe, a Class 5 ship, and they’re thrown into a ce [...]

    26. The rating is for this book and the entire series to date (the first three books). The author has mentioned in other places that she hopes to return to the series, and I will be happy to read any additions she may make to it when she does, but at this time is focused on something else and doesn't have immediate plans to spend time on Class 5.My only complaint with the series is the need for better copy editing. Book 2 is perhaps the least troublesome in that regard. That said, the characters, wo [...]

    27. Meet Imogen Peters…Abductee who is held prisoner on a spaceship. The ship is attacked and the crew is all killed, Imogen is a prisoner again but to a violent race. Taken to a different ship she is then put into the hold with other prisoners. Who is collecting prisoners and why? Meet Captain Camlar Kalor. Cam’s part of the Battle Center. He’s investigating the cases of the Abducted Earth women. He was going to Larga Ways to meet Fiona Russell when his crew was taken prisonors. Cam realizes [...]

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