Queen of Chaos

Queen of Chaos

Kat Ross / Sep 24, 2019

Queen of Chaos Persepolae has fallen Karnopolis has burned As the dark forces of the Undead sweep across what remains of the empire Nazafareen must obey the summons of a demon queen to save Darius s father Victor

  • Title: Queen of Chaos
  • Author: Kat Ross
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  • Page: 420
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  • Persepolae has fallen.Karnopolis has burned.As the dark forces of the Undead sweep across what remains of the empire, Nazafareen must obey the summons of a demon queen to save Darius s father, Victor Burdened with a power she doesn t understand and can barely control, Nazafareen embarks on a perilous journey through the shadowlands to the House Behind the Veil But what aPersepolae has fallen.Karnopolis has burned.As the dark forces of the Undead sweep across what remains of the empire, Nazafareen must obey the summons of a demon queen to save Darius s father, Victor Burdened with a power she doesn t understand and can barely control, Nazafareen embarks on a perilous journey through the shadowlands to the House Behind the Veil But what awaits her there is worse than she ever imagined A thousand leagues away, Tijah leads a group of children on a desperate mission to rescue the prisoners at Gorgon e Gaz, the stronghold where the oldest da vas are kept To get there, they must cross the Great Salt Plain, a parched ruin occupied by the armies of the night A chance encounter adds a ghost from the past to their number But will they arrive in time to avert a massacre And in the House Behind the Veil, Balthazar and the Prophet Zarathustra discover that they have in common than meets the eye But is it enough to redeem the necromancer s bloodstained soul and thwart his mistress s plans As a final showdown looms with Queen Neblis, the truth of the da vas origins is revealed and three worlds collide in this thrilling conclusion to the Fourth Element series.

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    1. Dear People,Please meet what has in fact become one of my favorite series ever.I usually favour a book (of a series) over another but this is honestly the first time that I love all of them unconditionally.This book as its predecessors has a thick plot, with no lack of fun moments, twists and jaw dropping revelations. I didn't see them comingt at all,which is a good thing on itself.Balthazar confirmed himself to be one of those wonderfully grey characters. He and Lysandros (who, by the way, tota [...]

    2. Original Post: Queen of Chaos at FLYLēF (flylef)IT’S LIKELY, YOU’LL never hear my name and the word fangirl mentioned in the same breath. Yet, I’m not shy about gushing over authors like Kat Ross. I can’t help but praise Queen of Chaos, the conclusion to The Fourth Element series. It is a riveting ending that has placed me firmly in the admirer camp, and will likely expand the number of readers in her sway. Fantasy lovers who enter this world will be wooed by its expansive world-buildin [...]

    3. ***** 4.5 Stars *****Cannot be read as a standaloneAn unforgettable fantasy and adventure that's perfect for young adults that love action, magic, and bits of romance. This series is truly amazing, and I'm sad that it's over. In this third book, there are many obstacles that the characters have to go against. They need to free the other prisoners. They need to free Darius's father. And most importantly, they need to defeat Queen Neblis.Just like the previous books in the series, the point of vie [...]

    4. ++SPOILERS++4 starsReally good but I am a bit disappointed about this one. On a good note, the author says in the afterword that there is another in the series coming so I hope that one will be better.I didn't care for all the time spent on secondary character Tijah and the devea children. I wanted more of Darius and Nazfareen (spelling?). I hated that Nazfareen lost her memory, I hated that she and Darius are no longer bonded. But I am glad they still know they still love each other and are ali [...]

    5. This is the third book in the Fourth Element Series. The first book Midnight Sea starts off with a girl named Naza who joins the Water Dogs to learn how to fight Drujs after her sister was killed by one. Water Dogs are bonded with magical cuffs to Daevas so they can control them and use them as a weapon. Many in the kingdom believe the enslaved Daevas are dangerous Druj but not everyone agrees with this. Some places believe they're Djinn but they still use the cuffs to control them.I loved the m [...]

    6. Лучшая YA-фэнтези трилогия 2016-2017Это все, что вам нужно знать, чтобы хотя бы попробовать. Единственный для меня минус остался в первой книге (эти начальные перескоки во времени), а потом Потом я смеялась, рыдала, переживала, кричала, грызла ногти, рыдала. А главное - удивлялась. [...]

    7. Queen of Chaos is a richly imagined, intensely engaging and simply inspiring novel.On this last book of the Fourth Element series, we will already know where Daevas really came from, how Neblis was able to create those evil druj, and how Nazafareen have that power just like the Prophet. Aside from those, we will also see what happened to Victor on his journey to Neblis’ kingdom and what happened to Tijah and the children daevas she was with when Nazafareen and Darius leave them to follow the P [...]

    8. 4.5 “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds and good bye (for now)” StarsARC provided by the author.Thank you!Dude, I love this series! Everything about it is just so damn good. The writing, characters, premise and those damn stunning covers.Look at the cover for Queen of Chaos. No. Seriously. Just look at it. My jaw dropped the first time I saw it, and I still haven’t been able to put it back to its place. It’s one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen.But don’t worry, this isn [...]

    9. I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Review and Blog Tour can be found on *Milky Way of Books*What can I say? Kat Ross turned me into a puddle of emotions with her final book of the Fourth Element series! Action, betrayal, romance and demons conclude this story which can keep anyone captivated till the final page!And the best part? The book is told through alternative POVs which are also in the first and third person per chapter, so you don't feel lost. Since I can't spoil you w [...]

    10. This book made me furious. I could give it either two stars or four and both would represent my feeling about it.Let's start with the good: the book itself is very good, the world is well though and original, a mix of history and magical elements. It was fantastic to read about real historical figures following their actual path in a fantasy scenario. The secondary characters are amazing, the reader comes to feel real strongly for them.And there comes the flood. My anger. My: how could you skip [...]

    11. Fan-fricking-tastic end to this trilogy. Kat Ross has done it again. I was completely sucked into this story and cared about characters, even when I didn't want to! The details and descriptions of the world are some of the best I've ever read.

    12. I am notorious for not finishing series. Despite my fangirl nature, I never have the guts and emotional stability to finish a journey with characters. Most of the time, I view the final book in a series as a funeral for the story and its beloved characters. The dread overwhelms my excitement and creates a paradox where I want to finish a series, but I am afraid of leaving a world behind. Thankfully, I felt the opposite going into Queen of Chaos. Ross expertly finished Blood of the Prophet with a [...]

    13. Um, ok - my (short) review of this book just disappeared. WTF, ?! Ditto for the previous book in the series grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    14. original review @covertocoverfo/The final book in ” The Fourth Element” trilogy and when I saw there was a blog tour for this book, I immediately signed up for the tour. This is one of the best trilogies I’ve ever read!!!! Each book cover in this trilogy looks absolutely STUNNING!!Now for the book, if you haven’t read the first two books in this trilogy then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? GO READ IT!!! If you are up to date till the 2nd book then this is a spoiler free review for you guys.As [...]

    15. Now having finished this beautiful series, I cannot wait to get my hands on the spin-off and read about the next adventure of these wonderful characters.

    16. Writing a review for the last book of a series, (and one that connects with another series even!) it's always a very daunting task for me I'm always unsure about how to review the book, what to mention, what not to mention because I'm always scared that I might end up spoiling something without meaning to!Let's begin with the beginning, shall we? I was a little surprised when the book started with a new POV, and at first Tijah's voice was so different from Nazafareen's that it was challenging, b [...]

    17. I am going to say it straight I so so so heartbroken the series is over!But hope came back to life after I read the bit at the end and there is a chance we get to be with some of my favorite characters again.I say this at the beginning on my review cause when I was reading the last chapter and epilogue, I was pretty much in tears. I have loved this series from book 1 and I really have a hard time letting series go when they complete. (We all know I have not yet recovered from the ending of the H [...]

    18. Queen of Chaos picks up right where Blood of the Prophet left off (These books are so fast paced and each picks up where the previous left off and I recommend reading them all back-to-back.) Our hero’s are scattered after the fall of Xeros’ empire to Alexander. Tijan and a group of daēvas children travel across a barren landscape ravaged by the hordes of undead from Bactria. Nazafareen and Darius travel into the dominion searching after Victor, and eventually they get separated too. The tig [...]

    19. For full review - Queen of Chaos on The InkedIn Book Blog*Review copy provided in exchange for on honest review. The thoughts are entirely my own and in no way biased.*I absolutely love this! This book is a stunning conclusion to the Fourth Element series and I’m sad to see it end! Gaaah!!! Though I believe that I would feel this way no matter how many books would have been in the series.I also liked how Ross explored other characters in the story. Though Nazarfeen is still the main focus, the [...]

    20. If you would like to see all my thoughts on this book, be sure to check out the review on my blog:abooktropolis01But here is a snippet and overview of what I thought:Overall, I urge you dear friends, please pick up this series. If not for the covers then for the content. I have loved, laughed and cried in all of the books and I still find myself craving more of this world. It is the perfect mash of fantasy and history. This trilogy has blown me away unexpectedly and has definitely made my whole [...]

    21. DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of this book as part of this tour.This is amazing! Such a great conclusion to the trilogy. I found myself lost in this book world and enjoying the characters. Kat Ross does an amazing job delivering a fantastical story that will stick with you. I had a lot of fun reading this book (series), and now that I have, I am really gonna go and have a look at Kat Ross' other work. One never knows when they might come across the next favorite.

    22. This whole series has been amazing from book one each book gives you just a bit more of the story and none of the i fee are lacking in the intensity that builds as you read each book. The covers are all stunning and very much scream you love fantasy pick me up read me, travel with me to a world you known of in your dreams. I am fan and feel honored to be allowed to share this wonderful series with all of you.

    23. This is the third installment in the series but is not yet the last. Yes, our heroes' journey does not end here. The Fourth Element series was intended to be a trilogy but as the stories and characters take form, the author realized that she has more in store for our characters. So, if you are faithfully following this journey, fear not, this is not the last of Nazafareen, Darius, and Tijah, yet. And I found myself smiling because of that news. Thank you, Kat Ross.Yes, before I got to the end of [...]

    24. Et bien quel final ! Kat Ross s’est totalement reprise en main et le petit coup de punch manquant dans le livre précédent était bien présent ici ! Bien que l’histoire soit de plus en plus ancrée dans notre monde et dans notre histoire, aussi bien avec des personnes connues et des légendes, la mythologie propre de la série s’est étoffée pour notre plus grand plaisir. Nazafareen et Darius vont-ils pouvoir sauver les daevas et être heureux ? Alexandre deviendra-t-il le maître du mo [...]

    25. The new characters (Nazafareen and Tijah are still my favourites but Lysandros and Anu followed behind pretty close), the new settings and the quests the characters undertake are fantastic. I love how old stories and new stories are brought together and I am super excited for the next books. The ending is perfect: the loosest of loose ends are tied up leaving some for the next books and most importantly the original characters will still play a role! Yes the ending is neat and tidy but I am real [...]

    26. I enjoyed this series for many reasons, but I felt this final installment fell short of the expectations set in the other two. It earns 3.9 out of five stars from me.It's always difficult to hold my attention when the point of view shifts between more than three characters. Even though I understand why Ross used so many narrators in this book, it stifled my enjoyment. There could have been other ways to reveal the plot twists than using a person to narrate three scenes.The tension and stakes wer [...]

    27. This series is officially one of my new favorites. I needed a new favorite. Here is my only complaint: I needed more.What happens with Nazafareen & Darius? Does her memory ever come back? Does she learn to fall in love with him again without ever remembering their history & what they really meant to each other?What becomes of Tijah? We know she runs off in search of all the Ghul's with Anu & Acheamenes. We know she stays bonded to him because she needs the lifetimes in order to hunt [...]

    28. (I received this ARC free in exchange for my honest review)I hate reviewing the last book in a series. Why? Well there is always so much you want to say, but at the same time, you're in pieces that the series is over. So, I will start with that this book destroyed my heart, put it back together and then ripped it out againon repeat until the very end. This book did what it was suppose to, it gave us an epic conclusion to a thick plot that spanned three books, it answered all our questions and ga [...]

    29. The last installment of the series is full of action and information. You barely have time to breath. There´s a lot happening in the story and you can´t stop reading until the last page. Sometimes everything seems to be lost. You will discover many secrets about the daevas, Neblis, and Balthazar. Nazafareen is pushed beyond her limits and you´ll think that anything will be able to fix her.The story is complex and a little confusing sometimes. There are so many details, new places, information [...]

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