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Relics There s an underground black market for arcane things Akin to the trade in rhino horns or tigers bones this group trafficks in mummified satyrs gryphons claws and When Angela Gough s lover Vince go

  • Title: Relics
  • Author: Tim Lebbon
  • ISBN: 9781785650307
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s an underground black market for arcane things Akin to the trade in rhino horns or tigers bones, this group trafficks in mummified satyrs, gryphons claws, and When Angela Gough s lover Vince goes missing, she sets out to find him whatever the risk She learns that he was employed by the infamous London crime lord Frederick Meloy, providing bizarre objects bThere s an underground black market for arcane things Akin to the trade in rhino horns or tigers bones, this group trafficks in mummified satyrs, gryphons claws, and When Angela Gough s lover Vince goes missing, she sets out to find him whatever the risk She learns that he was employed by the infamous London crime lord Frederick Meloy, providing bizarre objects beyond imagining Descending into the city s underbelly, she uncovers a deadly side to the black market It might have claimed Vince, and Angela may be next Gripping supernatural terror launching a new trilogy by the acclaimed author of Coldbrook distinct, unique, and absorbing , The Silence truly addictive , and the Alien Predator Rage War Tim Lebbon s RELICS opens a darkly beautiful glimpse into another world, one lurking in the shadows, hovering at the corner of the eye If Anne Rice and Clive Barker had written a story together, it might have looked something like this novel richly imagined, fantastical, yet grounded in the grit and reality of modern day London I look forward to the wonders and terrors yet to come JAMES ROLLINS, New York Times bestselling author of The Bone Labyrinth A magical, perilous drama full of characters who live and breathe, darkness you can feel Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Ararat Tim Lebbon is an immense talent Joe R Lansdale, creator of Hap and Leonard

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        I love writing, reading, triathlon, real ale, chocolate, good movies, occasional bad movies, and cake I was born in London in 1969, lived in Devon until I was eight, and the next twenty years were spent in Newport My wife Tracey and I then did a Good Thing and moved back to the country, and we now live in the little village of Goytre in Monmouthshire with our kids Ellie and Daniel And our dog, Blu, who is the size of a donkey I love the countryside I do a lot of running and cycling, and live in the best part of the world for that.I ve had loads of books published in the UK, USA, and around the world, including novels, novellas, and collections I write horror, fantasy, and now thrillers, and I ve been writing as a living for over 8 years I ve won quite a few awards for my original fiction, and I ve also written tie in projects for Star Wars, Alien, Hellboy, The Cabin in the Woods, and 30 Days of Night A movie s just been made of my short story Pay the Ghost, starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies There are other projects in development, too I d love to hear from you


    1. between 3 & 4 stars. I've now read a handful of books by tim lebbon, and each one I think, "this'll be the novel that launches him into to elite it genre writers". I thought that with Coldbrook, and was certain this would be the one. however this didn't quite reach the lofty requirements to launch Lebbon into the elite category close but so far, a decent but not excellent novel.

    2. Relics is an urban fantasy thriller, with a killer climax and some smart twists on classic myths and legends. A few more twists on tropes and characters, too, would have made it much more recommendable; as it is, it’s relatively fun, harmless pulp that most fans of fantasy and horror will probably enjoy.

    3. everything felt ok to me, it wasn't fantastic in any way but i liked the premise and the writing is good. hopefully will read more of lebbons work to see if i like it more than this. urban fantasy has always been a hit or miss for my own sake and this fell kinda flat for me unfortunately.

    4. 2 ½ stars. I was not surprised or delighted. Things were predictable and done before.I loved The Hunt by this author under the name T J Lebbon (aka Tim J Lebbon). I read that he was doing a sequel to The Hunt. This was his next published book so I bought it hoping it was as good or maybe it was the sequel. Sadly “Relics” is not the sequel. It’s a different genre, fantasy and written under the name Tim Lebbon. Also it wasn’t as goodORY BRIEF:Relics has a large collection of fantasy magic [...]

    5. ‘Relics’ might just be my favourite Tim Lebbon novel yet! It is a book that has elements of crime, urban fantasy and even horror, and I strongly feel that ‘Relics’ is destined to become one of my favourite reads of 2017.The two main characters are Angela and Vince. Angela and Vince are a loved-up couple living in central London. When Vince mysteriously disappears from work one day, Angela goes in search of him and in doing so she uncovers Vince’s “other life”. There is an undergrou [...]

    6. Warning: I almost didn't write this review. I dislike focusing on the negative, which is why up till now I skipped reviewing 1 star books that I finished. My disdain for this book is enough to alter that. Snark and sarcasm will ensue. This had a really nice epilogue which made me quite curious as to what came next… or at least it did, until I remembered how much of a mess most of the book was, then I promptly bludgeoned that curiosity, hoping to wound it enough to keep it far away. The book co [...]

    7. "Mythical creatures had once existed, and there was a trade in their remains. Some of the creatures still existed, and they were hunted and killed for profit."Fusing together horror and fairy tale, Relics takes the reader deep beneath the modern world veneer and into the shadows hidden on the peripheral of normalcy. What lurks in the outer and under, is real, hidden in bedtime stories for too long, an ambitious few of the once worldly creatures want to ascend and rein supreme, replicating their [...]

    8. Over the last few years, authors like Mark Morris, Mike Shevdon, Tom Pollock and Liz de Jager have produced work that consistently proves that there is plenty of life left in the urban fantasy genre. The latest to add their name to this esteemed list is Tim Lebbon. Relics is the first book in a new trilogy, and I tell you what, it is an absolute corker.Have you ever been in that situation where you catch a subtle movement in the periphery of your vision? Or perhaps there is an unexpected sound i [...]

    9. ‘Relics’ might just be my favourite Tim Lebbon novel yet! It is a book that has elements of crime, urban fantasy and even horror, and I strongly feel that ‘Relics’ is destined to become one of my favourite reads of 2017.The two main characters are Angela and Vince. Angela and Vince are a loved-up couple living in central London. When Vince mysteriously disappears from work one day, Angela goes in search of him and in doing so she uncovers Vince’s “other life”. There is an undergrou [...]

    10. Two years ago Tim Lebbon's The Silence was my favorite read of the year. I was already a fan of his work, and I decided to pick this book up off the new releases shelf at the library on the strength of that experience. I went into Relics totally cold. I read nothing about it, not even back cover completely cold. I am not sure if I had read those things if I would have been super interested. That said I am glad I read this book, and even though I did not dig it as much The Silence I think it is a [...]

    11. I'm grateful to Titan Books for an advance copy of this.I found this a refreshingly different take on urban fantasy. Yes, we're in the heart of the city, and, yes, there are mythological creatures around, but there's no magic - that died years ago - and it's largely, the "monsters" who are the victims here, subjects of a merciless trade in body parts and worse. So the book's suffused, almost, with a conservationist sensibility: the nymphs, angels, pixies and so on are the last of their kind, hun [...]

    12. We all have secrets that we keep from our loved ones, it's just human nature, but when Angela Gough's fiance Vince's secret life threatens their idyllic life together Vince has to go into hiding, leaving only an enigmatic note as the only clue as to what has happened to him. Angela embarks on a quest to find her lover. A quest that will bring her into contact with the secret world that stands in the sun sheltered place, where she will see the face behind the face of a London far removed from the [...]

    13. I really went back and forth on this one - I love the stories Tim Lebbon comes up with, but I don't ever fully sink into his writing like I can with some authors, I always know I'm still reading. Relics was a bit slow to get off the ground, but with the help of some solid characters (view spoiler)[Who could have known Fat Freddy would turn out to be one of my favourites. with Cliff <3 (hide spoiler)], it worked it's way up to a really solid last quarter/ending.

    14. When her boyfriend, Vince, goes missing, Angela, an American criminology student, discovers he is part of the criminal black market underground for arcane things- gryphons, faeries, goblins, and other fantasy creatures. As the trail leads her deeper into London’s dark side, she crosses paths with a crime lord whose life is dedicated to collecting such relics. Then she finds out that some of these relics aren’t as ancient as they appear. Some of them are a live.Wow. This book was so BORING. T [...]

    15. I was going to go with a 3.5 but that felt too mean for a book which while certainly not wrapping me in a cocoon of intrigue did keep me enjoying it long into the long nights of toddler rotavirus. It's not really what I went into the book expecting as I had been sold it as a horror novel and while it had some slightly horrifying moments its bulk lies in urban fantasy and that it does well. Introducing a new husband and wife team and a host of supernatural creatures. I just wish it had more oomph [...]

    16. A fair bit lighter than a lot of Lebbon's work and more in the Neil Gaiman area than outright horror, (although with a satisfyingly bloody scene that I won't spoil), Relics is a great deal of fun. I'm always a fan of the 'real' world meeting the world of the fantastic so in this case with nymphs, fairies, goblins and more running around the London hardmen, I can happily recommend Relics. Looking forward to more in this series.

    17. Disappointed by this as it was far too far down the supernatural continuum line for me. I sure fans of this sort of stuff will lap it up.

    18. Originally published at Risingshadow.Tim Lebbon's Relics is an exciting reading experience for everyone who wants to read an excellent urban fantasy novel, because the author successfully combines various elements and delivers a gripping story. It's the first novel in a trilogy that promises to be an exceptionally thrilling reading experience.Because I've been a fan of Tim Lebbon's fiction ever since I first read his gripping short story collection As the Sun Goes Down, I was eager to read Relic [...]

    19. Urban Fantasy is not a new genre, but in recent years it has blossomed into something that is self-sustainable, free from the genres of science fiction or fantasy. These are books about the seedy underbelly of our own world, of cities filled with secret warlocks or clandestine covens of witches. For an Urban Fantasy book to work it must have an impressive world to explore, but you cannot forget the basics of story structure and character. For example, putting an irritating character into a sligh [...]

    20. Tim Lebbon can be an amazing and innovative writer. After reading 30 Days of Night, Alien: Out of the Shadows; and The Rage Wars trilogy, I became a fan of his. They were cracking yarns and they are now being kept among my large collection of books which I would happily read again. Relics won’t be. I was so convinced that the author was going to consistently impress me with everything that he writes that, at the same time as paying good money for Relics, I bought (yet unread) Coldbrook, The Hu [...]

    21. All reviews can be found at thereadinglodge.wordpress/Angela’s day starts off like any other. Being a student, she spends the majority of her days writing her thesis and looking up dangerous crime lords in the hopes of providing her own opinions on crimes and criminology. However, when lunchtime passes and she doesn’t receive a text from her partner Vince (as is standard), she begins to panic. Scattered amongst the post she receives that day is a note from Vince telling her goodbye, and not [...]

    22. Relics is fast-paced and quite well-written. Tim's written quite a bit of horror/thriller, I wager, and there's a bit of a struggle tamping down the natural urge to make things gritty and hard-boiled in favor of something more grand, wonder-inspiring and fanciful. In places he nails it, and it just works so well. But there's always a danger when trying to place the mythical into a gritty, real-world setting. A danger that what makes the mythical so wonderful will be bled out by the mendacity of [...]

    23. c2017: FWFTB: underground, London, faeries, crime, criminology. "A darkly beautiful glimpse into another world: is how James Rollins feels about the book. And, I agree - it was just a glimpse. Bordering on the gruesome towards the end of the book. I enjoyed the story and the plot but the world was relatively shallow and the characters were not particularly dealt with in depth so definitely more action driven. Recommended to those in the normal crew that don't mind a bit of grim with their grim. [...]

    24. I honestly had much higher hopes for this book, but everything seemed? It wasn't horrible, but it seemed like there was too much focus on the main female heroin finding her lover. It was an interesting twist on the mythological, but I would have liked to know more about this "other" underground world that's hidden from the human species. There seemed to be a lot of use of the word "fit" to describe the characters as well. A bit more character building would help as well. Other then those issues [...]

    25. I picked up this book knowing that there will be twist and an unexpected ending to it. It seems to be Tim Lebbon thing, but it works. the book had me hooked from beginning to end, mostly towards the end I couldn't put the book down. I loved it, loved that the paranormal was included. First book I read that included them in this way. I will not lie though Angela was not likeable at times, it was like she was strong and heroic then she went to naive and reluctant. But I guess it works for her, I l [...]

    26. ** I received a copy of this book for free through a giveaway. **I really like this book. The dark, creepy atmosphere; the not-at-all-shiny creatures fighting to survive in a world taken over by humans; the sense of shock and wonder that the main human characters felt when they realized what/who they were sharing the world with. This was an exciting and fast-paced story with great characters and world-building. I can't wait until the next 2 books in the series come out!! Recommended for anyone [...]

    27. Unlike many writers in the horror-suspense field, Tim Lebbon can write, and write well. I have read a number of his books and they all zip along at a good pace. He also has the knack of helping the reader suspend disbelief when patently unbelievable events are occurring by writing interesting, ordinary characters and setting them in familiar surroundings, which make the revelations of the strange beneath the surface even more effective.

    28. 3.5 stars, rounded up.I don't care for prologues or, for that matter, characters prematurely announcing upcoming events, it's like a mini-spoiler. What's wrong with letting events unfold? Written well, the linear unknown should be more suspenseful. Interesting premise here, I like the world that was created: contemporary with some added features. It was a quick read.I wish I'd liked it more.Read: 11/30-12/2/2017

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