Hunting Witches

Hunting Witches

Jeffery X. Martin / Aug 22, 2019

Hunting Witches Mark and Nika Pendleton have just moved into the small town of Elders Keep But the presence of the newcomers has awakened the evil that lives in the forest Now the Pendletons are in danger than they

  • Title: Hunting Witches
  • Author: Jeffery X. Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mark and Nika Pendleton have just moved into the small town of Elders Keep But the presence of the newcomers has awakened the evil that lives in the forest Now, the Pendletons are in danger than they ve ever known as forces beyond their comprehension conspire against them Pray for the Pendletons before it s too late.

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        Born in a bunker of concrete and steel, far below the earth, away from the Green Fires that swept the world after The Great Reckoning, Jeffery X Martin emerged to reclaim the surfaces and help repopulate the planet Now, along with his wife, Hannah, he lives in a heavily fortified compound, camouflaged by kudzu, somewhere in the American New South He is the creator of the Elders Keep series of horror stories, and currently sits on the board of Shadow Work Publishing The Martins are the creators and hosts of the podcast, Kiss the Goat In their spare time, they enjoy vodka, gialli, and professional wrestling.


    1. "The style is not conventional either but it is so effective in how it breaks the story up and brings it all back together again to give you the perfect overall picture of the events unfolding. It describes the same scenes from various people’s perspectives. At the start of this you will be thinking I have just read about this part, why am I reading about it again. That will all become very clear and trust me again you will love how it all comes together."See here for the full review:Hunting W [...]

    2. Elder's Keep is the type of town you'd like to pass on by and never look back. Yet, some of us, including myself, can't wait to return. In "Hunting Witches," we meet Mark and Nika Pendleton, a modern couple who can't wait to buy their old-fashioned, southern dream-home in Elder's Keep- a seemingly sleepy town with a turbulent undercurrent. Familiar characters return, as the sheriff of the Keep struggles to maintain the balance between personal and professional, and struggles between the dark and [...]

    3. Hunting Witches is not my first fling with the works of Jeffery X. Martin. My first was his short story in the very impressive first volume of The Black Room Manuscripts, titled "AND IN THE ENDLESS PAUSE THERE CAME THE SOUND OF BEES." I was impressed right away with Mr. X's prowess with the written word and the originality of his work, his ability to take the most mundane of situations and people and turn that village upside down. The same can be said regarding Hunting Witches. While it probably [...]

    4. This book was so good that I parceled it out to myself in small portions to make it last longer! I highly recommend it. And I'm not the only one who thinks this book is great: "Our very own Jeffery X Martin has been nominated for a #SIBA award for his first novel, Hunting Witches!If you have yet to read it, you're missing out on some excellent '70s-inspired horror!" Shadow Work Publishing

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