Catholic, Reluctantly: John Paul 2 High School - Book 1

Catholic, Reluctantly: John Paul 2 High School - Book 1

Christian M. Frank / Feb 17, 2020

Catholic Reluctantly John Paul High School Book George Peterson would rather wrestle at a big high school but he has to go to a new school run by Catholic parents John Paul High

  • Title: Catholic, Reluctantly: John Paul 2 High School - Book 1
  • Author: Christian M. Frank
  • ISBN: 9781928832997
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • George Peterson would rather wrestle at a big high school, but he has to go to a new school run by Catholic parents John Paul 2 High.

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        What do you call a group of people who on the outside, are normal Catholics, but who have periodic crazy meetings late at night and sporadic email wars over plot points Well, you could call it a parish subcomittee, but that s also a good description of the John Paul 2 High Team.The Team first started meeting three years ago when Sophia Press accepted our proposal to create a series of fun teen novels geared specifically to Catholic teens Most of us grew up reading teen fiction, and we noticed how there were never any novels specifically for Catholic teens Sure, there was regular secular fiction, but lots of it could be pretty crass, and the main characters were fairly godless So some of us read Christian fiction, but sometimes that kind of fiction was too squeaky clean to be really like real life Plus, the main characters might love God, but they never seemed to deal with the issues that most Catholic teens had to deal with In short, there wasn t any fiction out there for people like us So, we decided to write some.And it s been a lot of work, but still a lot of fun Together we created the characters we hope you ll come to know and love, and we created the stories we hope will keep you riveted Right now we have fourteen books plotted out in the series, and some of us take turns writing them, under the name of Christian M Frank.Why do we take turns writing them So we can publish than one book a year Our goal is to publish three books a year Since it takes about a year to write a book, we needed to have than one person writing the books.And why use a pen name So it s easy to find the books in the library, on searches, and so on Imagine how confusing it would be if Book One was published under the name of Strikeman, Book Two under the name of O Shaughnensy, Book Three under the name of Suki Liam, etcAnd why Christian M Frank Because some of us are proud graduates of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and some of us are proud graduates of Christendom College So we thought we d give half the name to each alma mater And we put in an M for Mary, our Blessed Mother, to keep the peace between us.So we hope you like the books, stay tuned for , and if you think of it, say a prayer for us Thanks


    1. Full disclosure: I edited this book as head of the John Paul 2 High team, or, as I prefer to call myself, the Series Queen.What can I say? This has been, hands down, the most exciting writing project I've been involved in to date. A team of young writers, editors, and consultants (including Father Christopher Pollard, attache to the Vatican at the UN) came together to create this series for Catholic teens. Mostly because we were all former Catholic teenagers who grew up never having any books fe [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this young adult novel, although I'm not sure if it's the quality of the writing so much as the subject's relevance to my life right now. As the mother of two high school teenagers I'm constantly in search of books to offer my daughters, especially now that summer has arrived. Catholic, Reluctantly is about the first year at the new and still-struggling (in more ways than one) John Paul II High School. The school is very small, only eight students, but they come from very di [...]

    3. I give this a 3.5.It was a good book; really sad though to read about all the horrible things that go on at high schools. Makes you glad to be homeschooled :) I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    4. There is a lot to like in Catholic, Reluctantly, however it is missing enough dramatic weight to make it memorable.This book, published by Chesterton Press, is the first in a series of young adult Catholic novels that revolves around the students and parents involved in creating the John Paul II High School. The students include:- Allie, a cafeteria Catholic who previously attended a public school until she was involved in a gun scare.- George, a top wrestler who has a crush on Allie.- Cecelia, [...]

    5. George would rather be wrestling at St. Lucy's. But the Costains, a family that he and his mom are very good friends with, has started this new Catholic schoold they need some students. Besides Seal (a.k.a. Celia), there's J.P. and Liz (who are buddies one day and enemies the next), this creep Jamesd the new girl, Allie. But what is a beautiful, actually normal, girl like her doing here?Allie Weaver is a normal teenager attending a normal school called Sparrow High. But things get abnormal when [...]

    6. A great story of 7 Catholic highschool kids of all different sorts: George, a Catholic school boy who wants nothing more than to be on a wrestling team, Allie, a public school girl who's barely Catholic and wants nothing more than to leave John Paul 2 High, Celia, the sweet, super-duper Catholic daughter of the school principal, JP, the mischevious troublemaker who likes nothing more than playing pranks, Liz, the disinterested tomboy who doesn't want to go to school anywhere, Brian, the shy, ner [...]

    7. Do you like action, mystery, terrorizing, religious, or funny romance books? If so, you’ll love these books. I love this series because it' bible thump in'. I think that the John Paul 2 High book series is a five star series because it has a little bit of everything: romance, mystery, religion, and action. Of course, there should be a couple laughs. I find myself wondering what will happen next and acting like I'm in the story. If you have questions about the christian's faith, of course you c [...]

    8. The Christian M. Frank team did a great job creating a vast cast of characters with their own personalities (my favorites are Celia and Brian. Just saying), with adding a suspenseful storyline that intrigued me, a cute romance budding between two characters (and an annoying boyfriend for one of the characters, but I digress), and with the Catholic Christian lesson of following Jesus in times of life or death situations.The only thing that bothers me is that Allie is a little mean, but if you rea [...]

    9. DecentDecentthe " catholic" element could have been left out it didn't really add any depth to the story. it almost confused the story. I enjoyed the characters though so I will finish the series.

    10. This is a really interesting book for young Catholic girls. It was quite approachable and neither preachy nor irreverent, as seems to be a prevailing issue in books like these. I definitely recommend for a thought-provoking look at Catholicism in the real world.

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