Three Day Road

Three Day Road

Joseph Boyden / Feb 26, 2020

Three Day Road It is and Niska the last Oji Cree medicine woman to live off the land has received word that one of the two boys she grudgingly saw off to war has returned She leaves her home in the bush of N

  • Title: Three Day Road
  • Author: Joseph Boyden
  • ISBN: 9780143056959
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1919, and Niska, the last Oji Cree medicine woman to live off the land, has received word that one of the two boys she grudgingly saw off to war has returned She leaves her home in the bush of Northern Ontario to retrieve him, only to discover that the one she expected is actually the other.Xavier Bird, her sole living relation, gravely wounded and addicted to the aIt is 1919, and Niska, the last Oji Cree medicine woman to live off the land, has received word that one of the two boys she grudgingly saw off to war has returned She leaves her home in the bush of Northern Ontario to retrieve him, only to discover that the one she expected is actually the other.Xavier Bird, her sole living relation, gravely wounded and addicted to the army s morphine, hovers somewhere between the living world and that of the dead As Niska paddles him the three days home, she realizes that all she can offer in her attempt to keep him alive is her words, the stories of her life.In turn, Xavier relates the horrifying years of war in Europe he and his best friend, Elijah Whiskeyjack, prowled the battlefields of France and Belgium as snipers of enormous skill As their reputations grew, the two young men, with their hand sewn moccasins and extraordinary marksmanship, became both the pride and fear of their regiment as they stalked the ripe killing fields of Ypres and the Somme.Inspired in part by real life World War I Ojibwa hero Francis Pegahmagabow, Three Day Road is beautifully written and told with unblinking focus, it is a remarkable tale, one of brutality, survival, and rebirth.Summary was taken from the OBOC website for Waterloo Region.

    Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden Mar , Three Day Road is a stunning debut from one of Canada s foremost writers, Joseph Boyden When Xavier Bird returns from WWI addicted to morphine and wounded, his aunt Niska embarks with him on a three day journey towards their home in the Northern Ontario bush. Three Day Road Three Day Road is the first novel from Canadian writer Joseph Boyden Joseph s maternal grandfather, as well as an uncle on his father s side, served as soldiers during the First World War, and Boyden draws upon a wealth of family narratives. Three Day Road Summary GradeSaver Three Day Road Questions and Answers The Question and Answer section for Three Day Road is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Three Day Road Joseph Boyden Set in Canada and the battlefields of France and Belgium, Three Day Road is a mesmerizing novel told through the eyes of Niska a Canadian Oji Cree woman living off the land who is the last of a line of healers and diviners and her nephew Xavier At the urging of his friend Elijah, a Cree boy raised in reserve schools, Xavier joins the war effort. Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden Penguin Random House About Three Day Road Set in Canada and the battlefields of France and Belgium, Three Day Road is a mesmerizing novel told through the eyes of Niska a Canadian Oji Cree woman living off the land who is the last of a line of healers and diviners and her nephew Xavier. Three Day Road Characters GradeSaver Three Day Road Questions and Answers The Question and Answer section for Three Day Road is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Day Road Trip Southern New Jersey VisitNJ Starting in the southernmost tip of the state, Cape May is the perfect place to kick off a three day road trip First stop Poverty Beach.Don t let the name fool you, Poverty Beach is often referred to as the most beautiful beach in Cape May. Three Day Road book by Joseph Boyden Thriftbooks Three Day Road is a story with many layers covering a number of themes, among them the true natures friendship, loyalty, spirituality and loss No mean feat in a single novel Xavier and especially Elijah gain fame as snipers racking up seemingly countless kills. Three Day Road Summary and Study Guide SuperSummary Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden explores the wounds of war and the potential healing of traditional native ways through the eyes of two young Cree men Elijah Weesageechak dubbed Whiskeyjack and Xavier Bird who volunteered to fight in the trenches of World War I, and Xavier s aunt, Niska. Three Day Road Kindle Edition Their trip is the three day road of the title, which also refers to the journey taken after death The story of the war is told in flashbacks on this journey as Xavier recovers from morphine addiction.

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        Joseph Boyden is a Canadian novelist and short story writer.He grew up in Willowdale, North York, Ontario and attended the Jesuit run Brebeuf College School Boyden s father Raymond Wilfrid Boyden was a medical officer renowned for his bravery, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and was the highest decorated medical officer of World War II.Boyden, of Irish, Scottish and M tis heritage, writes about First Nations heritage and culture Three Day Road, a novel about two Cree soldiers serving in the Canadian military during World War I, is inspired by Ojibwa Francis Pegahmagabow, the legendary First World War sniper Boyden s second novel, Through Black Spruce follows the story of Will, son of one of the characters in Three Day Road He has indicated in interviews that the titles are part of a planned trilogy, the third of which is forthcoming.He studied creative writing at York University and the University of New Orleans, and subsequently taught in the Aboriginal Student Program at Northern College He divides his time between Louisiana, where he and his wife, Amanda Boyden, are writers in residence, and Northern Ontario.


    1. I found Three Day Road when a notoriously late friend was more than an hour late to meet me and I had time to browse a local bookstore. I didn't pick the book up that day, but i noted it. Later, while near the bookstore I went back in and grabbed it. The idea of the book crossed a number of vectors of interest for me. War history (wait, don't stop reading yet), snipers (please, keep reading), and early 20th century Natives. I expected it to at least titillate my love of snipers, and war and the [...]

    2. A novel that begins at the end, and ends with a beginning. Three Day Road is a stunning debut from one of Canada’s foremost writers, Joseph Boyden. When Xavier Bird returns from WWI addicted to morphine and wounded, his aunt Niska embarks with him on a three-day journey towards their home in the Northern Ontario bush. As Niska paddles along towards their home, the reader slides seamlessly between Xavier’s remembrances of his time at war and Niska’s account of Xavier as a boy. Central to th [...]

    3. This seemed like a serendipitous discovery when I stumbled on it in an Ontario bookshop last week. Not literally stumbled – although, come to think of it, there were several piles of books on the floor there which gave browsing something of a parkour flavour. But I had negotiated those hazards successfully. No, I meant stumbled on in the metaphorical sense that I found it by chance. Anyway, can we move on? I have a review to write.So yes, I hadn't heard of Boyden before, but clearly he's somet [...]

    4. edit: it’s been about a month since i’ve read this and i’m increasing my rating to 5 stars. the plot of this book and the main character’s thoughts have just stuck with me so much, and after finishing an 8 page paper about this book it just made me fully comprehend how genius it all flows together. highly recommend.4.5 Stars.My war literature professor is just out here trying to make me cry, huh? This book was beautiful. It's gruesome and explicit, and at times highly uncomfortable, but [...]

    5. Book Review: Three Day Road Joseph Boyden Viking Canada Penguin 2005 ISBN 0-670-06362-2 Once in a long while one reads a book that you cannot put down and the overall beauty of it leaves one gasping. Three Day Road, is such a book. It tells the story of Two Cree young men who find themselves in WW I fighting in the trenches of France as snipers using their hunting and shooting skills they learned in the bush growing up near James Bay. The story begins with the protagonist, Xavier Bird, has retur [...]

    6. The gold standard for novels about combat in World War I has always been All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, first published in 1929. I first read it many years ago and have since re-read it a couple of times.There are a number of fabulous reviews of this classic novel, reviews by Ted, Kemper, Larry Bassett, and Diane Barnes. If you haven't read the book, you should read these reviews and then you may want to. But I also wish to express my gratitude to several friends, who, [...]

    7. 5 starsI'm not sure I've read any other books inspired by the First World War, but I am sure Joseph's story is different than anything else ever written. Agreed, I was slow to get TO it (heard him read first chapter in Whistler 2007), and to really get into it, but oh -- when I did, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!I read this, for the most part, on the beach while vacationing in Mexico. I couldn't help but react out loud: his battle scenes, e.g are so vivid, chilling. But saying that simpl [...]

    8. I'm a huge fan of Boyden's work. I was really impressed byThe Orenda andThrough Black Spruce, and loved his stories inBorn with a Tooth. When I finally got around to his debut novel, I think it proved to be a bit underwhelming.Stylistically, Boyden is as strong as ever in this one; his writing is sharp, observant, and transportive. The ways in which he weaves together both Niska and Xavier's stories is excellent. And the tension that builds throughout between Elijah and Xavier is palpable. I tho [...]

    9. Xavier Bird struggles on crutches as he descends from the train in northern Canada in 1919. He is in terrible pain and addicted to morphine since a war injury resulted in the amputation of his leg. The relentless horror in the trenches of the Western Front have also taken their toll emotionally. His aunt Niska, an Oji-Cree medicine woman, takes Kavier home in a three day journey in her canoe.The Canadian government had a forced residential education program, attempting to eradicate the First Nat [...]

    10. This is a phenomenal and haunting book. Loved the story despite most of it being set in the WWI. Maybe because it not the traditional stories told of WWI. The characters are deep and complex. So powerfully written that it makes you stop and wonder what hell is going on with society. It's like a stab to the heart. It will make you very uncomfortable. The story follows Xavier Bird, a young First Nations Canadian, journey through leaving the bush, enlisting in and serving as a sniper in WWI, then t [...]

    11. This is two of my favourite reads: a "futility-of-war" novel by a Native Canadian writer, and with a unique Native Canadian angle.Xavier and Elijah are Ojibwe-Cree from "the North Country" (which in this case means James Bay area) who sign up for WW I, and - because of their hunting prowess - make for excellent warriors. Niska - X's auntie - welcomes a deeply changed X home, and does what she can to help X cope with all he has seen, suffered and lost.The novel is about killing and healing and in [...]

    12. I love Erdrich's blurb for the book: "a devastatingly truthful work of fiction, and a masterful account of hell and healing. This is a grave, grand, and passionate book." This is the story of a three-day canoe journey home for Cree Indian Xavier Bird, who arrives by train in northern Ontario severely damaged from his experience as an infantry soldier in World War 1. He has lost a leg and is addicted to morphine. He is accompanied by his only family member, his aunt Niska, a medicine woman who ra [...]

    13. 7/16/17 edit: after Boyden's revelation of his extremely shaky claim to indigenous roots, take this review with a bag of salt. ---I've spent increasing amounts of time wondering what the ratio of literature to propaganda masquerading as such is in regards to the stacks upon my shelves. Books in the vein of The Guest and Almanac of the Dead and Novel Without a Name make such considerations necessary, and the anything goes approach the reading community largely plays with dehumanized portrayals ma [...]

    14. This book is loosely based on the famed Native Canadian WW1 sniper Francis Pegahmagabow. It is about WW1 trench warfare; it is about the role Native Canadians played in this warfare and it is about mystical Cree beliefs. I think this book goes a step deeper. It is about warfare in general and also about taking another person’s life outside of the war setting. I am left very troubled by the ending. I have more questions after reading this book than before. Am I a pacifist? Am I against all wars [...]

    15. I love this book. It is definitely in the pack of books I would carry with me from a burning building. I read it 2 years ago or so, and recently browsed through it again for a book club discussion. I feel surprised with myself that a book with so many graphic descriptions of battles and death does not however make me put it on the list of books never to reread. For all the sadness and destruction it describes, still it does not leave me downhearted. I guess I see the characters' struggles as an [...]

    16. "I'm gonna lay down my sword and shieldDown by the riversideI ain't gonna study war no more"Three Day Road is presented as the intertwined narratives of two Cree Indians: Xavier Bird (a soldier returning from the battlefields of WWI) and his aunt Niska (a fierce Medicine Woman). Dipping in and out between the past and the present as they paddle homeward in a canoe, their sad stories have a floating quality that matches the river environment and the healing properties of water. Boyden's writing i [...]

    17. Linking Cree hunting stories with World War I frontline accounts would seem an odd undertaking, to say the least. The wild Canadian North with its harsh yet beautiful landscape and tough living conditions for those surviving off the land is a far cry - physically and spiritually - from the trenches and the killing fields of Ypres and the Somme. Yet, Boyden has successfully merged these seemingly disparate themes through his telling of the life stories of the three protagonists: Xavier, Elijah an [...]

    18. I learned much from this book. I learned about trench warfare, the primary method of fighting in World War One. I learned about the Native American bush Indians of Canada and the hardships and racism that they survived. I learned that the white americans admired their hunting and tracking skills and transformed these individuals from hunters of animals into hunters of men during the war and the toll on their spirit that this transformation wrought.I learned that every war through history has cre [...]

    19. This is an exceptional book, although harrowing - I'm not sure I could say I enjoyed it; my feeling is closer to respect, and admiration, for what the author achieved.Three Day Road is the story of two young Cree men who volunteer for service in WWI. Only one returns - Xavier - and the novel follows his progress as he travels back downriver, with his aunt, to his home. He's broken, physically and mentally, by the war, is addicted to morphine, and as he slips back into the past and relates the st [...]

    20. I'm so glad I discovered Joseph Boyden. He is one of the most gifted writers working today. THREE DAY ROAD is one of the top 10 books that I've ever read. Boyden just blew me away with his prose and characters. I am still in awe of this novel.

    21. Xavier Bird, a young Ojibwa from the Moose Cree tribe in northern Ontario, returns to Canada from the Europe's Western Front in the summer of 1919. He is alone, in unimaginable pain from an amputated leg, addicted to morphine, and dying from a spirit broken by the nightmare of war. Carrying him home in her dugout canoe is his aunt Niska, an elderly medicine woman who has lived on her own in the bush since escaping a Catholic boarding school in her teens. Through a twisting, dreamlike journey of [...]

    22. I am wemistikoshiw, so I don't and won't pretend to understand what it is to be Oji-Cree -- nor any other nation for that matter. I pass no judgment on their beliefs, their lives, their experiences, their ways, but I do feel the great of weight personal disgust and guilt all wemistikoshiw should feel for the genocide of their peoples and cultures our ancestors began, which we carry on every day. I've been the lover of a Cree woman, a woman I still love and always will, but I have no illusions th [...]

    23. Xavier Bird of the Cree Nation grew up in a world of peace and solitude, hunting moose and grouse along the edge of Hudson's Bay in Northern Ontario in the early 1900s. Answering the call of The Great War, he and his closest friend, Elijah, head into the big city to enlist in the Canadian Army. As a Cree-speaking native, he is excluded from the camaraderie of his platoon and shunned for his cultural heritage, lack of English and quiet nature. As a gifted sniper, the atrocities that he witnesses [...]

    24. Outstanding novel. Probably one of the most enjoyable novels I have read concerning World War 1, that also provides a lot of insight into life in pre-war Canada for its Native population, in this case particularly the Cree. I really enjoyed the gradual reveal, alternating between the two narrators, of the friendship between two boys, the relationship between aunt and nephew. The treatment of Natives in Canada was not much better than what they received in the United States, with similar racism a [...]

    25. تا حالا کتابای زیادی خوندم که جنگ رو تقبیح کردند. کتابایی مثل در جبهه غرب خبری نیست یا عقرب روی پله های راه آهن اندیمشک که چهره ی کریه جنگ رو به بهترین شکل ممکن به تصویر کشیده بودند. اما نشون دادن جزئیات جنگ رو تا زمانی که جاده ی سه روزه رو نخونده بودم توی هیچ کتابی ندیده بودم. طو [...]

    26. An astonishing novel. An even more astonishing first novel. There can be no disputing Joseph Boyden is not only an accomplished story-teller, but a significant Canadian voice in the 21st century.Three Day Road, drawn from real people and real history, is an impeccably researched, and skilfully wrought tale of two Cree soldiers who fight in the nightmare of WWI. It is a story about the terror of residential schools, the descent into madness, and the arduous journey back to peace of mind and body. [...]

    27. UH-mazing.Still reeling from the emotional whirlwind of the last couple of chapters. Wow.Loved that I learned about new aspects of WWI (new to me, that is) and Native Canadian culture. I was actually told to read Through Black Spruce before I stumbled on this one--JB's first novel--and I'm so glad that I did.Literature at its finest! Take a bow Mr. Boyden.

    28. This book is so powerful and gripping and so very real that it is difficult to read it. Boyden takes us right into the French and Belgian trenches during the First World War. We are there and we experience the fear and the agony of this terrible war. The story is really about two young Indian boys who are friends and who enlist and go to the War together. The war changes these young Canadian boys. One (Elijah) becomes a warrior and goes hunting at night. The more Germans that he kills the darker [...]

    29. I first heard about this book a couple years ago on the Today show. At first it was hard to take a Today show book club selection seriously, but then I decided to listen to what the star author had to say about the book. Isabel Allende introduced Three Day Road, and her enthusiasm for the story really intrigued me. She writes in a completely different genre (magical realism) from what she decribed this book to be (WWI historical fiction), so I thought I should give it a shot. And I decided to wa [...]

    30. powerful story weaving together the madness of civilization destroying itself by war, and the end of a way of life, beautifully told by interwoven narratives. it is difficult to imagine any vision of war worse than the slaughter of the great war. it is also an elegy for a way of living that does not ignore its perils, a way of so many generations, disrupted by modernity, by madness, by racism- and there is no escape for the two cree boys who become snipers in the trenches and one goes mad, the o [...]

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