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Burnout Includes a special preview of the graphic novels of published by Minx

  • Title: Burnout
  • Author: Rebecca Donner Iñaki Miranda
  • ISBN: 9781401215378
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Includes a special preview of the graphic novels of 2008 published by Minx.

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        Rebecca Donner Iñaki Miranda Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Burnout book, this is one of the most wanted Rebecca Donner Iñaki Miranda author readers around the world.


    1. Face it: some people don't like pistachio nuts, and no one will ever convince them otherwise. However, those people who like pistachio nuts like them a WHOLE LOT. That is to say that this book isn't for just anyone; you have to be able to enjoy sophisticated and spare storytelling style which leaves a lot to wonder about. Of course the story moves along, the characters are engaging, but one isn't handed resolution, or a simple lesson on a silver platter. The author (and great illustrator) leave [...]

    2. Hate to sound snarky, but I can see why the Minx imprint was canceled. And it's not fair, because an imprint like Minx deserves a chance, it's just whomever was picking the titles didn't pick anything exciting. They're like Lifetime movies, almost, but not even THAT much fun.Boring characters, boring story, nothing new or interesting, nothing really happened, nothing really resolved, just blah all around.The art was nice though, I'll try to keep an eye out for whatever the artist comes out with [...]

    3. There are Minx titles I have read and enjoyed. This was not one of them. The environmental story was preachy, the characters were archetypes at best (and one dimensional stereotypes at worst,) the best friend was enough of an exhibitionist to cause potential problems with suggesting for younger grades, all the guys had necks and shoulders like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Which isn’t a problem, per say, other than it bugged me.

    4. Story about a girl who ends up living in Oregon with her mother after her father leaves them. They end up living with her mother's new boyfriend and his son. Danni starts to fall for Haskell, her soon to be stepbrother when catching him sneaking out and trying to stop loggers from cutting down trees.

    5. I very much enjoyed this graphic novel written by Rebecca Donner. Burnout is a very happy and sad novel, the main character Danni, is a young trouble teenager who lives with her mother. When the story first begins Danni and her mother move into Hanks house, the mother’s boyfriend, and Danni has to share a room with hanks son, wink- wink, he's hot! Danni begins to fall for this young teenage boy and sooner or later Danni learns how to flirt, the most exciting part in the novel is when Danni tak [...]

    6. What was the point to this graphic novel? Oh yeah, that's rightere wasn't one. I have no clue what the author was thinking when she wrote this novel, I kept waiting for a reason behind the plot and why the characters were acting a certain way, but I never found anything to justify it. The characters were not developed and I never cared an ounce for anything that happened to them. The illustrations were marred by the story's lackluster plot and I wondered why I had wasted my time reading this nov [...]

    7. The Minx books are coming fast and furious now, and this one was definitely near the top. Granted, I have a slight bias for any type of environmental writing, but this is the first time I've seen it approached using the graphic novel format. In addition to the environment, there are a lot of other issues happening in Burnout as well.holism, single parenting, domestic abuse, new relationshipst somehow they all combine just right. This is a book that many people will be able to find something to r [...]

    8. The storyline is predictable, the emotions are flat, and the political correctness is preachy. The graphics support the story well enough, with the added attraction of a few slimy PG-13 exhibitionist moments. Mom’s new hard-drinking boyfriend sets a high standard for obnoxiously obvious supporting roles. Best friend Vivian needs to keep her legs inside the truck. And moody biker heartthrob Haskell… well, it’s enough to know he’s moody biker heartthrob Haskell. 45 minutes not so well spen [...]

    9. I currently rank the Janes books and Re-gifters as my favorite Minx titles, but this probably comes in fourth. Throwing ecoterrorism into the fray as a topical GN was a smart move. I look forward to reading the other new titles (still waiting for Water Baby, New York Four, Token and Emiko Superstar).

    10. The ending surprised me, which is hard to do. Intelligent book. The calculus problems that Vivian solves are actually correct. And it deals with a politically complex problem without preaching. If you can't tolerate moral ambiguity this is def. not for you.

    11. Really smart book. Deceptively smart. The iceberg is submerged nine-tenths underwater, and all you see is the top tenth, but if you are a savvy reader you see it's all there, the whole iceberg. The writing is elliptical & nuanced & gutsy, like good poetry.

    12. This is another good one from Minx. What begins as a story of a young woman and her mom trying to survive in a new town with a new stepdad who is borderline abusive swiftly moves into a story of ecoterrorism. The artwork isn't anything special but the story is solid.

    13. A very quick but good read. A YA sort-of love story with a little something different, and definitely not "happily ever after".

    14. Another Minx! Great story about a girl caught between her beautiful, angsty ecoterrorist boyfriend and her loyal, sassy best friend from a logging family. Plus it takes place in Oregon.

    15. This graphic novels feels like the creation of a high school honors English project that was trying really hard to be edgy and different. Instead of being cool and engaging, the characters and storyline come across as unimaginative and unrealized stereotypes. There are many amazing graphic novels out there!

    16. After her dad leaves, Danni's mother drags her up to Oregon. Here her mother falls in love with an alcoholic and they move in. The man has a son, Haskell, and Danni and him share a room. He is very secretive and sneaks out every night. One night Danni follows him and finds out that he is the elusive ecoterrorist that the town has been trying to catch. She can believe in his cause in the beginning, but soon enough it might get to be too intense for her. Danni will have to try and decide the diffe [...]

    17. I saw this in my local library and it tickled my curiousity! With how the western comics market is, to see a more feminine production is quite refreshing!Even though this is a very light read, I enjoyed it. It clearly is a new production effort and when you get to the end of the book the amateur comics website that encouraged the creators of this publication is advertised. Even rough idea comic pages are there to be doodled on which I think is excellent encouragement for new artistic bloods!I fo [...]

    18. Read this baby in an hour last night. I am finding that I (strangely) gravitate towards contemporary when I look for graphic novels to pick up at random from my library.I did enjoy the illustrations and I felt they did a good job expressing the scenes, and the character's feelings. Which is why I was annoyed that practically every damn panel included a thought bubble from the main character/narrator telling us what was going on (which we could clearly see) and how we should feel about said. It w [...]

    19. I picked this book up at the public library as I'm a fan of graphic novels. Great way to get a whole novel in in a couple hours somedays, with some very well drawn graphics in black & white.This novel follows Danni who's mom has brought her to the mountains of Oregon to start fresh. Mom ends up dating and then moving in with a guy named Hank, who has a very good looking son named Haskell. In this small community of just over 400, Danni has a friend named Viv who is brilliant when it comes to [...]

    20. GAve this a 5 star. (I thought Donner's novel Sunset Terrace was a rare, amazing thing so thought I'd give her graphic novel a read). Really appreciated that this was a smartly written book w/ subtle & sneaky classical allusions. The political subtext (Che Guevera, Weather Underground, history of radicalism) is all in there, too, and adds a layer of complexity. Read this, don't just flip through as I did the first time around. Most people will miss the subtle stuff (which I did when I skimme [...]

    21. I bought the book second hand at a comic store in a small town in the UK for like 2 pounds. I wasnt expecting much, certainly not after seeing the rating. It was a bit better than I expected and it did have some ideas that crossed the conventional chicklit book (like ecoterrorism and familial ties). But these ideas and the book on the whole were so poorly executed that you wonder how the author got away with writing and publishing muliple books and stories. (Then again some people consider 'Wom [...]

    22. Hmmm YA Graphic novel of love and ecoterrorism? Sounds interesting.Except, well, it's not. Ok, that's unfair - there's enough to like. It's a breezy little story that cruises along quickly enough and it takes a couple of unexpected turns with its spare storytelling. It manages to never become preachy with its messages.But it feels just a little too much like an after-school special. There are too many clichés, not enough character depth It shows promise (I particularly liked the clean line art [...]

    23. Danni and her mom move to a small logging town in Oregon, where they move in with her mom's alcoholic boyfriend and Danni begins to crush on her soon-to-be stepbrother. She gets wrapped up in his hardcore environmentalism, which begins to branch into levels of ecoterrorism.This book didn't quite come together for me. There was an intro scene that set up its own conflict as a result of the central story, but the into scene was never resolved. I didn't really care much about Danni or any of the ch [...]

    24. This book probably doesn't deserve two stars. It's pretty stupid and reads a bit like Go Ask Alice or Jay's Journal in that it seems ridiculous and fake. The main difference is that those books are a lot more entertaining and I don't think Burnout is trying to teach a moral lesson other than "shit's crazy."You know how Minx books have previews of up and coming books at the end? Well the one about the big breasted teenager who gets her leg bit off by a shark looks terrible. What's the deal Minx? [...]

    25. Minx.This was fine. I appreciate that the authors tried to address issues of environmentalism and ecoterrorism within a graphic novel for tween girls. But like a couple of other Minx titles, I felt like they tried to do too much for the restrictions of the publication. Crushes on an almost family member, friendship with an "enemy," and domestic violence/alcoholism are all touched on, but I wanted more from the story. The ending felt like a cop-out to me.But yay for setting it in the NW!

    26. This is a young adult contemporary graphic novel about a teenage girl who is being raised by her single mom in the pacific northwest and they move in with the mom's boyfriend and his teenage son. It delves into coming of age issues, the tragedies of dysfunctional families and eco-terrorism, but unfortunately just skims the surface of all of these challenging topics without any lessons to be learned by the reader. It's quite a tragic story, actually.

    27. I liked this! The art's good, though not amazing, and I wish the character development were a little deeper, though I realize that's difficult to do in stories this short. But I really appreciated the way the story is told, and the ways things are left open at the end. I'm not sure that I'm interested in reading any of the other books that are previewed in the back, but I definitely enjoyed this one.

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