Into the Void

Into the Void

Nigel Findley / Sep 19, 2019

Into the Void Great Read

  • Title: Into the Void
  • Author: Nigel Findley
  • ISBN: 9781560761549
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Great Read.

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      201 Nigel Findley
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      • Nigel Findley

        Nigel D Findley July 22, 1959 February 19, 1995 1 was a game designer, editor, and an author of science fiction and fantasy novels and role playing games RPGs Findley died suddenly on February 19, 1995, at his home in Vancouver, British Columbia He suffered a heart attack at the age of 35.


    1. A Dungeons & Dragons space adventure9 March 2012 This is the second book in the Cloakmaster Cycle and details Teldin's journey from Krynnspace to Realmspace thus bringing two AD&D worlds into the same setting. It has been a while since I have read this book and unfortunately I can find little about it on the web, though I have discovered a couple of reviews that have been a bit of a refresher. From what I have learnt, and can remember, this is purely a space adventure opening up Teldin, [...]

    2. I'm giving this three stars because I enjoy DnD books so much. This is part of a six book series, each book by another author, that seems to be taking a different tack than others I've read. Instead of having each book build on the last, so far each story has burned most of its bridges by the end, leaving the next author to pick up the pieces and repeat the process. So yes, all the characters from the last book were discarded or outright killed, new ones were introduced, discarded and killed in [...]

    3. Not as much revealed about the cloak in this novel. The hero just can't seem to keep any weapon or magic item on him unless it's cursed. So many lost opportunities.

    4. I found the writing for this one in the series to be better than the first. The protagonist, Teldin Moore, is saved by a flying longboat manned by a crew of humans and captained by a mind-flayer. Together they leave the realmspace of Krynn and go into that containing Toril to attend an auction of artifacts that may give clues to the magical cloak Teldin wears. Along the way he battles some pretty nasty enemies and makes some good friends, including fall in love. Lots of twists in the plot made f [...]

    5. i plodded along in a removed manner until the plot twist. for some reason, i didn't see that coming and i had an OHHHH SHITTT SONN sort of reaction. so i must have been more invested in the plotline than i thought i was.

    6. Very good. I know it's very unrealistic as far as space travel goes, but hey, it's D&D in space! How can you beat that. I will keep reading through the series.

    7. The first "real" spelljammer novel. It deals with the main character finally making it into space, having some space adventures, and learning more about the mysterious cloak.

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