Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

Annabelle Jacobs / Dec 07, 2019

Chasing Shadows Jamie Matthews goes to Cornwall to find his missing brother The police are convinced Michael drowned but Jamie knows better No way would Michael swim to his death especially on a beach with a wicked

  • Title: Chasing Shadows
  • Author: Annabelle Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9781310226540
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
  • Jamie Matthews goes to Cornwall to find his missing brother The police are convinced Michael drowned, but Jamie knows better No way would Michael swim to his death, especially on a beach with a wicked rip tide Finding a stranger in his brother s cottage only deepens his misgivings.Felix Bergstrom is recently discharged from the British Army Unable to put the past behinJamie Matthews goes to Cornwall to find his missing brother The police are convinced Michael drowned, but Jamie knows better No way would Michael swim to his death, especially on a beach with a wicked rip tide Finding a stranger in his brother s cottage only deepens his misgivings.Felix Bergstrom is recently discharged from the British Army Unable to put the past behind him, he takes an unhealthy interest in old acquaintance and millionaire businessman Karl Weston, hoping to catch him up to no good Michael s disappearance adds fuel to Felix s suspicions Weston s clifftop home overlooks the beach where Michael supposedly walked into the sea, but Weston has an alibi for that day.When Jamie and Felix meet, the physical attraction is instant Mistrust keeps them from acting on it until finally all their secrets are laid bare But time isn t on their side Before they re able to work out whether they have a future, danger catches up with them and threatens to put an end to everythingrox 60,000 words

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        Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with her three rowdy children, and two cats.An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories They re usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure Her characters may have a tough time of it fighting enemies and adversity but they always find love in the end.


    1. ~4.25~Chasing Shadows—a perfect blend of romance, steam, and suspense—is my favorite Annabelle Jacobs book to date. Jamie and Felix meet under less than ideal circumstances when Jamie, who's grieving the recent disappearance of his brother Michael, finds Felix snooping through Michael's belongings at the cottage Michael rented for a two-week stay. Jamie can't help but think that Felix knows more about Michael going missing than he lets on, but he's drawn to Felix for far more dangerous reaso [...]

    2. 3.75 Stars!I really enjoyed the couple of Annabelle Jacobs books I've read, so I was excited to see this oned that it was romantic suspense. I use that term a bit loosely. The suspense part of this one was pretty weak, but entertaining nonetheless. Jamie and Felix had a bit of a hate thing going at the beginning, which was fun. There was some good banter, several laughs. This was a pretty quick read, but the pacing was good. The first half focused more on the suspense and the second half was mor [...]

    3. Cornwall and the military; two things I know all too well through personal experience. Yes, I know you’ve heard it before, but what can a born & bred Cornishman and ex-military guy do when he reads a synopsis like this one? Yes, I was all over this book like wasps around jam at a summer picnic. There’s nothing better than to read something that you can relate to through personal experience. This obviously means the stakes are high and the pressure is on for the author *mwuahaha* but also [...]

    4. Reviewed for From Top to Bottom Reviews.*A COPY OF THIS BOOK WAS PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR IN RETURN OF AN HONEST REVIEW*I've read a few books by Annabelle Jacobs before, but this one is definitely my favourite of hers. Chasing Shadows features great characters which are so human, with chemistry that is off the charts and a beautiful setting in the Cornish country.This story describes what is probably the worst nightmare for any family: that someone goes missing. And Annabelle Jacobs handles this t [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. Freelance media relations / journalist Jamie arrives in Cornwall to search for his missing / presumed dead brother Michael, but finds a mystery instead, coupled with an enigma named Felix Bergstrom. Felix is convinced that his ex-Army buddy Karl Weston is responsible for the murder of their mutual friend Jason, and believes Weston is also responsible for Michael’s disappearance. Jamie’s investigation of his brother’s disappearance keeps bringing him back to Felix and the two beg [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this story a lot. I love a good mystery thriller, this was more on the romance side of the line but still equally good. Jamie & Felix were good together. I wish it was longer. I loved the buildup between the main characters. Annabelle Jacobs did a really good job with intertwining the mystery aspect for the main characters. Jamie goes to the last place that his brother was seen alive. I liked reading from Jamie’s point of view, and I enjoyed his tenacity about who his brot [...]

    7. Title:Chasing ShadowsAuthor:Annabelle JacobsSeries:Publisher:Annabelle JacobsReviewer:MelissaRelease Date:March 24, 2016Genre(s):M/M RomancePage Count:238Heat Level:3 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:Jamie Matthews goes to Cornwall to find his missing brother. The police are convinced Michael drowned, but Jamie knows better. No way would Michael swim to his death, especially on a beach with a wicked rip tide. Finding a stranger in his brother’s cottage only deepens his misgivings.Fe [...]

    8. Jamie’s brother has gone missing and is presumed dead, but Jamie refuses to buy into the police’s theory of what happened, and with excellent reasoning. He’s gone down to a Cornwall cottage his brother was renting to pack up his brother’s things and see what he might be able to find out.Felix is former Army, and is watching out for his relatives’ properties while they are on vacation, which puts him squarely in the middle of the missing man’s situation, since he had been staying at o [...]

    9. 4.3*I always enjoy Annabelle’s writing style and storytelling. From the start of this thrilling read, her main characters pull you in and you want to find out what happened to Michael. You feel Jamie’s grief (along with his parents) for the missing younger brother and you sympathise with his determination not to accept that Michael is dead as he clings to the hope of finding out what really happened to him. Through Jamie and Felix, Annabelle draws you into the Cornish countryside and seascap [...]

    10. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsThis is a fast paced mystery/suspense that had me on the edge of my seat right up until the end. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the rug was pulled out from underneath me and I never expected this to end the way that it did.Ordinarily, I wouldn’t typically fall for the romance brewing between these guys in light of one of them recently learning that his brother was presumed dead – except, in this case, Jamie is convinced that his brother i [...]

    11. **3.75 stars**This was my favorite book from this author. The mystery isn't much of a mystery, but it kept me interested. The villain was pretty well-sketched. He creeped me out a couple of times.The mystery doesn't overshadow the romance. On the contrary, there is a LOT of sexual tension and flirting, and the steam is just right. I loved the secondary characters, although it seems unlikely to get their own story. Nice epilogue too.Recommended!

    12. A sweet book! I really like the end! It's a instant love (a weekend love if you want) beetwen these two. One man's searching for his brother and the other man is searching for revenge :) The end was partially previsible and i like it :)

    13. 3.5 starsI really enjoy Annabelle Jacob's writing style. I love how she sets the scene and that her books are set in England. Felix and Jamie are great together and I loved the relationship between Felix, Adam and Nick. It pains me to say this butHonestly? I found the mystery part of this story disappointing. The mystery surrounding Michael's disappearance wast particularly mysterious and Karl Weston was portrayed almost as a cartoon villain whilst the 'climax' to the story involving the scene a [...]

    14. 3.5 starsIt was a really great read, but what I found rather peculiar was: although the vanishing of Michael was the reason behind this whole story, it's solution then was dealt with one or two measly sentences, same with the reason why it all happened. That whole part of the storyline was handled rather poorly.

    15. Good entertaining suspense with a nice dash of romance.The guys behaved a little younger than they were supposed to be, early 30's, at one stage - but it was OK.Very enjoyable

    16. Oh my days, I can't believe I hadn't updated this! I read this book ages ago :) Loved the mystery in this one, couldn't read it fast enough to find out what was going on. Another hit for AJ :)

    17. Enjoyable enough = 3*I liked both of the men in this book They made quite a nice couple. But the search for answers to the brother's disappearance was not interesting at all. And the final solution was all too pat.

    18. Author Annabelle Jacobs imagines what may be one of the most horrific crises any family could face in Chasing Shadows, the story of one man’s search for answers in the mysterious disappearance of his brother.Jamie Matthews’ brother Michael is missing, presumed dead. The artist was renting a cottage in Cornwall at the time of his disappearance, determined by police to be the victim of an accidental drowning after wading into the ocean where he’d been sketching at the time. With no clues, no [...]

    19. 4.5 stars for this contemporary M/M romantic suspense.Jamie Matthews is heartsick over the apparent drowning of his water-phobic younger brother, Michael. He goes to Cornwall to pack up his brother's effects from the rental cottage he'd taken--and hoping to investigate a bit more himself. He can't believe Micheal would willingly enter the roiling ocean he'd been so carefully sketching, no matter how hot the day had been. Jamie's grief is so acute, and so accessible. He and Michael were best mate [...]

    20. Reviewer: DianePublisher: Self PublishedGenre: M/M MysteryReview:Jamie’s brother Michael is missing and he does not accept the speculation that he drowned while out painting on the beach. He travels to Cornwall to the cabin Michael rented and is further concerned when he finds a stranger in the cabin! Felix is not exactly a friend, not exactly a stranger but he may have some ideas on what happened to Michael and who might be behind it. However, Jamie and Felix have to work through not only mis [...]

    21. Chasing shadows is a thrilling, tantalizing read. You never know what is around the corner.Jamie has came to the small town named Cornwall in hopes of finding out what happened to his baby bother after the police has told his family that his brother drowned. Jamie does not believe or except that answer as to what happened to his brother Michael because even though he loved to paint the water he was scared to go into it because he did not know how to swim. Jamie knows his brother would never will [...]

    22. Jaime's brother is missing and the police presume he drowned. Without a body, Jaime is having a difficult time coming to grips with the family's loss. He travels to Cornwall to retrieve Michael's things and maybe get some answers and some closer. While there, he meets Felix.Felix is ex-military and is temporarily looking after his aunt and uncle's rental properties while transitioning back to civilian life. Jaime is attracted to Felix but feels guilty. It doesn't seem right that he should be goi [...]

    23. Chasing Shadows will be available in all the places til the end of March. Then I will be pulling it from other retailers and enrolling it on KU as soon as possible - hopefully by the 5th of April.

    24. Reviewed on The Blogger GirlsWhen Jamie’s brother, Michael, goes missing, the police are convinced he drowned but Jamie knows his brother and there’s no way he could have drown. So he goes to Cornwall to pack up his brother’s things and figure out what happened to him. Unfortunately, all Jamie gets is more questions especially when he meets Felix, a guy who broke into Michael’s rental cottage. The attraction between Jamie and Felix is strong but they both have their own issues. While Jam [...]

    25. 4.5 'Really enjoyed this one. Mystery and intrigue, great characters and well written storylines. I loved Jamie and Felix' stars.

    26. This is a wonderful book that reveals how deeply a relationship can be with a sibling. Jamie's brother is missing but in such a way that he knows the 'official' explanation cannot be true. Refusing to believe he's dead, he and Felix (an ex soldier), exchange information about a man from Felix's past that leads to encounters they can't ignore. I just wish it were part of a trilogy! I really would like to have spent more time with Jamie and Felix

    27. The climax of the mystery felt a bit rushed, but nonetheless, an enjoyable read. All the characters were very likeable and I loved the commraderie between Felix and his mates.

    28. First off, this is the first book I’ve read from this author. The story had many elements that drew me in, including location, mystery/suspense, former military, and a possible enemies to lovers aspect. The cover was quite attractive as well, with the black and white image having a very pensive, thoughtful feeling to it. I liked it better than many of the headless torsos we’ve typically seen on many book covers in this genre.So, without giving much away, this author had me on a heck of a rol [...]

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