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Chaosmage The final book in the epic fantasy trilogy that began with Battlemage expect fireball filled battles otherworldy enemies and heroically powerful magesVoechenka is a city under siege Decimated by the

  • Title: Chaosmage
  • Author: Stephen Aryan
  • ISBN: 9780316298346
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • The final book in the epic fantasy trilogy that began with Battlemage expect fireball filled battles, otherworldy enemies, and heroically powerful magesVoechenka is a city under siege Decimated by the Battlemage War, its dead now walk the city at night, attacking survivors, calling their names and begging the living to join them beyond the grave.Tammy is a Guardian of tThe final book in the epic fantasy trilogy that began with Battlemage expect fireball filled battles, otherworldy enemies, and heroically powerful magesVoechenka is a city under siege Decimated by the Battlemage War, its dead now walk the city at night, attacking survivors, calling their names and begging the living to join them beyond the grave.Tammy is a Guardian of the Peace sent to the city to investigate, so the ruling powers can decide whether to help Voechenka or leave it to its grisly fate.Zannah is a pariah in Voechenka making up for her people s war crimes by protecting refugees who fear her far than their unearthly attackers.Balfruss is a scholar, a traveler and the infamous mage who single handedly ended the war.No one else may enter or leave the city so if this ragtag group of survivors can t figure out what is going on, they ll live out their last days within its walls.And night is coming on fast .

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Chaosmage : by Stephen Aryan ↠
      297 Stephen Aryan
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      • Stephen Aryan

        I m a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction It started with The Hobbit, The Belgariad, the Earthsea books, the Shannara books and then David Gemmell, who was a huge influence on me and my writing.I m a writer and podcaster My novels include the Age of Darkness trilogy Battlemage, Bloodmage, Chaosmage and the follow up trilogy the Age of Dread began with Mageborn in October 2017 The second book in the trilogy Magefall will be published in September 2018.A prequel novella to everything, Of Gods and Men, was published in February 2018.I am represented by Juliet Mushens.


    1. Wow, what a stroke of luck! The rather crabby clerk at Half-Price Books wanted me to know it'd be half an hour before they'd make me an offer on my books. No worries--I can think of about a hundred things more difficult than spending thirty minutes in a bookstore. So instead of my usual quick scan, I actually looked quite thoroughly at all the books on the trade and hardcover sci-fi shelves. And wow, would you believe how many of my mediocre reads were there? (Apparently, I wasn't the only one u [...]

    2. Balfruss is back ! What an epic ride this trilogy was. I can't decide which book was my favorite, but I can decide on a favorite character. I can visulize each character clearly in my mind. And yes, Balfruss is my favorite. He inspired me to create a battlemage in ESO. Once again, Stephen Aryan delivers a solid story. There were lots of battle scenes for those who hunger for that type of action. But mostly it's a story about people putting their differences aside and creating a union in order to [...]

    3. Review ofCHAOSMAGE by Stephen AryanBook 3 of The Age of DarknessThe final novel of The Age of Darkness is most certainly the best. CHAOSMAGE succeeds where the initial two stumbled, capitalizing on Aryan’s earlier successes while distancing itself from their slight missteps. Neither BATTLEMAGE or the followup BLOODMAGE had anything in the way of a deal-breaker. The plots were solid, the characters thoughtful (if not thought out, at least at first), and everything tied together quite nicely in [...]

    4. Après la guerre menée par le Roi fou dans Mage de Guerre, les pays se reconstruisent tout doucement les uns après les autres, mais chez certains c’est plus compliqué. En Shael par exemple, qui a été ravagé et dont la population a subi tortures et autres joyeusetés, se relever est déjà pas simple. Les quelques survivants n’avaient vraiment pas besoin d’une invasion de fanatiques zombifiés en plus sur la tronche. Pas de bol, c’est pile ce qui leur arrive dans Mage du chaos.Ce tr [...]

    5. 3,5Un piccolo passo indietro rispetto al volume precedente, che rimane il mio preferito dell'intera trilogia: a dire la verità, stava andando tutto bene, ma il finale mi ha un po' delusa.Sono passati tre anni dagli eventi narrati in "Battlemage" e Stephen Aryan ci porta a vedere cosa ne è stato di Voechenka, remota città di Shael, il regno che forse ha pagato il prezzo più alto dalla guerra scatenata dal re pazzo Taikon. Il problema è che in questa città da qualche mese sta succedendo qual [...]

    6. Chaosmage was a satisfying ending to a very enjoyable series. Alongside a few carryover characters from previous books, several new characters filled the story of this trilogy's final volume. I enjoyed how the author didn't follow the more traditional linear storytelling formula with this series, choosing instead to explore different areas of the world he created in each book. The worldbuilding throughout the series is excellent and I enjoyed each new bit that was revealed. Each of the books dif [...]

    7. Probablement le meilleur de la trilogie. Rempli d'actions et de personnages légendaires (surtout Balfruss et Vargus) le tout dans une histoire épique. Les combats magiques sont excellents et très bien décrits. J'ai adoré, dans ce tome comme dans le reste de la trilogie, l'univers créé et aussi le mélange des genres, dans le deuxième tome, un flirtait, dans la premièr emoitié surtout, avec le roman policier et dans celui-ci l'intégration des «zombies» est bien fait et assez original [...]

    8. Although I struggled some in BloodMage and almost lost interest in the series, I absentmindedly started reading this yesterday and couldn't let go. I found it vastly more interesting, with better characters and plot. The only downside/gripe I can point out is that some elements that have been built in earlier parts of the trilogy are treated in a very superficial manner. But overall, a good finish.

    9. A great ending to an excellent trilogy. This probably dipped a little below the 2nd one for me, but that's a testament to how highly I rated Bloodmage, not a reflection on this novel. Great to see that Steve Aryan has been signed up to do another trilogy set in this universe, there's much more to explore here and I can't wait to do so.

    10. As someone who enjoyed Battlemage, and felt its successor Bloodmage raised the bar further, I picked up Chaosmage with mixed emotions. I felt it would be difficult for the author to improve upon his work in Bloodmage, and I was expecting to be let down. I am happy to report that my fears were unfounded.Chaosmage is the final book in the Age of Darkness trilogy, and continues with the theme of exploring the aftermath of a fantasy world war. Like Bloodmage, the story in this book focuses on one pa [...]

    11. The final instalment in what has turned out to be an excellent trilogy. This kind of brings everything together. Battlemage was about the use of mages in a war, Bloodmage took some new characters and dealt with the aftermath of war and some dangerous new magic, and Chaosmage brings it all cleverly together. And I do like how the author has let characters move in and out of the books, it has made it very interesting to feel the stories from a variety of perspectives.But here in volume number thre [...]

    12. I felt incredibly empty when I finished this book - and I mean empty in a good way; empty as in "what am I going to do with my life now that this wonderful trilogy is over?" Today I just saw Stephen Aryan is writing another trilogy set in the same world and I'm stoked! I can't wait for it!Chaosmage lived up to every expectation I had to it. Once again we're introduced to same amazing characters. I loved, LOVED seeing Balfruss again - I really missed him in the last book. Since Battlemage he've c [...]

    13. Awesomejuste. Okay, I was a huge fan of the first book, liked the second book but didn't love it (I missed Balfruss). Guess what? Balfruss is back. And he's more awesome than ever. You want magic battles with anime levels of gore? You got 'em! You want exciting side characters? Done. You want further development of some of the mysterious games those gods (demigods?) are playing? Yep, that too. You want an epic amazing final fight? Oh my, yes. And you want an ending filled with hope? Presto!If yo [...]

    14. 3GR* (Good. I liked it.) - My actual rating is 7 out of 10.Once again another genre in this trilogy. After epic fantasy with magic battles (book 1), conspiracy/espionage/murder mystery (book 2), this time we get sword&sorcery with zombies and monsters in a dystopian setting. To be honest, that's exactly what I don't like in my fantasy books. Still, it's nice to see how some of the storylines of the previous books come to a conclusion. All in all a good trilogy and I'm looking forward to the [...]

    15. Usually i take my time when i read books, But with Chasomage i couldn't lay it down on the table.This book is surely the best in the trilogy.

    16. The final part of Stephen Aryan's 'Age of Darkness' trilogy (that also consists of Battlemage and Bloodmage), with this one having more-than-a-hint of 'The Walking Dead' about it, primarily set (as it is) in a compound in an eerily abandoned and destroyed city (after the war covered in Battlemage) that is under siege by - more or less - zombies.OK, maybe not zombies in the classicly - or comtemporarily (is that a word?) - understood sense, but that's more or less what 'The Forsaken' (as they are [...]

    17. This series is a infuriating. I'm totally hooked, looking forward to what happens next and the book just switches to a totally new character having a small side story. Then jumps again, then again, then again, then we get a bit of the main story, another jump, new character, new character, new character, jump, jump, main story.The conclusion isn't very satisfying.

    18. ImprovementGood tonally meet characters from book 1. Back to his storytelling from the first book and liberating it felt. Less pov thinking and more action. Impressive writing even though the story mainly stays in one grim place. A good read like the first book, only better

    19. I really liked this book. I am thrilled that it brought Balfruss back. I love how the series started with Balfruss and ended with Balfruss. I still don't think that the second book did any justice to the series. I think that Aryan has grown vastly as an author and look forward to his future books.

    20. A great end to the trilogy, thoroughly enjoyed these books, the whole story and characters from all three books come together nicely to tie up any loose ends, great books.

    21. delivreenlivres/20Une bonne fin à cette trilogie. Encore une fois un roman différent des deux précédents, j'ai beaucoup apprécié.J'aurais peut être aimé une conclusion un peu plus fournie et plus spectaculaire mais finalement elle allait bien dans l'ambiance de la série du coup elle est bien passé.Le premier point qu'on remarque c'est à quel point l'ambiance de ce tome est différente des précédent. Le premier tome de la série, Mage de Guerre était un livre de fantasy épique guer [...]

    22. This was by far my favorite in the series. Loved the characters and their fight to overcome evil. I can't wait to see what comes from this series.

    23. c2016: FWFTB: siege, investigation, scholar, magic, war-crimes. It is always hard to say goodbye to some characters and this book is a case in point. Great fight scenes, credible characters and a well thought out magic system. I thought there were still some loose threads that could easily be teased out enough for another set of books.Hint, hint. My normal gripe has to be mentioned though - I needed a 'what-has-gone-before' and a map would have been great. But these are not enough for me to hesi [...]

    24. Final book for the Age of Darkness Trilogy. For me, this was the best of the 3. I think, it closed stoylines from Book 1 (Balferius) (sp?) but made me wanting more. All in all, I think that Mr. Aryan has done a good job. I am looking forward to reading more from him.

    25. Each book in this trilogy is different, but complements each other well. A sense of menace is probably the central theme in all three books.

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