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Horse Horse is one of the first non wolf shifters to be patched into the RTMC after the rule change He s a Grizzly Bear and his old pawnshop has become the MC s new gun store in a mutually beneficial arran

  • Title: Horse
  • Author: Candace Blevins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Horse is one of the first non wolf shifters to be patched into the RTMC after the rule change He s a Grizzly Bear, and his old pawnshop has become the MC s new gun store in a mutually beneficial arrangement Gabby is a rabbit shifter with a complicated history Rabbits live in Faerie, but her parents chose to escape to the human realm so they could be together Tragedy stHorse is one of the first non wolf shifters to be patched into the RTMC after the rule change He s a Grizzly Bear, and his old pawnshop has become the MC s new gun store in a mutually beneficial arrangement Gabby is a rabbit shifter with a complicated history Rabbits live in Faerie, but her parents chose to escape to the human realm so they could be together Tragedy struck twice though, and she was taken to The Summerlands at fourteen to be raised by extended family She s grown now and has chosen to come back, even though it means she s alone in this world Bears are loners who are used to getting their way Rabbits are sexual, social creatures who need a wide variety of partners in their lives if they go outside their own species And Gabby s past is on a trajectory to keep her from the future she wants.

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        Candace Blevins has published than thirty books She lives with her husband of 19 years and their two daughters When not working or driving young teens all over the place, she can be found reading, writing, meditating, or swimming The family s beloved, goofy, retired racing greyhound is usually at her side as she writes, quietly keeping her company.Candace writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary BDSM Romance, and a kick ass Motorcycle Club series Her urban fantasy series, Only Human, gives us a world where weredragons, werewolves, werelions, and three different species of vampires exist, as well as a variety of other mythological beings.Candace s two paranormal romance series, The Chattanooga Supernaturals and The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, are both sister series to the Only Human books, and gives some secondary characters their happily ever after Her three paranormal series are written so you can read one series, or all three, should you prefer only a particular genre.Her Safeword Series gives us characters who happen to have some extreme kinks Relationships can be difficult enough without throwing power exchange into the mix, and her books show characters who care enough about each other to fight to make the relationship work Each book in the Safeword series highlights a couple with a different take on the lifestyle.You can visit Candace on the web at candaceblevins and feel free to friend her on Facebook at facebook candacesblevins and CandaceBlevins You can also join facebook groups CandacesKinksters to get sneak peeks into what she s writing now, images that inspire her, and the occasional juicy blurb.Only Human series Urban Fantasy Only Human An Unhuman Journey Of Humans and Monsters Unhuman Acts Chattanooga Supernaturals Paranormal Romance The Dragon King Riding the Storm Acceptable Risk Careful What You Ask For Hallowed Destiny Forged by Darkness Uncaged Slave A Dark ish Faerie TaleRolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Duke Brain Bash, Volume I Bash, Volume II Bash, Volume III Horse Gonzo Nix Ghost Bud RazorThe Dark Underbelly of The Chattanooga Supernaturals Pride Indentured Freedom Owned by the Vampire Leashed An Elegant WeaponSafeword series BDSM Romance Safeword Rainbow Safeword Davenport Safewords Davenport and Chiffon Safeword Quinacridone Safeword Matte Safeword Matte In Training No Safeword Matte The Honeymoon No Safeword Matte Happily Ever After Safeword Arabesque Safeword Mayday TBA


    1. I have been waiting for this book ever since it was announced there would be a bunny shifter. Why? Because I am born in the year of the rabbit and I am partial towards anything bunny. With great excitement, I read this book even when my family decided to drop by. (I rudely kept reading my kindle whilst we waiting for the waitstaff to serve our meal, instead of talking to my family.)Gabby is a bunny shifter who is rare because not only does she live in the human world, but she was born in human f [...]

    2. **ARC Received from the Author, in exchange for an honest Review**4.5 - 5 starsI adore Candace and have since her Safeword series, now with the RTMC just more for me to love. Her love and talent for writing just shows through. Horse not a an actual horse but a nickname for a bear shifter. (Gotta love ‘em bears) Horse now being RTMC has a “family” btw Bears like to stay to themselves kinda and yeah just not going to happen. *smiles* Horse is just a big ole bear. I just fell in love with Hor [...]

    3. Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWell, Horse surprised me. I knew that it was going to be Vanilla, not the usual hardcore story that Candace writes, but, this truly was Vanilla. And, it was just as enjoyable and hot as any other book that she has written. But, Candace Blevins has such a way with words, with telling a story that she could probably write a children’s bedtime story and I’d read it.Horse and Gabby were an interesting couple. A grizzly bear and a rabbit. Real [...]

    4. This is such a great series, not only is it about a Motorcycle Club but it's a paranormal MC Club. it get any better then that?!?Horse is a bear shifter and Gabby is a rabbit shifter and they are so different from one another in human form not only their shifter forms. When Gabby walks into Horse's gun shop looking to purchase a gun for protection Horse knows he wants to help this pint-sized looker with more then just her purchase. *wink* *wink* Gabby is on the run and trying to hide her true id [...]

    5. This is the latest in Candace Blevins' MC shifter series. I have to admit that I had never read either MC or shifter books before this series, but these have me hooked. Most of the Rolling Thunder MC are werewolves, but Horse is a bear. His nickname? You guessed it. So it's great that his new love is a rabbit, Gabby - sexy as hell and, um, able to physically conform to her partner.As with all of Candace's books, there is plenty of sex, but there is also a real story going on, and a sweet romance [...]

    6. I really didn't need to discover a new author to read but I did. In some ways, I want to resist this book because it seems to formulaic and taking advantage of trends rather than be written out of imagination or love of the genre.We have a motorcycle club. Its erotic. The hero is a bear shifter. He fights. However, even though I think its fair to say there is too much going on in this book and more time could have been spent with the leads, its a great story of crazy sauce that works and is good [...]

    7. I wanna be a rabbit! I love this storyt the usual kink just an awesome supportive Bear (named Horse LOL) and a shy bunny who comes out of her den to show the shifter world just how strong she is. I love a story with a strong heroine and a supportive hero!! Their HEA is unconventional but I think it's great!!

    8. Review by Jaycee for BOOKS 'N COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS, talon-psARC provided for honest review; copy also pre-purchased from I wasn't certain whether a story about a female rabbit shifter (Gabby) could cut the proverbial mustard in what is basically a wolf-shifter/biker series, but in short order the series is connected back to the entire Kirsten O’Shea Universe and all the supernatural characters within, and it begins to make sense. Of course, Horse is something of an anomaly to the RTMC story [...]

    9. Spoiler Ahead This was a really good book it is book six in the "Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club". Horse is one of the first non-wolf shifters to be patched into the RTMC after the rule change. He’s a Grizzly Bear, and his old pawnshop has become the MC’s new gun store in a mutually beneficial arrangement he got his nickname because he is hung. Gabby is a rabbit shifter with a complicated history. Rabbits live in Faerie, but her parents chose to escape to the human realm so they could be tog [...]

    10. I am so happy to become immersed in the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club again, I have enjoyed every single one of Candace Blevins’ stories and this one right up there with awesomeness!Horse and Gabby’s relationship is not a common one as he is a bear shifter and she is a rabbit shifter. After some unpleasantness, they make a go at being a couple. There are some really bad people out there but the MC has each others back, especially when those bad people are out to get Gabby. Gabby has to fin [...]

    11. An ARC review I have read all the rolling thunder MC books and they combine my two new favorite loves MC and shifter the best of both worlds. I love this book and will never look at a cute bunny the same again but this was an interesting read for me I an no cheating girl in my reads but this book handle the topic tasteful enough for me to finish and love the story. That was my only thing in the story that gave me pause but it wasn't enough for me to stop reading or finishing the book in one day [...]

    12. So not happy with this change of pace. This is nothing even near what the previous books in the series have been. And I wanted to like it, but it's like what happened to the MC club?

    13. A bear and a rabbit walk into a gun store… and start banging like bunnies!The Rolling Thunder MC is back in all their gritty, shifter glory. RTMC has changed its charter and is now allowing other species of shifters other than just wolves in. Although I was really hoping for a story about Gonzo or Dawg first, I’m glad I didn’t get what I wished for. The addition of more shifter types into the MC sets the stage for what I think is going to be a wild ride since it seems a supernatural war of [...]

    14. Sooo… I absolutely LOVED the previous books in this series. And I think until about 40% into this book, Horse (bear shifter) and Gabby's (bunny shifter) story was AMAZING, I loved it! And then - for me! - the story to-tal-ly and utterly derailed!! (Hele maffe wendingen; sloeg echt he-le-maal nergens op!!) An alternative dimension/realm (Faerie) with all kinds of creatures engaged in power struggles and a confusing amount of secondary characters. Gabby and Horse turning out to be both very (if [...]

    15. I loved this book! Ms Blevins has one of the most creative and twisted minds and it shines here in Horse. The character of Horse is a member of the RTMC but he is not a wolf shifter, he's a grizzly shifter and as far as I know he is the only member who is not a wolf. Gabby is a rabbit shifter and quite the different character. The author is able to blend the natural traits of each species into their shifter characters in such a way the characterization is enhanced and the story flows. Horse enjo [...]

    16. Originally posted at Bunny's ReviewI am not big on paranormal romance. However, I make an exception to some authors that WOWed me before from their other books. Candace is one of the exceptions to this. She has wowed me in her Safeword series.What woman doesn’t want a man hung like a horse and this book took that statement to a new level. Gabby is a scared rabbit. A shapeshifting rabbit (yes this would be my dream to shift into a rabbit lol).If you enjoy paranormal romance with some amazing se [...]

    17. DNF. Im sorry to the author but i just couldn't finish this book. I've read all the other rolling thunder mc books and this one just annoyed me. Shes a rabbit and her men carry her on their hip like a baby/toddler. Shes small with double h boobs. Horse doesn't get jealous and she has to have sex lots of sex with people not her partner. I may have missed some facts because i didn't finish but i just couldnt get into it. I'd still recommend the book though because this is after all a Candace Blevi [...]

    18. THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN THIS REVIEW:*sigh*. What to say about this book? Well I guess I should start by saying it was not one of my favorites. I would have stopped reading it if it hadn't been by Candace. I guess if you are in an open relationship like Gabby and Horse were it's ok. Candace has a way of writing that even though they were in an open relationship you could tell that their feelings were of true love. And you could feel the depth of those feelings.

    19. Can you imagine a rabbit shifter? One who does erotic things with a shifter named Horse? If not, and if you enjoy paranormal romance / mild erotica with just a touch of ménage, hop on in.

    20. Gabby & HorseWhat an interesting little bunny Gabby is. Her life has been hell, her father's a monster! As soon as Horse meets her he's completely enthralled by her. She's his! Her fear of predators is great, Horse is a Grizzly Bear. It takes her a while to calm down.This story flows smoothly & is a great tale. As with most Candace Blevins stories I love it!! On to Gonzo's story.Enjoy I did!!

    21. Gabby and Horse give a whole new meaning to power couple and going at it like rabbits. The twist of stepping away from wolves, shifting, and BDSM is genius. This twosome is pretty much vanilla but it works on every level. Gabby's emergence from a skittish frightened litlle rabbit to a powerful supernatural is compelling. Horse's gentleness and protection of her is endearing. This whole book, while almost a 180 from the previous series books, just works!

    22. I've said it once and I'll say it again, when it comes to book genre I tend to avoid the shapeshifters, supernaturals and ect cause normally it doesn't do it for me, but the situation being that I love certain authors to death and that I will read absolutely ANYTHING they write, I ventured into the supernatural world when Candace decided to dabble in it. and let me tell you -- she took me for a ride !!!! and still drives a hell of a ride in that world !!! >>11<< !!! books in :) and H [...]

    23. My shifter/paranormal romance reading history is admittedly fairly limited. I could name a couple of authors if I had to, but I’d have to refer back to my Nook/Kindle library. Candace Blevins is a relatively new author for me and Horse is only the second book from her that I’ve read. Let me tell you though, I went and 1-clicked a couple of her books after I read this.It’s hot and sexy. It pushes some normally accepted boundaries, especially with regard to monogamy. It would be easy to be p [...]

    24. Another interesting look at the world in and around the Chattanooga Supernaturals. Although this book appears as the sixth installment of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, the club itself is really on the sidelines in this book. Other supernatural characters from in and around the wider Chattanooga world are far more integral to the story line this time around. It helps to know their back story, although Candace Blevins fills in enough of the relevant details that you can navigate the story r [...]

    25. I really liked it. I laughed quite a bit which was a nice change. There was a bit more fantasy to it and that was a good thing too. I kept picturing a human sized What the bunny can do to accommodate herself to her lover is quite interesting. Overall good story and quite different from the others but we got to meet and know some new characters.

    26. This series is always enjoyableGabby and Horse become friends then build a loving relationship. There's some very erotic scenes. I could never do it but they have an open sexual relationship. There are reasons for it but they definitely enjoy it. I always like getting snippets of Drake and Sophia's life. They're my favorite Blevins' couple.

    27. I love this series, such a creative mix of MC and shifter with a rich world woven and interlinked with this author's other series. I especially liked in this the creativity of species leading to an alpha male outside of monogamy.

    28. Horse finds a scared bunny shifter of his gun shop's doorstep. He falls in love quickly with her, but she comes with a sketchy, dangerous past. Really love the bear and rabbit combo and that they were so in tune with each other's needs.

    29. Actual Bunnie shifterAbsolutely loved Gabby's story another brother finds his mate and all the the new characters introduction into the series. Definitely recommend this book/series.

    30. The sexual relationship between the characters wasn't t my fav. I get the new jealousy thing but y three stars for me and being generous.

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