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Challenge How does something so right suddenly go so wrong Maybe because fate is an evil bitch Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer party animal and good time guy He was just as quick with a

  • Title: Challenge
  • Author: Natalie Gayle
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  • How does something so right suddenly go so wrong Maybe because fate is an evil bitch Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer, party animal and good time guy He was just as quick with a joke as he was with his fists in the cage Fast and loose that s the way he liked to play it in all aspects of his life Was that the real Seth or a carefully crafted fa adHow does something so right suddenly go so wrong Maybe because fate is an evil bitch Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer, party animal and good time guy He was just as quick with a joke as he was with his fists in the cage Fast and loose that s the way he liked to play it in all aspects of his life Was that the real Seth or a carefully crafted fa ade Sophia Sommers knew her looks were what everyone noticed first until she threw a kick punch combination Few realised, her real gifts were determination, courage and adaptability Her course was clear and charted until she let Seth Harris under her guard One night two actions That s all it takes to set off a chain reaction that changes the course of their lives What happens when fate intervenes and leaves them both reeling, with nothing than hazy memories of how they landed in their new and terrifying reality Will these two very different people accept the challenge fate has dealt them Or will their inner demons convince them to walk away from a fight harder than they ve ever faced before They must first accept The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside They ll have to rise to the challenge.

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    1. Seth and Sophia have a mutual love of fighting. Little do they know that they would soon be fighting for something meaningful with each other. After an injury causes Seth to step back from fighting, he wants to find his way back to the sport he loves. He is not only dealing with the emotional repercussions of his current situation but also that of a budding relationship with Sophia. For Sophia, what started out a very sexy friends with benefits arrangement, is fast becoming more. The story navig [...]

    2. ARC received for review4.5 starsAnother great book in the Oni Fighters series. Still loving trying to translate the Australian slang.Seth and Sophia had a journey full of challenges to get to their HEA. It was different than the previous two books, but just as full of love, friends, laughter, lots of hurdles to overcome, and of course hot sex. Loved Nancy, she was great. Great epilogue, plus an encore epilogue that was Xander. Ms. Gayle has note at the end that there are more books to comeI hope [...]

    3. Title: ChallengeAuthor:Natalie GayleSeries:Oni Fighters, Book #3Publisher:EBSReviewer:MAustinRelease Date:7-18-16Genre(s):MMA RomancePage Count:349Heat Level:4flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:How does something so right suddenly go so wrong? Maybe because fate is an evil bitch. Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer, party animal and good time guy. He was just as quick with a joke as he was with his fists in the cage. Fast and loose—that’s the way he liked to play [...]

    4. ARC received for an honest reviewIt has been a while waiting for Challenge (and I would have waited longer) but it was worth every minute of the wait.Challenge really is that a book full of challenges for our lovelies.I have been keen to know more about Seth's story since the series started, and wow what a story it is.Right from the beginning I was drawn in to Seth and Sophia's story. And right from the get go our lovelies were faced with challenge after challenge.I just wanted, no needed them t [...]

    5. Title: ChallengeAuthor: Natalie GayleSeries: Oni Fighters, Book 3Release Date: May 2016Genre(s): Sports RomancePage Count: 349Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:How does something so right suddenly go so wrong? Maybe because fate is an evil bitch. Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer, party animal and good time guy. He was just as quick with a joke as he was with his fists in the cage. Fast and loose—that’s the way he liked to play it in all aspects of [...]

    6. *Happy sigh* Ms. Gayle has done it again.Challenge had such a hold on me that when I turned off the lights to go to sleep my mind wouldn’t turn off as it kept wondering what would happen next with Sophia and Seth, and before I knew it I found my hand reaching for my Kindle and not putting it down until I reached the end of their emotional roller coaster of a ride love story.I loved Sophia. Even when I wanted to smack some sense into her, I loved her. She’s got a good head on her shoulders an [...]

    7. Natalie Gayle releases with Challenge the third book in the Oni Fighters series. All books can be read as standalones – yet I would recommend reading them in the right order.During the course of the series the tone and setting seems to be changing. I already felt that Believe (the second book) was different from Brave (the first) – but now with Challenge I am sure of that.The focus of the story moved from “Fighters having a relationship” to a “Relationships that happen to be between fi [...]

    8. Two strong personalities explosively collide…“Love and marriage is crazy talk for sure.”When Seth Harris and Sophia Sommers went from friends to lovers, they both thought they were on the same page. They could be friends while setting the sheets on fire, what could go wrong? Well, anything and everything, of course! When a devastating accident tests their faith in themselves and their relationship, they both are going to go through the wringer to make things right again.Each character in t [...]

    9. Good fighter romance Characters Seth & Sophia who have both been in previous books finally get to tell their story within the Oni fighters family,.Seth seems to have relationship phobia so to follow the story to the hea made Challenge a great read. You get to see the transformation in Seth from playboy to loved up and Sophia get her man & it's a beautiful relationship transformation Sophia is also a fighter and a character with backbone, she is likable and a great character to follow as [...]

    10. This series just keeps getting better! If you haven't already read the first two books in the Oni Fighters series, then you really must.Books one (Brave) and two (Believe) are great. Things that happen in these books are mentioned in Challenge too, although not entirely integral to the story. They're each a story of their own but do essentially follow on from one another.Seth is just my kind of male lead in a book. He's fun, easy going and at first glance, almost shallow. However, as you get to [...]

    11. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.Challenge by Natalie Gayle is the third book in the Oni Fighters series. To avoid confusion and learn more about the other characters in this book, I suggest reading the previous books in the series before diving into this one.Seth Harris is a member of the elite Onigashima Fighters. He is the player of the group hardly ever sleeping with the same girl twice. He comes across as a happy go lucky guy, but [...]

    12. 4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. This story line takes place right along with the 1st book so please read the first book in this series before reading this one. The story has laughs, pain, abuse, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstBrave (Oni Fighters, #1)Believe (Oni Fighters #2)This is Sophia and Seth’s story. Sophia and Seth were friends with benefits but a few spoken words changed that. The events that happen after those w [...]

    13. 3 stars ARC received in exchange for an honest review. I've never read the previous books in this series, but they can be read as a standalone as you pretty much hear about the past quite regularly (I get the older sister was in a fire-don't need to keep reminding us). I found the first 40% of this book to be pretty slow and it did take me all my strength to finish it. Then the epilogue seemed to be really rushed and passed over a few months in a couple of paragraphs each. Don't get me wrong-I l [...]

    14. Review by: Melanie(4.5 stars)Book three in the Oni Fighters series has us getting Seth and Sophia's story. Both in the series from book one, Sophia is Eden's sister and Seth is one of the Oni fighters and best friends with Xander and Dane. Unfortunately Seth is also the one we'd gotten to know as the ladies man of the group. He's not one for commitment and love is like a dirty word to him. After seeing Dane and Arianne, and Xander and Eden at a child's party one day, the mushy family stuff reall [...]

    15. Seth and Sophie, friends and lovers, had no idea that one drunken night their lives would change forever. Their friendship is called upon in more ways than one to put their lives back together. With the help of friends and family and their commitment to making it through the challenges they had to face they ultimately ended up with their happily ever after ending. If you like a book written in first person from both the H/h viewpoints that is filled with angst, drama, friendship, caring, highs a [...]

    16. Seth and Sophia are the perfect couple. Well non couple that is. They have fun, they party, they hook up. Are they exclusive? Is love something they want? Answers to questions they were not looking to answer until fear sets Seth running. This is a book about more than just love, no this is a book about family whether it is romantic love or the love of your family. It is a book about commitment, and an unplanned future. This book is PERFECT.I loved how Seth is so close the his friends that he is [...]

    17. This book was my first from Natalie Gayle but if she writes like this, I'm totally in for anything else from her.It was a great story about life, pressure, decisions and passion. Okay, I think it was a little bit prolonged but I didn't mind it because it was entertaining. The characters were really lovable. They were so real.I think I'll read the other books in the series.

    18. From the very first page to the very last word this book takes you on a journey of discovery. Challenged by the mistakes of their past and the present day ones, the two protagonists will have you laughing, and crying ,cheering and jeering and running the gamut of emotions as you follow their story. Dont miss this installment in the Oni Fighter series.

    19. This story grabbed me and pulled me in from the first page. I enjoyed this story and its characters. The characters were well developed in this book.I liked seeing some old friends and them being happy. This was a good readC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    20. Omg!! What took me so long to get to this book.  I completely love this series and this is am amazing addition and when reading this I realised just how much I love the world of the Oni Figjters. This story was amazing from the start and just sweeps you away. I lost my temper a lot reading this book and I wanted to hurt Seth so much but be redeems himself and does right by Sophia. The rest of the gang play a huge part in this book too. When one stupid mistakes almost costs you everything and to [...]

    21. A relationship goes through so many struggles and it’s a whirlwind of emotions and there are many curves and bumps that one has to deal with. These two characters are strong and only time will tell if they are going to be able to survive their hurdles. This is my first read by Natalie Gayle and I can’t wait to read the previous two book in this awesome series Oni Fighters. There were many things that I loved about this story but one thing that stood out was the development of the characters. [...]

    22. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.After reading Brave and Believe and stepping into the fictional Onigashima dojo with all the delicious, upstanding heros who fight along side their ladies to conquer their demons, I have become enchanted and have fallen madly in love with Natalie Gayle's writing and her inspiration characters. Is the passion between her characters scorching hot? Absolutely! But what brands her stories upon my heart is their meaning and the bravery of the hero an [...]

    23. **ARC kindly provided for an honest review**I've been waiting for something on Sophia ever since we met her in Brave as Eden's sister!!! Let me tell ya - Natalie Gayle did not disappoint! ONE nightTWO actionsThat's ALL it takes change the course of their lives!Talk about an overload of FEELS!There’s a man-whore party boy AND a chick who is tough as fuck!But these two…e fighters!!! The title sums this one up perfectly– the challenges thrown at these two from the start are enough to make you [...]

    24. Seth Harris is a partying, womanizing, all-around good time guy. He likes to have fun and isn’t too serious about anything but his fighting at Onigashima. Always joking around and the life of the party, but is this persona just a façade to hide who he really is? Sophia Sommers is usually first noticed because of her looks and then shocks people with her talent as a fighter. She is also known for her determination, courage, and adaptability. What starts out as a friends with benefits quickly s [...]

    25. I have been a fan of Natalie Gayle since she first wrote Brave, the first book in the Oni Fighters series, and now I’m lucky enough to have gotten an ARC of Challenge in exchange for an honest review:) I have loved this series, and it’s close to my heart because Brave (the first book of the series) was my first MMA romance and it got me hooked! Natalie Gayle is also the first author where I became a part of her book group to help promote indie authors and helped inspire me to start my blog.S [...]

    26. I have to admit I almost stopped reading this book within the first few pages. I struggled connecting with Seth; he just seemed to be down on himself despite everything that he had going for him. The struggles that the fighter's face in this series is nothing new, but the other books don't open with such a winy moment like I felt this one did. If I hadn't read the other two books in this series, I probably would have stopped reading this one entirely. However given how much I enjoyed the other t [...]

    27. Sophia and Seth are ready to share their story and it is one that you are going to want to read. This is a book that requires complete attention while you are reading, there is more than one occasion when I had to put the kindle down and take a deep breath. The story was so full on that actually accepting what the heck was happening was a full time job!The title Challenge was certainly apt, the whole story was packed with so many twists and turns that almost from the first page, I knew that I ha [...]

    28. *this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*3.5-4 starsThe third book in the Oni Fighters series, centers around the 'man-whore/jokester' of the bunch, and Sophia, the middle sister of the Sommers girls.Seth has always been very driven, whether it's with his fighting, or with his lucritive career. To hide behind his wall, he sleeps his way around, and appears to be the 'happy go-lucky' guy. It's that persona that Sophia knowsSeth the one that doesn't take life seriously. As their [...]

    29. *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Seth Harris is known as a party animal. Not wanting any kind of relationship or any real commitment, thanks to upbringing. Being in a MMA fighter he can get any girl that he wants but his eyes are set on Sophia. Now that he has returned and she is not that little girl anymore but all woman he cannot seem to keep his hands off of her. Sophia Sommers is training to become an MMA fighter. Being blessed with great looks make [...]

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