Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams

Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams

Steve Lyons / Sep 22, 2019

Doctor Who The Stealers of Dreams In the far future the Doctor Rose and Captain Jack find a world on which fiction has been outlawed A world where it s a crime to tell stories a crime to lie a crime to hope and a crime to dream

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams
  • Author: Steve Lyons
  • ISBN: 9780563486381
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the far future, the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack find a world on which fiction has been outlawed A world where it s a crime to tell stories, a crime to lie, a crime to hope, and a crime to dream But now somebody is challenging the status quo A pirate TV station urges people to fight back, and the Doctor wants to help until he sees how easily dreams can turn intoIn the far future, the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack find a world on which fiction has been outlawed A world where it s a crime to tell stories, a crime to lie, a crime to hope, and a crime to dream But now somebody is challenging the status quo A pirate TV station urges people to fight back, and the Doctor wants to help until he sees how easily dreams can turn into nightmares With one of his companions stalked by shadows and the other committed to an asylum, the Doctor is forced to admit that fiction can be dangerous after all Though perhaps it is not as deadly as the truth

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        Steve Lyons is a science fiction writer, best known for writing television tie ins of Doctor Who for BBC Books, and previously, Virgin The earliest of these was Conundrum in 1994, and his most recent was 2005 s The Stealers of Dreams He has also written material for Star Trek tie ins, as well as original work.


    1. Buddy read with the lovely Natalia :) <3 safe to say that I absolutely loved this one, the idea of dream thieves terrified me; and as I read this I could see it being played out as an episode. Very canon to 9, Rose and Jack, all of whom I adore. Loved reading the lines in their voices. A favourite Doctor Who novelisation.

    2. Originally posted on: The Quirky Book NerdThis is a particularly interesting review for me to do because my experience with this novel shifted back and forth between reading a physical edition and listening to an audiobook. I will say upfront that I am not a huge fan of audiobooks, feeling like they detract quite a bit from my personal reading experience. The quality of the audio, the style of the narrator, whether those aspects are good or not, audiobooks and I have never gotten along especiall [...]

    3. This was so fucked up I loved every second of it, oh my god. Also I missed ninth and jack and rose SO MUCH it actually hurts to let them go again. idk I'm just so emotional over them, they mean so much to me and words will never be able to explain how _home_ they feel to me

    4. Первая книга с Девятым! Хотелось бы разделить свою любовь к Доктору на 12 равных частей, но ведь все равно кто-то останется за бортом. Девятый – не мой первый Доктор. Появившись на краткий срок, он бесславно сгинул задолго до того, как смог полюбиться; оставим это на совести Э [...]

    5. This is my favourite of the Doctor Who novels that I have read to date (And not only because it has my favourite doctor in it). The premise is good, even if it has been done before. In a world where people are not allowed to make things up i.e. tell stories a revolution of dreamers are rising. Stories are been told and the police are finding it more and more difficult to track them down and imprison them in "The Big White House". In a world where everything you apprently see is real how do you t [...]

    6. Okay, first off: JACK IS AWESOME IN THIS. He's all CAPABLE and GUN-TOTIN' and just, well, Jack. So there's that.The down side is that the story is really kind of well, it feels like they've got all this plot, they've got the concept and everything, and it's all well thought-out, but when it comes to actually writing about it, he's just not bothered to think THAT part through. The way the people talk about fiction and reality and stuff, it's so cliched, it's like they're only talking so you can s [...]

    7. Aside from a few plot holes, this is a pretty decent read. By plot holes, I mean the 'child' in the asylum who really shouldn't have been there because it said in the book that children weren't considered crazy for dreaming. That's really not the best example but I've already forgotten the rest. I should really make a note of these things. I thought the reference to the Face of Boe was worrying/hilarious. Not the best one I've read, but not bad either. An interesting concept, for sure, if deeper [...]

    8. This was my first foray into Doctor Who fiction. This was a good quick little read. Being a fan of the tv show I was able to keep the quick pacing in my head, which helped and to have a very clear vision of the characters. The book was a good little palette cleanser for being stuck in a bit of a reading rut. It has definitely convinced me to read more Doctor Who.

    9. Took too long to get to the point.But I did enjoy Rose's descent into madness. And the Doctor's interaction with her after she came to her senses again.

    10. Recently I have been having a bit of a Series 1 marathon and it’s been ever so good just as I remember. I then fancied reading one of the 9th Doctor books and the book that I chose to read was of course The Stealers of Dreams.I’ll say this from the get go, I really, really enjoyed this book! Steve Lyons is a popular author amongst fans so I had speculated that this was going to be a good’n and thankfully my pre judgment was accurate. This book has so many positives from me that just comple [...]

    11. This wasn't a terrible book by any means, but it's clear that it's still early in the range and that it was written before anyone really had an understanding of who the 9th Doctor, Rose, and Jack were as characters. None of them feel quite right, and the Doctor in particular comes off the worse of the three. Steve Lyons confesses in the Acknowledgements that he had read scripts from late in series 1 to familiarize himself with the characters, so I don't think he really had the performances in hi [...]

    12. In this latest adventure, Rose, Captain Jack and of course the Doctor, land on a planet where fiction is outlawed. Residents are not allowed to use their imagination and lies are punishable by imprisonment and forced psychiatric treatment. The Doctor is quick to notice that progress has stagnated. It seems that without the ability to dream and imagine, humans cannot advance because they cannot conceive of innovation. The Doctor is on the case but it seems that Hal Gryden, with his illegal televi [...]

    13. "Fiction is about possibilities. It's about hopes and dreams and, yeah, fears. Take those things away and what's left? A population of drudges, working, eating, sleeping, watching telly, unable to visualise anything outside the confines of their own dreary lives."There was no way I was going to read this book in any more than one sitting - I should have slept hours ago but I lost track of time, and when I did notice the time I didn't want to stop. The Stealers of Dreams definitely has to be one [...]

    14. Un poil sombre, voulant nous amener à une réflexion intéressante sur les dangers de la fiction, sur l'influence des média; et sans que ça soit un questionnement particulièrement nouveau, il est amené par des voies qui ont quand même leur originalité. Et en sachant que le livre est aussi fait pour être lu par des enfants, on peut supposer qu'il a dû amener dans certains cas à de chouettes discussions entre les enfants et leurs parents (pour peu que les parents se sentent un minimum co [...]

    15. The Doctor, Rose and Jack, three time travellers, land once again on a foreign planet that’s inhabited by humans. What they find is not what they expected: The planet is supposed to be very advanced, but they see that there is a big lack of development instead. Another thing they notice is the absence of fiction. On tv, there are only programs that show facts and the people of that planet have a strong negative reaction to lies.Later, they learn that any kind of fiction is forbidden (lies, boo [...]

    16. Nine and Rose and Captain Jack trapped on a planet where there is no fiction and people occasionally come down with a fantasy sickness where they believe their imagination is real. Enjoyed the socio-political commentary, but with three protagonists and two major side characters, there wasn't enough time/space for everyone's character development. Good idea, suffers a little here from lack of room to grow.

    17. Depuis 2012, l’éditeur Milady a publié en Français certaines des aventures inédites d’Eleven, puis une de Nine.Christopher Eccleston n’ayant joué dans Doctor Who que peu de temps, son Docteur est celui qui apparaît le moins dans les aventures dérivées.En comparaison, Paul McGann, qui n’a joué Eight que dans le téléfilm de 1996 et un mini épisode en 2013 a également tourné des dizaines d’audio books.Nine étant un de mes docteurs chouchous, je me suis précipitée sur ce l [...]

    18. The Stealers of Dreams is an odd one. The concept is there: a world where fiction is banned. Utterers of non-facts are treated there like the murderers of small kittens here, applying to everything from books and television to superlatives in advertising or mere speculation in conversation.Naturally, an underground TV station has sprung up to advance the fiction cause for the infidels who quite like it and, on arrival, the Doctor et al are instant sympathisers.There's more complexity built into [...]

    19. Books like this one are intended to reach a wide range of people therefore are easy to understand and quickly read. I usually don't need to say much about Doctor Who books because either you like the Doctor or you don't, but this book or better its plot is genius. A world where fiction is the biggest crime ever, where physical abuse is viewed less a crime what an aweful place to be. The details fascinated me the most. The advertisments I expected but such simple things like the navigation system [...]

    20. Whee! I've missed Nine so much! I've been often told that the novelizations of TV shows tend towards the side of suck, but I really had fun reading this. It was a very quick read (so I feel somewhat guilty, as though I've "cheated" somehow) but it had enough fun and action to keep me interested. I thought the author did a very good job capturing the "voice" of the characters Rose, Jack and the Doctor (as played by Eccleston). The trio lands on a planet of colonists who appear to be forced to not [...]

    21. This book was a bit of a letdown. The premise for the story, the Doctor, Rose, and Capt. Jack land on a settlement of Earth in the distant future where fiction, lies, and dreaming have all been outlawed and people who are exposed to fiction go insane or "fiction crazy". A great idea but I felt it was wasted.Without giving too much away the "big" reveal as to why fiction makes people go crazy is rather boring and unimaginative especially by Doctor Who standards and the resolution is equally unint [...]

    22. This is the ultimate empty-calorie read—emptier even than an average episode of the television show. The “twist” of what, exactly, causes dreams to become real on the planet is telegraphed in the title—but even a semi-casual acquaintance with the Doctor’s adventures will make it easy to figure out exactly what is going on. Even the two subtwists are pretty obvious (only one of them—the fact that Steel was a fiction—did not occur to me in the course of reading). The characterization [...]

    23. Christopher Ecclestone's 9th Doctor Who, Rose and Captain Jack arrive on a colony planet in the future. In the planet's city something is wrong, society isn't as advanced as it should be. Fiction, dreaming, imagination and reaching beyond what we are has been banned for many years, enforced by sectioning to the Big White House where doctors 'rehabilitate' the rule-breakers. But things are changing Between the official television channels' endless diet of news and factual documentaries a pirate T [...]

    24. This was entertaining but not life-changing. There were so many double/triple/quadruple fakeouts and plot twists and things not really making sense but I didn't really care. Main topic of this book was the power of media to shape human thought, but takes a bit more of a nuanced approach than, say, 1984, I would argue. What is real? What is delusion? Also takes a quick jab at mental health systems/treatment. Gross oversimplification IMHO--One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was better.Major missteps [...]

    25. Sixth of the tie-in novels for New Who, and the last to feature the Ninth Doctor (and thus also pre-immortality Jack). Nine, Rose and Jack find that their latest stop is a world where fiction is outlawed, and those who indulge in it are regarded as having a dangerous drug addiction that must be treated, by force if necessary. Naturally, the Tardis crew end up interfering. But it gradually becomes clear that on this world dreams really are dangerous, and the Doctor's usual tactics may be more har [...]

    26. I really don't like the trend I see in these books. The Doctor and Rose are separated way too much for my liking. I'd rather them be together more. Once and while being split up is okay, but having Rose, Jack and the Doctor all doing their own thing for the most part of this novel was rather annoying. They're at their bests when together, I think.Although this is an acceptable plot problem for the Doctor, I don't see why this should have ever been turned into a book. Even I figured out what was [...]

    27. Doctor #9 and Rose (and Jack!) come upon a world where dreaming/speaking/writing fiction is a crime. The dialogue is funny at times as people speak in sentences so precisely that there is no room for interpretation. There is a police officer, tasked with arresting and sending to the "Big White House"-a hospital where you are lombotimized, that sounds somewhat like Judge Dredd, but she has a reveal in the end that puts things in perspective. Natuarally, our heroes are separated, and Rose's story [...]

    28. The story and action in this book were so good that I stayed up until 4 in the morning, reading it straight through in one night. It was gripping to watch one character after another go "fantasy crazy," and the explanation of who/what was causing it was satisfying. There was at least one really cool twist at the end. However, the ending in general left much to be desired. Non-specific half-spoilers: (view spoiler)[The Doctor didn't actually come up with a solution or really save the day at all. [...]

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