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Taste Determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef and winning a coveted scholarship to study cooking in Italy Ki Blake rushes in late to the first class of her final semester at Kirkwood Culinary Ac

  • Title: Taste
  • Author: Kris Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781626397187
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef and winning a coveted scholarship to study cooking in Italy, Ki Blake rushes in late to the first class of her final semester at Kirkwood Culinary Academy and is stopped in her tracks by Taryn Ellis, the school s newest instructor A beautiful and accomplished chef, Taryn has walked away from her promising career in the ciDetermined to fulfill her dream of becoming a chef and winning a coveted scholarship to study cooking in Italy, Ki Blake rushes in late to the first class of her final semester at Kirkwood Culinary Academy and is stopped in her tracks by Taryn Ellis, the school s newest instructor A beautiful and accomplished chef, Taryn has walked away from her promising career in the city s top restaurant to devote her life to her five year old daughter Ki and Taryn try their best to resist the urge to give in to the undeniable chemistry between them And when at last they begin a passionate affair that must be kept a secret, they are each convinced it s only a short term fling It s up to both Ki and Taryn to decide whether they have found something genuine or whether the taste of romance they ve had is truly enough.

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        Kris Bryant grew up a military brat living in several different countries before her family settled down in the Midwest when she was twelve Books were her only form of entertainment overseas, and she read anything and everything within her reach Reading eventually turned into writing when she decided she didn t like the way some of the novels ended and wanted to give the characters she fell in love with the ending she thought they so deserved Earning a B.A in English from the University of Missouri, Kris focused on poetry and eventually decided to tackle writing novels Jolt, her debut novel, was a Lambda Literary Finalist Whirlwind Romance, Just Say Yes, and Taste are all 2016 releases Her romance Forget Me Not that takes place in Ireland will be released in April 2017 Kris enjoys travelling, hiking, photography, spending time with her Westie pup, Molly, and hanging out with her family.


    1. I love reading romance novels. What I love about them is the story, yes, but also the tension, the pull of two people coming together. To me there is a fine line of how much sex is to be had and when in the story this should happen. I tend to like the sexy time to be after the 50% mark, but there are books that I absolutely adore that are the total opposite. Why am I droning on about this you ask? Well there are books that I read and Taste by Kris Bryant happens to be one where the story was doi [...]

    2. *I received this book from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for a fair review.*This is one of the few times I am able to say 'I've read everything written by this author'. And, quite frankly, if that hadn't been the case, there is a good chance I wouldn't have 1) attempted to read the book; 2) continued the book but for that fact. A combination issue. I read and enjoyed 2 of the three previous books I'd read by this author (and the third did get 3 stars). So I immediately put 'Taste' o [...]

    3. Very strong 3.5 rounded to a 4 star. Taste is tasty. A little bit taboo because of the student teacher ship but they're both adults. All good. It's a book about chefs so I guess I can't complain that there was a lot of food talk. :) Happily all the food talk was equally represented with some pretty steamy sex scenes. Again, all good. The characters are interesting and pretty east to relate too. Enjoyable, light read with a big helping of sex. Winning!NetGalley ARC received for an unbiased review [...]

    4. *ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review*I started reading this book after having experienced one of the most terrifying and traumatising days of my life, so this book had quite a big job to do, I needed a pick me up and something to take my mind off of my day and reading has always been my escape. When I started reading this book the first few pages had me rethinking my decision to read this book because of the overuse of the pronoun 'I', but as I continued I got more c [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book and the author's frenetic style of writing all the way.until the end. It was an interesting settinga culinary school. A little tabooteacher/student. Interesting and well developed main and minor characters. Very good chemistry between our two mains. I really emjoyed the writing. It's written from the first person point of view of Ki. So we only know her thoughts and feelings. Which I think sometimes can leave a book flat. However, I did not feel that way with this book. The f [...]

    6. This was a light and fluffy romance with a little conflict in a cooking competition. (view spoiler)[I didn't particularly like the fact that the protagonist had to give up a scholarship to stay with her partner, and the 'bad' guy got it instead. It's too much the stereotypical real-life situation where women sacrifice career advancement for care taking. I don't know why Taryn and Olivia couldn't have gone to Italy with Ki. And definitely the cheater shouldn't have gone. Grrr! (hide spoiler)]

    7. I have been reading a lot of romance books with a ton of angst lately. This book was a nice change of pace and I think it's one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. I also like the way Bryant writes. This story is about KI, a culinary student, who falls for her teacher, Taryn. While they are both interested in each other, they know it could only be a fling or Taryn's job could be at stake. Will they follow the rules or follow their hearts?I like watching cooking shows like Top Chef, so I immedia [...]

    8. Light & refreshing. An enjoyable read. I will definitely be checking out more of Kris Bryant's novels.My synopsisKi is on her last semester at the Kirkwood Culinary Academy. When she meets her new lecturer Taryn she is instantly attracted to her.The attraction is quite obviously mutual but Student/Teacher relationships aren't allowed at the Academy so they embark on a secret relationship. They both try to keep it casual due to Ki competing for a scholarship in Italy when the Semester ends Bu [...]

    9. "How smashing was that" I truly loved it and it was so refreshing to actually pick up a book that satisfies all what I want, good chemistry, proper communication, characters that I instantly take a liking to, good hot graphic sex scenes and most of all a bloody good romance with non of that stupid fucking over the top angst with bad communication that's in almost all lesbian romances. I even enjoyed the cooking

    10. Taste by Kris Bryant is a student/teacher romance set in a culinary school. If the premise makes you wonder whether this book will make you want to eat something tasty, the answer is: yes.Full review here: thelesbianreview/taste

    11. Cute. Simple. Sweet. It could have used a bit more conflict, but then again, sometimes we need just the happy stories.

    12. This was so weird to read,no depth,no character development have no idea where to start explaining the likes and dislikes,maybe the only thing is the fantastic recipes and the passion to be a chef,oooh the sex scenes were very graphic not that it did anything for the storyline,but i would be lying if i say they were heating up the pages and had lots of chemistry to go with it,can't write about the supporting cast because they were nothing to write abouta very lackluster story that one will skip [...]

    13. This second time through was in audiobook. The narrator was really great at accents. I did have issue with production quality. Not so many years ago I groused the unavailability of audio books in lesfic. Seems the industry is in boom. Nice to see, err hear :)

    14. *The copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* This was an easy, funny, fast read. The characters are very likable, the sex scenes are graphic and show you how much those two are into each other.Now, that being said, I was actually sorry that the characters are somehow flat, without any dept, because I thought there was a serious potential to them and I actually liked them. Both of them, a lot. But somehow, somewhere between the detailed explanations of the meals prepared and [...]

    15. This was a wonderful, sweet story. Taryn and Ki made for a nice couple and Olivia was just too cute. The story flowed at a good pace and it was nice to get a small glimpse into the culinary world with it's hustle and bustle. Really enjoyed it.

    16. Taste by Kris BryantI received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I've absolutely loved this book. It's a tender, feel-good romance. A simple story of two people falling in love, without angst or dramas so typical of this genre. At the background of this story is the food which also keeps the simplicity of the rest of the plot but also highlighting its sensual experience. The parallelism between food and love run along the whole book and the sensuality of both are [...]

    17. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. I enjoyed this quite a bit. It's a slow build to start with, lots of meet cutes between the two leads and Ki bonding with both Taryn and Olivia (who is a cutie), but given that Taryn is her teacher and that there's a competitive scholarship on the line, I honestly couldn't fathom why they just couldn't wait the semester. Seriously it's not like they had to wait years or something. They both know they shouldn't do anything, and discuss wait [...]

    18. Loved, loved, loved this book. It is right down my alley teacher student romance with an age gap and throw in a single Mum. The chemistry was perfect between the two and I thought the relationship developed at a good pace.I am a fan of cooking shows so I also enjoyed the cooking theme in a school environment that was similar to competitions on the TV.I was slightly disappointed with the ending. I thought there could have been more emotion in the end instead it just felt a bit forced. This is why [...]

    19. Ki and Taryn and Olivia made a cute little family and I like the build up between the two main characters. The cooking was a added bonus the description of what was being cooked had me watering at the mouth :). Arc given by NetGalley for a honest review

    20. Deliciously sweet romance.With the holidays approaching I was in the mood for a more fluffy read as opposed to the more angst riddled novels out there. This turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It was a lighthearted read with very little angst and some very steamy moments between two great leads. I can imagine some readers having a problem with the fact that the story is between a teacher and a student but it really didn't bother me at all especially when I compare it to other books [...]

    21. Enjoyable feel good read with a slow build up that does not disappoint. I hesitated in selecting this book to read because of the teacher/student dynamic but since they are both adults, I took a chance and I am so glad I did. This love story involves four wonderful characters (Chef Taryn Ellis, her daughter Olivia, up-and-coming Chef Kathryn Blake (Ki) and food) with a few secondary characters (Jessie, Mary, Brian and Taryn's mother Evelyn) who provide a wonderful boost. This is a girl-meets-gir [...]

    22. Detailed score: 3.25To clumsily extend the food analogy, this book was bland and crying out for some seasoning.The characters lack depth and the angst is virtually non-existant. Food porn doesn't do much for me so I also got sick of the never ending descriptions of various dishes.Having said that; these factors didn't annoy me as much as they have in other books and somehow, all in all, I quite liked it. I guess I knew exactly where this book was going and there's something to be said for famili [...]

    23. I usually enjoy the taboo nature of the teacher/student pairing is lesfic, but in this novel for some reason I found it grating and irresponsible. Essentially, we have Ki the culinary school student in her final class and Taryn, her chef teacher. The class exists all of two months, and for two months they apparently can't manage to keep their relationship professional. This coupled with the fact that Ki is also competing for a scholarship and Taryn gets a vote in that. I don't know, it just both [...]

    24. I liked this book (enough that I read it in one sitting) but I didn't love it. To get 5 stars for a lesfic book from me, the romance has to be pretty phenomenal. It was good but it lacked something, perhaps that was because the first person perspective really restricted the readers insight into the main character, Ki's love interest Taryn. This is strange because I usually love first person, I think what the author did wrong was not have enough dialogue and exposition between the pair. The dialo [...]

    25. Damn, that was the last book by Bryant that I had to read! I suppose May isn't that far away. Taste is a fast-paced, interesting (even though I'm not fond of food books), sexy read. Both main characters are likeable and sensible, the 6-year-old has a sense of humour and there is no baby-talk. There is a little bit of angst around the teacher/student relationship and some competitive jealousy but for the most part this is a great book to relax with.

    26. Kris Bryant's third full length novel is by far her best yet. I love the chemistry and character development of Ki and Taryn as well as their individual personalities and struggles. Taryn's sweet daughter, Olivia, and her interactions within the story with Taryn and Ki make it all truly believable and honest. And who doesn't love K. Bryant's writing style, sense of humor, and steamy love scenes. Another winner! "Perfetto Gusto". Bryant hits the bull's-eye on this one and should be extremely prou [...]

    27. "When I quit law school and told my family, my mother sank down on the couch and sobbed. She handled my coming out ten years ago much betterCooking is my true talent. I have a relationship with food that I treat with respect. Food talks to me. I talk back."Ki has the makings of a master chef, and is looking forward to her last semester of culinary school and a scholarship to Italy that she hopes awaits her at the end of the year. Enter Taryn, the sexy new instructor in town, and Ki has more than [...]

    28. A spicy recipe of love!Two people that are perfect for each other but they can't cross the line. It's hard getting your head and heart together when the chef is gorgeous, sexy and has the same passion for food. How do they keep their distance when everything seems to be pulling them together. I loved the insights into the hustle and bustle of the cooking world. You can feel the pressure in the cooking class, the pressure of having to perform in a successful restaurant. I could almost smell and t [...]

    29. I used to avoid lesbian fiction novels with children in them. I am unsure why, but now I love books with children as supporting characters. I really enjoyed this book. It is a light read, the characters had a lot of chemistry and I really enjoyed Taryn’s character. This is just a feel good romance book. The conflict was non-existent and the sex scenes were hot, and done with just the right amount. I think for a good weekend read this really hit the spot. This is my third read by Kris Bryant an [...]

    30. An honest review thanks to NetGalley. I loved this book, I had a stressful week and needed to unwind Friday, so I picked it up. I couldn't put it down; I fell in love immediately with Ki and Taryn. The other reviews didn't like it so much because of the student-teacher relationship. The thing was that this book just didn't feel like a taboo situation. It was culinary school, and the taboo nature was only a small portion of the conflict in this book. This is an all day romance read where you fall [...]

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