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Rice Set in famine stricken s China Rice chronicles the complete debasement of a city family after it takes in a young man named Five Dragons a starving wanderer from the provinces whose desire for p

  • Title: Rice
  • Author: Su Tong Howard Goldblatt
  • ISBN: 9780060596323
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in famine stricken 1930s China, Rice chronicles the complete debasement of a city family after it takes in a young man named Five Dragons, a starving wanderer from the provinces whose desire for power and sex is insatiable In this mesmerizing novel, Su Tong, China s most provocative young writer, explores the connections between hunger, sexuality, and brutality RiceSet in famine stricken 1930s China, Rice chronicles the complete debasement of a city family after it takes in a young man named Five Dragons, a starving wanderer from the provinces whose desire for power and sex is insatiable In this mesmerizing novel, Su Tong, China s most provocative young writer, explores the connections between hunger, sexuality, and brutality Rice is used as food and currency, as an aphrodisiac and an implement of sexual torture, as a weapon for murder and a symbol of everything good Lush and sensual, combining a strange comedy with a dark undercurrent of violence, and written in hypnotically beautiful prose, Rice is a novel of startling richness and furious creative energy.

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        Su Tong simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin S T ng born January 23, 1963 is the pen name of Chinese writer Tong Zhonggui T ng Zh nggu He was born in Suzhou and lives in Nanjing.He entered the Department of Chinese at Beijing Normal University in 1980, and started to publish novels in 1983 He is now vice president of the Jiangsu Writers Association Known for his controversial writing style, Su is one of the most acclaimed novelists in China from enpedia wiki Su_Tong


    1. The vacant page mutely gazing at me retells the current state of my mind. The sporadic cursor alternating the iridescent flashes of the gold teeth neatly aligned within Five Dragons’ proud mouth appears to be the solitary outlet alleviating the burden of my disorderly inferences about life, thriving within and around the Great Swan Rice Emporium. Startlingly, a habit I had once nurtured from my father found an uncanny presence among the pages of this manuscript, amid the raw rice kernels Five [...]

    2. One of my favorite books. It isnt pretty or romantic, and there is absolutely nothing redeeming about any of the characters - which is what makes it so fantastic. You follow the lead characters story all the way through because you expect redemption. You know he starts in tragedy, so you follow him as he becomes vile and you wait the entire book for that moment where he rewards you for paying attention. But he never does. It makes me think about how we are sometimes willing to forgive people any [...]

    3. I thought I had read one of the gruesome tales of Chinese history in fiction. Apparently after reading this book, dammit, it's another dark history of China, in one harsh plain and honestly way of telling.It was set in the beginning of the 20th century and end when the Japanese "raid" most of the city in China. The story started from the flood that ruin the Mapple Poplar Village, of Five Dragons native village. He went to the city and start the journey of violence full of thirst on power and sex [...]

    4. Five Dragons leaves his rural hometown after a catastrophic flood and takes his chances of fortune and a better life in the city.With that out of the way I thought this book was bad. It started off normally, then people began talking but there were no quotation marks. This was slightly distracting and I eventually got used to this but by then it had developed into something really graphic. I have no problem with unapologetic and brutally honest stories, but this moody atmosphere laboured on and [...]

    5. An incredibly powerful book that will make you feel uncomfortable and disturbed. Brimming with anger against the rich, the story of a family's rise and fall will leave a big impression on you. I highly recommend it - its gripping stuff and well written.

    6. O lectura captivanta si halucinanta. O călătorie in lumea umbrelor umane - dușmăniei, decadentei, invidiei, urii, răzbunării si vanității, lăcomiei . O lume in care nu exista conceptul de iertare, pace si dragoste. O metaformofoza a minții, a sufletului eroului principal.Su Tang a reușit cu o precizie aproape inginereasca, sa creioneze un personaj de o complexitate emoțională nemaipomenita, într-un decor simplu. Acesta a găsit Combinația perfecta intre nuanțele cele mai închise [...]

    7. Truly unsettling in most part of the story, but I cannot imagine how the prose can be so beautifully written despite the ugly, dark reality. This book reflects human nature, greed, lust, perversion and ultimately, vulnerability. I've never read a book that successfully depicts all kinds of human nature that can ignite my frustration in the characters. And this, is an exception. Would have wanted to read the original Chinese version to fully comprehend the author's expression of the story, but I [...]

    8. Set in a time of famine, this story had the potential to provide a thoughtful look into early 20th century China after the Japanese raid. Instead, the incoherent thought stream and little actual description of the world outside the main character's mind created a story that read more like the inner consciousness of a deranged psychopath. Every single character was cruel and despicable and lacked any redeeming quality. I was properly horrified but not in a good way. The beginning was promising, a [...]

    9. In this translated version of Rice, everyone is catty, callous, cruel and calculative. They lie, scheme and argue through life, without any seeming redeeming qualities. Why does so and so do this or that? No rhyme or reason it would seem, except maybe that the world they inhabit runs by these rules. Certainly puts the saying 'dog eat dog world' to shame. In fact, so arbitrarily do the people in Rice behave, that I am at times convinced that Su Tong (or his translator) are absurdists at work.

    10. It's a shame to say that the first Chinese book that isn't a translation I've read in a long time was not much of a read. I went as far as the fifth chapter, hoping there would be some redeeming quality in Wu Long's sneering, selfish character (as I see it), which might be a cliché thing to expect from a story's protagonist, but found none. I couldn't bring myself to like him for one minute, and not even because he had no good in him, but because even his rottenness seemed a bit bland and vague [...]

    11. Spell binding. Truly in the line of Balzac and Zola. Rice is over powering and permeates the fabric of the entire novel in crude and unfathomable ways, shaping the destiny of Five Dragons and his family. I read it in 2 days and I am looking forward to watch the ecranisation and read more by Su Tong.

    12. This book was a train wreck! It is the only time that I ever completed a book in which I hated every character in it. That being said, I was sucked into it from the very beginning. I couldn't put it down and ended up finishing it in two days. Su Tong is a very talented writer.

    13. In modern day China, one can see a huge migration taking place, where people – mostly men, leaving their families behind – move from the countrysides to the city to look for a more prosperous future. Hoping to earn enough money so they can bring the rest of their families to their new home as well, they often come to realize that the money isn’t nearly as good as they were hoping for, but also how incredibly different and difficult life in the city is when compared to their old villages.A [...]

    14. This novel contained two conundrums for me. First it was written by a Chinese author so I didn't know precisely how much of my cultural ignorance was a part of my impressions and second it was translated to English by someone OTHER THAN the original author, which is always frustrating because it's difficult to guage just how much the translation played a part in my opinion.However, despite these two frustrations, the novel was a complete win. I was properly horrified from beginning to end and al [...]

    15. This moving tale is about a country orphan who goes to the city to seek his fortune. With a cunning bravado, he fakes his way into a rice dealer's son-less family and slowly takes over business and both daughters. An important read as the American novel marketplace has only a few written by a native male Chinese.The prose is absolutely stunning and the translation from Chinese to English is done with great finesse; the juxtaposition of such beautiful writing with horrific events and behavior is [...]

    16. In Rice, Su Tong transports the reader back to pre-war China - an already-violent time in China's twentieth-century history - to tell a story of a family destroying itself. Five Dragons is a poor country boy who seeks his fortune in the big city and eventually is taken in by the Fengs - a wealthy family who run a rice emporium; however, the family do not hide their hatred and disdain for Dive Dragons, so his own hatred towards them grows towards them and sets in motion the rest of the novel.Su T [...]

    17. O poveste destul de violenta pentru gustul meu, insa nu am putut s-o abandonez. Autorul surprinde China in anii '30, de pe vremea marilor inundatii care au fortat oamenii sa se mute de la tara la oras, pana la razboiul cu Japonia. Este si cazul lui Cinci-Dragoni care pleaca din orasul sau natal, in care orezul a fost cufundat sup ape, in cautarea unor conditii mai bune de trai. Obsesia lui pentru orez si sex, iar mai tarziu pentru putere si bogatie, il transforma intr-un monstru. Am avut sperant [...]

    18. This novel is all about rice. I cannot imagine that rice can be such a powerful thing. It can give life as the obvious is showed, it can be an item of dispute and it can also be a cause of death. Murder, sex, violence, weird situations and disgusted workings of madness abound this wonderful work of art. It is filled with so many interesting things and heart-stopping beauty that are usually discussed in length in huge Russian novels but here, they are inexplicably concise and well-written the way [...]

    19. In my World Lit class as a freshman in college, each professor taught the set curriculum plus one book of their choosing. One of my professors chose this. I can't be sure if I would make more of the writing itself today -- I often find translated prose flat -- but I can say with certainty that the characters are uniformly unappealing, the plot brutal, and many scenes nauseating. I remember the book mainly for its revulsion factor and because I wondered so intensely why it was chosen. I believe t [...]

    20. Another book that I kept reading just because I wanted to be thoroughand finish it. I could say that this continues to prove I am anoptimist, but from the beginning I knew it wouldn't get better. I foundthis book in a bibliography provided by the author of All the Flowers inShanghai. It was full of evil characters and actions. I read it in aquest to learn more of Chinese culture. What I learned is what happenswhen evil permeates a persons life and how it plays out into theirfamily and community. [...]

    21. I wish I could give a 3.5 rating for this book; it is really well written, and I felt compelled to read it very quickly, but the content was so disturbing, the characters not just unlikeable but putrid, immoral, evil beings - and totally realistic! I don't think I'd read it again, and whilst it is a worthwhile read, I can't give it a 4/5. I think I'm going to have to drop my other 3-star-rated booked down to a 2 in reflection of this, and that is in itself a testament of value to the experience [...]

    22. I stopped this pretty early. Apart from some grammatical errors there is nothing wrong with the way it is written but the story is just not interesting to me. It was not so bad at first, some famine, some family drama, some underage quasi prostitution. However there is not really any hint that this plays in the 1930s.Also I know Qiyun and Mr. Feng tick, but why Zhiyun is the way he is or why Wulong has so many violent fantasies and wants to steal from his employer I have no idea. And they are si [...]

    23. Lumea de orez - o lume violenta, decadenta, depravata - este o carte care nu poti s-o lasi, iar cînd o termini…îti doresti sa n-o fi citit. Su Tong descrie în imagini impresionante suferinta care predomina în lumea lui Cinci Dragoni, fara a tine seama de nervul cititorului. Imagini care se vor întipari în minte si cu greu o vor parasi. Un roman care frustreaza, revolta, scîrbeste…not my cup of tea.

    24. I ran into this book by book swapping while travelling, so there was not much choice. But I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It is about the struggle for power (over rice and others) in a smaller city in China. The translation is great, it doesn't read like one. And the story that's told is a compelling one.

    25. Not sure if I will finish this - it is so bleak and none of the characters are very likeable.Makes me feel like I am there in the greyest most oppressive aspects of China.I gave up and could not finish it - there was nothing redeeming in it for me. So after 3/4 of the book I stopped. Too many others out there.

    26. I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but this was nothing like it. The characters are full of violence, hatred and misery, going out of their way to make life as miserable for each other as they can. Five Dragons isodious. Not really a book that can be enjoyed as it's so brutal, but I guess it's an interesting side from an author I'm not too familiar with.

    27. Out of the three Su Tong books I read, I definitely liked this the best. I didn't expect what happened to Five Dragons, but that only made this book more interesting. It's fun to see how everyone blames one another for their own suffering, and how this vicious cycle ensures that everyone drawn into it will suffer as well. A rather compelling book by a great author, 4.5/5 stars.

    28. Terrible book--couldn't stop reading it! The terrible part was not the excellent writing but the convincing picture of how poverty can make ordinary people into depraved monsters without a shred of compassion for others. Maybe skip eating before you read this. Especially rice. You may never eat Chinese rice again after this book.A fine book which teaches the reader a good deal.

    29. Disturbing. Tong takes the symbol for rice and turns it on it's head. Instead of representing food, life, etc, in this sense, rice is pure depravity. The translation and Tong's writing combined create a cold, calculated narrator filled with hate. If you love books beyond redemption, try it.

    30. A lot of Chinese literature/film remind me of greek tragedies. This is no exception. Not for those people who are looking for happy/feel good stories. But very interesting character studies of people in desperate situations.

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