Strawberry Girl

Strawberry Girl

Lois Lenski / Jun 17, 2019

Strawberry Girl Birdie Boyer was a Florida Cracker She belonged to a large strawberry family who lived on a flatwoods farm in the lake section of the state They raised strawberries for a living Through all the hazar

  • Title: Strawberry Girl
  • Author: Lois Lenski
  • ISBN: 9780397301096
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Birdie Boyer was a Florida Cracker She belonged to a large strawberry family, who lived on a flatwoods farm in the lake section of the state They raised strawberries for a living.Through all the hazards of the uncertain crop battling against dry weather and grass fires, the roving hogs and cattle of their neighbors Birdie dreamed of an education that would includBirdie Boyer was a Florida Cracker She belonged to a large strawberry family, who lived on a flatwoods farm in the lake section of the state They raised strawberries for a living.Through all the hazards of the uncertain crop battling against dry weather and grass fires, the roving hogs and cattle of their neighbors Birdie dreamed of an education that would include playing the organ In the end she won not only the title of strawberry girl, but book learning as well.This is a story full of enterprise and fun and tire excitement of real life in this interesting part of America.Lois Lenski has used again her gift for catching the flavor and drama of life in a remote corner of America It is the second of a series of regional stories through which she promises to introduce other fascinating and little known backgrounds to boys and girls This story will take a place beside her popular Louisiana story Bayou Suzette in the affection of readers.The eighty four illustrations are distinguished for their action and fascinating detail They add greatly to this true picture of Florida life at a time when old Florida ways were changing to new.Winner, 1946 Newbery MedalNotable Children s Books of 1945 ALA

    Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski Strawberry Girl was the first novel I read by children s book author and illustrator Lois Lenski October , September , I read the book in the fifth grade in secret, because with its pink cover, not to mention title, was girly. Strawberry Girl th Anniversary Edition Trophy Newbery Strawberry Girl th Anniversary Edition Trophy Newbery Lois Lenski on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The land was theirs, but so were its hardships Strawberries big, ripe, and juicy Ten year old Birdie Boyer can hardly wait to start picking them. Strawberry Girls Home Facebook Strawberry Girls , likes talking about this instrumental melodic mathrock progrock trio featuring ex Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zac Garren, Strawberry Girl Strawberry Girl is a Newbery Medal winning novel written and illustrated by Lois Lenski First published in , this realistic fiction children s book, set among the Crackers of rural Florida, is one in Lenski s series of regional novels. Strawberry Girls YouTube Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski, Paperback Barnes Noble Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski is an rare insight into a child s life in the s The books main character, Birdie Boyer, and her family move from Marion County, Florida to the Roddenberry house in the backwoods of Florida. Music Strawberry Girls Strawberry Girls Tragic Hero Records is an instrumental trio from California featuring ex Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zac Garren, Ben Rosett Eternity Forever , and Ian Jennings. Strawberry Girls Tickets, Tour Dates Concerts Strawberry Girls On tour yes tour dates concerts Next concert near you about month Seattle , fans tracking concert alerts for this artist. Join Songkick to track Strawberry Girls and get concert alerts when they play near you. Strawberry Girl Summary and Analysis like SparkNotes If there is a Strawberry Girl SparkNotes, Shmoop guide, or Cliff Notes, you can find a link to each study guide below Among the summaries and analysis available for Strawberry Girl , there are Full Study Guide, Short Summary and Book Reviews. Strawberry Costumes Walmart Strawberry Costumes Showing of results that match your query Search Product Result Product Shopkins Strawberry Kiss Classic Child Halloween Costume Product Koala Kids Infant Girls Plush Red Strawberry Costume Polka Dot Jumper Hat Product Image Price Product Title.

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        enpedia wiki Lois_LenskiMany of Lenski s books can be collated into series but since they don t have to be read in order, you may be better off just looking for information here librarylinoisstate uniqProbably her most famous set is the following American Regional SeriesBeginning with Bayou Suzette in 1943, Lois Lenski began writing a series of books which would become known as her regional series In the early 1940s Lenski, who suffered from periodic bouts of ill health, was told by her doctor that she needed to spend the winter months in a warmer climate than her Connecticut home As a result, Lenski and her husband Arthur Covey traveled south each fall Lenski wrote in her autobiography, On my trips south I saw the real America for the first time I saw and learned what the word region meant as I witnessed firsthand different ways of life unlike my own What interested me most was the way children were living 183.In Journey Into Childhood, Lenski wrote that she was struck by the fact that there were plenty of books that tell how children live in Alaska, Holland, China, and Mexico, but no books at all telling about the many ways children live here in the United States Bayou Suzette Strawberry Girl.Blue Ridge Billy.Judy s Journey Boom Town Boy.Cotton in My Sack Texas Tomboy.Prairie School Corn Farm Boy San Francisco Boy Flood Friday Houseboat Girl Coal Camp Girl Shoo Fly Girl.To Be a Logger Deer Valley Girl.


    1. 1946 Newbery Medal winner.These older Newbery Medal books, these children's classics, are struggling to stand the test of time. Why? Well, take this one for example. It's about a time gone by, very different from today, a much harder time. It's characters, it's language, it's life situations are so stark, they must seem almost foreign to today's young readers. Can today's children still relate? Maybe, but not very easily. It's a shame too. Most of them are well written, have wonderful characters [...]

    2. Strawberry Girl was the first novel I read by children’s book author and illustrator Lois Lenski (October 14, 1893 – September 11, 1974). I read the book in the fifth grade in secret, because with its pink cover, not to mention title, was girly. At the time, I was in the process of reading books that had the Newbery Award, regardless of content. There were some duds in that bunch. For instance, I could not get into Dr. Doolittle by Hugh Lofting, due to the archaic language and the fact that [...]

    3. Lois Lenski wrote a huge series of children's books that were set in different sections of the U.S. As a youngster, I was never able to relate to this Newbery Medal winner as much as I did to her "Cotton in My Sack," because it is set in Florida rather than Arkansas, and in my youth I spent much, much more time in cotton patches than in strawberry fields.

    4. I liked this book about a family who moves to a new farm in Florida, during the pioneer days, determined to make the farm a success with a beautiful orchard and strawberry grove. Birdie is excited to become a Strawberry Girl, but is worried that the disgruntled neighbors will make trouble for her family. When the neighbor's pigs and cows trample over the new strawberry plants, Birdie's father is outraged and vows to fence in his property to keep them out. This begins a feud between the two farme [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. Not only are the characters well-drawn, and the illustrations quaint, but I learned a piece of Florida's history - something I knew nothing about prior to reading Strawberry Girl.

    6. Strawberry Girl, the 1946 Newberry winner, shares a slice of reality from early 1900s Florida with main character, Birdie, that kids and adults alike will find charming. I personally learned a lot about the regional speech, mannerisms & traditions that I never would've known. The lives of today's youth (and even my own) are so vastly different from the times in this book. It really makes you think. The characters endured so much, but the conflict resolution is a happy one. Lois Lenski's SHOO [...]

    7. I like to think I've been reasonably successful in making readers out of my kids, though none of them loves it as much as I do. However, I haven't been terribly successful in passing on love of particular books. Strawberry Girl, along with Lois Lenski's other books about girls from various parts of the US, is one of those I loved but could never convince my older daughter to read. When NetGalley offered this one, I jumped at the chance to re-live part of my childhood (though I must admit that my [...]

    8. This book almost rated four stars, but the highly improbably ending left a sour note in my mouth. I did not believe for a moment that a single kindness (even a long and sustained kindness) could so totally change the character of Mr. Slater. I could sort of see him being nice to the Boyers from now on, but his entire personality has changed. When he's talking about the death of his livlihood and entire way of life, it says that previously he'd have been in a rage, but now he was gentle as milk. [...]

    9. I'm basing this rating on how much I enjoyed it when I read it: almost 30 years ago in fourth grade. I remember loving Lois Lenski and the illustrations are wonderful. My friend and I were both reading this at the same time. I was flying through it and she was plodding and then overnight to my shock and horror she finished the whole thing while I was "waiting up" for her. Never forgot that.

    10. This was a surprising read for me. I didn't know that Lois Lenski has an "American Regional Series" set in various parts of the US, highlighting childhood in such parts. Strawberry Girl is set in the pioneer days of Florida and seen through the eyes of young Birdie Boyer whose family settles in the backwoods. In a way, this book shows signs of age but it is so well told that I believe it would make a great read-aloud as long as the reader is committed to reading the dialogue in the backwoods dia [...]

    11. Ok, yes, I see that the other Slaters were ready to become 'civilized.' But their Pa's conversion, apparently by that hungry traveling preacher, as totally out-of-the-blue. This book is very much an earnest exhortation to hard work, clean living, and kindliness. Upon this reread, at this time of my life, it was almost nauseating.I kept thinking, too, of the anthropological fallacy that Lenski succumbed to. It's clear that she can't but help think of herself as someone studying the natives, tryin [...]

    12. Vivid details and troublesome neighbors made this story about the late 1800's in Florida quite engaging. The book did seem sewn up a little too neatly at the end, but all in all a fascinating story.

    13. When we were done reading this book me and Meredith both agreed that we the book's title should of been " How to Have a Bad Fight with your Neighbors"!

    14. 🍓🍓this popped up in my recommendations on amazon & i figured i would give it a try. the illustration on the cover reminded me a lot of my beloved betsy-tacy treasury that i read when i was a kid, and i was hoping strawberry girl would be something like that. quaint, sweet, feel-good. what i wasn't expecting was how gritty it would be! sure, yes it was quaint. i mean, it takes place in the backwoods of florida in 1900. but it wasdark too. for example the main character birdie wasn't jus [...]

    15. This is an Admirable Book. The setting is admirable; the use of colloquial language is admirable; the characters are somewhat admirable.It's my least favorite of all Newbery Award winners. The story just didn't capture me -- but I'm glad I persevered, because the "religion part" is at the end. The story involves two families, the Boyers and the Slaters. The Boyers are definitely the more respectable of the two, and Birdie Boyer is the Strawberry Girl of the title. The Boyers move to Florida from [...]

    16. This book started out okay, and I like the fact that the author did research on a group of people that were little known about, but I feel the stories didn't really captivate me. Perhaps it is because I am older now in reading a children's story, but I just feel like I was not charmed or able to gain an attachment for the main characters. This is about people who lived in a remote area of Florida during the 1940s, but who still were living in a more colonial way. The whole story is about the Boy [...]

    17. This book is an example of an older Newbery that has not aged particularly well, but still offers very interesting glimpses of our American past.Lois Lenski, prolific author of children’s books, wrote one large group of books about how children typically lived in different regions in the United States in the 1930s and 1940’s.Strawberry Girl’s setting is Florida. It’s hard to believe that the rural dramas and the hard, hard lives depicted might have occurred where Disney World exists now! [...]

    18. When I was seven, my mom bribed me to read a Lois Lenski book, a moving story about a migrant farm family. All these years, I have remembered that book as "Strawberry Girl", but I realize now it was a different book. I checked various Lenski books and it must have been "Judy's Journey." (And judging by reviews, it appears that people seem to like "Judy's Journey" better than "Strawberry Girl.")Anyway, we did "Strawberry Girl" as a read-aloud. I thought I would hate the dialect, but I rather like [...]

    19. Charming in the order of Caddie Woodlawn or Thimble Summer. Birdie and the other characters are as complex as can be expected. I enjoyed Lenski's description of the setting. As I've never been to that part of Florida, I appreciated "hearing" their speech and "seeing" their homes. In the foreward, Lenski mentions having visited Florida and spending time with the people she would write about. It seems she wanted to write stories set in a variety of communities in the States, so that Americans coul [...]

    20. Sweet but old-fashioned story of farm family in rural Florida. I don't believe today's children could relate, but I love the concept of regional American life for young people to glimpse the vast differences - and similarities - of our country. The importance of neighbors is a lost concept for many.

    21. 1946 Newberry winner about the Boyer family, who move from the Carolinas to rural Florida and buy a farm. They immediately begin to feud with their neighbors, the Slaters, a poor, rural family with a drunken, domineering father and rowdy, disrespectful children. The Slaters run their cattle and hogs over the Boyer property, destroying strawberry plants and the orange grove. Mr. Boyer retaliates by killing some hogs, and the feud continues. Of course everything works out in the end. I liked the d [...]

    22. Backwoods Florida sounds to be as rough and tumble as the wild west. They had the same problems with ranging cattle and what about those "biggety" folk who come from the North (that is, "Caroliny") with their annoying habits, such as attending school, actually feeding their livestock, planting crops, painting their houses, putting up fences to keep the friendly neighborhood livestock from destroying their crops, and going to church. I don't want to give anything away, but I would have preferred [...]

    23. This could be called "Cross Creek" for kids. Like Cross Creek, this is set in backwoods Florida complete with a range of characters and descriptions of the local flora and fauna. Written in 1945 (but set during the early 1900s), it tackles more tough issues than is typical for books from that era: alcoholism, revenge, bullying, cruelty to animals, dysfunctional family, poverty The last two chapters tidy-up the problems and give the reader a fairy tale ending. Maybe that's all right since this i [...]

    24. This is an entertaining and fast-moving book, though I definitely don't think it's Lenski's best--the resolution is particularly unsatisfying, and the character depth isn't great. (JUDY'S JOURNEY is much better.) The main thing I note about this is that the subject matter is truly shocking--those who think the Newbery has gone too far in the last few years, rewarding books that talk about the harshness of life, should take note. In comparison, THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY is tame. (Well, it's alrea [...]

    25. This one actually grew on me as I was reading--it gets 2 1/2 stars. Heavy dialect is always difficult for me to get through without rolling my eyes (it usually just feels so contrived and culturally insensitive), and this was no exception. It's also very strange subject matter for a children's book; it's the story of an escalating feud between two families in rural Florida. As the book got weirder ("Pa done got drunk and shot all the heads off Ma's chickens jest to see iffen he could hit um") I [...]

    26. This is a story set back in the time when Florida was being settled. Birdie and her family have just moved in to an abandoned homestead and are wanting to plant strawberries. But their neighbors, the Slaters, don't like them because Birdie's pa ends up putting u a fence around their farm, nicking the pigs' ears of the Slaters and whatever else to keep their animals off their land. According to Birdie, her pa calls them "squatters." The Slater kids cause many problems and Birdie tries to outwit t [...]

    27. Wow -- such a strange book. I'm trying to read all of the Newbery winners, and definitely the honor books, just because I'd like to get a feel for the history of it. Not having a context for a lot of the early winners, nor for Lenski, I just kind of found this to be fascinating. Mostly because I had no idea where she was going with it. When religion enters the picture later, I felt a little weirded out, but I guess that was the best case scenario of what could have happened. It was so unpredicta [...]

    28. I enjoyed the story of Birdie and her family, farmers in Florida. The tension with the neighbors because of the fences was well done. I knew that had happened in the west, but didn't realize it took place in Florida as well. I thought the characters of Birdie and Shoestring were fairly well drawn. Some of the other characters, like Shoestring's brothers and father, were rather one-dimensional. I appreciated the dilemma that Shoestring's mother faced, trying (sort of) to keep good relationships w [...]

    29. Newbery Medal Winner--1946This was difficult at first because of the country dialect, but it was a pretty entertaining little read. The Boyers have terrible neighbors--the father is a drunk who keeps allowing his cattle and pigs to trample the Boyer's crops, cutting the Boyer's fences, and eventually does even worse. Everytime Birdie and her family do something good for themselves (buy a new stove, paint their house), their neighbors claim they must think they're better than everyone else. Somet [...]

    30. This was a children's Newbery winner. I love to read Newberys in the summer to my boys. I chose this one for myself because I was afraid it would be too girly for my boys. I picked Onion John for them and we are enjoying it too. This book was not too girly for boys. It was a cute story of a family in Southern Florida trying to make a living growing strawberries. The neighbors aren't too neighborly and try everything to get them to move back to "Caroliny". I love the language of this book. They s [...]

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