The North of God

The North of God

Steve Stern / Feb 20, 2020

The North of God Here in a place dedicated to the manufacture of fear a place that one ghoul of a Rebbe declared was located to the North of God where his jurisdicition no longer held sway Velvl found himself develop

  • Title: The North of God
  • Author: Steve Stern
  • ISBN: 9781933633565
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here in a place dedicated to the manufacture of fear a place that one ghoul of a Rebbe declared was located to the North of God, where his jurisdicition no longer held sway Velvl found himself developing a certain resistance.Through numerous books and stories, Steve Stern has become known for his fantastical and often wildly comic stories based on yiddish folklore HaroldHere in a place dedicated to the manufacture of fear a place that one ghoul of a Rebbe declared was located to the North of God, where his jurisdicition no longer held sway Velvl found himself developing a certain resistance.Through numerous books and stories, Steve Stern has become known for his fantastical and often wildly comic stories based on yiddish folklore Harold Bloom has called him a throwback to the Yiddish sublime But with this novella, Stern matches his reverential understanding of that ancient story telling s power against something he s never written about before the Holocaust The result is a mesmerizing tour de force In a boxcar crammed with Jews headed to a concentration camp, one man attempts to summon up a story vital enough to displace the horror The story that comes out is ultimately a swirling, sweeping saga about the stirring obstinacy of the human spirit And by confronting the ultimate horror with the mythology he has long celebrated, it may also be the crowning achievement of Stern s career.The Contemporary Art of the Novella series is designed to highlight work by major authors from around the world In most instances, as with Imre Kert sz, it showcases work never before published in others, books are reprised that should never have gone out of print It is intended that the series feature many well known authors and some exciting new discoveries And as with the original series, The Art of the Novella, each book is a beautifully packaged and inexpensive volume meant to celebrate the form and its practitioners.

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      • Steve Stern

        Stern was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1947, the son of a grocer He left Memphis in the 1960s to attend college, then to travel the US and Europe living, as he told one interviewer, the wayward life of my generation for about a decade, and ending on a hippie commune in the Ozarks He went on to study writing in the graduate program at the University of Arkansas, at a time when it included several notable writers who ve since become prominent, including poet C.D Wright and fiction writers Ellen Gilchrist, Lewis Nordan, Lee K Abbott and Jack Butler.Stern subsequently moved to London, England, before returning to Memphis in his thirties to accept a job at a local folklore center There he learned about the city s old Jewish ghetto, The Pinch, and began to steep himself in Yiddish folklore He published his first book, the story collection Isaac and the Undertaker s Daughter, which was based in The Pinch, in 1983 It won the Pushcart Writers Choice Award and acclaim from some notable critics, including Susan Sontag, who praised the book s brio whiplash sentences energy and charm, and observed that Steve Stern may be a late practitioner of the genre Yiddish folklore , but he is an expert one By decade s end Stern had won the O Henry Award, two Pushcart Prize awards, published collections, including Lazar Malkin Enters Heaven which won the Edward Lewis Wallant Award for Jewish American Fiction and the novel Harry Kaplan s Adventures Underground, and was being hailed by critics such as Cynthia Ozick as the successor to Isaac Bashevis Singer Stern s 2000 collection The Wedding Jester won the National Jewish Book Award, and his novel The Angel of Forgetfulness was named one of the best books of 2005 by The Washington Post.Stern, who teaches at Skid College, has also won some notable scholarly awards, including fellowships from the Fulbright and the Guggenheim foundations He currently lives in Ballston Spa, New York, and his latest work, the novel The Frozen Rabbi, was published in 2010.


    1. Yiddish folktale based stories / novels never seem to do me wrong. Magical and depressing, and a great way to spend an hour and half being paid overtime with nothing else to do at work. Thanks Barnes and Noble!!!

    2. I started reading this little novella not really knowing what to expect. Melville House, the publisher, sent me this book back in August as part of a prize pack for participating in the Art of the Novella challenge. This is part of their (defunct? I can’t find anything on their website) Contemporary Art of the Novella series. It’s the third one that I’ve read, and all three have made me want to do their authors’ taxes, at least for the year. I remember briefly glancing at the blurb – s [...]

    3. This was a weird book. The plot was fantastic but the content was questionable.This is actually two stories, both of which are connected fables or folktales. The plot of the first revolves around a young man getting seduced by a female sexual demon (in this case, a rusalka,). This story is fantastic and a joy to read. It reads like a classic fairy tale with magic, intrigue, and a sharply written plot. The second story is a man telling the story of the continued like of the man who got seduced by [...]

    4. Novella’s are wonderful things, not quite long enough to be deemed a novel and not quite short enough to be a short story. My ideal sort of book. I always find a lot of short stories too short, funnily enough, and when being introduced to a new author I like to get a feel of their writing and short stories don’t allow you to do this. Novella’s do.Melville House Publishing recentley did a collection of contemporay art novella’s from various authors that included the likes of Leo Tolstoy, [...]

    5. This book was my first (conscious) touch to North American Jewish literature, and I will now be reading five novels in this category as part of a course that I am taking. The book was set in two parts, starting on a lighter basis as a story of a young man's wedding preparations that turn wrong. In teh middle a second, darker storyline beging, when it is revealed that actually the story is told by a man in a cattle car on its way to a concentration camp.Mixed feeling about th ebook, as I did not [...]

    6. A weird little novella built out of Yiddish folklore and storytelling, and an impending sense of extermination and doom. Stern has obviously made himself an expert of this world, of shtetl life with its singular blend of sheltered yeshiva pupils, halakhic/talmudic rules and ancient, almost paganistic superstitions of a shockingly involved spirit world. Like other writers about Europe's past, W.G. Sebald and Patrick Leigh Fermor etc, Stern is interested in giving us a small glimpse at the ghosts [...]

    7. An earthy and fantastical story, told by his schoolmate, of a young prodigy of Talmudic learning who is bereft of his ordained place in life and who sets out on the road like a Jewish Candide, in search of love and meaning. If a she-devil and an ersatz Elijah enter the picture, well, I did say "earthy and fantastical." The story is told, as I said, by a fellow student, decades later, in a cattle-car on the way to a concentration camp, in scenes, if brief, as harrowing as any in literature.

    8. Lust, love, magic, soul - the storyteller takes on the world and its relentless rules and logic, whether the source be the Talmud or Nazis. Imagination and creativity will set you free.

    9. This book is excellent. You ought to read it without knowing anything about it.(I want to see a performance of Herschel's plays.)

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