Свирепия 2: Червената клетка

Свирепия 2: Червената клетка

Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров / Dec 12, 2019

  • Title: Свирепия 2: Червената клетка
  • Author: Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
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      232 Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров
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      • Richard Marcinko John Weisman Венцислав Градинаров

        Richard Marcinko is the author of the Rogue Warrior thrillers and is a living, breathing hero honored with the silver star and four bronze stars for valor, along with two Navy Commendation medals and other honors After serving in Vietnam, he went on to start and command SEAL Team 6, the Navy s anti terrorist group, and Red Cell, a high level anti terrorist unit Marcinko keeps his hand in the field as the president of a private international security company and now lives in Warrington, Virginiacmillan author richar


    1. Macho Motivation Extrordinare Very macho, highly motivating, singularly focused individual.Amazing what he was able to accomplish. Willing to sacrifice it all.The language gets to be a little much but it's probably word for word how it happened.Able to learn leadership principles I would apply and things I wouldn't. Helps me understand others with drastically different personalities.

    2. Once again, loose morals, awful language, but intriguing story. Sometimes the author's bravado gets on your nerves, and sometimes you think it would take that kind of bravado and extreme self confidence to be able to accomplish the things he writes about. Some passages that I marked:"It is like this. Warriors are different. Whether you are a master of the ancient Chinese martial art of tai chi chuan, a sniping instructor at the Marine sniping school at Quantico, or a master chief at BUD/S out at [...]

    3. NON-STOP ACTION!I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. This book starts with action and never let's up. Thank you Commander Marcinko for your devoted service to America!

    4. I think I read this for all the wrong reasons. Rogue Warrior ended with Marcinko running Red Cell, a group that was hired to break into military instillation and plant fake bombs to test security. It's a really cool idea that sounded a lot of fun, so when I saw the next (entirely fictional) book was named Red Cell, I expected to read a lot more of that. Instead, it's 400 pages of Demo Dick talking about how great he is.The strong, offensive, cowboy-like persona Weisman portrays Marcinko as is a [...]

    5. I read the first Rogue Warrior book when it came out years ago, so my memory of it is vague, but I think it was non-fiction. In this one, Marcinko and his ghost writer John Weisman tell a "might have happened" tale in which the Rogue Warrior is put back on active duty for ambiguous reasons. It's a classic plot of chase and capture and delayed revelation - the only two real plots for any action story. I had personal contact with a real Navy SEAL for years, and so the military jargon and the brava [...]

    6. My first Rogue Warrior book. I liked it. I've only been able to acquire abridged versions of Marcinko's books and I don't like those versions. I'm also on the fence whether I really like Marcinko performing the narration. He has a way about him that seems to compliment the writing, but I wonder if it would have been better with an experienced narrator. I may listen to one or two more abridged versions to get a better feel for his character, but I'd much rather find unabridged copies as I said.

    7. Unlike the first book that was a true story, this one is purely fiction and not even good fiction. I read it when I was 16 so maybe it's not as bad a I remembered but knowing Marcinko personally, I had hoped to see him continue with real events and stories. Being the son of "Gold Dust Frank" from the first book, I knew there was plenty more he could of went on about in a second book. My guess is he took a lot of flak from NAVSPECWAR after the first and decided against it.

    8. Aaaahhhh, such a fond trip down Memory Lane. re-readig this book for the first time since 1999RANDOM STREAM-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS:--p. 24: WTF? Whatever happened to "Thou shalt never ASSume?"--p. 27: Wow, Demo Dick actually uses the "slide release" (not "slide stop" or "slide lock") to drop the slide--especially on the Glock?!

    9. I thought this was incredibly fun to read. I like the first-person style. Marcinko is just such an appealing character, and I was always looking forward to whatever he was going to do next. I will definitely be reading more in the series.

    10. Marcinko, thought writing the same book over and over, makes for a great afternoon although you have to wash your mouth out with soap,etc afterwards.He's so manly, there is hair on this book.

    11. Well done!Great job Marcinko! I'm a Navy veteran of 21years . (Not a SEAL) The resistance to change is through out the service. We thank the man for folks like you. You're a breath of fresh air. Outstanding book!

    12. #2 in the Rogue Warrior series.Rogue Warrior series - fiction - This is the story of how Marcinko and a handful of picked SEALs defeated a high-level plot to smuggle nuclear weapons into the hands of Japanese rightists.

    13. This one was the best of the series. Though is work is "fictional" he makes sure you know it really isn't (he's just tweaked some names or locations to avoid going back to jail).

    14. Not bad a fictionalized sequel to the first Rogue Warrior. A little dry and forced at times, but certainly entertaining.

    15. What an awesome book. I know this book is "fiction" but is it really real? It is an amazing story, true or not, with a brilliant ending.

    16. apparently he got in trouble with the last book because of some "Military secrets" or whatnot so marcinko went to writing novels instead. Still funny and still good.

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