Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home

Sterling Rivers / Dec 15, 2019

Carry Me Home After his mom dies Aiden Price returns to Texas to deal with the aftermath Amidst disapproving family and painful memories Aiden finds solace in love letters he discovers in his mom s attic Needing

  • Title: Carry Me Home
  • Author: Sterling Rivers
  • ISBN: 9781634768429
  • Page: 172
  • Format: ebook
  • After his mom dies, Aiden Price returns to Texas to deal with the aftermath Amidst disapproving family and painful memories, Aiden finds solace in love letters he discovers in his mom s attic Needing a change when his sexual orientation is unexpectedly revealed and his dad rejects him, Aiden sets out on a journey to Montana to find the mysterious author of the letters TAfter his mom dies, Aiden Price returns to Texas to deal with the aftermath Amidst disapproving family and painful memories, Aiden finds solace in love letters he discovers in his mom s attic Needing a change when his sexual orientation is unexpectedly revealed and his dad rejects him, Aiden sets out on a journey to Montana to find the mysterious author of the letters There he meets Cody Bannar, who volunteers to be his guide.Cody had a rough start in life but after being adopted into a huge, loving family, he lives out and proud, unafraid of what others think about his sexuality.Aiden and Cody hit it off and Aiden is welcomed into Cody s family with open arms As they continue on their quest, they begin to fall in love, but Aiden isn t ready to commit to Cody, or to embrace who he is.Not until after the truth behind the love letters is revealed does Aiden realize his mom would have wanted him to follow his heart And home is where the heart is firmly in Cody s hands.

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    1. Unfortunately, other than the gorgeous cover art and Cody, this book didn't do much for me. I didn't feel anything for Aiden, even though his mother has just died and his father and sister reject him. But, in Adien's fact-finding mission, he encounters the incredibly adorable, quirky Cody. One of Cody's quirks is him pen-chewing. Turns out he has pica, described by WebMD as:Pica is the persistent eating of substances such as dirt or paint that have no nutritional value.Cody to Aiden:He looked at [...]

    2. We first meet Aiden upon his mother's unexpected death as he is arriving at her (now his) house and has to begin the task of cleaning out her belongings, her life. We immediately feel the immense grief and pain Aiden carries, as he struggles to get through each day, through the funeral, through having to deal with his asshole father, somewhat estranged for years, his bitchy sister and stoic brother-in-law, who only care about themselves, and figure out his next steps. Plagued by guilt, Aiden mov [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsThe idea that love letters written in the past can resonate in the present captured my imagination and I devoured this story.Narrated by Aiden Price he tells of his return to his childhood home in Texas, distraught at the prospect of the imminent funeral of his mother. He feels both responsible and overwhelmed tasked with putting his mother's affairs in order with very little support or practical help from his distant divorced father and elder sister.In the attic of his family home, Aid [...]

    4. Told from the POV of Aiden Price, we meet him as he is returning to his childhood home to take care of necessities to bury his mother. The trip is not an easy one for Aiden and the funeral is just one negative issue he has to deal with. We learn about the way Aiden grew up, how close he was with his mom, the estranged relationship with his father after his parents’ divorce and the non-existent sibling relationship with his sister.Aiden, while cleaning and attempting to situate his late mother [...]

    5. Nach dem Tod seiner Mutter verliert Aiden den Boden unter den Füssen und flieht von Texas nach Montana. Alles wird ihm zuviel. Die Trauer scheint ihn zu überwältigen, seinen Vater überrascht er unbeabsichtigt mit seiner Homosexualität und von seiner Schwester ist sowieso keine Hilfe oder Verständnis zu erwarten. Während er versucht das Haus seiner Mutter in Ordnung zu bringen, findet Aiden Briefe und persönliche Gegenstände von eines lang verstorbenen Verwandten. Schnell wird ihm klar, [...]

    6. Aiden returns to Texas from New York grieving his mother and miserable with his life choices. Quickly rejected by his father and sister when they find out he’s gay, Aiden sets off on an unlikely road trip.I feel like I should have liked this more than I did but I really didn’t warm to Aiden. Which is awful when there are a million reasons to feel sorry for him. For me, the character felt awkwardly sketched in. We know almost nothing about his work and his life in New York. He has no friends [...]

    7. Carry Me Home by Sterling Rivers4 starsM/M Romance, self discoveryTriggers: Death of a loved family member, bigotryI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Aiden is a soft spoken, sad character at the onset of this story. His mom has just passed away and he's riddled with guilt. However, I'm not quite sure why he's so guilt ridden, as he was just living his life. He is cleaning out his mom's house when he happens across some love letters that his mom has kept hidden. He [...]

    8. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsWhile in this tiny town, Aiden is soon drawn into the OCD, effervescent, engaging whirlwind that is Cody. Cody is a little younger and completely—one might say graphically–out on his YouTube channel.Cody is compelled to help Aiden, and in the short time they spend together they bond. Cody’s outrageous with odd quirks—like pica—that endear him to Aiden. Aiden’s so trapped in grief over his mother’s death and the treatment by the rest of his family th [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this one. It was sad in places and I cried, but man I loved Cody. He was so great and I loved his personality. He was perfect for Aiden. I also loved the whole mystery with the letters, very bittersweet but it was still nice to discover more about them. Not saying anything else about them ;-) My first book by this author and it won't be my last.

    10. I really don't know why was Aiden such a sad, quiet character, maybe it was simply the way he was. Still his sadness pulled the atmosphere of the storyline down. Sure I liked Cody and Aiden's romance, still something was missing in this story. The way it ended, was to abrupt and the HEA felt forced, at least for me.

    11. 3.5 Stars ~ I so enjoy finding a new-to-me author and once I read the description for 'Carry Me Home' by Sterling Rivers I was intrigued. It seems as if lately so many of my friends on social media are losing a family member, or even more than one, and when I first started reading I definitely had some teary moments as Aiden struggled with his mother's coma and his ultimate decision to release her from suffering. What I also had though, was genuine appreciation for the clarity and understanding [...]

    12. Aiden is trying to come to terms with his mother's death. While cleaning out the house he comes upon a military locker in the attic and when going thru it he finds letters from someone in the beginning he thought was a woman's letters to his great uncle but further investigating he finds out they are from a man. Being a gay man himself, he can only imagine how life for these two would have been back during the 50's. When he is confronted by his father about his sexual orientation, life has pushe [...]

    13. This book - don't know what to write about it. I finished it, no thought about abandoning it and I had to read on, but on the other hand it didn't grab me like 'this is great, what happens next'. It was more like 'come on, now will finally something happen?'.The story meandered along, filled with lots of unimportant stuff, aimless, the same as Aiden moves through his life. No idea why he still tried to impress his father or gain his approval as the man divorced his family years ago.And yes, the [...]

    14. Gorgeous cover which sadly wasn't matched by the contents within it. The story is okay, it took way too long to get going and while both main characters were okay and Cody's family was hilarious, it didn't really go anywhere.Cody had an odd behavioural issue which just seemed to be there for the sake of making his character "more interesting" and Aiden didn't really seem to have a real reason for why he didn't tell them why he was searching for the mysterious person in the letters.When the big r [...]

    15. A terrific story of Aiden's coming to terms with life itself and finding freedom and happiness. Cody was a force of nature with a heart of gold. This was a touching story about family with its strengths and weaknesses. A smooth, fairly easy read that could have used better editing. Worth every feel good moment reading it.

    16. What to tell?The Story plot is romantic and I have been satisfied with it.What else?Aiden and Cody which get romantically involved are great together and romance is sweet. My time spent on that book was satisfying.

    17. Oh my.I so loved this book. The sorrows, the joys and the new beginnings.Shows that one should always do what makes one happy.Feeling real pain for the two young men mentionedwill they get a book to our?

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