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Genesis The Global Civil War was about to make Humankind extinct when the stupendous Super Dimensional Fortress dispatched to Earth by a dying alien genius changed all that forever Humanity s only hope lay i

  • Title: Genesis
  • Author: Jack McKinney
  • ISBN: 9780345341334
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Global Civil War was about to make Humankind extinct, when the stupendous Super Dimensional Fortress dispatched to Earth by a dying alien genius changed all that forever Humanity s only hope lay in a corps of untried young men and women gifted with powers they didn t fully understand Then the most feared conquerors in the universe attacked, determined to destroy themThe Global Civil War was about to make Humankind extinct, when the stupendous Super Dimensional Fortress dispatched to Earth by a dying alien genius changed all that forever Humanity s only hope lay in a corps of untried young men and women gifted with powers they didn t fully understand Then the most feared conquerors in the universe attacked, determined to destroy them for no reason they could comprehend.

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    1. A new era of reading started here to meA SELF-IMPOSED CHALLENGEI started to learn to read novels in English with this book.Sure, I got English classes on High School but that it didn't much good to really have enough vocabulary as to get into reading a full English written novel.I met the Robotech books in the shelves of a local book store, back then, in 1992, and it was like receiving a call from a higher realm.If I wanted to know what those books said, I needed to read them on English, since i [...]

    2. Sta reci sem da sam bio ogroman fan ove serije kada sam bio mali i McKinney je odradio odlican posao u novelizaciji istoj.I da se razumemo nije samo prepricao seriju (mada to je glavni deo) vec je ubacio i puno ekstra scena da malo dublje objasni likove ili dogadjaje ili sama razmisljanja. Sada na momente ume da bude slabih delova ali sem toga odlicno drzi paznju.Tako da ako vam treba podsetnik na mladost samo uronite.

    3. I started my Robotech love affair when I was roughly 10 or so, when it used to be a syndicated cartoon on a local channel in California. Having been weaned on the ultra "feel good" cartoons of the day (GI Joe, He-Man, and even Voltron), Robotech was definitely a sobering experience for my young mind. Characters actually fell in, and out, of love, personalities evolved over the course of the show, mistakes were made by smart peopled some people actually died! From that moment on, the standard aft [...]

    4. Upon re-reading as an adult and as a writer myself, the writing is pretty awful. "Artless" might be an apt word.However, understand that you're not getting a Hyperion, a Dune, or Shadow of the Torturer from the get go will let you sit back and relax and enjoy what is here: a more polished version (in terms of plot and world building) of a pretty decent TV space opera with some great entertaining sequences."Robotech" as a cartoon was an attempt to bring anime to the US in the early 80s without ha [...]

    5. Robotech was a great animated series back in the 80s and I remember reading a few of the novels in elementary school. I thought I'd give them a try again and this first one was surprisingly good (good reviews as well). The dialog is a little cheesy but the author really brings to life the battle sequences and knows how to write action. All in all it was entertaining and the Robotech universe is interesting. I may have a go at a few of the others in the series.In regards to the plot--one day a g [...]

    6. This book really started something for me. I read it in junior high and I guess it was just right for my mindset at the time. I fell in love with ensemble characters progressing the story who may never actually meet in the entire series but are no less important than all the others. The idea of heading each chapter with a quote or entry from a log, diary, journal, or magazine real only to the world that the reader is seeing into added a depth of continuity that persisted through the whole series [...]

    7. Good book. I have read it before in my youth, and it was just as good as I remember it. The fact that it is directly adapted from the cartoon series is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it is very faithful to the cartoon, while expanding on things, but bad because it doesn't add anything to the series. Also, I could do without the "relationship" drama between Rick and Minmei.Good book, I would recomend it to Sci-Fi fans, just tune out the sappy Minmei/Rick parts.

    8. My first foray into sci-fi books! I stumbled upon the series when the Half Price books opened up in Redmond. Ran through all 18 books in the series in 2-3 months. What can I say, I have a soft spot for mecha!

    9. Sophomoric dialogue, illogical strategies, and complete disrespect for military chain of command, but still a fun return to one of my favourite programs of my youth.

    10. Sometimes I get the urge to read crappy, mindless SF, but unfortunately I have an allergic reaction to everything Baen has published in the last twenty years or so, which limits my options greatly. I have standards, even when reading crap.Thankfully there are the Robotech novelizations by "Jack McKinney" (a pseudonym for James Luceno and Brian Daley, both most famous for their Star Wars novels, though ironically from different eras, Daley's The Han Solo Adventures predating The Empire Strikes Ba [...]

    11. Looking at the two other reviews here currently is kind of scary.Robotech was one of the most important things in my life during high school. (In fact, I got one of my best friends when she asked another friend of mine about her Robotech T-Shirt.)I read these books as part of a craze for more Robotech, the coolest current TV show there was. I didn't know yet that it was what I now know as anime, and I didn't know that it had been assembled from three unrelated shows (I had noticed the changes in [...]

    12. My Robotech Novels journey began in 1987 and the rest you can say is history. Although a fan of the animated series, it's been the novels that have always been my favorite part of the franchise and it never gets old reading them. Many fans do scoff at the novels because of the "ambitious" concepts that were used in them. But no matter what is said, Brian Daley and James Luceno (aka JACK MCKINNEY)gave Robotech fans something that has never been achieved outside of the franchisea conclusion to the [...]

    13. Classic science fiction only the 1980's could bring us. Every one of the characters feels like they came right out of an 80's cartoon, but in a good way since there was a cartoon of this franchise as well.A spaceship comes out of nowhere and crash lands on Earth. The Earthlings repair it and learn all the alien technology and we go to space. From the moment the alien vessel arrived, the story had me.The framework of the story is somewhat unique. Not only are there chapters based around one chara [...]

    14. Reading these books as a kid was a life altering experience for me. I wasn't even aware there was a cartoon for a number of years. I lived without TV for a lot of my childhood. Anyway, this series was amazing to me. It nurtured my love of mecha, and surely influenced my later love of anime. I reread the entire series every year for most of my life.Going back to these as an adult, they obviously arent quite as good. They tend to slow down quite a bit. However, the epic storyline and events still [...]

    15. Great series of books for kids that enjoy or are interested in science fiction. I read these books in middle school (I'm now in my 30s) and loved each one. The stories are fun, engaging and relatively fast paced. I'd be tempted to reread them now just for old time's sake if I didn't have so many new books on my to-read list. I knocked it down a peg because, in retrospect, there are some aspects that are a bit too cheesy. I'm sure when my kids are old enough, they'll get thier own copies.

    16. Los libros de Robotech.Como recuerdo hace tantos años haber encontrado una pagina web con la traducción de estos libros ya que no hay versión oficial traducida y como buen fan de la saga Robotech me los descargue para leerlos en una Palm Zire.Los libros no son mas que una curiosidad ya que básicamente es la misma historia que apreciamos en la animación.Recomendable para fans y solo como simple curiosidad.

    17. As a huge fan of Robotech as a kid I was thrilled with this first edition paperback that was based on the series. It expanded on some things and allowed for more detailed descriptions of characters and actions.With the 25th Anniversary coming up, I can say that this book and the rest of the series would be perfect for new fans and older ones alike.

    18. This book is definitely a product of the mid 80's. The characters are little more than caricatures of Voltron characters or really any late 70's anime. It's fine for what it is but nothing special.All that being said I did finish it in one day. That is a rare occurrence for me.

    19. If you are a fan of the Robetech cartoon series (the Americanized version not the various Japanese series that were repurposed) then you will enjoy this series that gives you more detail then time allowed in the cartoon. the world and characters are truly enjoyable

    20. This book was okay, an interesting start. Seriously, though, I HATE Minmei. I hate her "sparkling eyes" and her "long legs" and her "wavy hair." Could the author just shut up for a second about her and, I don't know, tell me the plot?

    21. I really loved this book it is one of my favourites!Because it is about humans that need to travel lost in space and aliens attack them.I really like about space that is why I like this exciting book.It also has a lot about technology and that makes it to me more exciting.

    22. in what must be the most incompetent group of geocentric aliens of all time, this bunch leaves its superweapon on earth and then gets its ass kicked. hope you had good geocentricity insurance coverage.

    23. An awesome companion piece to the series. If you have only seen the cartoon and had some questions about certain events, the novelization will clear things up for you.

    24. Great SiFi series. Giant battlesuits battling outer space monsters, what more can you ask for. Very recommended

    25. Every book in this series kept my interest before the Anime boom. So grateful to my friend Ron for referring me to the Robotech universe!

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