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Atticus He knew me from the moment I stepped through the broken window Studying me Watching me Changing me I was unaware of him at first my life was too out of control to notice The constant moving and lack o

  • Title: Atticus
  • Author: Leslie Fear
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He knew me from the moment I stepped through the broken window.Studying me Watching me Changing me.I was unaware of him at first my life was too out of control to notice The constant moving and lack of money after Mom divorced Dad was turning her into a different person All she did was drink and she was now this angry person I didn t want to know But once I stepped tHe knew me from the moment I stepped through the broken window.Studying me Watching me Changing me.I was unaware of him at first my life was too out of control to notice The constant moving and lack of money after Mom divorced Dad was turning her into a different person All she did was drink and she was now this angry person I didn t want to know But once I stepped through the window inside that house, I could feel the peace surrounding me Hugging my body as if it had arms Protecting me Loving me It was like the house knew what I craved and it felt too good to question any of it So I went back, day after day I hungrily guzzled up the euphoria like a raging alcoholic, reaching for another drink Just like my mother.

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        Leslie is currently writing her fifth paranormal romance novel to be released sometime in 2018 When she s not writing or driving teenagers around, Leslie also works for the blog she co founded, The Indie Bookshelf.Leslie lives in Texas with her husband, two great kids and one very silly pug.


    1. this book is a solid three "liked it" stars coming from someone with this attitude towards romance:but to paranormal romance fans - come read this! okay, i'm back!! so, yeah - i may not be a fan of romance novels in general, but i am a fan of ms. leslie fear, who co-authored two books i would never have read on my own, but she's such a delightfully effervescent and genuine person (on the internet, anyway. she may drown baby koalas IRL for all i know), that i took a chance and read both Villere H [...]

    2. 4 stars!!! When I read the blurb and saw the cover for Atticus, I knew right away it was a book I wanted to read. I’ve read both of Leslie Fear’s ‘Blood of My Blood’ books so I knew I’d enjoy the writing style. Atticus is different from her other books. It’s paranormal and YA- and I love YA books so I was excited to jump in. This story held my attention the entire book and when I finished left me thinking about it for days! Candice is starting a new high school… again. She’s been [...]

    3. It has been way too long since I've read a good Paranormal book. I was so excited to read Atticus. GAHHHHat synopsis.It was good, a solid three stars. It started out strong, teasing me with vagueties (yes it's a word if I say it's a word) and intrigue. It was extremely creative, and kept me engaged the entire time. I was entertained, but it didn't really go further than that. Atticus pulled me along a little too fast. Even though it is a full length novel, it read more like a novella. There were [...]

    4. Atticus has all the things I love in a book: a strong protagonist, a sweet romance (with a hottie, of course), and a creepy mystery. I was torn between wanting to go into the house with Candace because it felt so good there, and saying, NO, don't go! I stayed up wayyyy to late (as in 4am!) reading this book. That alone should tell you how much I enjoyed it!

    5. 5 Through the Window StarsYou know how you think something is going one way and then it doesn't? Like you think you had a great conversation with someone and then you find out they got really mad at you. Or you knewjust knew.what you were getting a new bike for Christmas and you really got socks. Or the worstting into what you think is a great piece of chocolate only to find out it's that strawberry filling stuff. Yeah, Ms Fear pulls a switcheroo on us. She takes you down on path and thenM takes [...]

    6. I'll admit, Atticus is not my usual genre. I'm not a huge fan of YA, I'm not a huge fan of paranormal stufft I am, giving Atticus five stars.Atticus is one of those books that makes you fall in love with the characters and their story. Candice has it rough. Really rough. She's mature beyond her years and has built up some very tall, very strong walls. When she moves, yet again, she is thrust into yet another school. She's determined not to attach herself to anyone because she knows how it'll end [...]

    7. This was an easy read. It was also definitely a what the f*ck book. I really enjoyed reading it. There was plenty of WTF moments going on.

    8. My review:It's no secret that I love a good paranormal book and when a malevolent spirit with intentions is at the crux, as with Atticus, I have a page turner filled with mystery and suspense. Set in a small town in Georgia, Atticus takes on a Southern gothic feel, adding to the already spooky atmosphere.The story centers around Candice, a high school senior from a broken and dysfunctional family; Brad, a boy at school who is attracted to and protective of Candice; and Atticus, the malevolent sp [...]

    9. Candice Crawford has not had an easy go of it lately. Ever since her mom and dad split up, her and her mom have been moving and now she is entering grade 12 in another new school. Lately her mom is angrier than normal and drinking more than she ever did and all Candice wants to do is graduate and get a scholarship far away.Candice hates being the new kid and is confused when the handsome Brad Davis helps her out and is nice to her. She's also worried that she is hearing her name being called by [...]

    10. "You know that feeling you get when you finally have a glimmer of hope?" "You just gave that to me."I thought I knew what this book was going to be about. I was wrong. It was so much more.Candice changes schools often because of her Mom's bad habits. This doesn't allow her to create a close bond with anyone, which leaves her feeling alone and just ready to be done with high school all together. She bumps into Brad, on her first day in a new school, and he's determined to get to know her. He prov [...]

    11. If there is something Leslie excels at it's the creep factor in her books. She is the queen. I never ever know what I'm getting into but I can be assured it will probably at least give me the chills and not in a good way. These are the bone chilling ones that you keep wondering if someone is in the room with your even if you can't see them. Atticus is no different. I wanted to read the book by the cover alone and then I read the blurb and I was sold. Little did I know it would take me twice as l [...]

    12. Leslie Fear has hit it out of the park again! Atticus is different from her Blood of My Blood series but it still takes you on a fun, spooky, paranormal journey. I was grabbed from the beginning trying to figure out what the connection was between Candice and the old abandoned house. Then Atticus shows up and I was unable to sleep until I knew how it would end. Then I reached the end and just like any good ghost story I was left wanting more. What happened next??? This is a good YA story. That i [...]

    13. Really intriguing paranormal read that kept me on my toes. Candice and her mom's relationship instantly built my sympathy toward Candice and made me want to rescue/protect her (just like Brad wants to). I wasn't sure whether Atticus was good or evil so it really left me guessing until Candice figured it out. The almost love triangle between Candice, Atticus, and Brad was definitely an interesting dynamic. I really enjoyed the charactersd the very, very end left me eagerly awaiting the next one!

    14. wow! this was alot different than "normal" paranormal books. If I had known what it was about, I probably wouldn't have read it because this stuff scares the crap out of me. (I had nightmares months after watching paranormal activity 3) however.I am so glad I read it. I really loved it. It didn't traumatized me and I loved the main characters. All three of them! Oh Atticus, I hope you find your peace but please leave Brad aloneI love him! I'm ready for more of this story and I believe I have fou [...]

    15. Ohhhmyyy Leslie Fear I really enjoyed reading about Attics! I went in blind, had no idea really what this book was about, just the way I like it lol. it was mysteriousIt was gripping.It was a page turner I don't want to give anything away but I just want to say that I loved reading this book and gave it 5 mysterious StarsWho is Attics? Well you better go one click this bad boy cuz you are going to love finding out! = )

    16. I give it a solid 3.5 stars. Some things about it bugged me but I enjoyed it overall. I stayed up late reading to finish it! That doesn't happen often any more.

    17. This isn't the type of book I usually go for. I'm more of a contemporary romance or YA chick -maybe a little erotica and perhaps a vampire here or there. But there was something about the cover and the description that drew me in. I'm so glad I read it! It opened up my eyes to a genre I haven't even tried! What was I thinking? What took me so long?Without giving anything anyway, there's this creepy house. In this house is this mysterious, dark, hot guy. Candice is drawn to the house and to the g [...]

    18. OMG!!!! PAGE TURNER!!!MUST READ!!!I loved this book; Leslie Fear is an author that takes me outside my comfort zone with each and every book she writes. Atticus was a novel that kept me guessing, the characters had depth and were complex, each time I thought I had a handle on one of them the author surprised me.The novel is set in modern time, or is it??? I am not going to give you that much detail because the book is newly released, but the story start with Candice and her adventure in ANOTHER [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsCandice just wants to finish High School and hopefully get a scholarship to anywhere that's far away from her mother. Determined not to get attached to anyone that is quickly thrown out the window by the Charming Brad who is not only cute and funny but sweet and caring and genuinely honest.For the first time she has a true connection to someone. But then there's the other part that keeps being drawn into the old house in their small town. Then the dreams start. Torn between the world's [...]

    20. I had a feeling this was going to be a great book, but after finishing it in a couple of days, it's confirmed. Atticus was a fantastic book! It had me from the beginning. Maybe because it was set back when I was in high school, or just the way it was so easy to relate to the characters. I really enjoyed Brad and Candice, they were real, they were normal teens in any town. They could have been any of us. I have been a fan of Leslie Fear' s writing for a while and this solo book just shows why. Sh [...]

    21. As one who has written very few reviews, I must say I really enjoyed this book. Perfect combination of new, young love of very like-able characters to downright creepy, cruel individuals, both potentially detrimental to our heroine, both despicable in different ways. For fear of giving away too much, I'll just say I recommend this book as a good summer read that may just leave you wanting for more.

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