The Bride Wore Black

The Bride Wore Black

Cornell Woolrich William Irish / Aug 19, 2019

The Bride Wore Black AMERICA S MASTER OF SUSPENSEFIRST IN THE DEFINITIVE SERIES OF THIS AMERICAN GENIUSNo one knew who she was where she came from or why she had entered their lives All they really knew about her was th

  • Title: The Bride Wore Black
  • Author: Cornell Woolrich William Irish
  • ISBN: 9780743413169
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • AMERICA S MASTER OF SUSPENSEFIRST IN THE DEFINITIVE SERIES OF THIS AMERICAN GENIUSNo one knew who she was, where she came from, or why she had entered their lives All they really knew about her was that she possessed a terrifying beauty and that each time she appeared, a man died horribly

    The Bride Wore Black The Bride Wore Black It stars Jeanne Moreau, Charles Denner, Alexandra Stewart, Michel Bouquet, Michael Lonsdale, Claude Rich and Jean Claude Brialy It is a revenge film in which a widowed woman hunts the five men who killed her husband on her wedding day She wears only white, black or a combination of the two. And the Bride Wore White Pure Freedom And the Bride Wore White An eight week study on secrets to purity for every teen girl Need some practical strategies to teach the teen girls in your life to walk in The Bride Wore Blue The Brides of Bath Book Kindle The Bride Wore Blue The Brides of Bath Book Kindle edition by Cheryl Bolen Romance Kindle eBooks . The Bride Wore Red The Bride Wore Red Passed h min Comedy, Drama, Romance October USA Count Armalia believes that the luck of birth is all that separates the rich from the poor To test his theory, he sends Anni, who is a singer in a dive, to a ritzy resort for two weeks. And the Bride Wore, Um, Nothing the Groom, Too The New Feb , And the Bride Wore, Um, Nothing the Groom, Too Image Jack Seay, , and Colleen Gordon, , married July , at Wildwood Naturist s Resort , The Bride Wore Blue The Brides of Bath, by Cheryl Bolen Jan , Community Reviews The Bride Wore Blue is the first of the four book series, and all are highly recommended It s a real treat to see authors such as Ms Bolen release their print backlists as eBooks The Brides of Bath series is a wonderful series of fully developed and well written romances. the bride wore black eBay THE BRIDE WORE BLACK Movie POSTER x Belgian B Jeanne Moreau Claude Rich See like this The Bride Wore Black by Cornell Woolrich, The Franklin Library Hardcover Pre Owned . or Best Offer . shipping Free Returns The Bride Wore Black The Franklin Library of Mystery Masterpieces. Royal Style The bride wore a tiara that was also worn by May , The bride made her entrance in an elegant lace wedding gown by Italian designer Luisa Beccaria She wore a Russian Fringe style tiara also worn by her grandmother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent The bride wore a napkin on her head the bizarre Aug , The bride wore a napkin on her head the bizarre wedding of Peaches Geldof By Caroline Graham, Mail on Sunday LA Correspondent and The Bride Wore Red The Bride Wore Red is a American comedy film directed by Dorothy Arzner, and starring Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, Robert Young and Billie Burke It was based on the unproduced play The Bride from Trieste by Ferenc Molnr In this rags to riches tale, Crawford plays a

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        Cornell Woolrich is widely regarded as the twentieth century s finest writer of pure suspense fiction The author of numerous classic novels and short stories many of which were turned into classic films such as Rear Window, The Bride Wore Black, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Waltz Into Darkness, and I Married a Dead Man, Woolrich began his career in the 1920s writing mainstream novels that won him comparisons to F Scott Fitzgerald The bulk of his best known work, however, was written in the field of crime fiction, often appearing serialized in pulp magazines or as paperback novels Because he was prolific, he found it necessary to publish under multiple pseudonyms, including William Irish and George Hopley Woolrich lived a life as dark and emotionally tortured as any of his unfortunate characters and died, alone, in a seedy Manhattan hotel room following the amputation of a gangrenous leg Upon his death, he left a bequest of one million dollars to Columbia University, to fund a scholarship for young writers.Source hardcasecrime books_bi


    1. “The lights of the city streaked off below him like the luminous spokes of a warped wheel. An indistinctly outlined, pearly moon seemed to drip down the sky, like a clot of incandescent tapioca thrown up against the night by a cosmic comic. He lit the after-the-dance, while-waiting-for-her-to-come-back cigarette. He felt good, looking down at the town that had nearly had him licked once.’I'm all set now,’ he thought. ’I'm young. I've got love. I've got a clear track. The rest is a cinch. [...]

    2. In essence, The Bride Wore Black is the culmination of everything Cornell Woolrich had been building up to in the pulps. Here he completely abandoned his original dream of becoming the next Fitzgerald. The Bride Wore Black reaches for greatness, and nearly attains it. Anyone who has read it before, or has heard discussions about it, knows that the ending is flawed, a letdown of the wonderful journey the reader has taken. But like the film Apocalypse Now, that journey is so galvanizing we can’t [...]

    3. Here it was night again, and nothing wonderful, nothing glamorous was ever going to happen to him. Just cheapness. A cheap hotel room, a cheap man in his shirt sleeves, cheap gin, cheap regrets. He supposed he might as well call up Maybelle now as later and get it over with. He knew he was going to in the end, anyway. It was a case of Maybelle or nothing. But he knew just what she'd say, just what she'd wear, just what she'd think. Beer and liverwurst. Be careful what you wish for! Mitchell is a [...]

    4. One by one, men are dying, deaths that at first seem accidental. The only link between the deaths are that each of the victims was last seen in the company of a woman. How are the men connected? Is it the work of one woman or several? And can the police stop the murders before another man ends up dead?The Bride Wore Black is a great work of suspense. Woolrich does a good job of building the tension and maintaining an unpredicatable feel. The murders were believably done and Woolrich's writing wa [...]

    5. One of my favourite programmes on ITV is "Midsomer Murders", a fabulously OTT 2 hour bonanza of death and slaughter in which, normally, three or four people are murdered through being shot or stabbed (boring), being crushed under piles of falling newspapers or drinks cabinets (slightly more interesting) , poisoned by mushrooms, (hmmm different) crushed by a herd of cattle coming to milking ( now we are getting somewhere), drowned in a vat of wine ( fun way to go), drowned in a slurry pit (not su [...]

    6. Woolrich is the hard boiled Shakespeare. Not a word wasted but still rich in simile and metaphor. A plot as preposterous as the Bard would tell or maybe an opera, but still we take it hook, line, and sinker. Oh and that Woolrich twist we know is coming but never see. And as dark as anything, Cornell never leaves you with anything but futility.

    7. Creepy! This is one of those classic-styled horror mysteries where, once you read it, it'll stay in your head for a long time. The way the author writes evokes a definite sense of foreboding and the suspense kept getting more and more intense as the story continued.

    8. This review originally appeared on my blog: justaguythatlikes2readspoWoolrich takes a unique spin on the police procedural by segregating scenes relevant to the crime investigation and that of the victims and perpetrator to create an almost short story like act linked by reoccurring characters. The deliberate separation served to create a sense of time and space between the murderous vixen and her hunter in detective Wanger, allowing the reader to focus more so on the events at hand, rather than [...]

    9. Cornell Woolrich's famous novel, on which the acclaimed François Truffaut film was based, was quite a terrific ride up until the denouement. Then, coincidence, extreme contrivance, and dialog reading like Stephen J. Cannell doing his best to write like an early 20th-century bodice-ripper came close to making a disappointment of the whole thing for me. The plot, about a mysterious woman killing several seemingly unconnected men and the police effort to unravel the mystery of her actions, is taut [...]

    10. What a fantastic book of revenge! Story of a 'bride' who kills because of her new husband's death. Woolrich basically re-writes the same story over and over again - but with additional twists. Also one gets the impression that Woolrich himself was a psycho of sorts. I don't know if that's true or not - but there is something very personal in his story-telling that slighly (very slightly) reveals a very upsetting aspect of looking at life in a certain light. And that light actually is pitch black [...]

    11. First I was disappointed because the plot was the same - but for a gender twist - as 'Rendezvous in Black.' Then I was gripped by the amazing plotting and writing. 'Rendezvous' was even darker, more emotional, this one more fun and exciting. A woman was the villain, the one dealing out the - in Woolrich's words - "deferred-payment blood feud." Spectacular. But then, the twist at the end was poorly done and the story ended with questions hanging. It felt slapped together, not edited enough. A sha [...]

    12. "Η νύφη φορούσε μαύρα", εκδόσεις Λιβάνη.Κλασικό αμερικάνικο νουάρ της δεκαετίας του '40, που διαβάστηκε σε λιγότερες από τρεις ώρες μέσα στο λεωφορείο. Είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο του Κόρνελ Γούλριτς που διαβάζω, σαφώς οι εντυπώσεις είναι θετικές, αλλά κάποια πράγματα θα μπορούσαν [...]

    13. The beautiful woman and how she brib all this man-sans one.The woman is after revenge and death and every action she makes has a purpose. We don't why we dont know why. Yet we are draw to this woman who can do anything and did not deal with consequences.Between the deaths and time-almost 2 years. Wanger the detective knows nothing and still is after some evidence that can lead to this woman who blond, red, brunette never her true self. The deaths were kind sad because we know that they gonna die [...]

    14. Classic film noir type fiction by one of the masters of the genre. A woman is on a quest for vengeance and is eliminating men one by one, very cleverly getting into their blindspot each time and taking on a different character then doing a disappearing act afterwards. A detective believes the crimes are all committed by the same woman but for a long time is baffled although he doesn't give up the pursuit. I was enjoying this right up to the denoument which I found so weak and contrived, and also [...]

    15. Giallo raffinato e ben strutturato, rende benissimo l'atmosfera della storia, la sottile linea che accompagna tutte le morti, fino all'imprevisto finale, che ho trovato un po' troppo paradossale, a essere sincera, anche se ho apprezzato il colpo di scena finale.

    16. Woolrich - who wrote the story that became Hitchcock's Rear Window - has another 'Black' book which I've read, Rondeavous in Black. This one seems to have a similar scenariod since he wrote about 4 or 5 'Black' books, I'm wondering if they all do. If so, its a bit of a tour d'force. This one too has a similar plot to Rendevous in Black. Essentially, there are a serious of apparently unrelated murders that are all presented as they occur, with the baffled detectives finding similarities after the [...]

    17. La sposa era in nero di Cornell Woolrich è il romanzo del 1940 da cui Francois Truffaut trae l’omonimo film del 1967. Thriller-noir che alterna i capitoli degli omicidi a quelli sulle indagini della polizia, non ha un protagonista vero e proprio: la sposa in nero, misteriosa assassina trasformista, acquisisce un’identità soltanto nel finale, mentre i capitoli che riguardano le sue malefatte sono sempre focalizzati sulle future vittime. Diventa così una leggendaria incarnazione della morte [...]

    18. Another noir that has influenced countless pulp novels and films. The original 'hell hath no fury' revenge fantasy that has become, despite its misogynistic 'feminine mystique' overtones (or perhaps because of those) a cult classic. Written expertly, but without much style, by Cornell Woolrich (working here under the pseudonym William Irish) it tell the story of the dogged determination of a young woman that has been deprived of her fiancee by an accident that should not have happened. Variation [...]

    19. All they really knew about her was that she possessed a terrifying beauty-and that each time she appeared, a man died horriblySold!I confess, I want this because I love the movie. Maureen just did this to me with Shoot the Piano Player, and this was suggested, so why not. Have I read any of his stuff? //looks at Wiki I don't think so, shame on me.his first six works, written under the influence of F. Scott FitzgeraldOh HEY.

    20. I am so glad I stumbled on this book (thanks to my ' friends who read and share valuable reviews). Although I saw The Rear Window , I have never checked the author behind the story. It seems the time has come ( "The Walrus said, to talk of many things"). Truffaut 's "The Bride Wore Black" (1968) based on Cornell Woolrich's book is on the "to-be-watched-soon" list. I enjoyed the structure, the plot and mostly the bitter twist at the end of the book.

    21. I was on a major Woolrich kick several years ago and read whatever I could find. Certainly the best of the noir period that I have found. I like him better than Dashiel Hammet. Darker mood, which is consistent with Woolrich's personality all acccounts a pretty tortured guy. Modern suspense novels owe a lot to him, but very little of it measures up. If you haven't read Woolrich yet, try this one, Waltz into Darkness, or Deadline at Dawn.

    22. una storia di vendetta, forse a tratti inverosimile (ma non importa: è talmente appassionante e ben congegnata che ci si pensa a lettura finita) eppure implacabile. una donna che sconvolge equilibri, che semina dietro di sè una scia di morte apparentemente inspiegabile, connessioni e casi fortuiti che condurranno alla soluzione- e tutto non è quel che sembra.

    23. Un giallo davvero mozzafiato. E' la prima volta che leggo qualcosa di Cornell Woolrich e devo dire che mi ha davvero colpito. La storia narrata con la suspence al punto giusto, la freddezza di quella donna ferita nel profondo del cuore: tutto è magnificamente descritto da Woolrich come in una danza macabra di morte e vendetta.

    24. Classic pulp suspense. One of his best, IMO; tight, well-written, and twisty. I love Woolrich and I think this one is my favorite of his. (Avoid the dumb movie, though. They changed the ending and ruined the whole thing.)

    25. A book about one of the most interesting revenge stories i have read or seen. The way the women went after her revenge would have made Edmond Dantes proud.Woolrich build the mood,the suspence in really special way.

    26. My second favorite book by Cornell, and it's also been wonderfully adapted by French director Francois Truffaut.

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