Ghost Gifts

Ghost Gifts

Laura Spinella / Feb 26, 2020

Ghost Gifts All Aubrey Ellis wants is a normal life one that doesn t include desperate pleas from the dead Her remarkable gift may help others rest in peace but it also made for an unsettling childhood and dest

  • Title: Ghost Gifts
  • Author: Laura Spinella
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Aubrey Ellis wants is a normal life, one that doesn t include desperate pleas from the dead Her remarkable gift may help others rest in peace, but it also made for an unsettling childhood and destroyed her marriage Finally content as the real estate writer for a local newspaper, Aubrey keeps her extraordinary ability hidden until she is unexpectedly assigned the storAll Aubrey Ellis wants is a normal life, one that doesn t include desperate pleas from the dead Her remarkable gift may help others rest in peace, but it also made for an unsettling childhood and destroyed her marriage Finally content as the real estate writer for a local newspaper, Aubrey keeps her extraordinary ability hidden until she is unexpectedly assigned the story of a decades old murder.Rocked by the discovery of a young woman s skeletal remains, the New England town of Surrey wants answers Hard nosed investigative reporter Levi St John is determined to get them Aubrey has no choice but to get involved, even at the terrifying risk of stirring spirits connected to a dead woman s demise and piquing her new reporting partner s suspicions.As Aubrey and Levi delve further into the mystery, secrets are revealed and passion ignites It seems that Aubrey s ghost gifts are poised to deliver everything but a normal life.

    Ghost Gifts A Ghost Gifts Novel Book Kindle edition For thousands of qualifying books, your past, present, and future print edition purchases now lets you buy the Kindle edition for . or less Textbooks available for . or less. Ghost Gifts Audible Audio Edition Laura Winner, APA Audie Awards Paranormal All Aubrey Ellis wants is a normal life, one that doesn t include desperate pleas from the dead Her remarkable gift may help others rest in peace, but it also made for an unsettling childhood and destroyed her marriage. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Holy Ghost NEW ADVENT The doctrine of the Catholic Church concerning the Holy Ghost forms an integral part of her teaching on the mystery of the Holy Trinity Question The gifts NEW ADVENT Objection It would seem that the gifts do not differ from the virtues.For Gregory commenting on Job , There were born to him seven sons, says Moral i, Seven sons were born to us, when through the conception of heavenly thought, the seven virtues of the Holy Ghost take birth in us and he quotes the words of Isaiah And the Spirit of understanding shall rest The Boss s Midi Favorites Antennas For Communications Broadway, Show Tunes and Other Favorites See the Boss s Corner for midi songs. Fright Nights The Original Ghost Hunting Company Est The Original Ghost Hunting Company Est. Ghost hunts at Britain s most haunted locations Destiny Grimoire Titans are warriors heroic defenders of the Light, channeling the gifts of the Traveler to wage war on the Darkness Steadfast and sure, Titans face any challenge head on, Moroni The Book of Mormon Challenge A testimony of the Book of Mormon comes by the power of the Holy Ghost The gifts of the Spirit are dispensed to the faithful Spiritual gifts always accompany faith Moroni s words speak from the dust Come unto Christ, be perfected in Him, and sanctify your souls About A.D . Glorious Mystery of the Rosary Prayers Catholic Online The Descent of the Holy Ghost rd Glorious Mystery It was the day of Pentecost the city of Jerusalem was crowded Every people from every known nation of the world who were of the Jewish faith came to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Booths. PENTECOST Novena of Seven Gifts EWTN Novena to the Holy Spirit for the Seven Gifts ACT OF CONSECRATION TO THE HOLY SPIRIT On my knees before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses, I

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        From Publishers Weekly, UNSTRUNG, starred review In Spinella s wrenching tale of love and loss, one woman must come to terms with her past and the decisions that have shaped her life Spinella has filled her incredibly emotional novel with multifaceted characters, and nothing is as simple as it seems in this true page turner FORETOLD, an Editors PickECHO MOON, 5.22.18GHOST GIFTS, a 1 bestselling novel Coming soon, the second installment of the Ghost Gifts Trilogy.Foretold is my seventh published novel Author Maybe In truth, I m a girl from Long Island who fell in love with the South and ended up calling New England home Along the way, ideas emerged, leading to the books I ve written, and Foretold is among my favorites it is the second novel in the Ghost Gifts Trilogy.When Ghost Gifts was published in 2016, I never thought I d write about ghosts again One and done, as they say To my surprise, the book was the 1 bestseller in Kindle store during most of its debut month, and went on to become a RITA awards finalist, RT Book Reviews finalist, and winner of an Audie, for Best Paranormal Romance I am humbled by reader reaction and the desire to learn of Aubrey Ellis s story My publisher agreed and one book became three The final installment of the trilogy, Echo Moon, is out May 22, 2018.Not all my novels are about ghosts, though I seem to have a good relationship with the ethereal world Earlier this year, Unstrung mainstream women s fiction released The novel met with solid critical acclaim, including a starred review from Publishers Weekly, as well as being named to PW s seasonal list of most anticipated and notable titles I hope readers are as taken with quirky and capricious Olivia Klein as I was I had the most marvelous time writing about her.I live not far outside Boston with a husband, three technically grown children, two dogs and two cats That s Auggie in the photo Life takes place in a 130 year old house where I can always be found writing my next novel As always, I love to hear from readers Feel free to drop me a line here, and many thanks for reading a Laura Spinella novel


    1. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 on audio. I learned that this audiobook has been nominated for an Audie award, and I understand why because the narrator is talented. I enjoyed the paranormal aspects, and the storyline overall was a good one; however, something was missing for me that kept it from 4 or 5 stars. Part of me thinks it could have been because it was an audiobook, and my attention was lost at times, even though the narration was great. My plan is to read, rather than listen to, my next Laur [...]

    2. Actual rating: 3.5 stars My Kindle First Selection for January.For the most part, I really enjoyed this book. So much so that I read until my "on-its-last-legs" Kindle's battery died, and I was forced to stop. But there were a couple of things that kept it from earning a full four stars. I will get to them in just a bit. But first, the things I did like:The mystery: I felt it was really well done, and I changed my mind as to who I thought the actual killer was throughout, and I'm usually pretty [...]

    3. I am on the lookout for paranormal mysteries, with adult protagonists. “Ghost Gifts”, 2016, by Laura Spinella is a very recent release for me that should have provided a triumph to my checkboxes. When a niche is as rare as non-horror, adult ghostly fare; disappointment is higher if an author fumbles the delivery! Back I go, on the quest for riveting adult spirit mysteries. The last 30% was very good but took too long. This is an author who dwells on physicality. Readers need to be reached, n [...]

    4. Beautiful Disaster, by Laura Spinella, is on my list of all-time favourite novels. And with Ghost Gifts she doesn't disappoint. A paranormal mystery with romance had me turning the pages from start to finish.Aubrey has been able to speak with the dead since she was a child. She works for a local newspaper where her "gift" aids her when she is assigned to report the story of Missy, a girl who disappeared 20 years ago and whose remains have been found in the basement of an old lady and her middle- [...]

    5. И снова бессонная ночь. И снова книга, от которой я не ждала ничего особенного, а получила все и даже больше. Это должна была быть история из разряда «Лица из снов» Ховард. Героиня с даром (видит призраков), герой-скептик, убийство и расследование. И мне очень нравятся подобны [...]

    6. Ghost Gifts is a fantastic, heart-pounding story; full of suspense, romance, and ghosts! Aubrey Ellis is a reporter for the local newspaper in Surrey, content to write pieces about real estate, after years of carnival life with her grandmother. Besides being a writer, Aubrey also has a giftnce she was small she's been able to communicate with the deceased, and a lot of her encounters have been far from pleasant; some have even been dangerous. 20 years earlier, a young woman had been reported mis [...]

    7. Laura Spinella skillfully weaves plot twists from the dead with secrets from the living and adds sparks when psychic, Aubrey Ellis, and reporter, Levi St John, are assigned to uncover the truth about a decades old New England murder. An adrenaline rush from the first page to the last, I devoured GHOST GIFTS.

    8. 3.5 stars rounded up. Melancholy despite the romance. The central mystery of the murdered girl was just painfully tragic. Trigger warning for child sex abuse. . The murdered girl was portrayed believably, given her history, and it made me cry in that "damn, life can be horribly cruel and hopeless" sort of way. The feeling that there is no way to "fix things" was a theme throughout. The heroine, Aubrey, has suffered a lot due to her ability to see ghosts. Rarely she is able to provide perfect clo [...]

    9. *Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*Laura Spinella automatically become a favorite author of mine ever since I read Ruby Ink under her other name, L.J. Wilson, last year. The sequel to Ruby Ink, The Mission, only made me fall in love with her writing even more and the same thing happened this time around.I was super excited when I found out that this was a paranormal romance. I absolutely love it when an author has series that are completely different genres from each other [...]

    10. Lost souls, a woman with a gift, a mysterious death, and a new bond between coworkers, come together in this unique story with a surprising twist. I don't read a lot of paranormal books, but for some reason, this one got my attention right away. Like so many others, I was memorized by Sixth Sense, and this story has that same feel, but with a fresh approach. Aubrey Ellis has a special gift, or curse, depending on how you look at it. She has the ability to interact with specters, or souls of the [...]

    11. Unique, realistic characters are a strong selling point for me, and this book excels in that respect. I loved Aubrey. The book opens with her as a child, and I immediately connected with her; not because of any similarities with my own childhood, but because I truly felt what she was going through. We soon jump ahead to Aubrey in adulthood, and the emotional connection stays strong throughout the remainder of the book.I loved Aubrey's ghost visits. Each ghost has a different personality and agen [...]

    12. I wasn't expecting this book to be this good. Good writing, interesting story. The characters were likeable but a bit predictable in their reactions and they could use a bit more depth, especially the side characters that were mostly decorating. For example, the grandma seemed like a really cool person but we never got to really know her. There were a few cliches in the story, but all in all, it is an entertaining, easy to read book that is ideal for a holiday.

    13. I got this book on Kindle First. Though the book didn't seem promising at first with the "I speak to dead people" theme, I decided to give it a try anyway. I must admit the book surprised me and though I can't call it a masterpiece, I did find the book worthawile and rather interesting. It is well written and really pulls you into the story.

    14. Imagine a netherworld, a place for dead people unable to move on — riveted by unfinished business or unresolved emotions. Aubrey Ellis has a special susceptibility for accessing that world. From early childhood, the opening of that portal was presaged by unsettling symptoms: intense heat, dizziness, extreme nausea, disturbing smells and tastes. Sometimes she intuited a special significance in some mundane object and collected it. She called such objects “ghost gifts.” As she grew older, sh [...]

    15. An OK readThis book is labeled as romantic suspense. That is absolutely NOT true. Levi (Hate that name), the hero, and Aubrey, the heroine, have been together since almost the beginning of the book and there is absolutely no chemistry whatsoever, no thoughts or feeling, no nothing. Hell, they didn’t even kiss until 75% and there still weren’t any feelings involved. So, here we have another author whose publisher tells her “sex sells” so she drops a sex scene in here and there and calls i [...]

    16. I'm going to DNF this one, but avoid a rating since I feel like that would be unfair if I can't finish it. I don't hate it. But every time I settle down to read, I stare at this one for a while and then try to force myself through a little bit of it and since this year is "bad book year" in my buddy reads, I just can't justify forcing myself through another one that I feel nothing about.It just feels flat, and I feel like I'm missing something. It started out well enough that I wanted to read it [...]

    17. I have nothing much to add on plot/setting review, aka they fine if a bit choppy in split past/present narrations and a bit predictable on the ghost end. But please tell me why the characters were so 2D. Charley is the grandmother who is very grandmother-ly, with her quirks and insightful life analysis. Aubrey is the ghost whisperer that struggles with her powers, and her life is obviously very struggle-some. Why does a mature woman feel the need to randomly and repeatedly tell her new writer pa [...]

    18. Something was lacking in this story for me. We have a modern day journalist who also has the ability to speak with the dead and a mystery surrounding a death that occurred in the same town 20 years earlier. I'm not sure if the author tried to take on too much, but I felt the back story mystery was lacking, as she heavily focused on the present. The way the scenes were laid out via the writing was also choppy. It's classified as a romance, and there wasn't a lot of that either. I felt like it was [...]

    19. GHOST GIFTSThe summary of this book sounded interesting, I read thirty percent before I skimmed to the end. The first chapter was good, a thirteen year old dealing with communicating with the dead. Then we have an adult Aubrey still talking to the dead while trying to hide her ability from everyone else. My problem with the book is the main character. I didn't like or dislike her, she just seemed rather bland. I also thought the book was a little too wordy.I realize I am at odds with all of the [...]

    20. Bewitching and brilliant, GHOST GIFTS will stir your emotions, spook the bejesus out of you, and keep you furiously turning pages until the cows deign to come home. Clear your calendar, stock up on the candy and caffeine, and prepare to get lost in Laura’s Spinella’s intricate and layered narrative. A singular and wickedly satisfying storytelling experience.

    21. MY REVIEW OF " GHOST GIFTS' by  LAURA SPINELLAOMG!  KUDOS to author Laura Spinella "Ghosts Gifts" for her breathtaking, awe-inspiring  descriptive novel. I loved everything about this book! The genres of this story are Para-normal, Mystery, Thriller and Suspense, and Fiction.  I could easily see this story adapted as a screenplay for a movie or TV series.  There are twists and turns, suspense, some chilling moments where the hairs on my neck were standing up. How would you feel if you had t [...]

    22. Interesting/haunting readWhat a story! This author is so wonderful! She sucks you into the story and won’t let go till the end! Very interesting topic of communicating with the dead. Aubrey’s resiliency to take hold of her gift instead of it taking hold of her, paints her as such a powerful woman. She faces head on and goes the distance. The murder case keeps you guessing and for once I didn’t put it together until Aubrey figured it out. Levi was a wonderful foil to Aubrey as a character. [...]

    23. I'll file this under the category of chick-lit with a supernatural twist. It is predictable, aimed solely towards heterosexual women, and she could have picked a better title.

    24. Rating is 3.5 starsOn a Monday morning in February, I was with my family in a cottage deep in the woods. There was a snowstorm raging outside, flames were dancing in the fireplace. I sat down in the living room and began to read Ghost Gifts. I was not quite sure what to expect from this book due to the fact that I read my share of paranormal/romantic suspense. On Tuesday afternoon, this book was finished and I was sad that it was already over! Time went by so fast while I was reading, a little b [...]

    25. 4.5*Book source ~ Kindle FirstAubrey Ellis has never been normal. She sees dead people. Ok, technically she sees their ghosts. Mostly she helps them communicate final words to their loved ones, but sometimes the ghost is evil. Truly evil and considering the fact they can hurt her, well, she’s learned to be very careful in her dealings with restless spirits. Working as a real estate writer for a local newspaper is a perfect job for helping spirits and keeping her safe. She’s learned over the [...]

    26. Short little "vacation" review. I liked the book and the characters. The author made Aubrey's talent seem believable to the reader and she was well developed beyond her ability to communicate with the dead. I could appreciate Levi's apprehension at first when Aubrey told him of her ability and the message she had for him but Soinella wrote Levi's eventual understanding and acceptance, again, in a very believable way. I was surprised at how little suspension of disbelief I had during the reading [...]

    27. What a great story! I was so absorbed in all the characters that I hated to see it end. This is a mystery/thriller/romance. I read and listened to the audio and I loved it. The narrator did a wonderful job with all the characters. I found I hated to get out of my car when I arrived at my destination! Ms. Spinella told me the narrator was an Audie Award winner, Paranormal Fiction. It adds more depth to the story, I highly recommend reading and audio!Aubrey Ellis wanted a normal life. Husband, chi [...]

    28. I picked this title up on a whim during a 'Deal of the Day' sale. Despite the generic title (think HARDER, people) and the overuse of the word "hummed" it had interesting characters and a good, old-fashioned murder mystery. It was a predictable, comfortable read perfect for a lazy summer day.

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