The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

Elizabeth Chadwick / Jun 24, 2019

The Wild Hunt In the wild windswept Welsh marches a noble young lord rides homewards embittered angry and in danger He is Guyon lord of Ledworth heir to threatened lands husband to be of Judith of Ravenstow T

  • Title: The Wild Hunt
  • Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
  • ISBN: 9780312064914
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the wild, windswept Welsh marches a noble young lord rides homewards, embittered, angry and in danger He is Guyon, lord of Ledworth, heir to threatened lands, husband to be of Judith of Ravenstow Their union will save his lands but they have yet to meetFor this is Wales at the turn of the twelfth century Dynasties forge and fight, and behind the precarious thronIn the wild, windswept Welsh marches a noble young lord rides homewards, embittered, angry and in danger He is Guyon, lord of Ledworth, heir to threatened lands, husband to be of Judith of Ravenstow Their union will save his lands but they have yet to meetFor this is Wales at the turn of the twelfth century Dynasties forge and fight, and behind the precarious throne of William Rufus political intrigue is raging Caught amidst the violence are Judith and Guyon, bound together yet poles apart But when a dark secret from the past is revealed and the full horror of war crashes over Guyon and Judith, they are forced to face insurmountable odds Together

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        Best selling historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick won a Betty Trask Award for her first novel The Wild Hunt She has been shortlisted for the UK s mainstream Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award 4 times and longlisted twice Her novel The Scarlet Lion about the great William Marshal and his wife Isabelle de Clare, has been selected by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society as one of the landmark historical novels of the last ten years When not at her desk, she can be found taking long walks with the dog, baking cakes, reading books of course exploring ruins, listening to various brands of rock and metal music, and occasionally slaving over a steaming cauldron with re enactment society Regia Anglorum.


    1. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I've read Elizabeth Chadwick's The Wild Hunt three times now and I love it as much today as I did when I first discovered it. As a teen, I was seduced by the romance between Guyon and Judith, but as an adult I find myself draw to the characters, atmosphere, politics, history and emotional conflict. Romance aside, there is a certain timelessness to the narrative that appeals on a variety of levels. Guyon's relationship with Judith might sound o [...]

    2. Chadwick's first novel, and Book One in the Ravenstow Trilogy. Guyan, a Marcher Lord marries Judith of Ravenstow at the order of King William Rufus. They meet on their wedding day, and Guyan finds himself with a not fully matured 16 year old wife. Judith is skittish around her new husband as her now dead father was extremely abusive to both her and her mother. Not everyone is happy with the union, as some would prefer Judith married elsewhere and Guyan must guard his back against attempts on his [...]

    3. I love Chadwick's medieval world. It is real and gripping. I haven't read many authors who write medieval historical fiction but I don't feel the need because Chadwick is great. Of course Katherine by Anya Seton is unsurpassed, the best. But The Champion, Shadows and Strongholds and now 'The Wild Hunt' are near an ideal. If you like medieval fiction you have to try Chadwick. This book is one of her first so it isn't probably one of her best work but still, it is really good and definitely worth [...]

    4. I know that I am in for something good when I spot a new or reprinted book by this author, Elizabeth Chadwick. The Wild Hunt is her first novel, and a darn impressive one it is too, telling of a couple forced to marry, Guyon and Judith, and the troubles that they go through to find a common ground during the wars on the Welsh Marches during the reign of King William II. While it's not my favourite of hers, it's still a thrilling tale and written with a great eye to detail and the ability to get [...]

    5. Again, Elizabeth Chadwick can do no wrong in my view. This may have been her first historical novel, but one could never tell. Philippa Gregory may have the historical miniseries in her pocket, but if there's any justice, it should be Elizabeth Chadwick's works gracing the small screen. Chadwick's scholarship is top notch, but isn't dry or dusty. She has a brilliant way of bringing the turbulent and bloody 12th century to life, with characters I cared about. What I really love is the fierceness [...]

    6. By far "The Wild Hunt" is better than some of the books that I have read this year but try as I might I couldn't give it more than 3 stars which is a rating I give for average books. The problem with this book is that it fails to fulfill the requirements of both the genres it is categorized under. It cannot be called a good historical fiction because it does not give much insight into the that time period other than the name of the King, his brothers and some wars faught in between. But it is ca [...]

    7. A stunning debut from one of the UK's best historical fiction authors.Okay, this may be a cheat slightly - I've just read the revamped version of Elizabeth Chadwick's THE WILD HUNT, and it may be a completely different beast to the original. In any case, this review is for the revamped/reprinted edition.This is a historical romance that has all the right ingredients and, most importantly, a strong and convincing central romance between two fully-developed and likeable leading characters. As the [...]

    8. Chadwick's first novel doesn't fell short, and delivers the realistic characters and the history that comes to live that I love and enjoy in all of her books.Guyon, is ordered by the king to marry 16 year old Judith, and he finds himself with a child bride that is scared of her marriage, but is courageous and strong willed in everything else. Guyon is trying to do her right by waiting and treating her with respect. But past and current events seem to affect their lives and influence it. The rela [...]

    9. I'll admit, I was somewhat nervous about going back and reading Elizabeth Chadwick's first published novel. Her Marshall series of novels are breath-taking in their historical authenticity and superb writing style, as are all of her later-written novels. Therefore this tale of imagined characters and plot was not something that I would associate with Ms. Chadwick. Be that as it may I kept an open mind as I began reading and I ended up loving this novel. The characters were vivid and intriguing, [...]

    10. This book couldn't fail but to be a hit with me: I love Elizabeth Chadwick and have read many of her novels, it is set in the Welsh marches where I used to live and it is in the Middle Ages which is one of my favourite periods.I think the most important thing about a romance novel is to fall in love with the hero and Guyon is a hero worth falling for. Handsome, honest, honourable, sexy, good sense of humour, patient.I could go on. If only all women had a lover like him for their first time.Judit [...]

    11. 3.75 stars.I've read others of Elizabeth Chadwick and there is one thing that can be said about her historical writing: it's very good. She knows and uses the correct terminology, knows horses and horse language, and she knows how to create characters genuine to their time.This is her very first book from 1990, and it's as accomplished and as intriguing to read as her later works. The only criticisms I can come up with is that Guyon kept referring to the prospect of sex with Judith as potential [...]

    12. I am relatively new to Elizabeth Chadwick in that I have only read three of her books previous to this one. After reading Lady of the English and the first two books in her Elienor of Aquitaine series I was pleasantly surprised when I searched and found a nice stack of books that were unknown to me. Being the weird sorta of person that I am, I decided to go back to the beginning with her first book and work my way through all of them.The Wild Hunt is book one in the Ravenstow trilogy taking plac [...]

    13. This is the reissued version of Chadwick’s debut novel and is set against the backdrop of the post Conquest period during the reign of William Rufus and Prince Henry. When Guyon FitzMiles attempts to gain his uncle’s lands through supplication to the king, he is granted them – on the condition that he marries the Lady Judith of Ravenstow who is the sole heir to her father’s estate. By securing the lands from Judith’s despised incle, Robert De Belleme, the king hopes to avoid war. Judit [...]

    14. Although I've read most of Elizabeth Chadwick's books, The Wild Hunt, her first novel, was one that I had missed and I enjoyed reading it. As it was her first book I came to it with a lower expectation than I have of her more recent work but I was impressed - although this edition is an improved version of the original.The story of Guyon and Judith, who are forced into a marriage neither wants, was interesting as was the background history of Prince Henry taking the throne after the suspicious d [...]

    15. (8/10) This is EC's first novel and I am so glad I took the time to go back and read it. As a huge fan of her later novels I was not disappointed to read this.It kicks off a trilogy of books based in the Welsh Marches, each book focusing on a different member of the same family. I loved this as I could follow favourite characters through all 3 books.It is a great introduction to how EC incorporates historical fact with her fiction, you can really picture the scene and understand the characters r [...]

    16. This is the revised version of the book that I read so many years ago and enjoyed immensely. It's the story of the young Judith of Ravenstow and her expedient, arranged marriage to the older, experienced Guyon a Marcher Lord.Their love story played out amidst a backdrop of political turmoil and quest for power is fraught with difficulty. The characters are quite well fleshed out particularly the female characters, each is shown to be a strong woman in a male dominated world. But with this second [...]

    17. EC's debut novel. Rather a lot of historical howlers going on which greatly mars the flow for me. Never let it be said that EC can't write - she's excellently good at getting a flowing narrative going but she's so over-involved with the sex lives of her protagonists that it gets tedious. They are always in love (arranged marriages in despite) and the sex is always successful - unless one of the baddies is involved and then it's usually rape. Multiple feisty women tooI like her biographical novel [...]

    18. I absolutely loved the beginning of this book. I'm not sure what happened to either the story or myself but I was reading just a page or two at a time a quarter way into it. I enjoyed the characters, setting and time frame but got a little bored by it. I think the story had great promise and I plan to either pick this one up again at some point or try another by the author.

    19. I love Elizabeth Chadwick so I was a bit disappointed when I found this book hard to get into at first. It picks up about half way through and then I didn't want to put it down. It's her first book and it's not bad. You really like the charcters and feel for them. A good read. I picked this up in a Chairty shop.

    20. This revamped redone fixed up etc version was definitely better and I can see how the years of writing and the historical know how, maturity, etc etc pay off quite well and I can now say yes THIS is Elizabeth Chadwick the author who's books I love.

    21. Oh wow! fantastic story the live of Guyon or Guy, a name that I adore! The struggle, the love, everything combines to make an exceptionally enthralling story. Couldn't ask for more from the pen of E. Chadwick, never desappoints!

    22. The history is excellent, the characters are splendid, Guyon and Judith are a delightful couple to watch fall in love, and their first time in bed is still in my top 5 That Was So Hot I Can't Read This In Public sex scenes.

    23. Though the book itself is light on any real plot buzz (nothing much happens) and historical detail (this era was a turbulent post-Conqueror time before the rule of the Plantagenets, but says very little about it), but most of the characters were interesting and complex enough to keep me reading. Though not much happened I was interested in the growing relationship of Judith and Guyon and the secrets being kept around them. The story did lull nearer the end, and wound up to a kind of flaccid conc [...]

    24. I read this book in search of that ever- evasive historical romance that is actually well-written, historically, accurate, realistic, etc. So close. I think the relationship between the main characters was well- written and believable for the most part. Other reviews criticized the addition of the mistress but I actually thought that she added depth to Guy and made him more believable. I think that its true of human nature that love and affection mutates over time. Many HR novels have this exact [...]

    25. Elizabeth Chadwick's writing is poetic and teeming with similes which carefully yet effortlessly paints a descriptive picture as you read along. The book primarily follows the relationship of Guyon and Judith, who are forced to marry for politics.The character development in her work is impeccable. We get to follow Judith's transformation from an innocent and fearful child of 16, fearing her husband and any removing herself from romantic advances, to becoming an independent and confident woman b [...]

    26. A good book for a first time writer. The ending was very anti climactic which is why I gave it 3 stars. There was no satisfaction in the death of the villain. Chadwick cheated her readers by not going into more detail about the demise of the villain, but she sure details the heavy womens' parts of love making. I will try and read the next two books in the series, but this cheating the reader out of a miserable death for the villain is a consistent style Chadwick has. This is not the first time s [...]

    27. I really enjoy Elizabeth Chadwick's book and this was no exception. Although it is written which appears to me as a very modern feminist perspective of history, the story was absorbing and provided an insight into the dangers of the medieval times. The story centres around Judith who is wed to Guyon, due to her mother's marriage she is afraid at the prospect of marriage. As the book develops she grows into her role and feelings for Guyon.

    28. This was one of my very early historical fiction reads as a slightly precocious middle schooler, and I've read it over and over countless times since. I jumped on the audiobook version recently for a long car ride and it did not disappoint!

    29. The Wild Hunt is the first book of a trilogy set in the Welsh borders at the turn of the twelfth century. William the Conqueror is dead and the throne of England and Normandy is ad the rest of the review at chroniclesoftania.wordpress.c

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