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Recreated From Colleen Houck New York Times bestselling author of The Tiger s Curse comes Recreated the second book in the epic Egyptian inspired Reawakened series in which a seventeen year old must literal

  • Title: Recreated
  • Author: Colleen Houck
  • ISBN: 9780385376617
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Colleen Houck, New York Times bestselling author of The Tiger s Curse, comes Recreated, the second book in the epic Egyptian inspired Reawakened series, in which a seventeen year old must literally go to hell to save the love of her life Lily Young thought traveling across the globe with a reawakened sun prince was a grand adventure Now she s about to embark on theFrom Colleen Houck, New York Times bestselling author of The Tiger s Curse, comes Recreated, the second book in the epic Egyptian inspired Reawakened series, in which a seventeen year old must literally go to hell to save the love of her life Lily Young thought traveling across the globe with a reawakened sun prince was a grand adventure Now she s about to embark on the journey of a lifetime When Amon and Lily part tragically, he transports himself to the Netherworld what mortals call hell Tormented by the loss of his one true love, he d rather suffer in agony during Lily s mortal years than fulfill his duty to protect humanity Heartbroken, Lily seeks refuge on her grandmother s farm Yet she can feel Amon s pain, and she has been having dreams dreams of Amon continually suffering For before he departed, Amon gave Lily something very special, an item that connects them even though they are worlds apart Now Lily must use this object to free him, and to free their realms from darkness and utter chaos She will do whatever it takes.

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    1. *update*Literally dropping my rating because the more I reflect on this book, the more I hate it. Everytime I see it in my read shelf I get angry all over again.It's been a really long time since I have sat down and actually wrote a review. I think the last one was written months ago when I tried to start up my blog again. But there was just so much that needed to be said about this.A few things:1. This review is filled with much rage and quite a few spoilers.2. As someone who absolutely adores [...]


    3. Not bad at all. I liked the first one better. This story offered a change in plot and characters you that became endearing in the first book, while introducing some new ones into the mix. Should be for an interesting finale August 8th!

    4. Updated August 18, 2016:Recreated is gripping, exciting, and amazing. Lily Young has traveled across the globe with a reawakened Egyptian prince and had an adventure like no other and now she’s about to have the adventure of her life. When she and Amon tragically departed, Amon transported himself to the Netherworld where he is tormented by the loss of Lily and suffers in agony than fulfill his ancient duty to protect humanity from Seth. Still heartbroken, Lily seeks refuge at her grandmother [...]

    5. Редкий случай когда мне абсолютно ВСЕ не понравилось. Совершенно проходная книга ни о чем. Шли за Амоном, но нифига не спасли бедолагу.Из обычной и милой девушки , Лили превращается в недалекую терминаторшу.Дурацкая линия с Лили в которую вселяются еще две девы, каждая из ко [...]

    6. Book Quality: 1 starBook Enjoyability: 3 starsWell folks, it’s that time again. Time to get on my tiny soapbox and yell into the void about how terrible this woman’s content is while thousands of people enthusiastically read her books and get warped ideas about what other countries are like. Wheee.If I seem a bit bitter this time around it’s because I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as her previous fair. That’s probably my own fault since I read a really good series with actual c [...]

    7. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!If you knew the end of the journey would have a great reward, but it would be difficult along the way, would you embark on that adventure?It's an easy decisions for Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, but for the rest of you out there, the risk probably doesn't outweigh the reward.Lily in Recreated is definitely a Gryffindor, she shows her courage time and time again and isn't afraid to thrust every part of her human self into saving [...]

    8. I really loved this adventure. I love Egypt. I love mummies. I love the author. I love the cover. Just so many things I love about this book and the trilogy as a whole. My full review to come.

    9. Chapter-by-chapter review/recap on my blog, the Snark Theater.I mean…wow is this a new low. There are probably books I've read that I hate more than this, but I've rarely seen a book this consistently incompetently written.Recreated continues on the "derivative from Twilight" trend that is Colleen Houck's bread and butter. This is our New Moon, with the primary love interest being away most of the book and our protagonist angsting about it.Now, you may be fooled into thinking that, since Lily [...]

    10. Why.Why did I do this to myself? How could I put myself through reading this book? Yes, I did like the first book, Reawakened, but then after some reflection, I realized how much I didn't like it. A year later, when I thought I had forgotten about what bothered me in Reawakened, I picked up this sequel. And well, I was wrong. For me, it was much worse.I'm going to say there will be spoilers in this review, but that is to be on the safe side. Sure this is the second book in the series, but honest [...]

    11. Oh my god, I'm so glad this book is finally over!I really enjoyed Reawakened and I was so excited for this but It was utterly disappointing.I mean come on 3 souls in one body? And each on them in love with one of the brothers!I liked few things about this book but mostly I was bored and annoyed.

    12. This book was such a giant letdown. I really enjoyed the first book, but this one sucked ass. Reawakened had a ton of insta-love, but I was able to look beyond that because the story was fun and adventurous. However, Recreated was way too flawed and I could not accept it. The insta-love grew to a point that was beyond acceptable. Lily was such a frustrating protagonist who made the most rash decisions ever. She was willing to transform her body just for Amon. This was totally ridiculous. And her [...]

    13. 4.5/5 starsInitial Thoughts Upon FinishingRIGHT NOW I AM SO INCREDIBLY NOT OKAY. I need the next book, I cannot function without it. That was the cruelest cliff hanger of ever. But omg, this book, this story, THESE CHARACTERS. Give me more now, please. I loved this so much that I just have not been able to put it down. I can't wait for the next book to clear up the mess that everyone ends up in in this book because GOOD LORD, Lily needs some help right now, that's for sure *nods*.Straight Into t [...]

    14. Rating: 2 StarsI don't even know what just happened. It’s been a while since a book creeped me out like this, and it didn't even have to do with the romance (that's a whole other story). Backstory and themes and the mythology were top notch and are why I gave this book two stars, but . . . man, I'm disappointed. And slightly creeped out. Lily was waaayyyy too calm about what was happening to her body. I would have been contacting a priest.

    15. This took me a long time to get into, but about half way through when we finally met Amon's brother again things started to get good. I am really excited to see what happens. I know a lot of people hate love-triangles but I don't. They can keep you guessing and add a lot more suspense and feelings and romance to a book. The only bad thing is that in Tigers Curse I was definitely Team Kishan, and now I think I might be Team Asten. I'll have to read a bit more to be sure, but the scene of them tog [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThe only reason it isn't a three is because I really enjoyed the last hundred pages or so. The beginning was just so boring and I didn't put any effort in reading it; hence the large time gap of my start and finish dates. I really didn't like Lily in this book and I'm hoping she figures out her shit in the next book. I know that it was Tia wanting Asten but there still should have been more of a fight for Amon. There was just so many time that I just wanted to slap her. Ugh.

    17. I read about 100 pages in this book, then set it down. There was nothing compelling in it for me. Lily was once again pulled into things, but this time her love may be alive. It's been a week since I've set aside the book, each day it's been my intention to pick it back up, but each day I pick a different book. I think that is very telling, today I decided that enough is enough and I need to quit fooling myelf, I'm not going to finish this one, it just isn't for me.

    18. A girl with herself and two other entities on her head. More craziness than Elliot from Mr.Robot. Also EVERY single male is attracted to Lily. Every single one. I loved the Tiger's Curse series but this one is a let down.

    19. Тот редкий случай, когда сразу после прочтения первой книги, хочется заполучить в свои коварные ручки вторую книгу и продолжить путешествие по серии. Эх а опять фигушки.

    20. ***Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a physical copy. This does not affect my review in any way.***Find more of my reviews at Books and StarsOh, where to start? So many good things!This book pick off a few months after the last book. Amon has returned to the afterlife after performing a ceremony to keep the chaos god Seth at bay for another thousand years--or so Lily assumes. In reality, instead of returning to the afterlife to continuing serving the gods with his brothers as the [...]

    21. 4 Stars.Reawakened was a book that I liked, but thought I didn't love until I found myself thinking about it for months after finishing and I realized that I adored it more than I thought - I was excited to find out what was going to happen next! Recreated was a fascinating and completely intriguing sequel which unfolded in a manner I had not anticipated at all! I felt that this book was a combination of amazing components and crazy weird that I hope makes sense in the final book (which if it do [...]

    22. UhFirst of all, I'm pretty sure there's no way this book would end like that with Houck not intending to write another installment. But I guess it hasn't been accepted by a publisher yet or something because it's not showing up anywhere. THERE BETTER BE ANOTHER ONE. I have way too many questions.Anyway, this book was just as fast-paced and adventurous as the last one. Really, there were only a couple of differences between this book and the last, not including the plot, obviously. This book, tho [...]

    23. I was really excited about this book but with these multiple personalities and the development of love drama it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be.Tia and Lilly's relationship was almost very well developed when it was ruined by the love drama and this was just bad, I didn't like it though I still enjoyed the book very much. I loved Asten and his loyalty to Amon, his confessions and I suppose that the next book will focus more on Ahmose.

    24. "Recreated" was a well written book, as are all Ms. Houck's books. They are well researched, richly descriptive, and fun to read. This series delves into Egyptian mythology, which I love, so of course, this was a wonderful read for me. I was a bit disappointed in the second book, because there seemed to be a bit less actual Egyptian mythology woven into the plot. The plot itself was also a bit thin. There was plenty of action and adventure, but it read very much like Frodo and Sam's journey to M [...]

    25. I love it when authors introduce new characters to mess with my OTP.-SAID NO ONE EVER.What the hell did I just read?Why the hell did Colleen Houck add in TWO FREAKING MORE main female characters?!?! Geez, I already didn't like Lily as much as Kelsey. Now I get another two annoying characters to read about!? I did not like Tia and Ashleigh annoyed the hell out of me. WHY CAN'T THIS SERIES BE LIKE THE TIGER SAGA!?!

    26. Pre-review: In the second book of the series, the main couple is 'tragically parted' and is suffering with the heartbreakOkaye you sure this isn't a rerun of Tiger's Quest? Is the heroine going to date three different guys at once in order to forget her tru luvvvvv?

    27. I just finished Reawakened and waiting for Recreated is going to drive me insane. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    28. Review to come!Update 10/29/16:See more reviews on my blog Novels and NecklacesActual rating: 3.5 starsIt kills me to be giving a Colleen Houck book this low of a rating, but I have to for Recreated. I don't know what happened with the plot, but this is already not going in the greatest of directions. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot to love about this book, but this was nowhere near what I was expecting from the sequel to Reawakened (a book that I loved a ton). Even though the previous b [...]

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