Unbuttoning the CEO

Unbuttoning the CEO

Mia Sosa / Jun 19, 2019

Unbuttoning the CEO WHO SAYS YOU CAN T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE As the CEO of a large tech company and a semi reformed bad boy Ethan Hill is used to calling the shots But when he s sentenced to work two hundred hours

  • Title: Unbuttoning the CEO
  • Author: Mia Sosa
  • ISBN: 9781455568390
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • WHO SAYS YOU CAN T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE As the CEO of a large tech company and a semi reformed bad boy, Ethan Hill is used to calling the shots But when he s sentenced to work two hundred hours of community service for reckless driving, of all things this chief executive needs to keep his real identity under wraps Which gets increasingly difficult when he can t stoWHO SAYS YOU CAN T MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE As the CEO of a large tech company and a semi reformed bad boy, Ethan Hill is used to calling the shots But when he s sentenced to work two hundred hours of community service for reckless driving, of all things this chief executive needs to keep his real identity under wraps Which gets increasingly difficult when he can t stop thinking about his sexy new temporary boss The moment Graciela Ramirez meets Ethan, she s tempted to throw all professionalism out the window She can t afford to get emotionally involved, but after a steamy session behind office doors, a no strings attached fling might be exactly what they need He ll protect his secret She ll protect her heart What could possibly go wrong A sparkling romance debut Library Journal starred review

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        Mia Sosa is an award winning contemporary romance writer and 2015 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist Her books have received praise and recognition from Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal, The Washington Post, Book Riot, Bustle, and .A former First Amendment and media lawyer, Mia practiced for than a decade before trading her suits for loungewear okay, okay, they re sweatpants Now she strives to write fun and flirty stories about imperfect characters finding their perfect match.Mia lives in Maryland with her husband, their two daughters, and an adorable puppy that finally sleeps through the night.To learn about Mia and her books, visit miasosa.


    1. When I started this book, even though I had my issues with it, I really didn't want to rip it to shreds. Being the author's first release, I wanted to be a little more lenient. I tried to ignore early problems, but I just got more annoyed as they persisted. A third of the way in, I already knew I was going to be giving this book a two, but I still wanted to finish it. However, with the stupid decisions of the characters and the super irritating heroine, I couldn't bring myself to give this more [...]

    2. 3 just okay contemporary romance stars. The book was really hard to get into and I found that while it had a decent story line, it just didn't make me love it. I read it easy enough but I wasn't wowed or completely sucked in. Having said all of that, the story is quite cute in a way. Nicholas Ethan Hill has a speeding and ticket problem which leads him to be forced into community service. In order to hide his identity he uses his first rather than the name he is famous with. He doesn't expect to [...]

    3. CEO Ethan has a need for speed so after so many speeding tickets he is sentenced to doing 200 hours of community service. He decides to work with a non profit organization that helps seniors and kids use the computer. The only thing he wants to do is keep his identity under wraps until he finishes. The proves hard when he starts to fall for the Gracie who is running this organization. I liked that this wasn't the typical CEO / billionaire book. I enjoyed the journey that the author took Ethan on [...]

    4. Unbuttoning the CEO, the first book in Mia Sosa's Suits Undone series, was a nice, light, and steamy contemporary romance.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gracie and Ethan's story. I spent an entire Friday night devouring their story. Both were great characters in their own right and together they were even better. Ethan was one of those contemporary romance heroes that you can't help but love. He has somewhat of a dark past but he has pretty much put it behind him for the most part. He does still h [...]

    5. Despite everything going on Ethan is a sweet guy, "his nostrils flared. “ I know I didn’t have to. I wanted to.” He lifted his face to the ceiling and ran a hand through the back of his hair. “I just wanted you to know that you meant something to me. I thought you’d like this.” Ethan, he knows how to show his woman a good time: He pressed his body close to hers as they circled out the door. “Coffee. Lots of coffee. And condoms. Lots of condoms.”She raised her hand to hail a cab. [...]

    6. When corporate CEO Ethan Hill turns his need to escape a job he hates into several too many speeding tickets, he is forced to perform 200 hours of community service without falling back on his money or his corporate philanthropy. The technology bigwig signs up at Learn to Net, a nonprofit that provides computers and training in parts of DC where residents need some help finding and affording an onramp to the information superhighway. But to keep his real identity under wraps, he signs up incogni [...]

    7. In Unbuttoning The CEO we follow Ethan Hill and Graciela Ramirez (Who is also know as Gracie ).Due to some reckless driving Ethan find him self doing community service . and Graciela just happens to the director of LTN (Learn to Net) branch he will be doing his community service at and that is really were the story takes off.Ethan and Gracie were such fun to read about . Both of them are wonderful characters it made me kinda sad when my time with them ended lol . watching there No strings attach [...]

    8. This was such a fun read! Ethan was a totally swoon-worthy hero, and I absolutely adored Gracie. Their chemistry was hot, and I loved watching them battle their feelings for each other as their no-strings agreement got out of hand :)I'm not always a fan of the wealthy CEO-type hero, but Ethan won me over right from the start. He was charming and hard-working and just a bit tortured over his troubled past and the fact that he's keeping his real identity under wraps while he completes community se [...]

    9. Adorable!! This is an easy read that totally surprised me. It's NOT your typical CEO romance where the hero is a douchebag that turns into a romantic stud. Lol! It's a beautiful story about two people finding love and learning to grow because of it.The premise was cute, the romance steamy, and several times I was surprised at the turns the story took. It was also refreshing to see a diverse set of characters (the heroine is Hispanic), and I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    10. this was a light, full of humor, sassy bookt time for bullshit heroin, a surprisingly cute and kind billionaire who isn't a total jerk and wants to be a normal guy.sweet and light read

    11. I can't go any higher than this was an okay read, it lacked some oompf and decent characteristics.The often used missmash of misinterpreting things and the heroine was a tad immature. At some points I wondered at the age of the author and maybe the age divide between myself and the target audience was the issue, but I'm not sure.I stayed with it to the end and didn't hate it, but felt the time jumps and flitting from one scene to another without any real depth for me to get my teeth into was mor [...]

    12. CEO Ethan has a lead foot and ends up with too many speeding tickets and a judge sentences him to 6 months of community service. He doesn't want anyone to know who he really is as he is trying to protect his identity and the company he works for. He decides to pick a non profit organization called LTN and there he meets Graciela (Gracie). He doesn't expect to have an attraction to her but when he sees her, the instant attraction and connection is there. He now must face the challenges of his ide [...]

    13. Sadly, I can only think of two positive things to say about this book: it has a Latina heroine and it’s not even 170 pages long. So I guess I can move straight on to all the negative things. It’s hard to decide where to start because the story, the characters and the writing are all poor. But let’s begin with the latter since it affects the first two. The writing is all about explaining and telling and not about showing, which makes it very hard to connect to the characters and their stori [...]

    14. Unbuttoning the CEO by Mia Sosa sounded cute from the blurb and the cover. I usually enjoy reading romances such as these where the hero has a chance to redeem himself and the heroine makes him want to be a better person. While Unbuttoning the CEO showed all the signs of being a good romance, it turned out to be just an okay one.Let's start with Ethan Hill. Ethan is the CEO of a large tech company. He is sentenced to do 200 hours of community service for reckless driving. This is where he meets [...]

    15. If you got the chance to meet someone who doesn't immediately know your background, would you take the chance? Our Hero, Ethan Hill did. Ethan has a slightly bad past that was splashed all over the media, no his name's not out there for everyone but in his circle in the electronic world, it is. We don't find out exactly until the heroine, Gracie Ramerez does, and that's a little late for everyone's comfort.The romance was slow going as Gracie and Ethan both resisted each other. Both having had b [...]

    16. What a great story! Ethan has a need for speed. He ends up with too many speeding tickets and ends up having to serve 200 hours of community service. He chooses to LTN which is a non profit for people in need of Internet and computers. He hides his identity to avoid the press. He then meets Graciela Ramirez. She runs the non profit and loves what she does. She was handed the office in D.C. and hopes to keep the organization up and running. Ethan has become her expert in trying to secure funds fo [...]

    17. **Unbuttoning the CEO generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**2 "Say that again"StarsThe start of this contemporary romance book holds an exciting premise. Hot, media & tech savvy CEO Ethan Hill finds himself in some trouble landing a 200 hour stint of community service. Now finding himself at the mercy of a tech non profit groups equally hot director, Graciela Ramirez. There's an instant attraction that simmers along the edges of their blossomin [...]

    18. I wanted to read this book since one of my favourite authours rated this book with 5 stars. So I kinda might have had a higher expectation to it - which sadly couldn't be fulfilled.The blurb sounded really good and I wanted to give it a try since I haven't read many CEO-books yet.Ethan wasn't to bad but I couldn't connect with Gracie at all since she seemed so shallow, immature and simply inconsistent. The constantly switching between "no-strings-attached" and having a "relationship" was just aw [...]

    19. Unbuttoning the CEO is a cute, super fun read. The novel's characters are richly developed, from both the main characters to the extended family. It is great to read a novel where not only is the man the successful businessman but the heroine is also super smart, career driven, and passionate. The plot is different from other romance novels I've read and the funny side stories had me smiling throughout. Mia Sosa skillfully brings two very different past experiences into one powerful, convincing [...]

    20. this is the first book by this author that I've read and i absolutely loved it. this book has fab characters, hot steamy scenes and an interesting story. this book keep me reading till id finished the book in one setting. the chemistry between the characters was fab and really worked with the ]story. this is a fab new author for me and i definitely cant wait to read more from them in the future.highly recommendedfacebook/obsessedbookobsessedbookreviews.wordpress

    21. Great chemistry!CEO Ethan Hill gets sentenced to community service for reckless driving and chooses to do his work at Learn to Net. His new, temporary, boss is Graciela Ramirez. The board of directors insists he keeps the info quiet, so he goes in incognito.Attraction flies between them and soon they decide to have a no strings affair while he is there working off his sentence.When Gracie finds out who he really is, will she be able to forgive his deceit? And will they decide to extend their "no [...]

    22. I really liked this book. I thought the hero was dashing (and hot!), and I liked the heroine, too. Thought the plot was well paced. I normally don't like contemporary romances, but this one caught my eye because I loved the title (reminds me of that old record a Buttoned Up Mind :) ). Mia is definitely a writer to watch!

    23. I really liked this book, Nic is a huge sweetie. I was pretty frustrated with Gracie though. The plot does jump around a lot. Like point A straight to point B, no real action in between. I was really hoping Mark would have his story and I am happy to see he is in the next book and hooking up with an awesome person from this one. Nice, pretty quick, read.

    24. A great start to a new series I intend to keep up with! Mia Sosa writes such a lovable heroine that I can completely see as a BFF. This was such a fast and flirty read that had me blushing! Can't wait to read more!

    25. This is one of my favorite contemporary romances this year. Funny, sexy, sweet, with great characters and use of culture. I read it via audio, and it was fun to listen to on the road. Definitely will be reading more Mia Sosa.

    26. Great debut novel. This story had all of things I love to read - great humor, intense emotion, real characters – especially a strong female with a backbone, and a satisfying ending. Very fast read that kept my interest from the opening scene. So excited to know this is a series.

    27. This novel is equal parts fun, sexy, and heartwarming. I love great banter in a contemporary, and this one has it in spades. Can't wait to read the rest in the series.

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