The Library of Greek Mythology

The Library of Greek Mythology

Apollodorus Robin Hard / Jul 16, 2019

The Library of Greek Mythology The only work of its kind to survive from classical antiquity the Library of Apollodorus is a unique guide to Greek mythology from the origins of the universe to the Trojan War Apollodorus Library h

  • Title: The Library of Greek Mythology
  • Author: Apollodorus Robin Hard
  • ISBN: 9780192839244
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • The only work of its kind to survive from classical antiquity, the Library of Apollodorus is a unique guide to Greek mythology, from the origins of the universe to the Trojan War Apollodorus Library has been used as a source book by classicists from the time of its compilation in the 1st 2nd century AD to the present, influencing writers from antiquity to Robert Graves.The only work of its kind to survive from classical antiquity, the Library of Apollodorus is a unique guide to Greek mythology, from the origins of the universe to the Trojan War Apollodorus Library has been used as a source book by classicists from the time of its compilation in the 1st 2nd century AD to the present, influencing writers from antiquity to Robert Graves It provides a complete history of Greek myth, telling the story of each of the great families of heroic mythology, and the various adventures associated with the main heroes and heroines, from Jason and Perseus to Heracles and Helen of Troy As a primary source for Greek myth, as a reference work, and as an indication of how the Greeks themselves viewed their mythical traditions, the Library is indispensable to anyone who has an interest in classical mythology Robin Hard s accessible and fluent translation is supplemented by comprehensive notes, a map and full genealogical tables The introduction gives a detailed account of the Library s sources and situates it within the fascinating narrative traditions of Greek mythology.

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    1. IntroductionNote on the Text and TranslationSelect BibliographyContentsGenealogical TablesMap--The LibraryAppendix: Some Interpolations and an Unreliable Passage from the EpitomeExplanatory NotesThe Twelve GodsReferences to Animals and TransformationsIndex of Names

    2. All the Greek myths we know and love - and then some19 July 2014 This manuscript was a pretty good find, or at least the sections that we did find to complete the manuscript that was handed down to us, because it gives us all of those Greek stories that we know and love, from this:to this:and finishes of with this:but unfortunately it does not contain this: The book is actually only a brief overview of each of the legends and is divided into a number of sections which outline various Greek famil [...]

    3. Probably written in the first or second century AD, probably not by Apollodorus, and certainly written in rather inelegant Greek, The Library of Greek Mythology is our only extant source of some of our most familiar Greek myths and variations, thus being an invaluable addition to our awareness and understanding of Greek culture. More of the myths contained in this work describe the adventures of heroes rather than gods, also providing information that rounds out our understanding of events immed [...]

    4. A pretty straightforward "who's who", not as artful as Ovid or Homer but hey, it was still fun to read. I try not to think about all those lost works I will never get to read, I still have hope that we will some day find some more hidden somewhere

    5. Apollodorus' Library of Greek Mythology is a very informative overview of who's who in Greek mythology and the legends surrounding the various different gods, demigods, and heroes. It is in no way written to be as enthralling as, let's say, Homer's epics but still very fun to read nonetheless. Would highly recommend to those who are Greek mythology fans like me, or to those who would simply like to read an abridged version of the myths.

    6. finished this yall 😎😎😎 so 💪ima 💯 just 👅 flex 😩 for 😤 a 💪 sec 🙌 cuz 😍 we 😈 always 😜 grinding 💁anyways lmao this was Really like dumb dry for the first quarter/third and then all of the heroes and gods started doin nasty shit so it got Interesting, i particularly liked (reading about mostly Not Them As A Person) heracles, hera, zeus, theseus, odysseus and athene (off the top of my head (💪) but i probs forgot some) because they were crazy lmao and intere [...]

    7. We don't actually know when the author of the Bibliotheca lived. The earliest source is ninth century, but most agree to Greek origins of an earlier date, possibly in the late first or early second centuries. We don't know who the author was either. The attribution to Apollodorus, while old, is mistaken, so purists assign the text to an unknown Pseudo-Apollodus.This is more an encyclopediac geneology than just a literary collection of stories. Consequently, it's not an easy or very pleasant read [...]

    8. Not the most entertaining of reads as it is just a recitation of the bare bones of most of the myths.But very informative, good notes too. Ties most of the myths together into some semblance of order, puts them in contextd the notes point out the clashes and inconsistencies.However the tedious and passionless use of the phrase "had intercourse with" started to grate after a whileese are deities being talked about, surely a more poetic, or even earthy, phrase could have been used.Things I learned [...]

    9. La biblioteca mitológica es muy fácil a leer aunque es relativamente amplia. Lo mejor que tiene es la capacidad de ordenar toda la mitología desde un punto de vista no sólo cronológico sino también espacial, con las principales "familias" de dioses y héroes establecidas en cada lugar de Grecia y el mundo. Es una obra obligatoria para todos los que nos encanta la mitología griega. Si alguna vez te preguntaste qué pasaba con algún personaje como Aquiles, Edipo y qué pasaba con sus hijos [...]

    10. I started reading this when I was about 100 pages from the end of Ovid's Metamorphoses. For me, the best part were the notes with their quirky asides and tangents.

    11. A dry, brief, and thorough account of Greek Mythology and heroic genealogy. Good for students or researchers, or to read along with an ancient history course. And now I must rant: reading these casual accounts of barbaric deities makes me shudder. Yuck.

    12. يتحدث عن الاساطير الاغريقيه بشكل منمق وجميل رالاساطير الاغريقيه هي اقدم القصص. في التاريخ التي مازالت متداوله حتي اليوم الياذه والادوسه حرب طرواده كيوبيد اريوس شكرا افلاطون ارسطو سقراط هيرودوت هوموريس.

    13. This is a summary of Greek mythology, written by some ancient Greek dude. It is supposed to be educational and to give you a proper introduction into that mythology. It failes completely in that. It is so packed with endless parades of names, happenings and info that it is completely impossible to remember any of it after finishing a page. And to make things even worse (although that is logical), it lacks context for it presupposes that you already know something about the matter.

    14. Yes, for people like me, this can be a beach read! Fascinating collection of Greek mythology in which I made extensive notes. In some cases, this summary is the only remaining reference to now-lost ancient sources. At other times, the summary is too short or lacks the robustness of the original. But, as a whole, what a find and what a great reference to go along with other summaries, original sources, etc.

    15. This epitome of Greek Mythology from the Creation of the Universe to the end of the Trojan War reads like a telephone directory. But instead of having phone numbers it has the names of parents of parents of parents, and of killers of killers of killers, and the names of lovers and rapists. It does have an inadequate index plus notes from the editors which make the work more useful as a reference work. But I think a serious student of Greek mythology would get a lot more meaning and objective exp [...]

    16. This is the best "map" of Greek mythology I've come across, with Bulfinch's Age of Fable a fairly distant second. The way The Library is organized is particularly interesting. Apollodorus breaks it all down into six main families, which you might not ever notice otherwise. Each has several pages of genealogical tables -i. The Deucalionidsii. The Inachids (Belid line (Europa etc), Agenorid line (Cadmus etc))iii. The Atlantids (Laconian royal line, usurpers at Thebes)iv. The Asopids (Achilles & [...]

    17. I read this because I was tired of saying "All I know about Greek Mythology I learned from Percy Jackson". This is a good overview of everything, but is very focused on the genealogies. The forward indicates it appears to have been an introductory primer of some kind. (Which is amusing because there's a lot of sex, homosexuality, violence, and cannibalism you wouldn't expect in a text in the US for the same age group.)This edition isn't the best though- there's a good 100 pages or so of explanat [...]

    18. Допустим, действительно изначально был Уран, от него пошёл Крон, после Зевс и олимпийские боги, в пылу постоянной борьбы за власть и удовлетворение похоти творивших мифическую историю. Появились первые люди, стали расселяться. Случился потоп. Начали расцветать очаги культ [...]

    19. Rather a dry read because it is basically a plot summary, but valuable as a reference. In addition to the encyclopedic coverage of the various Greek myths, there are extensive explanatory notes (providing details about and variations on the stories), as well as genealogical charts of the Greek ruling families, a map, a summary of the twelve Greek Gods, cross-references to animals and transformations in the myths, and an index of names. This is a very useful reference to anyone reading Homer, the [...]

    20. Excellent survey of Greek mythology. Basically contains the roots of every form of/theme in literature that has followed in the subsequent 2000+ years. Particularly notable for its relatively enlightened/non-judgmental descriptions of non-heterosexual love.

    21. Quite a dry, unengaging read. Some paragraphs are just endless list of names. Probably very useful for those wanting to study Greek mythology but not ideal for those wanting a rough grasp on the subject

    22. Apollodorus tells myths in a straightforward sparknotes kinds of way. it is really helpful. some of the stories explore the various versions of a myth. it is interesting that some myths have more than one version, such as helen of troy.

    23. This wasn't nearly as informative as I had anticipated. I'd been looking forward to really getting to know the main gods and main stories but this was more of a quick recap with a lot of name dropping.

    24. I found this to be one of the most helpful guides to Greek mythology. I used it in a Mythology class where it listed specifics of each mythology starting with the earliest such as the titans.

    25. Hard not to like if you have any real interest in the classics, but it's more like reading an encyclopedia than Homer or Virgil

    26. Credo sia una fonte imperdibile se vi interessa la mitologia greca. E' piacevole da leggere e la narrazione scorre senza sembrare solamente una lista di nomi ed eventi.

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