Monsoon Summer

Monsoon Summer

Julia Gregson / Jul 16, 2019

Monsoon Summer By the award winning author of East of the Sun a powerful and memorable novel Publishers Weekly about the forbidden love between a young Indian doctor and an English midwife Oxfordshire Kit Sma

  • Title: Monsoon Summer
  • Author: Julia Gregson
  • ISBN: 9781476725307
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • By the award winning author of East of the Sun, a powerful and memorable novel Publishers Weekly about the forbidden love between a young Indian doctor and an English midwife.Oxfordshire, 1947 Kit Smallwood, hiding a painful secret and exhausted from nursing soldiers during the Second World War, escapes to Wickam Farm where her friend is setting up a charity sending mBy the award winning author of East of the Sun, a powerful and memorable novel Publishers Weekly about the forbidden love between a young Indian doctor and an English midwife.Oxfordshire, 1947 Kit Smallwood, hiding a painful secret and exhausted from nursing soldiers during the Second World War, escapes to Wickam Farm where her friend is setting up a charity sending midwives to the Moonstone Home in South India.Then Kit meets Anto, an Indian doctor finishing his medical training at Oxford But Kit s light skinned mother is in fact Anglo Indian with secrets of her own, and Anto is everything she does not want for her daughter.Despite the threat of estrangement, Kit is excited for the future, hungry for adventure, and deeply in love She and Anto secretly marry and set off for South India where Kit plans to run the maternity hospital she s helped from afar.But Kit s life in India does not turn out as she imagined Anto s large, traditional family wanted him to marry an Indian bride and find it hard to accept Kit As their relationship begins to fray, Kit s job becomes fraught with tension as they both face a newly independent India, where riots have left millions dead and there is deep rooted suspicion of the English In a rapidly changing world, Kit s naivet is to land her in a frightening and dangerous situationBased on true accounts of European midwives in India, Monsoon Summer is a powerful story of secrets, the nature of home, the comforts and frustrations of family, and how far we ll go to be with those we love.

    Monsoon Summer by Julia Gregson Jun , Monsoon Summer was a book that I eagerly hoped to get a chance to read thanks to the lovely cover and the intriguing blurb , but it was a book that when I started to read it struggled very hard with at first I even thought about giving up on it. Monsoon Summer Books Monsoon Summer is the story of year old Jasmine Carol Gardner, known as Jazz Jazz is the product of her bulky, introverted white father and her petite, activist Indian born mother Genetically, and by her choices, Jazz takes mostly after her father, while her Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins Aug , Monsoon Summer took me by surprise and blew me away with it s emotional depth, rich character development and complex layers Set in modern day India, fifteen year old Jasmine Gardner from Berkeley, CA and her family spend a summer abroad in the village where the protagonist s mother was born and adopted. Monsoon The North American monsoon is known to many as the Summer, Southwest, Mexican or Arizona monsoon It is also sometimes called the Desert monsoon as a large part of the affected area are the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Monsoon Summer Book by Julia Gregson Official This reading group guide for Monsoon Summer includes an introduction, discussion questions, and a QA with author Julia Gregson.The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. How Do the Summer and Winter Monsoons Differ The summer monsoon brings heavy rains and creates a moisture rich atmosphere, while the winter monsoon generates long periods of dry and arid conditions The summer monsoon generally begins in April and lasts through late September, while the winter monsoon arrives in October and ends in March. Monsoon Summer A Novel by Julia Gregson, Paperback Reading Group Guide This reading group guide for Monsoon Summer includes an introduction, discussion questions, and a QA with author Julia Gregson.The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. monsoon National Geographic Society Summer Monsoon The summer monsoon is associated with heavy rainfall It usually happens between April and September As winter ends, warm, moist air from the southwest Indian Ocean blows toward countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar The summer monsoon brings a humid climate and torrential rainfall to these areas. Women s Dresses Party, Evening Jumper Monsoon Discover our head turning range of women s dresses at Monsoon Shop from the ever flattering wrap dress, find party, evening and jumper dresses today along with lightweight linen dresses for warmer temperatures Midi and maxi lengths are perfect for summer escapes, while mesmerising embellishments don evening gowns and party dresses Monsoon of South Asia In summer, the equatorial trough normally positioned about N of the equator moves over the Ganga plain creating a monsoon trough during the monsoon season The third condition is the presence of the high pressure area that develops east of Madagascar.

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    1. The story starts in post war England impoverished by rationing; the country was cold and miserable. So too were the characters, drab, colourless and unidentifiable. Kit lives in a friend’s boarding house with her mother, Glory. Kit and her mother have a distant relationship and the boarders all come across as a gloomy lot.As the story moves to post Independence India the colour comes alive, the characters are more real, alive and have a substance about them. This was a clever contrast of the t [...]

    2. If someone would ask me about a book that really surprised me would this one be one my mind. Monsoon Summer was a book that I eagerly hoped to get a chance to read (thanks to the lovely cover and the intriguing blurb), but it was a book that when I started to read it struggled very hard with at first. I even thought about giving up on it. Why? I had some real problem with the main character Kit. I found her very immature for a woman of 28, and she often made me annoyed with her "dark" secret and [...]

    3. Kit Smallwood is fresh off the circuit of nursing soldiers during the Second World War and goes to Wickham Farm to help a friend start up a charity sending midwives to South India. It's 1947. WWII is over, the Partition of India has just happened. The world is a vastly different place than it was just the year before.While Kit is at the farm, she meets a young Indian doctor who is studying medicine in Oxford, Anto. Of course they fall in love, much to the chagrin of many, and off they go to Sout [...]

    4. 4+ Stars! This is an intelligent and compelling story that I won’t soon forget.It is the story of Kit, a young, British nurse who falls in love with a charismatic, Indian doctor, Anto, and travels with him to India, where she hopes to not only be a worthy wife, but also establish a reputable midwifery for those in need.The story is predominantly set in India during the late 1940s, when the country had newly acquired independence and their separation from British rule caused inner turmoil and a [...]

    5. I'd really like to give this book 3 1/2 stars. I read this author's book, East of the Sun, and absolutely loved it. This one didn't quite grab me the way the other did, but it was interesting enough to hold my attention. It's set in India in the years just after WW II and Indian independence. Kit's mother Glory, is a half-caste woman who tries to be completely English, and to raise her daughter to be the same. Glory is not happy when Kit becomes a nurse during the war, and even less so when she [...]

    6. I really loved this book. It had all the elements I look for in historical fiction: an interesting setting, empathetic characters, believable dialogue and a solid plot. The dialogue especially pleased me, as I've run across quite a few stinkers in this area lately. The characters grew as the story moved along, which is essential for good fiction. The plot moves along at a decent pace too, can't honestly say there were slow spots in this read. In fact, this was another book I had a hard time putt [...]

    7. A well-written novel about a topic that was fairly new and interesting to me. I never realised how difficult it must have been for mixed marriages after the Indian independence. The theme of midwives and their position within Indian society gave the story an extra dimension. Consider yourself lucky to be born in an age and a country where women have their independence,children can be born in safety and medical advice and help are at hand. A good read for the summer.

    8. 3.5A pleasant read, somewhat self-conscious in narration for quickly reverting to an even keel when more of the complex social and political issues of postWar India would lend depth. Possibly overedited by the trad publisher. Uses several points of view whether necessary or not, and that was distracting. The ending not quite satisfying and issues left unresolved.

    9. After stopping and starting this book,I finally finishedI enjoyed reading about India post war but I did not care so much for the overall story or of the main character KitI thought it would be more like Indian Summers on PBSanks to giveaways for the chance to give a review

    10. I had to read this for a book group & expected it to be a romance novel, so I wasn’t enthused. I loved it!. Engaging story and excellent character development. It was hard to put down. It would be a great airplane read!

    11. This story is set in the post WWII years and starts in England where nurse / midwife Kit Smallwood meets and falls in love with Anto, a young doctor from India, who is finishing his medical education. After their marriage they move to India, which had just recently gained independence from Great Britain and where Kit isn’t welcomed with open arms, neither from Anto’s family nor the midwives community.I admit, I didn’t – and still don’t – know a lot about India neither while it was st [...]

    12. What a great story! I’m always intrigued by stories set in India, and this is the first time I’ve read a book set in the turbulent times of the late 1940s, when India obtained Independence from Britain.The story kept me turning the pages. The author has done such a wonderful job of weaving great characters in a believable plot and with such descriptive surroundings. I will look out for this author again.I recommend this book to any reader who enjoys being swept away to a foreign land and bei [...]

    13. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.1940, India is in the throes of independence from Britain. Into this chaotic time comes Kit, a nurse. Meeting Anto and falling in love, they marry secretly and travel to India to work. Amid the rioting of the newly independent country, Kit and Anto face more challenges than they had bargained for. With deeply developed characters and beautiful descriptions of India, this is a book worth reading.

    14. I enjoyed a previous book by this author, but was disappointed in this one. The detailed descriptions of the midwifery seemed to take over the narrative. The contrast between the two cultures and the story of the relationship took a backseat to the medical details.

    15. I really like this author. She had written a previous book I'd enjoyed so I'd had no hesitation in buying this book. Excellent! A dramatic love story between two confused young people and the often times difficult relationship between mother and daughter.

    16. 3 1/2 starsMonsoon Summer is the story of a young Englishwoman, Kit, who falls in love with Anto, an Indian doctor in post-war England. She worked as a nurse during the war and had almost completed her midwifery qualification when a tragic birth made her quit the course. She marries Anto and moves to an India that's now hostile to the British after gaining independence. There, she helps with a charity supported by a family friend in England that educates midwives in India on western practices an [...]

    17. Το βιβλίο αυτό της Gregson ήταν όπως και τα άλλα της, πολύ ενδιαφέρον και, πέρα από την προβλεπόμενη ερωτική ιστορία έδινε πολλά στοιχεία για το θέμα της μαιευτικής στην Ινδία και της γενικότερης μεταχείρισης των γυναικών. Το καλοκαίρι είχα δει ένα έργο Tο Στέμμα των Ινδιών (Vicero [...]

    18. Having enjoyed "East of the Sun" a few years ago I was pretty sure i would enjoy this too. Julia Gregson writes a good story with real characters who are all far from perfect which makes them all the more likable and believable.We are taken from a tired, cold post war Britain to an India just trying to sort itself out after Independence. The book is set in Kerala so we don't really touch on Separation but refugee camps up north are touched on briefly.A young girl married to an Indian doctor stru [...]

    19. Good reading for a plane ride. It's 1947 and Kit, a young nurse living in England, is struggling with what we'd now diagnose as PTSD. She leaves the city to rest at a country home owned by a family friend who is raising funds to staff a clinic for women in India. No spoilers here - Kit falls in love with an Indian doctor who has lived in England for medical training. Off they go to India to deal with much familial animosity and cultural misunderstandings, especially when Kit sets off to be a mid [...]

    20. DNF. I gave up after chapter 39, because it was just soooo boring. I only got that far because I finished the other books I had and hadn't gotten back to the library to get anything new, or I would have stopped a good 60 pages sooner. The time from when she got to India to the time I quit reading could have been summed up as thus: Kit's mother-in-law hated her for not having loads of kids and being a proper Indian wife, but she felt fulfilled in her work, despite not everyone being happy about a [...]

    21. i was given this book in exchange for an honest review. i loved East of the sun so i was pretty excited about reading this one as well. it started off a little slow and draggy, i wasn't sure i was going to like it. i think it was about the middle of the book where it actually got my attention and really started to enjoy it as well. also i really felt for Kit being in a foreign land amongst foreign family not knowing how they will see you and if they will accept you. it's hard. it's something you [...]

    22. India warts and all.India after independence is a different place to other popular books set in India during British rule. However the problems remained the same.This book tells the story of a British nurse who marries a young Indian doctor after knowing him for only a short time. How they return to India and have to adapt to many problems.Different with characters you felt you new

    23. very good -- takes place in early 1950's. Kit is from England. She marries a man from India and moves there with him. She works in a women's clinic as a nurse but also as a midwife which is considered a very lowly job in India. The story covers what is like for women in this time in India and the cultural differences of that time.

    24. At first I was a little put off by this book. I like relationships to develop without a rush and the first couple chapters were fast coming. As I kept reading, it took me by surprise. I really enjoyed Kit's character development, her strength, her desire to serve Indian women. It was interesting to read about childbirth practices in India. Overall- I really enjoyed it.

    25. Would've given this 3.5 stars if I could, but couldn't justify giving it four. This was a pleasant story. Nothing great, but enjoyable. There were parts that had me rather eager to page-turn but others that were a little meh. I'd say this is a very nice holiday book if you like this genre and want an easy read.

    26. I received a review copy from .I'm afraid I found this book really slow, I didn't find myself being drawn into the lives of any of the characters and I have to admit I gave up after a few chapters.I had thought I would enjoy the themes and setting but unfortunately it just wasn't for me.

    27. This is a wonderful historical fiction of post independence India after WWII. Kit, a midwife marries an Indian doctor and moves with him to his native land. She encounters many prejudices from being British, to being a mid-wife and of course, all the foibles of a mixed marriage. This is great story of family love and how it can overcome these prejudices. Highly recommended.

    28. This was the first novel of Julia Gregson's that I have read and I really enjoyed the story with its internal struggles as well as those of post-war India, the caste system etc. It inspired me to try and read some more of Julia's stories which I have enjoyed as much as this first one.

    29. More like 3.5 stars. English nurse meets a doctor from India after WWII and moves with him to India to work as a midwife. It seems like no matter what happened or how many warnings she received she just assumes everything will work out. I guess I found her irrationality annoying.

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