The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den

Eliza Freed / Oct 18, 2019

The Lion s Den The stunning conclusion to the Faraway novels

  • Title: The Lion's Den
  • Author: Eliza Freed
  • ISBN: 9781943622030
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • The stunning conclusion to the Faraway novels.

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        To keep in touch, sign up at elizafreed love letterEliza Freed graduated from Rutgers University and returned to her hometown in rural South Jersey Her mother encouraged her to take some time and find herself After three months of searching, she began to bounce checks, her neighbors began to talk, and her mother told her to find a job She settled into corporate America, learning systems and practices and the bureaucracy that slows them Eliza quickly discovered her creativity and gift for story telling as a corporate trainer and spent years perfecting her presentation skills and studying diversity It was during this time she became an avid observer of the characters she met and the heartaches they endured Her years of study taught her that laughter, even the completely inappropriate kind, was the key to survival She currently lives in New Jersey with her family and a misbehaving beagle named Odin As an avid swimmer, if Eliza is not with her family and friends, she d rather be underwater While she enjoys many genres, she is, and always has been, a sucker for a love story the screwed up the better.To keep up with all of Eliza s new releases and giveaways, sign up for her newsletter atelizafreed love letter.


    1. *REVIEW OF THE WHOLE SERIES*This was AWESOME!Have you ever asked yourself if you’re happy in your marriage? Have you ever wanted out of your marriage but decided against it because of your kids? But what if you felt lonely and bored? What if you had to give up your dreams and sacrifice everything only to find out that everything was a lie?Faraway is a refreshing two book series hidden in the sea of unrealistic NA books with recycled storylines, boring dialogues and immature characters that hav [...]

    2. 4 STARS BOOK 1 - 5 STARS BOOK 2”I was married. I was bored. This was nothing but a dangerous distraction. It was the devil’s playground.”Talk about stumbling across a true blue winner this two book series was seriously fantastic! Thank you KU for gifting me the opportunity of trying the first story. Friends, this is the story about an unhappy housewife, Meredith Walsh who no matter how hard she tries not to have affair with the amazing Chief of Police, Vincent Pratt they fall for one anoth [...]

    3. 4.5 starsBook 1 ended with a bit of a cliffhanger. I was wondering how all this would pan out. Vince, Meredith, Brad! Secrets and Lies. I am happily married. Would I act if I met someone I was attracted to? If there was a spark? A connection? Doubt it "happily married", that is the key I suppose. Is Meredith happy? Is Brad a fucking dickhead?Saying that, if it was Bruce I wouldn't have to think twice! LOL.Bit of a twist in this one that I did not see coming and sort of justified the means to t [...]

    4. Totally blew my expectations. Blew them completely away. Hands down beautiful!!!!This was everything and more to me. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but I did! For those of you on the fence on to read this or not, read it, don't second guess it, it is simply amazing and you won't be sorry!! And it ends perfectly.

    5. Wowis series was unputdownable for me. The Lion's Den is a top read for me. I need to come up with a review. But seriously. This series.

    6. The Devils Playground &The Lions Den by Eliza Freed4 stars & 4.5 stars!!!!“This was nothing but a dangerous distraction. It was the devil’s playground.”These two books are a duet and ones that I read one after the other, only taking the mandatory toilet breaks and of course feeding the husband and kids, they were that addictive. Yes, this book does contain cheating which I know is a major turn off for some readers, however, the way that Meredith’s story is delivered is sympatheti [...]

    7. LOVED IT!!i have been thinking about this book for the last few days even while reading another book so when i finally got a chance to sit down and devour it, well my expectations were pretty high! especially as book #1 is my favourite book i have read so far this year (and what a cliffhanger it left us with!) this picks up right after the end of book #1 and straight away i was on the edge of my seat because i had no idea which direction we would be taking and i absolutely loved where it all wen [...]

    8. DAMN that was GOOD!!!I’ve had my eye on The Lion’s Den since that painful cliffy in the first book, and I am so glad I continued with this story. As with many series, I often lose interest in subsequent installments, but not with the Faraway series! I was determined to see how this story would end and just as I thought…. The Lion’s Den would NOT let my attention go! ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING!This installment picks up right where The Devil’s Playground left off. Vincent Pratt gets that dre [...]

    9. *REVIEW OF THE WHOLE SERIES*4 Stars!! Book 1 and 4.5 Stars!! Book2Is cheating always wrong? Is it ever okay to cheat? When cheating is the “right” thing to do? Eliza Freed tells the story of a woman who struggles to find all these answers. Since this duet obviously deals with cheating, which I know for sure is a turn off for many readers, my advice is to read this duet with an open mind and of course, don’t condemn these characters before reading their story from start to finish. Keep in m [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars! "our character has consequences.” I would not go into details as to what happened in this book because I felt that it was better off if left unsaid. So, my review will be vague. This is the conclusion of the Faraway Series, and I must say that it was far better than the first book. Because for one, it was written in multiple POV namely Brad, Meredith and Vince. And even though most of them still came from Meredith, having the POV of others gives more meaning to the story. Another th [...]

    11. WARNING: Yes this story contains cheating, so heed the warning.IF the subject matter is a hard limit for you, please be kind and move along.I'll keep this short and sweet; I LOVE this duet, even though it tore at my heart strings.There are decisions, scenarios, actions and reactions that I may not agree with, but experiencing the emotions that I felt can I not love this?Bravo Ms. Freed!!!!! You rocked my socks off :DReading order: Final honest rating: 4.5starsFor more Reviews, Free E-books and G [...]

    12. 6 + stars!!!! Eliza Freed, you are freaking brilliant!I can't count how many times I was tempted to flip forward to see what crazy thing she cooked up. Only I knew if I did I'd miss something. She's sneaky and makes things twisted and thinks of things my imagination never could. I loved the different povs. I know people dislike affairs in books and sometimes refuse to read books because of it, but it's a reality in this world. It's written so well that you love the characters for their strength [...]

    13. A very nice conclusion to the story. I loved it. I loved the pace. The author knew what she was doing when she included Brad's and The Colonel's POV at the beginning. With that, we are able to understand better and adapt to the new situation with Meredith. I'll definitely check out other books from this author because her style of writing really made me connect easily to the characters.

    14. This was one of my most anticipated books for 2016…and it was amazing! The Devil’s Playground had left my spine tingling and my nerves rattled, needing to know what was going to become of Meredith, her relationships, and her family. The Lion’s Den picks up right where The Devil’s Playground left off, but this time the book starts out with the story unfolding from Brad and Vince’s perspectives (throws confetti and cheers). Yes, I was more than a little excited to get into the minds of t [...]

    15. My first book of 2016 couldn't have been better. What an awesome conclusion to the story. I sometimes get bored and want to skip forward but with the writing in this book I did not even think about that! I knew every word was worth reading! Both of the Faraway books are excellent. They're the kind that you think about all day and after you force yourself to put the book down at night. Now I'm just excited to dive right into Eliza Freed's other books!

    16. I spent all day reading this book. It was so good and the perfect closure I needed. Vince *sigh* One of the best heroes I've ever read.

    17. To say that I am a devoted fan to Eliza Freed would be an understatement. Prior to reading The Devil’s Playground, I had never heard of Ms. Freed and what a shame that would have been not finding out about her. The Devil’s Playground and its sequel—The Lion’s Den—are, by far, two of the best books I’ve read in a long time. And I read A LOT of books! You can find our reviews of The Devil’s Playground here. I loved it. So did my partner in crime and reading, Nat.I loved the realness [...]

    18. I have waited (impatiently) for The Lion's Den as if my life depended on it. What happened to Meredith? What happened to Vince? What the hell is Brad's problem? Seriously, Brad is an a-hole. If The Devil's Playground showed me anything, it was that Brad is a slimy and we don't like him. That is why I could sit back and cheer on Meredith and Vince. That is why I cried for Meredith. Why my heart broke for Vince. We pick up immediately where we left off in The Devil's Playground -- from Vince and B [...]

    19. At the conclusion of The Devil’s Playground, we’re left with the mother of all cliffhangers; not only is Meredith’s marriage hanging in the balance, but her life is as well. A shocking accident has left her without valuable memories of the past year, and she’s left to sort out the secrets she left behind. But as she begins to regain her memory, she learns the truth behind the events of the afternoon that nearly cost her everything that was dear to her, including her relationship with Vin [...]

    20. I loved this conclusion to the Colonel and Mar's love story. The first book, The Devil's Playground, got me hooked. This book picked up right where the first book ended, so you don't have to wait long to find out why Meredith didn't come to work.My favorite part of this book was the local settings. I can picture them at Latteria (who has delicious ice cream BTW), I've been in the car pool line with Mr. Danner waving me on, and I've had Mrs. Carter call me about a sick child. :) It all made the s [...]

    21. Eliza Freed did it again! As I waited impatiently for The Lion's Den I couldn't get the characters out of my head! I was worried sick about them due to the stunning cliffhanger at the end of The Devil's Playground. What did Brad know? What happened to Meredith? How was Vince going to fix things? These thoughts haunted me because Eliza Freed is simply amazing! I have loved each and every one of her books and they just keep getting better and better! Her books have all made me laugh and cry and lo [...]

    22. I have never jumped into a book a quick as I did this one. And that beginning!!! Wow.I loved Meredith and Vince. I loved how strong they both were, and how realistic every character was and their story. It totally gripped me. From the shocking beginning, to the HEA.I was generally upset the way it ended tho. Definitely a series I won't forget.

    23. What a book! What a series! It's been a week since I finished, and I'm still thinking about these characters and this story. This was the perfect conclusion to the series, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. Highly recommend!

    24. This story took a different turn than I anticipated, it had me excited, nervous, sad, and thrilled! Great series. Love the older characters in this love triangle style story.

    25. 4.5 stars. I really loved how this one had Brad and Vince's POV this time around, Meredith's POV didn't show up until much later. Brad and Vince have their own motives and goals regarding Meredith while she tries to piece together the puzzle of the past. It's an eye opener as to just how self centered or self sacrificing these two men are, especially concerning Meredith. I definitely couldn't have predicted how this one would play out, except that I knew never to underestimate Meredith because s [...]

    26. The Lion’s Den is a brilliant continuation of The Devil’s Playground, with just as much angst, heartache and emotion. With the way things ended in the first book I could not wait to dive right back into the story. Was Brad responsible for Meredith’s injury? How much did he know? These questions were at the forefront of my mind, and as this story developed, the more I had to wonder about how sinister Brad’s actions were. He seemed far too nervous, and as much as he tried to be a good, lov [...]

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