Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

James Tiptree Jr. / Oct 14, 2019

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever These darkly complex short stories and novellas touch upon human nature and perception metaphysics and epistemology and gender and sexuality foreshadowing a world in which biological tendencies

  • Title: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
  • Author: James Tiptree Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781892391209
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • These 18 darkly complex short stories and novellas touch upon human nature and perception, metaphysics and epistemology, and gender and sexuality, foreshadowing a world in which biological tendencies bring about the downfall of humankind Revisions from the author s notes are included, allowing a deeper view into her world and a better understanding of her work The NebulaThese 18 darkly complex short stories and novellas touch upon human nature and perception, metaphysics and epistemology, and gender and sexuality, foreshadowing a world in which biological tendencies bring about the downfall of humankind Revisions from the author s notes are included, allowing a deeper view into her world and a better understanding of her work The Nebula Award winning short story Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, the Hugo Award winning novella The Girl Who Was Plugged In, and the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novella Houston, Houston, Do You Read are included.The stories of Alice Sheldon, who wrote as James Tiptree Jr Up the Walls of the World until her death in 1987, have been heretofore available mostly in out of print collections Thus the 18 accomplished stories here will be welcomed by new readers and old fans The Screwfly Solution describes a chilling, elegant answer to the population problem In Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death, the title tells the tale species survival insured by imprinted drives but the story s force is in its exquisite, lyrical prose and its suggestion that personal uniqueness is possible even within biological imperatives The Girl Who Was Plugged In is a future boy meets girl story with a twist unexpected by the players The Women Men Don t See displays Tiptree s keen insight and ability to depict singularity within the ordinary In Hugo and Nebula award winning Houston, Houston, Do You Read astronauts flying by the sun slip forward 500 years and encounter a culture that successfully questions gender roles in ours.ContentsIntroduction by Michael SwanwickThe Last Flight of Doctor AinThe Screwfly Solution And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill s Side The Girl Who Was Plugged InThe Man Who Walked HomeAnd I Have Come Upon This Place by Lost Ways The Women Men Don t SeeYour Faces, O My Sisters Your Faces Filled of Light Houston, Houston, Do You Read With Delicate Mad Hands A Momentary Taste of BeingWe Who Stole the DreamHer Smoke Rose Up Forever Love Is the Plan the Plan Is DeathOn the Last Afternoon She Waits for All Men Born Slow Music And So On, and So On

    Her Smoke Rose Up Forever James Tiptree Jr There is just one great collection of Tiptree s fiction in print Her Smoke Rose Up Forever from Tachyon Publications It contains all of her major short stories New York Times Book Review Her Smoke Rose Up Forever collects eighteen brilliant short stories from a luminary of the science fiction genre, James Tiptree, Jr This updated edition is the quintessential Tiptree Holy Smoke Holy Smoke is a Australian drama film directed by Jane Campion, who co wrote the screenplay with her sister Anna.It premiered at the th Venice International Film Festival and was shown at the New York Film Festival and the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival before being released theatrically. Rose Theatre Homepage The Rose Theatre is an independent cinema in Port Townsend, WA with a world class line up of movies, plays, ballets and operas from around the globe Now featuring the Welcome to Brede s AccordionMIDI You are listen to La piu bella del Mondo Den enda i Vrden from by Marino Marini Smoke in the Sun Flame in the Mist Series by Rene The highly anticipated sequel to New York Times bestselling Flame in the Mist an addictive, sumptuous finale that will leave readers breathless from the bestselling author of The Wrath and the Dawn After Okami is captured in the Jukai forest, Mariko has no choice to rescue him, she must return to Inako and face the dangers that have been waiting for her in the Heian Castle. Rose Williams, Sister and Muse of Tennessee, Dies at Rose Isabel Williams, Tennessee Williams sister, who was the model for the character of Laura Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie and who echoed in many other Williams characters, died Sept of Old Chief Smoke Chief Smoke was a great horse capturer and great warrior in his youth He achieved military accomplishments, and, later on, he rose rapidly as a major and prominent and recognizable headman. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, Paperback The first book in the New York Times bestselling epic fantasy trilogy by award winning author Laini Taylor Around the world, black handprints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky. Her Vampire s Promise A Romance In Central City, Novella Her Vampire s Promise A Romance In Central City, Novella One Kindle edition by Jordan K Rose, Judith Roth, Jane Haertel Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks . Feast Dinner Theatres PEI Great Food, Laughs, Talent and From tears to strength, former cast member reflects on time served at dinner theatre Original cast member Dawn nicknamed Fanny Matthews Nichols remembers growing up at the Air Force training base in Slemon Park, and her time served in the dinner theatre show Flyer s Feast.

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        James Tiptree, Jr was born Alice Bradley in Chicago in 1915 Her mother was the writer Mary Hastings Bradley her father, Herbert, was a lawyer and explorer Throughout her childhood she travelled with her parents, mostly to Africa, but also to India and Southeast Asia Her early work was as an artist and art critic During World War II she enlisted in the Army and became the first American female photointelligence officer In Germany after the war, she met and married her commanding officer, Huntington D Sheldon In the early 1950s, both Sheldons joined the then new CIA he made it his career, but she resigned in 1955, went back to college, and earned a Ph.D in experimental psychology.At about this same time, Alli Sheldon started writing science fiction She wrote four stories and sent them off to four different science fiction magazines She did not want to publish under her real name, because of her CIA and academic ties, and she intended to use a new pseudonym for each group of stories until some sold They started selling immediately, and only the first pseudonym Tiptree from a jar of jelly, James because she felt editors would be receptive to a male writer, and Jr for fun was needed A second pseudonym, Raccoona Sheldon, came along later, so she could have a female persona Tiptree quickly became one of the most respected writers in the field, winning the Hugo Award for The Girl Who was Plugged In and Houston, Houston, Do You Read , and the Nebula Award for Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death and Houston, Houston Raccoona won the Nebula for The Screwfly Solution, and Tiptree won the World Fantasy Award for the collection Tales from the Quintana Roo.The Tiptree fiction reflects Alli Sheldon s interests and concerns throughout her life the alien among us a role she portrayed in her childhood travels , the health of the planet, the quality of perception, the role of women, love, death, and humanity s place in a vast, cold universe An award in Tiptree s name has celebrated science fiction that expands and explores gender roles for ten years now.Alice Sheldon died in 1987 by her own hand Writing in her first book about the suicide of Hart Crane, she said succinctly Poets extrapolate Julie Phillips wrote her biography, James Tiptree, Jr The Double Life of Alice B SheldonHere is a link to a site which now awards Science Fiction authors and their books under Alice s pen name for literature to represent gender issues within the field of writing tiptree


    1. "Ahead lies only the irreversible long decline. For the first time we know there is nothing beyond ourselves."when do you know that the book you've just read is one of your favorite books? that an author you've been reading is one of your favorite authors? probably a variety of factors come into play. for me, the love affair often begins when i realize that the author or book has a few specific attributes: genuine compassion and empathy for human beings combined with a dark and despairing view o [...]

    2. James Tiptree Jr. wrote short stories like a goddamned ninja. Each of these well-selected pieces feel perfectly machined, a clockwork of unknowable complexity and beauty. There is humor, sadness, and stunning beauty here, as well as moments of utter darkness, Tipree has stared into the void, and it permeates her worldview and her voice.

    3. This is going to be a long review because this book took me two months to finish! I had this anthology for several years before I cracked it. My podcast co-host mentioned one story from it and I decided to thumb through it too, and I was hooked. These stories command attention in a way hardly anything I read does. I had to read several of them multiple times. I couldn't skim. I had to ask questions and think about them, and several are still swirling in my head. I had to take breaks in between t [...]

    4. John Clute said, “I felt that simply to read a Tiptree story was to yank it, bleeding, from its dark home.” Tiptree herself said one of her pieces was “screaming from the heart.”I had these two sentences up on the screen all day, and I finally realized I wasn’t reviewing because I was hoping they would give me perspective, a master key to this book so I could talk about it as a whole. Respond to the chorus these stories are. But I can’t yet. So the disconnected things I do have:Thema [...]

    5. i borrowed her smoke rose up forever from my mother. i saved her from it, so it wouldn't distract her from the bar, the horrible, horrible hurdle baby lawyers have to throw themselves over. and now that i've returned it, i feel i must go purchase a copy, so i can share a little tiptree with everybody.except it isn't really by james tiptree jr. at all. that's the pen name of alice bradley sheldon. and i have to say, i have no idea how she pulled this off. the stories are sparkling and poetic but [...]

    6. The best stories in this collection are brilliant and devastating science fiction - I was particularly grabbed by the slow build up of tension in 'A Momentary Taste of Being' - perfectly paced and pitched, with just enough depth given to the protagonist to make his struggle against the tragedy very moving. Some of the shorter stories seemed more like capsule sketches of one of Tiptree's (real name, Alice Sheldon) bleak points. She usually needs a longish short story (of which there a good number [...]

    7. James Tiptree Jr. (pen name for Alice Sheldon) was a truly amazing writer. Her life - both public and internal - is fascinating in itself, but her collected fiction is a rare and precious legacy.This particular collection of many of her short works is an impressive, daunting hunk of wordage. There are so many stories here and so many ideas within that one could spend a lifetime mulling them over. Unfortunately, my copy must be returned to the library for the enjoyment of a waiting patron, so I w [...]

    8. Not a light read. In story after story the author shows she is willing to put humankind up to the most unflattering of mirrors. If beauty or joy is found, it is fleeting. Still, it's easy to see why James Tiptree Jr. was so exciting to the SF establishment when "he" burst on the scene. There's something dangerous and intense about the prose, and a sort of gathering of confidence if you look at the stories in a roughly chronological order, from "The Last Flight of Dr. Ain" to "With Delicate Mad H [...]

    9. This is the first work of science fiction that I can say I've fully enjoyed and, in parts, even admired. As a collection of stories, the volume is naturally uneven, and one could as easily give this four stars as five. The best parts, in my opinion, were the two novellas: a momentary taste of being and slow music. But some of the stories in the beginning of the volume were also wonderful. Of course, much of this is simply a matter of taste. Tiptree, herself, is also an interesting figure. Her me [...]

    10. Links in this review lead to my Blog.James Tiptree, Jr. was praised as the male voice of feminism back in the 70s before fandom blew up the cover and exposed writer Alice Sheldon behind this pen-name. What a fascinating life! The author was a high ranked officer during WWII, worked for the CIA in the 50s, went back to school, achieved a bachelor of arts, and achieved a doctorate in psychology in the 60s. Unsure, what to do with it, she started publishing 1968 under her pen-name and was soon re [...]

    11. Yowza. Missed this author completely in the scifi years. The introduction to this collection discusses the change in status for the author when it was discovered that James Tiptree Jr. was really Alice Sheldon. Why no one questioned the profound feminism of somebody named James is weird, but unmistakenly feminist this 2004 collection be. Sheldon/Tiptree has some of the swankiest titles ever devised - little pieces of standalone/standup poetry, starting with the book title from the short story co [...]

    12. I'm not even a full quarter through these stories and I'm flabbergasted. The writing is quite challenging, but the payoff is so incredible. Already I've read one of the most unusual alien invasion concepts I've ever come across ("The Screwfly Solution"), I've also been subjected to a mind-bending idea for future advertising ("The Girl Who Was Plugged In") and a horrifying and beautiful time travel tale ("The Man Who Walked Home"). What a beautiful intellect was Alice's. Gone too soon, but I expe [...]

    13. Read these all again to discuss them with Luke on the SFBRP podcast! As great as ever. Please see my previous review.

    14. A Moment's Halt--a momentary taste Of Being from the Well amid the Waste-- And Lo!--the phantom Caravan has reach'd The Nothing it set out from--Oh, make haste!——from the Rubaiyat of Omar KhayamIn the late 1960s at the age of 51, Dr. Alice Bradley Sheldon, a scientist and artist who had served in the U.S. Army and Central Intelligence Agency, began, covertly, to write. Under the masculine persona of James Tiptree Jr and occasionally as the masked-woman Raccoona Sheldon, she published a body [...]

    15. I begin my review quoting from the short stories in 'Her Smoke Rose Up Forever' written by psychologist Alice Sheldon, aka science fiction author James Tiptree, Jr. To me, Sheldon has an enormous talent of astonishingly vivid writing and muscular symbolism, each story full of vibrating 3-D emotional strings, and poetic and powerful language. "A great pearl-colored blush spread upward before him, developed bands of lavender and rays of coral-gold fire melting to green iridescence overhead. The bo [...]

    16. This is a reread for me. I read the book when it came out circa 1990, and read some of the stories in collections before that. "The Girl Who Was Plugged In" I taught in an ambitious literature class at the University of Michigan, around 1997.Why reread now? My dear friend, podcast maven, and user Jenny Colvin has been describing her reading of these stories in several places. Her reflections (and an odd discussion with another podcaster/reviewer) made me want to revisit these stories. And anoth [...]

    17. Pros: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever is a collection of short stories and novellas, but I had very different reactions to many of them. The better of them are character-focused and Tiptree/Sheldon lets her gift of description and drama run free. When this is happening, the story can be truly enthralling -- staggeringly so. Also, these stories are generally about big ideas, so there are quite a few that held my interest on the merit of the core concept in play.Cons: In total, about 1/6 stories were br [...]

    18. A pretty good collection of some of James Tiptree Jr's short stories. Pretty much all the stories are depressing, which isn't an encouragement (at least for me) to binge read them. This is best consumed in small chunks. There is also a lot of similarity: the women in so many of these stories are are routinely marginalized, oppressed, brutalize, were treated as sexual slaves. An intense point of view is nice in a story, but Tiptree is unrelenting, at least within the context of the stories in thi [...]

    19. The only Tiptree work I'd read prior to this was "The Screwfly Solution" in a short story anthology, and it was one of my favorites in that work, so I was excited to read this collection. It took me longer than I thought it would, because despite the stories' length, it takes awhile to get through each one. These are not happy stories. Not to say there isn't happiness, or beauty, or hope to be found, but that's certainly not the point. Any of that is ancillary - it matters, it has a place, but i [...]

    20. Many more good than bad. The bad are only classed as such because they were too bizarre for my sensibilities, or I failed to understand the ideas or themes Tiptree was driving at. A phenomenal science fiction author, with an incredibly interesting life. I think it's an important read, especially for anyone interested in feminist science fiction of the 70s.Particularly highlights for me were "The Screwfly Solution", "The Girl Who Was Plugged In", "A Momentary Taste of Being", "Your Faces, O My Si [...]

    21. Like any short fiction collection, there are lots of speedbumps, but among some unforgettable reads. Sheldon/Tiptree is graphic: she writes trancelike sex and gut-wrenching violence. Stories alternate between catchy, aggressive prose, and overly-poetic narrative (I prefer the former.) Led by memorable, eye-opening moments like "The Screwfly Solution," "A Momentary Taste of Being," and "We Who Stole the Dream", as well as historically-critical works ("The Girl Who Was Plugged In" "And I Awoke and [...]

    22. The apocalyptic return to eden and the dance of eros and thanatos are the key themes of James Triptree jr./Raccoona Sheldon/Alice Sheldon so probably not beach reading, yet brilliant nonetheless.

    23. I love me some Tiptree. I have a star-struck crush on her, and often mention to friends that "I want to have sex with her brain"; I love her mind, and her voice that comes through her writing.My introduction to the author came a year ago, when the Introduction to Science Fiction class had us buy this book, in order for us to read/study a selection of stories from it.Her real name was Alice Sheldon, but she wrote under two pseudonyms, James Tipree Jr and Raccoona Sheldon, and her works are often [...]

    24. One of my goals this year was to start reading books that have won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, which is presented for stories that explore aspects of gender, primarily in SciFi and Fantasy. Since I was reading these award winners, I figured I should also read some of the work by the author after whom the award is named. James Tiptree, Jr. is a pseudonym for Alice Bradley Sheldon, who wrote hard science fiction for years without readers knowing she was a woman. Tiptree is a perfect namesake for [...]

    25. COMPLETED 5 March 2016After listening to the ladies on the Galactic Suburbia podcast talking about a number of Tiptree stories, I was minded to buy the ebook version of this and slowly get it finished. Tiptree wrote some amazing stories, but they tend to be so depressing and there's an entrenched misogyny (that she is clearly writing against) that is hard to read - and makes one sadder to realise still exists all these years later. I hope, and generally believe, we've come some distance since th [...]

    26. I've been working on this on and off for probably close to a year. I've wanted to read Tiptree for a long time; she was a ground-breaking sci-fi writer and one of the few women who gained recognition in this field in the 1970s. The stories in this collection were all really haunting. Almost every story followed me around for a few days after I finished it, which is partly why reading this took so long.In many ways, her stories present a really hopeless future, but Tiptree's characters also keep [...]

    27. I'll probably come back and review this collection more thoroughly later, if (when) I read the whole thing again.For now, I'll just say that there's a part of me that needed this book so badly. It's the part that makes my heartrate speed up when I read the text of Andrea Dworkin's speech I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape; the part of me that considers all of the patriarchal condescension, the misogynist hostility, the sexual assaults that I have experienced or witness [...]

    28. I read this collection as preparation of the Galactic Suburbia Spoilerific episode honouring James Tiptree Jr.’s centennial last August. If you’d told me five years ago that I’d be reading old (read: pre-my-birth) SF stories and loving them too, I’d have laughed in your face. Because I was a fantasy girl ALL THE WAY. Cue five and a half years of blogging and broadening my reading horizons and I not only read this entry in the SF Masterworks series, I even re-read stories in it, because I [...]

    29. Oh thank goodness for some actual rage against the apocalypse literature by such a fierce and wounded creature. I am in love.

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