The Freemason's Daughter

The Freemason's Daughter

Shelley Sackier / Aug 24, 2019

The Freemason s Daughter The Outlander series for the YA audience a debut full of romance and intrigue set in early eighteenth century Scotland Saying good bye to Scotland is the hardest thing that Jenna MacDuff has had to

  • Title: The Freemason's Daughter
  • Author: Shelley Sackier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Outlander series for the YA audience a debut, full of romance and intrigue, set in early eighteenth century Scotland.Saying good bye to Scotland is the hardest thing that Jenna MacDuff has had to do until she meets Lord Pembroke Jenna s small clan has risked their lives traveling the countryside as masons, secretly drumming up support and arms for the exiled King JameThe Outlander series for the YA audience a debut, full of romance and intrigue, set in early eighteenth century Scotland.Saying good bye to Scotland is the hardest thing that Jenna MacDuff has had to do until she meets Lord Pembroke Jenna s small clan has risked their lives traveling the countryside as masons, secretly drumming up support and arms for the exiled King James Stuart to retake the British throne But their next job brings them into enemy territory England.Jenna s father repeatedly warns her to trust no one, but when the Duke of Keswick hires the clan to build a garrison on his estate, it seems she cannot hide her capable mind from the duke s inquisitive son, Lord Alex Pembroke nor mask her growing attraction to him But there s a covert plan behind the building of the garrison, and soon Jenna must struggle not only to keep her newfound friendship with Alex from her father, but also to keep her father s treason from Alex Will Jenna decide to keep her family s mutinous secrets and assist her clan s cause, or protect the life of the young noble she s falling for In Shelley Sackier s lush, vivid historical debut, someone will pay a deadly price no matter which choice Jenna makes.

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        Shelley Sackier grew up in a small farming community in Northern Wisconsin continually searching for ways to grow warm Realizing she would never be able to enjoy ice cream like real people should, she left the state and lived the blissful life of a traveling musician Discovering her stories needed space than two verses a bridge and a chorus could provide, she began storytelling in earnest And then in Virginia Which is where she lives now and continues to write Her first novel, DEAR OPL Sourcebooks 2015 , is a tale about a snarky, overweight thirteen year old, who suffers from loss everywhere in her life except on her body Her next novel, The Freemason s Daughter HarperCollins , is due in early 2017 To learn about Shelley, visitPeakperspective where she blogs weekly about living on a small farm atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge and how it s easiest to handle most of it with home grown food, a breathless adoration for tractors, and a large dose of single malt scotch.You can also find her on Twitter ShelleySackier.


    1. (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“I’m beginning to think men simply want women stupid. Senseless enough that they can exert their brute will on us as they please.”This was a YA historical story, about a group of freemasons who wanted King James Stuart to retake the British throne.Jenna was quite an outspoken girl, and sometimes said too much. It was clear that she had been educated, but sometimes she trusted people too easily. Her he [...]

    2. You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 2.5*I have not a ton of feelings on this one. Good, or bad, really. It was fine. I didn't dislike reading it, but it didn't blow me away either. I liked the setting. Jenna was a pretty good character, very strong-willed, though sometimes came off as a bit judgmental, especially early in the story. It seemed kind of like girls either had to buck societal norms, or they were "less than" in [...]

    3. It's 18th century Scotland and it's a time of great upheaval. Jenna's family support the exiled King James Stuart and want him to retake the British Throne. Jenna's family are Jacobites, which means they King James is the rightful heir. Also, Jenna and her family are Freemasons and are hired by the Duke of Keswick to build a garrison. This is ironic as the garrison is supposed to protect the Duke and his family from people just like Jenna's family. Jenna's family is planning to use this situatio [...]

    4. 3 starsI love historical fiction and Scotland, and I especially love Outlander. So when I got an arc for this book promising an "outlander for YA" I didn't wait a single second to start reading it. I loved the idea of this book and I was really enjoying it until I realized that nothing was happening and I was more than halfway through the book. This book is very slow-paced and there isn't much going on. The characters started out great. I loved them all and though there were a lot of them, it wa [...]

    5. *Synopsis to ADD*The Outlander series for the YA audience—a debut, full of romance and intrigue, set in early eighteenth-century Scotland.Saying good-bye to Scotland is the hardest thing that Jenna MacDuff has had to do—until she meets Lord Pembroke. Jenna’s small clan has risked their lives traveling the countryside as masons, secretly drumming up support and arms for the exiled King James Stuart to retake the British throne. But their next job brings them into enemy territory: England.Je [...]

    6. I don't think this story is necessarily bad, but it is painfully slow. The writing is very dry and the characters are as bland as plain oatmeal. I found myself putting it down quite often and dreading picking it back up. I do wish one of my favorite historical fiction writers (I'm looking at you Stephanie Morrill, Libba Bray, and Ruta Sepetys!) could dissect this and piece it back together with a little bit of flare.

    7. Treachery, conspiracy, secrets, obligations, rangs, love betrayalYou don't have time to get bored!It's not an easy read as there is a lot going on in this story. First, the reader needs to understand the different plots to appreciate the romantic part of the story. Jenna is in the middle of something she doesn't understand but her heart will lead her into trouble. She will have to make heavy choices between family, believes and friendship. One bad decision and everybody will be discovered and pu [...]

    8. This book was pretty good! I saw that people were calling it "the YA Outlander" and in a way they were right! While nothing could be another exact "Outlander" I found myself laughing at references to it such as the "cherry bark tea, and comfrey" Jenna drinks at one point. I also loved how Jenna is an empowered, educated woman in the 1700's which was a rare thing during her time. I also loved how Alex was a kind, caring figure. I did find that there were some gaps in the storytelling. One minute [...]

    9. Review Posted on Reading Lark 4/4/17: readinglark/2017/Jenna MacDuff lost her mother at a young age and has been moving around Scotland with her father ever since. Her father works as a master mason who uses his skill with stone to further the Stuart cause. If his Jacobite beliefs are brought to life, he will find himself on the end of a hangman's rope. Jenna chooses to stay with her father and her clan in spite of the danger she faces on a daily basis. Things grow more intense when the clan is [...]

    10. 1.5 Stars You know there's a problem when you dread coming back to a book.The Freemason's Daughter is not a bad book. The writing is fine and the setting and premise are unique. So it does have some good qualities. It is, however, extremely slow, almost plotless, and it's extremely difficult to connect with or care about any of the characters.This book's pacing is sooo weird. It's extremely insanely slow (nothing of any substance happens) until around page 325 or so and then it picks up at break [...]

    11. I kindly received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Spoilers (and swearing, knowing me) lurk below.Meet Jenna. Jenna's a Scot who lives with her father and his collection of merry men. Jenna's not like the other girls; she's been educated. The band of merry men aren't your normal band of merry man, either. The band of merry men hope to put James Stuart on the throne (spoiler warning: they fail), and they travel through Scotland and England, looking for support for the exi [...]

    12. The Freemason’s Daughter touches the history surrounding the Revolution that overthrew King James II. In particular, attempts to bring him back to the throne. While I know very little of this history, I am fascinated with the Jacobite rebellions and their dedication to their cause which in this case are tightly connected with these undercover Freemasons. The background story about this group fascinated me. Nowadays, the group is more a fraternity of sort, but the myth behind the name is sort o [...]

    13. I received an ARC of The Freemason's Daughter from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The Freemason's Daughter is marketed as Outlander for YA but it is not near as amazing as Outlander. I wish publishers would stop comparing books to a bestseller for marketing purposes and to make a quick sale. This book is very slow paced with almost nothing interesting happening for most of the pages. There are few interesting scenes toward the end of the book but they are not enoug [...]

    14. I read an ARC from New York Comic Con. This isn't the worst book I ever read, but Shelley's agent and editor should've given her a lot more notes.The main problem I have with the book is that Jenna is kept in the dark. It would've been a more interesting story if she was heavily involved with the Jacobite plot or if the book was from her father + the rest of the clan's POV. And she was supposed to be a modern, educated woman but hardly ever got to use her education. In fact, Jenna is the reason [...]

    15. This book was a little meh. I don't have much to say about it- it was historically accurate and considered issues such as female empowerment and duty, but in the end, it was kinda dry. The evil gay jealousy trope irritated me slightly, and the chemistry in the romance wascking. Nothing really happened the entire book through, though I have to give it points for being engaging enough for me to read all the way through. Overall, I wish the idea of Freemasons had been explored more, and that more a [...]

    16. While this book is certainly historical - set in England during the 1700s - I was surprised by how political it turned out to be. There's romance to soften the harsh lines of intrigue and scheming, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's the focus even despite a smallish love triangle.I wanted to like this story more but I found it dry at times and didn't always want to pick it back up.

    17. DNF at 10%. I realize that was very early on, but the voice just isn't for me, so I'm stopping.Rich descriptions of early 18th century political turmoil between Scotland and England, class structure, and general disdain on both sides of Hadrian's Wall though -- so it's likely to be historically lush and accurate throughout.

    18. Nothing happened lol. The characters were decent, but the whole *spoilers* Mr. Finch's love for Alex was super poorly handled. But the rest was fine.

    19. I'm having a hard time coming up with what I want to say about The Freemason's Daughter. I picked it up on a whim because I love historical fiction, especially when it is set in the UK, and I haven't read much historical fiction set in the 18th century.The book follows two characters. Primarily, it follows Jenna MacDuff, a Scottish girl who is the daughter of a Freemason Jacobite. She travels around with her clan as they help plot the return of the Stuarts to the throne of England and Scotland. [...]

    20. Jenna McDuff is a self-reliant, self-confident, unusually educated 16 year old Scot living in the early 1700's. Her father is leader of a group of stone masons who travel all over the country to construct buildings. Jenna has traveled with them since the death of her mother, but some are wondering if she might be a liability. They are bound by a secret agenda - to put King James on the throne of England. They are Jacobites. While constructing a garrison on an Englishman's estate, Jenna gets to k [...]

    21. Shelley Sackier's first historical novel, THE FREEMASON’S DAUGHTER, follows the story of Jenna MacDuff in 18th century England as she is forced to leave her homeland of Scotland with her father and his stonemason group in order to secretly promote the Jacobite movement.This story takes place after the death of Queen Anne in 1714. Due to the Act of Settlement 1701, which prohibits Catholics from ascending the British throne, George I, who is German by birth, inherited the throne over 50 other R [...]

    22. Originally posted on citygirlscapes.Anything dubbed “The Outlander series for the YA audience” gets my attention. I was excited to read The Freemason’s Daughter by Shelley Sackier, it’s been a while since I’ve read something of this historical genre and I was excited to see how it would work with a YA focus. I loved the setting and the dynamic of a wealthy family and a group of stonemasons with a young girl tagging along. This set a good foundational scene for the story, but it [...]

    23. I think the main problem with this book is that is suffers from an overload of cliches that are found in YA these day. Unfortunately, that means that already, even after a few days, this book isn't really memorable at all. I had so much trouble connecting with Alex's character. He honestly at times felt really rather pointless, and things were just eh with him from the start with me. He didn't really seem to have a purpose other than to be a love-interest for Jenna and to compare his 'oh-so-good [...]

    24. Picked up an ARC from NYCC 2016.This story is being advertised as "The Outlander series for the YA audience" and I don't agree. I never read Outlander, or seen the show, but from what I have heard The Freemason's Daughter doesn't have enough romance to earn that comparison. I am not saying I expect sex scenes in a YA novel, but there wasn't enough heat between Jenna and Alex. Or Jenna and Daniel. There also was not enough action, conflict, or suspense. Not much happens in the book until the last [...]

    25. I wanted to like this book, I really did. It takes place in Scotland in the 18th century, that alone usually gets at least 3-4 stars from me. But not this one. The two stars are for some of Sackier's poetic writing however as a whole it was highly disappointing.It is clear that the author did some research by the terms that she uses however it also seems like she missed a large part of historical context and life in the 18th century. I realize that she is not a historian however if you write a h [...]

    26. The book is set in England during a transitional time in the English Monarchy. Jenna is part of a clan of Scottish rebels trying to take over the throne. They are undercover building a garrison for an enemy Duke's estate. Jenna meets the Duke's son and conflict ensues. Interesting and enjoyable, but not a book that I will recommend very often.

    27. I rarely give five star reviews. This book deserves it! Shelly Sackier has created the world of the early 1700's in England and Scotland with expertise and beauty. Jenna is a Scot who lives with her father, a freemason, and six other men. They have been called to England to build a garrison. Each of the men has skills he shares with Jenna about math, literature and architecture. She's very intelligent and hungry to learn. She meets young Lord Pembroke, an Englishman who has been sent down from C [...]

    28. Having just finished reading Outlander I decided that I would give this book a try as it was said to be Outlander for YA. I have to say that I have to agree with that conclusion.I really liked the story. I loved the characters. I absolutely loved that it was another book to take place in the Highlands around the same period of time as Outlander. The writing style was fun and well just amazing. I did feel that the story was a bit slower for my liking, but like I said I did just finish the faster [...]

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