A Testament of Devotion

A Testament of Devotion

Thomas R. Kelly Richard J. Foster / Jul 18, 2019

A Testament of Devotion Since its first publication in A Testament of Devotion by the renowned Quaker teacher Thomas Kelly has been universally embraced as a truly enduring spiritual classic Plainspoken and deeply in

  • Title: A Testament of Devotion
  • Author: Thomas R. Kelly Richard J. Foster
  • ISBN: 9780060643614
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since its first publication in 1941, A Testament of Devotion, by the renowned Quaker teacher Thomas Kelly, has been universally embraced as a truly enduring spiritual classic Plainspoken and deeply inspirational, it gathers together five compelling essays that urge us to center our lives on God s presence, to find quiet and stillness within modern life, and to discover thSince its first publication in 1941, A Testament of Devotion, by the renowned Quaker teacher Thomas Kelly, has been universally embraced as a truly enduring spiritual classic Plainspoken and deeply inspirational, it gathers together five compelling essays that urge us to center our lives on God s presence, to find quiet and stillness within modern life, and to discover the deeply satisfying and lasting peace of the inner spiritual journey As relevant today as it was a half century ago, A Testament of Devotion is the ideal companion to that highest of all human arts the lifelong conversation between God and his creatures.I have in mind something deeper than the simplification of our external programs, our absurdly crowded calendars of appointments through which so many pantingly and frantically gasp These do become simplified in holy obedience, and the poise and peace we have been missing can really be found But there is a deeper, an internal simplification of the whole of one s personality, stilled, tranquil, in childlike trust listening ever to Eternity s whisper, walking with a smile into the dark.

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        Thomas Raymond Kelly 1893 January 17, 1941 was an American Quaker educator He taught and wrote on the subject of mysticism His books are widely read, especially by people interested in spirituality.


    1. I didn't know what to expect when I first opened Thomas Kelly's A Testament of Devotion. I knew the book was listed among the best in Christian spirituality but I didn't know anything about the book.I didn't know that Kelly was a Quaker and that the essays within the book were taken from talks that he gave. I didn't know how much my favorite Christian writer, Dallas Willard, was influenced by Kelly.I also didn't know that I would need to read it more than once to fully appreciate it. The first t [...]

    2. Friends recommended this book when they heard my 2012 New Year's resolution was to not be overwhelmed by life. A good dose of Quakerism is a nice antidote. I can't say Thomas Kelly led me to calm and simplicity, but he did offer me understanding: "For, except for spells of sickness in the family and when the children are small, when terrific pressure comes upon us, we find time for what we really want to do." With a small child, yes, living a focused life of service can be hard.While his languag [...]

    3. This is the third or fourth Quaker author I have read that I have really enjoyed. Foster, Trueblood, now Kelly. Kelly actually took over a post for D. Elton Trueblood at Haverford College! I loved Trueblood's book "New Man for Our Time". Back to this book, it was a great collection of Kelly's writings on simply living in the Spirit, living in the presence of God, a lot in the vein of Brother Lawrence. There is a 25 page biography written by a friend and colleague at the end of the book that I wo [...]

    4. This book is the perfect follow-up to Brother Lawrence's The Practice of the Presence of God. While we learn from Brother Lawrence that an abiding presence with God is possible, we learn from Kelly how to acquire it, what it costs, and what fruit will be born from it. This is a very quick read, but should be savored and re-read.

    5. At my high school graduation, some friend or relative (I don't know who) gave me a copy of "A Testament Of Devotion" by Thomas Kelly. I read this and was touched by the spirituality of the writing. He wrote of "The Light Within":"Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking Voice, to which we may continuously return. Eternity is at our hearts, pressing upon our time-torn lives, warming us with intimations of an astounding destiny, [...]

    6. I must admit that I am not all that familiar with Quaker spirituality except for my criticism of its inveterate pacifism and pietism which for various reasons has formed an important influence on the Church of God.  This book is a well-regarded example of an ecumenical and mystical approach to Christianity that is particularly popular in our hectic age [1].  I would not say that this is a bad book, exactly, more like it is a book that is not easy to understand or relate to.  The author is a Q [...]

    7. This book is simply a phenomenon that every believer ought to read. One of the deepest and most moving books I've ever read. The brevity of the book adds to its power. The only drawback I can think of is when it frequently seems to promote the Quaker way, almost as though they only have promoted the primacy of centering the inner life upon the Presence of God. In a book with such a potent universal message and applicability, it was a bit of a distraction and possibly even a bit of an error. But [...]

    8. I absolutely love(d) this book. It’s a very short and quick read, though the grammar is old English so you’ll have to reread quite a bit to pick up what’s he is trying to say. It has encouraged me tremendously to know that the struggle of finding time for devotion was the same for those in the 1940s as it is for us today with more technology. It’s not an issue of the amount of time we have but the amount of desire we have to spend the time with our Heavenly Father. It’s a convicting bo [...]

    9. This timely book should be a MUST READ for anyone who claims to be a Christian. Wonderful book. Do yourself a favor and read it. No wonder this is considered a classic. I am Episcopalian and I loved it. Loving Jesus and responding to the Holy Spirit are the most important things anyone can ever do.

    10. This little book came to my attention via the author's fellow Quaker and spiritual teacher, Richard Foster--for me, a longtime guide to the spiritual life.It's a book that says good things in the rhetorical style of mid-twentieth-century university-educated divines (I think Elton Trueblood especially), a style not everyone enjoys but I generally do.What makes this book particularly powerful, because poignant, to me is to read it in the light of Kelly's own career. It is sketched at the end, but [...]

    11. A little dated (written in 1941) but still a rich introduction to "Life from the centre." Kelly is prophetic when he writes that "we are bowed down with burdens, crushed under committees, strained breathless, and hurried, panting through a never ending program of appointments. We are too busy to be good wives to our husbands, good homemakers, good companions of our children, good friends to our friends, and with no time at all to be friends to the friendless." (p. 112) Kelly perscribes a return [...]

    12. I joined the Renovaré USA book club this summer and just finished A Testament of Devotion by Quaker Thomas Kelly. This is not a book I would typically read and, honestly, I didn't find it nearly as thought provoking or powerful as others in the club discussion threads did, but it did have a few good takeaways. I particularly found the end of the book to be thought provoking. it was a good reminder that how we spend our time should always reflect what is most important to us but it points out th [...]

    13. I cannot express enough how much I treasure this book. God has used it to encourage and challenge me in so many ways. Kelly has helped me find words for the restlessness in my spirit- to help me pinpoint what I have been looking for. It has amazed me over the past year how many times I have been reading certain passages of Scripture, and then read an excerpt or chapter from this book and felt Kelly confirming so many things that the Lord was speaking to me about in His Word. I know this book wil [...]

    14. This book is a collection of essays appropriately named "A Testament of Devotion". There is some overlap in concepts, but the essays to build on one another and explore new territory as well.Kelly argues for the mental habits of inward organization. He states that theologies and symbols and creeds are inevitable, transient and become obsolescent. The heart of religious life is in commitment and worship not reflection and theory. The earlier essays speak to the earlier issues to turn toward a new [...]

    15. s mainly the simplicity and passion with which Kelly writes. It helps that these are excerpts of talks given by him intended to inspire his audience.So if you're looking to add some meaning to life, just read through these pages. There are less than 90 of them so you can finish it off in a day, which I would recommend for maximum impact.One word of warning it's written in a Quaker/Christian context, so it those assumptions don't mean anything to you or bug you, just substitute something that you [...]

    16. Excellent book by a Quaker author. Clearly a person of deep faith. I found the ending chapters of the book most meaningful. It addresses how to balance a new kingdom reality in the current Earthly kingdom.Just one of many jewels from the book:"The hard-lined face of a money-bitten financier is as deeply touching to the tendered soul as are the burnt-out eyes of miner's children, remote and unseen victims of his so-called success. There is a sense in which, in this terrible tenderness, we become [...]

    17. I read this book in the '80s, and it was one of my first steps toward Quaker Meeting (which I first attended regularly in the mid-90s. It's short, and the spirit of Kelly radiates on every page. When I sit on committees for clearness for the purpose of membership, I ask the potential member, "Have you read Kelly's Testament of Devotion?" If the person says no, I walk out and I say, "Come back when you're serious."I really don't do that, but on each successive clearness committee I say that I did [...]

    18. Thomas Kelly was a Quaker missionary who died too young in 1941. Testament of Devotion compiles fives essays that are meant to urge us to center our live's on God's presence. In our busyness, we can live a life centered and consumed by God's presence. An excert: "But what is the content and aim of this yearning Love, which is the Divine Love loving its way into and through us to others? It is that they too may make the great discovery, that they also may find God, or, better, be found by Him, th [...]

    19. This book will require re-reading. Very deep and thoughtful. I discovered right away that I could not plow through it in a couple of days. I was deceived by the small number of pages that it would be a "quick read". Not in the least. I would read a sentence or two and have to stop to think about what was said and how it manifested in my life or more specifically how it did not. even though it was written in the 1940's, it is very appropriate for today and will continue to be so. Thus the example [...]

    20. Thomas Kelly gives us an exceptional glimpse into a life lived "from the Center." Unique for its Quaker perspective, A Testament of Devotion is a must-read for any and all who desire to practice the presence of God. In his own words:"Life from the Center is a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It is amazing. It is triumphant. It is radiant. It takes no time, but it occupies all our time. And it makes our life programs new and overcoming. We need not get frantic. He is [...]

    21. This book just didn't do it for me. I understand that it is a classic of Quaker mysticism, but I guess I was looking for something more practical, applied to which I could relate. To me it seems very similar to the work of Watchman Nee which I read many years ago. He emphasises the importance of creating a spiritual sanctuary within us and within our daily business lives, and recognising our own relationship to God. It did inspire me to look into the writings of Brother Lawrence, so I will head [...]

    22. Actually, I finished this book long ago and am only now updating my GoodRead page. This book fit in with others along the way to encourage my attention, apprehension and increasing awareness of God as the center of my life. It is so easy to slide into busyness or mindlessness which encourage forgetfulness. This book is able to promote one's heart to remember how deeply loved each of is by the King of Heaven, and that makes me (at least) able to rest there and love more easily.

    23. It's possible to become the kind of person who can say yes or no to needs and requests with a quiet, unhurried confidence, coming out of a place of peaceful quiet within. These kind of people don't get any less done, but they seem to do only what they really need to do, and are not bothered by the rest. This book inspired me to pursue the life of abiding in Christ more deeply. What a great testimony from a man who struggled long and hard to become very holy, and by many accounts really did.

    24. One of my absolute favorites I reread over and over. Thomas R. Kelly's description of mysticism through every day action, drawing on the teachings of Brother Lawrence and personal continual revelation, provides me with valuable lessons in listening to what God would have me do. I love this collaborative work with the Great Creator it inspires me to be center more, listen more fully, and move with the Spirit humbly and attentively through each day.

    25. For a book geared towards helping one live an unhurried and simple life of devotion I found it to be written, not in a simplified manner. I still appreciated it very much, and part of the reason I read it as complex might be because it is over 70 years old. Grammar has changed a lot since then. I would still recommend it, but only as meditative and slow reading.

    26. This book is amazing. Each page is such a wealth of ideas and nuggets of insight. Iit took me almost 3 months to read the first half because I just had to reread and enjoy the challenge and insight of the first half of the book. If you could only apply one of the ideas of this book to your life there is no way you wouldn't be a much better person!

    27. I have been a little spiritually lonely lately, and I bumped into this book again in my stuff beside my bed. I read it during a tough, stretching time of support-raising for ministry work, a process which made me feel very untethered. This is direct and simple insight and encouragement from a beautiful Quaker viewpoint. Awesome read.

    28. The book contained some inspiring passages that were like little gems, but overall I couldn't get into the book. I felt like the author was repeating the same thing on every page. I would understand how someone could love this book, but for whatever reason, it didn't move me as much as it probably should have.

    29. This simple book by Thomas R. Kelly reminds one to seek a simple life a life of devotion to knowing and experiencing the Great Center. In the mode of Brother Lawrence’s “Practicing the Presence of God,” this small book will likely inspire a renewed commitment to putting aside our business long enough to engage in conversation with the Divine.

    30. I first read this book in 2008. I was recently reminded of the book and thought that I re-read it. What a wonderful pleasure it was to rediscover Thomas Kelly! There is great spiritual refreshment in this book and most readers will finish it with a deep sense of gratitude. Kelly is Brother Lawrence for Christians in the contemporary world.

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