Third and Indiana

Third and Indiana

Steve López / Jun 25, 2019

Third and Indiana Someone is painting bodies on Philadelphia s Broad Streetone boldly drawn chalk outline every time another life is lost to the violence of the drug wars A sixteen year old dealer a priest a nine year

  • Title: Third and Indiana
  • Author: Steve López
  • ISBN: 9780140239454
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someone is painting bodies on Philadelphia s Broad Streetone boldly drawn chalk outline every time another life is lost to the violence of the drug wars A sixteen year old dealer a priest a nine year old girl The images pile through the summer and fall, moving closer each day to the doorstep of City Hall Ofelia Santoro rides her bicycle over the bodies and througSomeone is painting bodies on Philadelphia s Broad Streetone boldly drawn chalk outline every time another life is lost to the violence of the drug wars A sixteen year old dealer a priest a nine year old girl The images pile through the summer and fall, moving closer each day to the doorstep of City Hall Ofelia Santoro rides her bicycle over the bodies and through the dark, decaying streets of the neighborhood known to police as the Badlands She is looking for her fourteen year old son, Gabriel, who disappeared a month earlier His father skipped two years ago, and she s been losing her boy ever since Gabriel got his first job when he was twelve, as a lookout, spotting cops for the coke sellers working the car trade Now he s a dealer himself, the youngest guy in the Black Cap gang, holding down the most dangerous corner and hiring his own lookouts He feels guilty getting kids involved the same way he got involved, but he needs them, or he ll be caught Gabriel tries to outrun the neighborhood, taking cover with a drifter who is the father he might have had But Gabriel is already trapped, at the mercy of Diablo, the ugliest of the dealers, a man who kills for fun Steve Lopez s plot, dialogue, and pacing are masterful With searing precision, he portrays a world of evil so routine that its seems inevitable Yet Lopez endows his characters with such humanity that redemption and radiance lighten this darkness Third and Indiana is an extraordinarily compelling and powerful debut.

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    1. An easy read, and not the most literary novel ever. However, for my teacher-friends, this is a very good book to use in a high-school or freshmen college-English class. Lots of good "issues" that can inspire argument papers from your students. In addition, there are many symbols and characters with parallel connections that can be easily seen and interpreted if your students are learning how to do literary analysis. I actually taught this book with "Like Water for Chocolate" and had my students [...]

    2. This was so hard to read. The story was good.aracters complex, interesting & likeable (except when they weren't), the area so well defined both its past and it's presentd the writingrfectly paced, honest, poetic. But because of the truth in the writing, it was hard to read. The foreshadowing, the realism, the undertones made me catch my breath. I dreaded the obvious, I felt the tension.I just didn't want to live in that neighborhoodI didn't even want to visit. And I didn't want them to be th [...]

    3. The writing is achingly beautiful, masterful. Sad is clearly on the way.Finished.Tender yet brutal. Innocence consorts with damnation. Lovely lovely writing. I hope Steve Lopez has written more fiction since this 90s publication.

    4. I can't even give this an honest review because I only read 7 chapters and the last page. I was bored from the get goe first chapter was alright, almost weirdly poetic with this mom riding her bike around the streets of the ghetto looking for her son. But then it jumps into some random dude cheating on his wife, whos going to move in with his gf and has to borrow some gangster's truck. What? How do these 2 storylines connect? Well I shall never know I guess. Because in the 7 chapters I read the [...]

    5. Not my typical type of book, but I found this interesting all the same. I like how the lives are mixed together. It's sad and depressing, but has some high points. Definitely true to life for sure.

    6. Third and Indiana is a story written by Steve Lopez about a young teenage boy from Philadelphia who gets involved in the wrong crowd of people without thinking of the consequences. The main character Gabriel has been surrounded by drugs and violence for most of his life. He gets involved in the local gang and runs away from home. Things get worst as time goes by and his life gets put into danger several times. He doesn’t realize until it’s too late that he made a bad choice. Third and Indian [...]

    7. I read this while living in "the Badlands" of North Philly that it is set, and that is in fact the only reason I became aware of the novel in the first place. I was drawn in by the fun of reading a book that could offer some familiarity, and even though I live a bit farther north and am here about two decades later (which, thankfully, means that gangs are all but non-entities now), it was an absolute blast to read about places I'd been to and just connect with the Philly ethos and atmosphere tha [...]

    8. In the book Third and Indiana, the main character Gabriel Santoro Is constantly around drugs and violence. Without thinking about the consequences, he gets pulled into the local gang. At first he is just a lookout making fifty dollars a night, but soon he is promoted to a regular dealer on Third and Indiana. Gabriel doesn't want his Mother see his become a drug dealer so he leaves, and doesn't look back. After Gabriel become familiar with the dealing community , he finds out how insane and bruta [...]

    9. This book was about a boy named Gabriel who ran away from home.His mother Ofelia was worried about him and worried he would get killed since they lived in such a bad neighborhood.Since the first day Gabriel ran away Ofelia kept tally marks to keep count of how many days had passed since he left home.While Gabriel was away from home Ofelia would ride the bike that he gave to her in hopes that she would find him.Gabriel spent his days with his friends or visiting a girl named Marisol that he liked [...]

    10. My rules, shaped intaglio-fashion by youthful traumas at the receiving end of critical opinion, were and are:1. Try to understand what the author wished to do, and do not blame him for not achieving what he did not attempt.- I believe that the author was trying to do a lot so that people can understand whats going on around that area. I also think the author wishes to do a lot for this book, i think this book is a really good book and i would love to read it again and again over and over again.4 [...]

    11. A must read for anyone who lives or has lived in Philly. If it isn't already, I think it should be a required read in the Phila School system. It is raw, it is real, it is Philly. 3rd-an-Indi (as the locals would say it) is phenomenal. Born and raised in the "badlands" myself, this book struck every childhood memory of walking the streets, hearing "agua- agua", the shuffle and fast moving bodies, without a care. No fear. Another day in North Philly. Even ducking a few bullets myself on 4th and I [...]

    12. The novel Third and Indiana was a great book based on the city I am from just from a different part.I loved the book it was written by Steve Lopez. The book shows you the in and out of north philly and how the city is not as great as it look.The story contains alot about deaths drug ans struggle and that what i am going to state about the plot.What I liked was that the book was based on my city and what i didn't like was what was being shared about my city and the certain part north philly and a [...]

    13. Kind of a book version of The Wire (no, that's not a bad thing) but set in Philadelphia (with many nods to local spots and slang). It doesn't deal with addiction but deals well with the players in the Kensington neighborhood called The Badlands - young dealers, seasoned drug bosses, parents, a priest, a cop, and a guy living in the neighborhood because he's down on his luck. Oh, there's a little bit of South Philly mafioso, but that part is kind of silly. The characters are very human and the ra [...]

    14. This book is a blend of different elements that pull together into a cohesive narrative with believable yet representative characters. The best parts of the book are the dialogue, which is thick with amazingly accurate regional Philly slang, like the insults "meatball", "dick nose", etc.It's a sad book, but also makes me proud because since the book was written, it seems like Philly has become more stable overall. In short: Solid, genuine dialogue; round characters; humor and tragedy; growth, re [...]

    15. I love sadness in books. Even when the sadness isn't explicitly stated, it's always palpable. And that's what makes this book so great. Lopez captures the bleakness of the dangerous Philadelphia streets with a not-too-forced descriptive prowess. It's not a great work of fiction that will go down in the annals of American literature, but it does get you thinking. What can we do to stop this insanity from going on in our cities? What can we do as a nation to fight this violence?My only real compla [...]

    16. A gritty, scary, depressing, uplifting, ugly, redemptive, all too real view of a dark side of big cities. This one happens to be Philadelphia, where I've been able to follow Steve Lopez's newspaper work. He knows the city, and the people that make it hum. Good, bad, but usually somewhere in between, and a little of both.Great descriptions, and if you know this city at all,, you'll feel like you're watching from the El, as all of this unfolds below you, through the window.

    17. The book tackles difficult issues in a very approachable way. Each of the main characters is richly developed, and I'd say that the city of Philadelphia itself is a fourth main character, portrayed vividly with equal parts disgust/respect/love. Overall, it was a moving, enjoyable portrait of the city and the people trapped in its unending cycle of drugs and violence.

    18. Compelling fiction based on the reality of one of the most dangerous drug corners in Philadelphia and the drug culture engulfing a group of individuals tied together for various reasons in a variety of ways.

    19. A colleague recommended this book to me. It gave me insight into the lives/struggles/choices of my students. Sometimes I read books as a form of escape, but this was not one of those books. The story is very close to home (literally, emotionally,)

    20. As someone that worked at an alternative high school in Philly, this book really spoke to me. I couldn't stop picturing my students as I read this book. It depressed me and moved and inspired me all at once.

    21. I saw this on Katrina's list and had to add it to my ownI read this years ago, and it was impossible to put down. Besides all of the recognizable descriptions of Philadelphia, the writing is amazing. It's intense and thrilling and sad. An awesome read.

    22. Fantastic read about urban decay and the violence that it tends to breed. What made this story even more compelling for me is that I work in the area and can only wonder how many of my students lives will end up like those portrayed by the characters in the story.

    23. A compelling story set in Philadelphia. While it is a work of fiction, I know that there are real Gabriels, Ofelias, and Eddies living in our city. For a journalist, Lopez does a nice job writing prose. The plot moves seamlessly between the different story lines.

    24. I first read this in grad school to use in a paper for an Ethnography class (my most favorite class). It's a good and interesting book, even more so when you can identify the exact intersections in question.

    25. i really enjoyed this book. maybe partially because i lived in philadelphia and could recognize a lot of the background in the story. i got caught up in the story and finished it in a few days, couldn't put it down.

    26. A great read about West Philadelphia and its hardened environment. A story that could take place in anyone of America’s tough inner city where youth are forced to make right and wrong decisions every day.

    27. As depressing as this book was, it was a great read. Though it's a work of fiction, the story seemed real. I wasn't a fan of the ending however, but the book was an easy read so overall, I highly recommend it.

    28. This book was most definitely one of the grittiest, most painful, most heartbreaking, and most important books I've ever read. It's so real that it is haunting.

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