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Malachite Marion Casterline is the highwarden of Malachite an ancient beautiful city floating in a shallow sea In the aftermath of a brutal gang war there is finally peace in the city and new life every yea

  • Title: Malachite
  • Author: Kirby Crow
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  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marion Casterline is the highwarden of Malachite, an ancient, beautiful city floating in a shallow sea In the aftermath of a brutal gang war, there is finally peace in the city, and new life every year through the sacred ritual of Aequora Through Aequora, exiles, outlaws, and orphans can become citizens of Malachite This ritual is vital to the city s survival, because MMarion Casterline is the highwarden of Malachite, an ancient, beautiful city floating in a shallow sea In the aftermath of a brutal gang war, there is finally peace in the city, and new life every year through the sacred ritual of Aequora Through Aequora, exiles, outlaws, and orphans can become citizens of Malachite This ritual is vital to the city s survival, because Malachite is populated only by males Jean Rivard grew up in the Zanzare slums at Marion s side As boys, they were branded into the violent Teschio gangs ruling the criminal underworld of Malachite Known in the slums as the Prince, Jean became a spy, an assassin, and Marion s lover As men, they worked together to destroy the Teschio and crown Kon Sessane as magestros of the city, only to drift apart after the battles were won Jean to the Black Keep, Marion to the grand halls of the Consolari When Marion announces his engagement to Kon s son, Jean is hurt and resentful Marion is leaving him and their past behind in every possible way Marion also believes that he s starting a new life, but when a charismatic rebel leader kindles a revolt in the slums, he realizes that the only man who can prevent war from devouring the city he loves is his very own prince.

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    1. refreshingly atypical. i found the beginning a bit chewy and tough to get into, but once my grasp of the world and the characters was complete i had a lot of fun. and once i'd got my bearings, that knottiness and character density was a pleasure, instead of an impediment.i'm looking forward to the sequel to find out what happens next. nicely done.

    2. My Review on Prism Book AllianceThis was my first book of the new year, and if this is anything to go by, this year is gonna be amazing. Seriously, I can’t believe how fabulous this was.Fan’s of Kirby should stop right here with the review and just start the book. The less you know is always the better, in my opinion ;-)MALACHITE is a high fantasy with a setting that is so unique that you won’t find it anywhere else. Imagine an isolated island with a society of solely exiled men. Imagine p [...]

    3. I don't read much fantasy and even less MM but this was a an intriguing story. I loved lots of things in it but there were also some elements which I'm unsure about. I will need some time to think through my review. This is the first book in a series and I definitely want to read the next one in order to see where things will go. Here is the full review:This is my first book by Kirby Crow and can also be considered my first try of M/M high fantasy. I was curious to read this story after seeing t [...]

    4. Have I told you how glad I am that I discovered Kirby Crow books this year?If I didn't, well then know that I am! Especially her fantasy stories. The world building is flawless, the characters complex and interesting and engaging, the stories flow uninterrupted through flawless plot.Malachite is no exception to this. I loved it and find myself wanting to know so much more.The world - an echo of Venice and its island - was one of my favourite things about the book. Venice as a background for Fant [...]

    5. What a beautiful and refreshing piece of fantasy this book is! Kirby is well known to create interesting fantasy stories with a lot of worldbuilding and interesting characters. I think, here, she mastered her crafting. We're thrown into Malachite, an isolated island where only exiled men from Solaris and Cwen live. They get their population by the ritual of Aequora which is the time the Cwen send their exiled men and orphan boys to the island. The island itself holds a complex estructure that br [...]

    6. Have you ever ate something that was a combination of several ingredients you didn’t like – only to find that the final dish was actually really, really good? That was what came to mind after finishing Malachite.Malachite is a high fantasy novel featuring three main characters: Jean, Marion and Tris. The story is told from these three characters’ perspectives. The plot alternates between present and past for the first one-third to one-half of the book, before continuing on in the present t [...]

    7. Once every ten or twenty years a book like this comes along, a book that is exactly what you want it to be.I loved every line, every word of this fantastic, tragic, romantic thriller and political intrigue.It embroiled me in the lives of its utterly fascinating characters, had me biting my knuckles at times, and then gave me the ending I'd been wishing, hoping, and longing for.Razor-witted, involved, brilliantly planned and executed, emotionally deep and real fiction of the finest. It's only Jan [...]

    8. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews with a copy provided by the author / publisher for an honest review.)I knew, just from reading the blurb, this book was going to be a complicated read. I didn’t realize what an understatement that would be. As with any first book in a fantasy series, there are lot of world building descriptors. There are a lot of characters, background characters, inter-related stories and plots jammed into one book.Part way through the first chapter, I [...]

    9. 2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Malachite by Kirby Crow1) Little slow to start but really built into a great story.2) I loved how the author was able to establish character, setting, and history in a few deft strokes. The world of this story drew me in right away. A rousing and thoroughly enjoyable read.3) This book was high fantasy at its best. An intriguing setting based on ancient Venice, lost princes and lost love, intrigue and power play both political and personal The three main cha [...]

    10. I loved this book! It's cleverly written, with fantastic characters and some surprising twists and turns. At the beginning I maybe felt a bit lost. A new world, new rules and so many secrets. But at some point everything clicked and made sense. The story is complex - but in a good way! One minute you think you know who's friend or foe and then the next minute you're totally surprised and speechless. I loved Jean, Marion, Tris and all the others. Even Daeron was awesome! And the ending? Just what [...]

    11. Kirby Crow has done an excellent job of creating a world and characters that are intriguing and complex. The main characters each have very distinct voices and getting to experience this world from their different perspectives really helped paint a clear picture of Malachite. This book had a bit of everything: Romance, political intrigue, murder, mystery, I could never really guess what was going to happen next. There were characters that I loved and characters that I really really hated. This i [...]

    12. All the things I love in a fantasy: intriguing, complex characters, fascinating world, and a compelling storyline I could really sink my teeth into. Excellent series opener. Looking forward to more!

    13. Review can be read at It's About The Book Marion Casterline is the highwarden and he’s going to marry Tris Sessane, the son of the most noble family in all of Malachite. Marion’s former lover, Jean Rivard, doesn’t take kindly to that. Marion and Jean grew up in interesting times. They’ve experienced deprivation and horror the likes of which Tris has never known. Unfortunately, times seem to be becoming interesting once again, and possibly Marion still loves Jean a little. Marion, Tris, a [...]

    14. I adored Malachite, and I'm really looking forward to the series that will follow. I didn't know much about the book before I read it, aside from the very brief synopsis from . Upon reading a Q&A from Kirby Crow, I figured out that the book was also an alternate Earth story--but this is laced in lightly, so you aren't taken aback by language/names that show up (mostly Italian, I believe).Briefly, you have Jean and Marion, who grew up together, had a change of circumstance, and came into posi [...]

    15. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsFirst and foremost, I was enthralled by the relationship dynamics in the book. These are uh-may-zing. The book has a LOT of delicious angst that revolves around complex interpersonal relationships between complex characters. I found it utterly compelling because I was geared up for Jean and Marrion reconciling. Given their history and devotion (and how Marion seems likely to cave at certain points), I got the impression that these two are soul mates. It primed me [...]

    16. To me Malachite felt like one of those fantasy books that reads more like historical fiction. It's definitely placed in a different world with different cultural rules and norms. However these are the main fantasy elements. I had a hard time getting into the book at first as trying to understand the world took some time and I didn't particularly like the characters at first. Around a third to halfway through the book though it got much better as the character relationships and plot gets more com [...]

    17. Great story! I loved Jean the most and I hope (view spoiler)[he gets his own romance in the next book of this new series. (hide spoiler)] I loved all the characters and I'd love to see more of Thorn in the future, too. He's really interesting. I liked Paris a lot, too. I found the world they all live in very interesting and there is plenty to it, for lots of books to be written about it.

    18. I can appreciate this book and its writing. Kirby Crow does fantasy so well and I would recommend this to any. But I can't get past certain elements and it's just ruining my enjoyment of the story. So, not for me.

    19. Nice. A thouroughly enjoyable read.The worldbuilding is solid and I found the history of the city-state fascinating. The characters are endearing though sometimes frustratingly dense with their interpersonal relationships.I'll anticipate the sequel.

    20. 3.5 stars rounded up. A series that shows great promise, I'm already looking forward to the next installment. It has it's flaws, but it's definitely worth reading for any fantasy lover. It's a shame that there doesn't seem to be much buzz around this novel.

    21. My rating of this book has nothing to do with the quality of this book but rather because personally, I DID NOT LIKE IT!. I feel like I was deceived by the blurb which made it seem like it was about a love triangle between Jean and Marion with Tris being an interloper, however this book turned out to be more of a ménage which is a no no for me. Finally I fell in love with Jean ( surprisingly enough Tris was my second favourite character with Marion coming in last place ) and in my opinion the e [...]

    22. I absolutely loved this. It's awesome! It's a gripping and vivid fantasy set in a place that makes me think of an AU Renaissance Venice and it's so cool. The characters are amazing, the plot is exciting, the world-building is thorough, and the writing is snappy. The characters are spectacularly well done and wonderfully complex. These people are full of depth and life and flaws and realism and it's fantastic. I absolutely loved the main characters--Marion, Jean, and Tris. They are very endearing [...]

    23. WARNING AND POTENTIAL SPOILER:This contains a poly relationship, which I was unaware of just based on the description. It is usually a big no for me, but with these characters it is really the only way for it to work and I was ok with it. Still, it made it a bit difficult for me to whole heartedly get into because of that. I DID enjoy the plot a lot, and quite like the characters, even though I feel like I probably shouldn't. They are all wonderfully flawed and very human.

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