Hush, Little Baby: A Folk Song with Pictures

Hush, Little Baby: A Folk Song with Pictures

Marla Frazee / Dec 14, 2019

Hush Little Baby A Folk Song with Pictures A baby who howls all night parents at their wits end and a big sister who accidentally on purpose started it all With warmth and wry humor Marla Frazee s refreshingly unsentimental interpretation o

  • Title: Hush, Little Baby: A Folk Song with Pictures
  • Author: Marla Frazee
  • ISBN: 9780152047610
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • A baby who howls all night, parents at their wits end, and a big sister who accidentally on purpose started it all With warmth and wry humor, Marla Frazee s refreshingly unsentimental interpretation of a timeless folk lullaby will bring a smile to the face of even the most exhausted family member.

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    1. I sang this song over and over to my babies, and, like Frazee, always wondered what kind of a story would be the best fit for it. She created a pretty good one. But what I really love is her style of art, especially as it brings alive the expressions on the father's and sister's faces as they deal with the events of the night. That being said, some will love this, some will think it a waste of time. I won't recommend you do anything but consider trying it yourself, iff you're interested.

    2. The art by Frazee is always worth studying; it not only illustrates the text, but tells its own story. Here she uses a grumpy-looking peddler as the source of all the gifts that "Papa's gonna buy." That's a nice touch.I wish there had been a note from Frazee giving a little background about the song, and explaining why she decided to use a peddler in Appalachia for her setting.

    3. I'm not sure I could give anything illustrated by Marla Frazee less than four stars; I love her style! That said, I didn't like this one quite as well as some of her others (All the World & The Seven Silly Eaters, for example) probably because "Hush, Little Baby" has never been one of my favorite rhymes. That said, I really appreciated Frazee's creativity in tying the story back to its Appalachian roots (though I wanted some sort of Illustrator's Note telling more about this) and adding more [...]

    4. I love Marla Frazee's artwork so much, it even makes me enjoy the world's most repetitive lullaby outside of "Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall."

    5. This is a folk song I can remember from my own childhood (I remember being very sad when that looking-glass broke!), but Marla Frazee has given it a new, fresh, delightfully humorous twist. Frazee has set the picture book in 19th century rural West Virginia, honoring the song's Appalachian roots. But unlike the sweet, passive infant of some versions, Frazee's little baby is agressively inconsolable and the subject of a little sibling rivalry. But big sister pluckily helps her patient father make [...]

    6. The book was a REALLY cute take on this old folk song. I loved how it illustrated a determined but exhausted family trying to soother their crying baby with the searching for the perfect object being primarily headed by the sister. The pictures hilariously captured a story that isn't necessarily seen as humorous but definitely leaves the door open for humor. The illustrations were concise, clean and powerful. The coloring in this book is really rich and the cartoon-like drawing adds to the humor [...]

    7. When I picked up this book I was expecting a cute lullaby from a mother to her baby, but what i got was very different. This book had nice drawings and a cute little song, but I was a little unsure about the lesson of this book. Too me the baby doesn't seen like the cutest baby in the world, more like the most spoiled. I didn't like it all that much, and the story wasn't all that creative either.

    8. This book was great! It wasn't quite the same version as I remember, but it was close. The part that I don't remember was the sister being so involved, but that is the part that I loved the most. I loved that the whole family was so involved in getting the baby to calm down. I also loved the illustrations. They were so well done.

    9. When reading these books in class it was by far my favorite! It was so cool being able to see my childhood songs being put into books and have pictures behind them. This one was my favorite childhood song so when i saw it i loved it instantly. It shows the love between a father and a daughter but also in this book it shows that family does anything for each other especially in hard times.

    10. I was shocked to find that this was the same illustrator as The Boss Baby, because I found it extremely creepy! I hated the illustrations and was mad that the song didn't match my own memories of the nursery rhyme. I hated it, but was surprised to find excellent parent reviews saying their kids LOVED singing along, so I should probably leave the real reviewing to the true experts, KIDS!

    11. This classic lullaby is retold in the beautiful picture book. The illustrations are amazing in this book and I found myself laugh more than once. What I really love about this book is that you can see each object the father buys in each picture. When reading this with my son, he was excited to find each object. It really brought him into the book. He loved it!

    12. The pictures in this book (full size edition, not board book) are rich with detail and foreshadowing that can be easily missed if the reader focuses on the words; "read" slowly. The words are more like a soundtrack in the background. It's a captivating twist on the folk song which should resonate with older siblings and their parents.

    13. It was nice to learn the words to the lullaby, and the pictures that the illustrator drew were an interesting interpretation of the song. I especially liked the one of the sleeping, frazzled parents at the end.

    14. Frazee is one of my favorite illustrators - the details of her people, their expressions and personalities, always tell more than their half of the story. Also, she did research for the illustrations of this one at colonial archives in VA, which is nifty.

    15. When I read this book I totally sang it! Everyone knows the hush, little baby song! The pictures made is even more fun to sing. I liked how there were multiple scenes on one page. It kept the story going and it caught my attention. I would definitely recommend this book.

    16. This lullaby is an all time favorite. The illustrations that accompany this lullaby always brings a smile to everyone's face. My children absolutely love this book! It is one of my favorite children's picture books!

    17. I thought this book was amazing! The pictures were so detailed and went right along with every word. They were big, inviting, and fun to look at. The song was great and would be so fun to sing with children.

    18. My kids and I both love this book, and my almost-five-year-old still asks me for the song at night. This version of the song has really nice, amusing illustrations that are sort of Appalachian-inspired.

    19. I wouldn't have thought you could get a great kid's book from such a well known song. But the art is simply brilliant. Serious and funny. Detailed and yet not fussy. With such great facial expressions. With an obvious but great ending.

    20. I wouldn't suggest this for a board book because the pictures are too complex for children younger than 2. Rather, this would be an excellent book for an older sister or brother to read, considering the book includes a big sister who follows around her dad as they try to appease the crying baby.

    21. Classic example of why it is important to pay attention to all the illustrations that happen before the text even begins. Classic Marla Frazee illustrations made me like this old song even better.

    22. I thought this was a really cute book. I grew up hearing the song so it wasn't new to me but I loved the illustrations. The pictures made the book.

    23. My two-year-old LOVED this book. I'm not exactly sure why - it could be because I was singing it - but he requested it every night that we had it checked out.

    24. The song "hush little baby" with really cute pictures that tell the story of a little sister who is trying to help stop her little brother from crying.

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