Swing Sideways

Swing Sideways

Nanci Turner Steveson / Dec 11, 2019

Swing Sideways Perfect for fans of Bridge to Terabithia and Walk Two Moons this debut middle grade novel is the story of two girls and the unforgettable summer in which they learn about true friendship and loss Ann

  • Title: Swing Sideways
  • Author: Nanci Turner Steveson
  • ISBN: 9780062374547
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perfect for fans of Bridge to Terabithia and Walk Two Moons, this debut middle grade novel is the story of two girls and the unforgettable summer in which they learn about true friendship and loss Annie has been promised a summer of freedom in the country Freedom from a difficult school year, freedom from her fake friends baPerfect for fans of Bridge to Terabithia and Walk Two Moons, this debut middle grade novel is the story of two girls and the unforgettable summer in which they learn about true friendship and loss Annie has been promised a summer of freedom in the country Freedom from a difficult school year, freedom from her fake friends back in the city, and, most of all, freedom from her mom s life governing spreadsheets and rigid schedules.When Annie meets California, who is visiting her grandfather s farm, it seems she has found the perfect partner for the summer she s always craved Especially when California offers Annie a real life adventure if she and Annie can find the ponies her mom rode as a girl, surely it will remind her mom how wonderful the farm is and fix what s broken between her mom and her grandfather.But Annie s summer of freedom is sprinkled with secrets, and everything she has learned about bravery and love will be put to the test when the truth behind the ultimate secret changes her life forever.

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        Nanci grew up in Connecticut, England and Texas, always with a book in one hand, the reins of a pony in the other She wrote her first novel at the age of nine, which she uses to teach young writing students never to give up, no matter the odds After raising her two sons in Maryland, Nanci made her dream come true by moving to a historic cabin in a meadow in Jackson Hole, WY Aside from writing novels for young people, she is a professional theatre stage manager and the Teen Writing Instructor at her local library She lives with her two horses, two dogs, and an abundance of wildlife in the national forest right outside her back door Nanci is a strong believer in the power of books and kids.


    1. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I read Bridge to Terabithia every single year. And every single year I wonder if there will ever be a book that so flawlessly captures the energy and purity of young friendship. That bond between two complete strangers that pulls them together so mercilessly that they have no choice but to share their heart and soul with each other.Every year I read it. And every year I wonder.At least I did.It didn't take me long to fall in love w [...]

    2. I had the privilege to read Swing Sideways via an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review of the novel. Steveson paints a realistic setting where two girls discover one another and become fast friends in rural New York state. Annie, the main character, from the Big Apple, meets California, from Oregon, whose grandfather owns a farm down the road from where her family stays for the summer. Together, throughout the novel, Annie and California are on a mission to investigate more abo [...]

    3. My 11 YO daughter handed me this book after finishing it and said, "Mom, this is my absolute favorite book ever. You need to read it, but then I need it back so I can read it again right away." She fell in love with the city-girl-in-the-country storyline and was so excited that she, a born and bred country girl, could check off every single item on Annie's list of things she wanted to accomplish in her summer of freedom. Naturally, when a child gives a book that kind of endorsement, this librari [...]

    4. I love friendship stories, and Annie and California from SWING SIDEWAYS are a classic, wonderful middle grade example of a summer friendship. Annie has headed out to the country with her parents for the summer, and on their drive in she spots a girl in a field. The two girls watch each otherd at the very last second, the girl in the field beckons for Annie to return. It's the start of a beautiful, adventurous friendship that will change Annie forever, all wrapped up in a charming story with laug [...]

    5. I received an advanced reader copy f this book in return for an honest review.Annabelle needs a freedom summer - her mother's expectations have wound her so tight she's all but stopped eating - a summer without the spreadsheet. And the granddaughter of the hermit who lives near their summer house offers freedom in spades. This book, which focuses on how we must let go if we really want to love, is beautifully written. The characters are nuanced and I was impressed by the growth and changes of al [...]

    6. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.What a sweet book! Described as WALK TWO MOONS meets BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, this book lives up to that. Annie, who struggles with panic attacks, is offered a summer of freedom at their summer cottage to help her heal. The first day out, she meets their neighbor's granddaughter, California, who represents everything Annie wants to be.The characters are well-done. All of them are living-breathing, struggling-with-their-own-issues, full [...]

    7. I loved is book for many reasons, especially the complex relationships -- but I also really appreciated how though I, as an adult reader, got what might be going on, I still wanted to read further. And my daughter, who also read it, took longer to put the pieces together. But frankly, even without the various questions, this is such a strong and lovely story of friendship, the very best kind of friendship. Classic, perfect kid book, really.

    8. SWING SIDEWAYS is a piercing and heartfelt story, starring two deeply loveable characters - city girl Annie and country girl California. While they are both wrestling with serious problems of their own, the two of them find new life and happiness when they come together for a magical summer.This is a book that will remind you of the joy of adventure, the importance of friendship, the weight of loss. There are so many things that make the story beautiful, but one aspect I particularly loved is ho [...]

    9. I was lucky to read an advanced copy of Swing Sideways.I fell in love with Annie and California from the start. Their sweet friendship and their search for California's mom's ponies felt authentic. The girls have very real problems--Annie's anxiety and the estrangement between California's mom and grandfather. And their solution--that finding the ponies will heal the rift between California's mom and grandfather and that the quest will heal Annie's anxiety, felt very real to me, too.This story w [...]

    10. Swing Sideways is a must read. The strong characters in this book keep the story moving quickly. This book has family and friend issues running throughout the book. It also allows us to recall the importance of one true friend.

    11. Annie and California come from different worlds and have different stories. They come together for a summer of discovery and growth. Each one will add greatly to the other's lives!

    12. leslecturesdemylene/2017/20 - Une histoire toute douce mais qui cache énormément de choses A découvrir !!

    13. I really enjoyed this book. I thought that Annie and California's adventures did show the true meaning of friendship. Everything that they had gone through together was all Annie wanting to help California get her mother to come back to her childhood home with her grandfather. I thought that would be a tough thing to do because the only people working on this plan was California and Annie, who preteens, or teenagers. Together, they tried to bring California's mom back to the farm where Californi [...]

    14. Swing Sideways by Nanci Turner Steveson is a heartfelt and lovely middle-grade contemp. Annie is looking forward to a summer of freedom in the country. Freedom from her overly-scheduled and boring life. California (the girl, not the state) is anything but boring. California offers Annie two things she’s never had: real friendship and adventure. The two set out to find two missing ponies in hopes of convincing California’s mom to return to the farm and family she left long ago. But secrets an [...]

    15. Annabelle needs a little freedom, a chance to get away from her mother’s smothering spreadsheets so she can breathe—and eat—again. So maybe spending long, lazy days unsupervised at their summer home in upstate New York is the answer. But no one counted on the free-spirited California showing up, swinging from a tree.Thus begins the summer adventure of two unlikely comrades-in-arms. Part mystery, part coming-of-age, part friendship story, SWING SIDEWAYS will grab your heart on every page as [...]

    16. A very gripping drama with a heartbreaking, disappointing ending. Spoiler alert: adults who couldn't be bothered to listen to and fulfill a dying child's wish during her short lifetime are portrayed as sympathetic, redeemed characters because they finally stepped up right after she was too sick/dead to experience it. Just no. The poor kid worked her ass off and desperately longed to be with her mother and grandfather together all summer. She deserved better grown-ups.

    17. I got to read an ARC of Swing Sideways. What a beautiful story! The characters are fantastic: approachable but realistic, with the kind of flaws and blind spots we all have. The story moves smoothly, with accelerating intensity to the touching climax. The messages are clear and moving. I hope many others enjoy the journey when this is released.

    18. Amazing tale reminiscent of the classicsWhat a fantastic, moving debut novel. Annie and California's friendship made me long for childhood again, and I worried that the storyline was going to break my heart. A wonderful story for all ages.

    19. This book is so Amazing, nostalgic, emotional, beautiful, real, raw, funny, heart wrenching, sweet, and relatable! I couldn't put it down! Perfect summer read! This book is perfect for anyone of any age! Can't say enough good things about it!! ❤️

    20. A warm, tender story of a summer friendship that provides healing to two families. Read my full review at:bookbybook/2016/1

    21. This is a great book for middle schoolers. It touches on several themes that are really applicable to that age range: insecurity, anxiety, confusion, friendship. And it did it all without going inside a school! That was kind of nice. I'm tired of books about how much middle school sucks inside a middle school. Yuck.Anyway, Annabel is an anxiety-riddled middle schooler. She's suffering from the classic pairings of not fitting in at school and being overwhelmed by her parents. Her anxiety makes it [...]

    22. This book was ok. I liked the premise of a stifled city girl enjoying a summer of freedom. I liked seeing the imperfect, but loving father-mother-child triangle. I enjoyed watching Annie's & California's friendship develop. But the moment the "mysterious" elements were introduced, I kinda lost interest. I wanted to finish the book, but I kept wishing it was done already. (view spoiler)[I was sure that Annie's and California's families must have had a falling-out given how much her mother loo [...]

    23. Stevenson, Nanci Turner Swing Sideways, 279 pages. Harper Collins Children’s Books, 2016. $16.99. Language: G (1 swear 0 “f”) Mature Content: G Violence: G.14-year-old Annie and her parents are having issues within their family and a doctor tells them that they need to give Annie more freedom during this summer. Annie goes off and finds a new friend named California who needs help reuniting her Grandfather and Mother. Will they be able to bring California’s mom back and still have unity [...]

    24. J'ai beaucoup aimé. Il y a un espèce de rapport de force entre les deux filles : California mène et Annabel suit. Puis ce rapport s'inverse. Une belle histoire qui nous rappelle nos étés de jeunesse, courir pieds nus dans l'herbe et passer nos vacances chez nos grands-parents. Je ne mentirai pas, toutefois, le secret que California cache est difficile. C'est bien écrit, bien décrit. C'est un sujet difficile, mais ça n'alourdit pas le roman. Vraiment bien!

    25. This book will make your heart swing sideways and do flips. The friendship of Annie & California is one that will stay with you for awhile. A heartprintbook about life, friendship, relationships, bravery this book has it all. Warning: have tissues ready.

    26. This heartbreakingly beautiful story about the friendship between Annie & California draws you in from the first page. This book made me laugh, cry, and want to be just a little more courageous. If you read MG, this is a MUST. Can't wait to add it to my class library.

    27. What a story! Nanci knows to how capture the heart. This is a story about letting go and holding tight, loving and forgiving.

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