My Hero Academia, Vol. 1

My Hero Academia, Vol. 1

Kohei Horikoshi / Sep 19, 2019

My Hero Academia Vol Middle school student Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero than anything but he hasn t got an ounce of power in him With no chance of ever getting into the prestigious U A High School for budding heroes

  • Title: My Hero Academia, Vol. 1
  • Author: Kohei Horikoshi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Middle school student Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero than anything, but he hasn t got an ounce of power in him With no chance of ever getting into the prestigious U.A High School for budding heroes, his life is looking and like a dead end Then an encounter with All Might, the greatest hero of them all, gives him a chance to change his destiny

    My Hero Academia Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia My Hero Academia is a manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and written by K hei Horikoshi The story is set in the modern day, except people with special powers have become commonplace throughout the world Heroes have now filled the world to defeat villains. My Hero Academia My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by K hei Horikoshi It began its serialization in the manga magazine Weekly Sh nen Jump in July As of September , , the series been collected into twenty tank bon volumes. Watch My Hero Academia Episodes Sub Dub Action My Hero Academia In a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super powered Quirk, Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal But that won t stop him from enrolling in a prestigious hero academy. My Hero Academia Watch on VRV Watch My Hero Academia Boku No Hero Academia episodes with English subtitles online and follow Deku as he enrolls himself in the prestigious hero academy Close Channel Crunchyroll Vrv Home All of VRV Ancient browser detected Some old stuff is cool Stuff like Stonehenge, ancient remains, and that picture of your dad next to that VIZ The Official Website for My Hero Academia Manga My Hero Academia, Vol The raid on the Hassaikai gang is in full swing, and the heroes plunge into the darkness toward their ultimate confrontation Lemillion engages Overhaul in an attempt to rescue Eri, and the battle reaches a new level of intensity. My Hero Academia Season Opening Theme ODD FUTURE Apr , ODD FUTURE by UVERworld Watch My Hero Academia on Funimation _____ In a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super powered quirk, Izuku Watch My Hero Academia English Dubbed Anime Watch My Hero Academia english dubbed full episodes HD Instant streaming dubbed anime Watch My Hero Academia english dub stream My Hero Academia dubbed anime Best place to watch dubbed anime with fast streaming english My Hero Academia dubbed Watch My Hero Academia Streaming Online Hulu Free Trial My Hero Academia TV Anime, Fantasy, Superheroes, Comedy, Animation, Action TV Series Despite being born powerless into a super powered world, Izuku refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a hero. My Hero Academia Opening Theme The Day YouTube Apr , The Day by Porno Graffitti The ultimate class of heroes is available now on Funimation Catch My Hero Academia streaming this spring on List of My Hero Academia characters My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who, under the tutelage of Japan s number one hero, aims to become the world s greatest hero The spin off series, Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegals, follows the vigilante Koichi Haimawari as he works with other vigilantes to put a stop to villains and criminal organizations.

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        HORIKOSHI KouheiName in native language Associated Names Kouhei HorikoshiBorn 1986 in the prefecture Aichi, Horikoshi first attracted attention in the second half of 2006 when he entered Shueisha s 72th Tezuka Award for Newcomers with his one shot Nukegara and made it to the final six, where he gained himself an Honorable Mention.Various short stories in Shueisha s Akamaru JUMP followed over the years until he published his one shot Oumagadoki Doubutsuen in issue 2 2010 of Weekly Shounen JUMP.Kouhei Horikoshi is a graduate of Nagoya University of Arts He was previously an assistant to TANAKA Yasuki.Zodiac ScorpioPixiv


    1. *3.5/5*This is a really fun manga, but I think it's better experienced as an anime! I did watch the anime before reading this so that could have affected my enjoyment, but I think the action and the humor just come across more naturally on screen. I don't think I'll continue reading this series, but if you haven't seen the anime I'd definitely recommend picking this up!

    2. Is it only in my imagination, or there is tendency of Japanese mangaka to create superhero genre manga? After One Piece that in borderline with pirates with super powers theme, then there are manga such as ワンパンマン 1 Wanpanman 1 , 斉木楠雄のΨ難 1 Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 1 , and 文豪ストレイドッグス 1 Bungō Stray Dogs 1 .From the first volume, what I could say, it is a "from zero-to-hero" theme in a high school that specialized to educate future super heroes, a.k.a. Xavi [...]

    3. Despite all the manga I've racked up that is on my TBR, someone recommended this to me a couple of days ago and I read it all in one day. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a great introduction to the series. I can say that I know I'm prime audience because I love hero stories. LOVE. While this is of course tasked with some of the leg-work of the introduction and while I did lose myself in the action (and how it was drawn) a few times, I thought the overall experience was worthy of a 4-star [...]

    4. I don't normally read shounen (mostly because omg some of them are the longest series ever) but this one is relatively new so it's like there's 167 volumes out. Yet.I personally love the character designs, but mostly just for the students. The pro heroes are typically over-the-top with crazy costumes and even crazier hair styles. The contrast between the students and the foes really helps with distinguishing who is who.The story is what you'd expect from a shounen manga: the main character is so [...]

    5. Svet u kome vecina ljudi ima neku vrstu super moci (quirk) i gde imamo posebne skole za ljudse koji hoce da postanu super heroji (hello x-men). Jedino sto mi za sada malo smeta je glavni lik, klinac dobrog srca koji ce kroz tezak rad i samodoricanje (izgleda) da ostvari svoje snove. Malo poveliki klise ali ko zna mozde me strip i iznenadi.Svidja mi se osnova price, akcije ima na bacanje, crtezi su lepi.Za sada fin pocetak.

    6. Ok so I haven't read manga since I was like 12 (and even then I never delved into it too much) but recently a lot of my friends have gotten into this series (and the anime) and I thought it looked cool so I was like "sure why not." And!! Damn I really enjoyed this and ended up reading the whole first volume in one sitting, whoops.Thoughts:- I really like the premise & world-building. Obviously the whole superhero/superpowers thing has been done many times before, but this takes an interestin [...]

    7. Overall, I think it was a decent intro to this manga series, although I am not as hooked as some other people right now. I find the concept really interesting and the art style is also quite good but there were just not as many exciting events in this first volume as I hoped. Especially the backstory of the protagonist was a bit rushed in my opinion, although I found him a likable character in general and I think that he has a lot of potential. There are also some interesting side-characters int [...]

    8. Full review - I did not expect to start reviewing manga yet this is a lot of fun and it deserves a lot of attention! todaysdecameron.wordpressJust lovely. In a world where most of the people have abilities, wanting to be a hero is a possible carrier. Yet, what happens when you are part of the minority without powers? How can you become a hero? Well, will power is the answer - and help from a person who will become your hidden mentor. The drawings are quite interesting, the ability to the author [...]

    9. My tumblr feed has basically been filled with this for the last year (mainly Bakugo/Kirishima fanart), so I finally picked it up to see what it was like. Only the first ten volumes are available for purchase in English (a little over half of what's been written so far).The focus of the series is how to deal with super powers. This is a world where the majority of the population have some form of power, and various rules (licensing) have been set up for legal exercise of these powers (as superher [...]

    10. Izuku Midoriya’s dream is to become a superhero, like his idol All Might. The problem with that idea is that Midoriya belongs to the minority of people on his world who were born without a Quirk, a superpower of some kind. His former friend Katsuki Bakugo, who has a powerful Quirk and is naturally gifted, rubs this in at every opportunity, calling Midoriya “Deku” (no good qualities.) Midoriya has been training hard, but even when he meets his idol, he’s told that there’s no way he can [...]

    11. I plucked this tiny tome off of several students' Want-to-Read shelves and it is first book I've read that actually included instructions on how to read it---insofar as you read from right to left, beginning in the upper right-hand corner. Actions, sound effects & word bubbles in proper Japanese order- are completely reversed from the English order. It was a bit trickier than I expected at first (and I realized that "my" high school students are much better at this than I am) but then it jus [...]


    13. My Hero Academia, by Kouhei Horikoshi is a manga series that is in many ways a tribute to American super-hero comics. From the chapter titles having artwork that emulates the covers of American comic books, and the general style and tone being more in line with American super-hero comics than manga, the book is one big shout-out to the American genre.The story takes place in a world where increasing numbers of the populace has developed abilities called "quirks". These abilities help the people [...]

    14. This reminds me of Tiger & Bunny. A lot. If the timelines would match up, then I'd say that this could be a far-flung future of the T&B universe. That's the kind of series this is judging by the first volume.In this world, ~80% of the population are born with "quirks," super human abilities that may or may not make sense. Those with hero-worth quirks work to go to U.A a school for super heroes in training. Izuku "Deku" Midoriya was one of the unlucky few born without quirks. Despite this [...]

    15. When I first started this, I had low expectations. The art style is not a favorite and it seemed a bit corny. And in a way, it is. But there is a bit of determination depth and entertainment level that sweeps me away.Can you imagine a world in which a normal person without superpowers in considered odd? Everyone takes pity on our main character. Even his mother! And all he wants to do is be a great hero like his Role model, All Might. Time after times his dreams have been crushed. Until one day [...]

    16. I started reading this again since the second season of the anime started last weekend. Basically, I just couldn't hold myself.Man, this manga is so fucking amazing. Easily the next big thing. Get in guys, you won't regret. The characters, plot, concept, everything is amazing.In case you want a background on what all this is about, I'll explain the concept briefly.So it's basically set in this world where everyone is born with a quirk, which is basically a kind of a superpower. This has paved wa [...]

    17. Reading this again because why not?While I don't read a lot of manga (I watch a lot of anime but read less manga), I can easily say that My Hero Academia is one of my favourites manga of all time. Which makes sense considering that I love superheroes. I'm currently on the latest chapter, but reading the first volume again is making me so nostalgic, and it's incredible to see how Izuku has grown in the span of 10/11? volumes.Will probably read this again some time later in the year.If you like sh [...]

    18. Lima bintang karena bias, maklum sudah nonton anime-nya #jujurUntuk terbitan mnc versi 'premium' sayangnya harganya beda jauh sama yang biasa, padahal kalau cetakan biasa pun sudah puas. Kebayang gimana kalau ngoleksi puluhan volume ;_;

    19. Shonen always starts slow (unless it's One Piece), but this was pretty good. I think I can see what all the hype is about.

    20. Pulang kerja kepet baca yang segar dan unyu macam komik ini pas. Menjadi pahlawan tidak melulu perkara baku hantam dan otot besi. Ah anyway, selamat hari gubernur baru, Jakarta!

    21. O, it's X-men BUT they are accepted, get hero jobs and go to elite schools for heroes in training! I blame V. Schwab for making me addicted to this! :)

    22. antrenman yapmak için sahildeki çöpleri temizleyen acemi bir süper kahraman fikri müthiş manganın çok farklı ve şirin bir çizimi var ve mangaka eğlenceli bir şekilde hikayeye ara sıra dahil oluyor. Ayrıca finaldeki Son Söz kısmını çok sevdim. Yeni bir Pokemon furyası başlıyor sanırım. Seriye zevkle devam edeceğim. (Animesine henüz başlamadım)

    23. My Hero Academia has been called the “new Naruto” since it began publication in July of 2014. Hero Acca has yet to gain the cultural status of its predecessor, but it’s getting pretty close, having sold over 10 million copies. The series has already garnered a ton of support, and it’s become a mainstay in the shonen manga community. Volume one of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia presents a story that seems to be ripped straight out of Disney’s Sky High. Izuku Midoriya, called Deku [...]

    24. 4* tentative at times.Series is a big hit and miss with me but overall enjoyable. Strong characterization will continue to carry this series and I believe is almost solely responsible for it's ongoing success.The premise is what intrigued me- a world full of super heroes. Some much more gifted than others. The story is mostly concerned with coming of age/"passing the torch" of the protag. Who despite having no super powers himself in a world where everyone has powers still wants more than anythi [...]

    25. I'd heard a lot about this series before reading it. Pretty much the entire internet anime/manga fan base was blowing up about it. So naturally, I was intrigued! Needless to say, superpowers and even hard core training schools aren't the most ground shaking ideas anymore, but the fact that Izuku is quirkless does differentiate it. He is absolutely the epitome of an underdog. And I like him. Maybe in part because he's humble and pretty meek. It seems to me that a lot of the time the "determined" [...]

    26. This series begins with a bang, not sure how Volume 2 and on is, but Volume 1 is fantastic. Midoriya is an average kid who dreams of going to a high school for Heroes. This is a world in which 80% of the population has powers called Quirks including both of Midoriya's parents. The problem for Midoriya though is that he is part of the 20%, no Quirks whatsoever, but that isn't going to keep him from trying to get into the Hero school.This is a very simple story, but with a sort of timeless quality [...]

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