Bilge Kan

Bilge Kan

Flannery O'Connor Emre Ağanoğlu / Feb 17, 2020

Bilge Kan Amerikan Goti i olarak adland r lan edebi t r n en nemli yazarlar ndan Flannery O Connor n deyim yerindeyse k ltle mi ilk roman Bilge Kan lar n Amerika s nda ge en barbarl kla medeni

  • Title: Bilge Kan
  • Author: Flannery O'Connor Emre Ağanoğlu
  • ISBN: 9786051418858
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amerikan Goti i olarak adland r lan edebi t r n en nemli yazarlar ndan Flannery O Connor n, 1925 1964 deyim yerindeyse k ltle mi ilk roman Bilge Kan, 1930 lar n Amerika s nda ge en, barbarl kla medeniyeti birbirinden ay ran ince izgiyi irdeleyen bir hik ye anlat yor Ordu hizmetinden ayr lan gen Hazel Motes, buruk bir ruh haliyle evine, Amerika n n mitsel g n Amerikan Goti i olarak adland r lan edebi t r n en nemli yazarlar ndan Flannery O Connor n, 1925 1964 deyim yerindeyse k ltle mi ilk roman Bilge Kan, 1930 lar n Amerika s nda ge en, barbarl kla medeniyeti birbirinden ay ran ince izgiyi irdeleyen bir hik ye anlat yor Ordu hizmetinden ayr lan gen Hazel Motes, buruk bir ruh haliyle evine, Amerika n n mitsel g neyindeki tutucu kasabaya d ner Kasaba erk n n n koyu dindarl na kar ki isel bir sava a an Hazel, k r vaiz Asa Hawkes ve onun yozla m k z yla y k c bir ili kiye kap lmaktan kurtulamaz Ard ard na ya ad h sranlar n etkisiyle kendi dinini kurmaya karar veren Hazel, sokaklarda sa s z bir kiliseyi, dogmas z bir dini vaaz eder Ancak O Connor n derin felsefesi ve benzersiz kurgusunun g d m nde, Hazel n bu umutsuz m cadelesi, varolu un ve kaderin sorguland trajik bir sona do ru doludizgin s r klenecektir

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      • Flannery O'Connor Emre Ağanoğlu

        Flannery O Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia, in 1925 When she died at the age of thirty nine, America lost one of its most gifted writers at the height of her powers O Connor wrote two novels, Wise Blood 1952 and The Violent Bear It Away 1960 , and two story collections, A Good Man Is Hard to Find 1955 and Everything That Rises Must Converge 1964 Her Complete Stories, published posthumously in 1972, won the National Book Award that year, and in a 2009 online poll it was voted as the best book to have won the award in the contest s 60 year history Her essays were published in Mystery and Manners 1969 and her letters in The Habit of Being 1979 In 1988 the Library of America published her Collected Works she was the first postwar writer to be so honored O Connor was educated at the Georgia State College for Women, studied writing at the Iowa Writers Workshop, and wrote much of Wise Blood at the Yaddo artists colony in upstate New York She lived most of her adult life on her family s ancestral farm, Andalusia, outside Milledgeville, Georgia


    1. Hey, kids! It's time for a game of Choose Your Own Adventure: Southern Gothic Literary Analysis Edition. Please select from the following options:1. You are a Christian bordering on Calvinist who wants metaphorical reassurance that you are a part of the spiritual elect, and you want a real martyr of a sinner to guide you through the steps to grace: Hazel Motes returns from the war to find that he has no one, nothing, and nowhere to turn. In defiance, he rejects the lord (human nature, a necessar [...]

    2. After reading just a few pages of this book I kept thinking to myself Hazel Motes is doomed. First of all he is the lead character in a Flannery O'Connor novel. The only thing that could be worst is if he were the lead character in a Jim Thompson novel. The poor bastard hasn't got a chance. For one thing he's got the wrong look to him. "His black hat sat on his head with a careful, placed expression on his face had a fragile look as if it might have been broken and stuck together again, or like [...]

    3. Oh Jesus! I feel compelled to cry out, thus involuntarily showing my cultural heritage that comes out in everyday language despite growing up and living among atheists without any relation to the creation myths of Christianity.This book is horrible, and very, very well written. Describing the ugly reality of a young man, Hazel Motes, who is deeply tainted by the moral preaching of a church he tries to shake off, it offers a panorama of confused, scared, aggressive people. They all try to make th [...]

    4. Hapless IronyFlannery O'Connor was a woman who knew her world. Not just the gentile facade of a world but the nits and grits and dirt under the finger nails world of poor black folk and edgy white trash, of the huckster and the street beggar, the good ole boy and the smug gossip, the person of faith and the person of lost faith, the arch prostitute and her bumbling client. They are misfits, defectives, near-psychotics, needy obsessives, fanatics. O'Connor knew how these people act in this world, [...]

    5. Wise Blood is Flannery O'Connor's first book and it is a beautiful, brutal work of art. We are introduced to Hazel Motes on a train with his army-issued duffel bag being annoying by the woman next to him on the train. He is completely dislocated, as we see in the first sentence:"Hazel Motes sat at a forward angle on the green plush train seat, looking one minute at the window as if he might want to jump out of it, and the next down the aisle at the end of the car."He is on the border between thi [...]

    6. Fresh from a stint in the army, Hazel Motes starts a religion out of spite and gets entangled with a preacher named Asa Hawks and his teenage daughter, Sabbath.I recently read the exquisite The Summer that Melted Everything and kept thinking of Flannery O'Connor. I already had this on my Kindle so I gave it a shot.Wise Blood is the tale of Hazel Motes and his crisis of faith. Something happened during the war that shattered Hazel Motes' childhood dream of being a preacher and now he's taking it [...]

    7. Certainly the "Blue Velvet" in the literary realm, "Wise Blood" has an OVERWHELMING SIMPLICITY that seems truly out of this world. O'Connor expertly places all these annoying wind-up toys near each other--see them bump and grind and sometimes line up in a maniacal precision that repeats and repeats-- and what we get is a very complex nightmare, almost hitting the true nerve of (my personal champion of all literary categories) Southern Goth. It is true brethren to the Faulkner's masterpiece, "As [...]

    8. "…that church where the blind don’t see and the lame don’t walk and what’s dead stays that way. Ask me about that church and I’ll tell you it’s the church that the blood of Jesus don’t foul with redemptionere was no Fall because there was nothing to fall from and no Redemption because there was no Fall and no Judgment because there wasn’t the first two. Nothing matters but that Jesus was a liar…”Wise Blood is the story of Hazel Motes, a recently discharged twenty-something wa [...]

    9. I have to say, there’s nothing more attractive than a man in a sharp suit.Hello lovely:However, Hazel Motes, I think you should fire your tailor. (Maybe you should take some of that money you keep throwing in the trash and buy a new suit. Just sayin’).All joking aside, I’d like to take a moment to thank Ms. O’Connor for restoring my faith in female authors. Such a shame she died so young; one can only wonder what stories she left untold.Wise Blood tells the tale of young Hazel Motes, who [...]

    10. UPDATED REVIEW of the film!John Huston's 1979 adaptation of O'Connor's cult novel was one of my favorite films growing up, which is probably more evidence of why I should not be wandering around in public. I just re-watched it this afternoon and am happy to report that the magic is mainly still there demented Hazel Motes returns from the army, still haunted by memories of his demented preacher father. he moves to Taulkinham, where a demented young man named Enoch begins following him around. Eno [...]

    11. “The only way to the truth is through blasphemy, but do you care?” Ever since The Ship of Fools by Sebastian Brant and Praise of Folly by Erasmus the human foolishness keeps disturbing our minds. And with her masterpiece Wise Blood Flannery O'Connor managed to add to this fertile theme truckloads of new stuff.Wise Blood is a detailed story of fools’ misadventures and misfortunes.He had left it when he was eighteen years old because the army had called him. He had thought at first he would [...]

    12. Lookeere, thisere story iz bout some right weirdazz folks, I declare. Thing of it is, I don't rightly know whether Ms. O'Connor weren't off her nut when she wrote hit down. I don't see how yon Enoch's gadabouts had anything ter do with anything, in the grand scheme er things. He was a right comical bastard, I declare that. He wuz also few bricks shy of a load, if any you friends been in the contracting or house-building bidness, you might catch my drift. Lookeere, too: that feller that come long [...]

    13. I suppose Flannery O'Connor must be considered a Christian writer, as she was a Catholic and Christian themes permeate her books, but her imagination was on fire and she knew how to get those flames into her words and that's really all that matters. Wise Blood is like an upside-down inside-out book about salvation, where professed atheism is faith, blindness is seeing, and rottenness is goodness, and it's all spiced up with tersely vivid bizarre characterizations and situations in an enveloping [...]

    14. "People who haven't grown up in the South, in the Bible Belt particularly, have little understanding of how much a part of the fabric of Southern life religion is." Barry MoserThis novel, I don't mind saying, spooked me a bit. I couldn't finish it for the longest time. I'm sure there are deeper meanings that I can't get to due to the Southern-surreal grotesquery.I attribute my reaction to either growing up in the South or seeing Hollywood's grotesque depictions of Southerners in general. In any [...]

    15. A story of dark and strange staggering beauty.Joy and pain, suffering and redemption.It's has dark cynical humour with characters of outrageous quality.There is plenty of work behind the structure of the story.She has included many issues around her during her time and locality, they are of beauty, child neglect and abuse, racism and police brutality.Watch out for these things as you read this along as you might not pick up what she trying to convey.His large hat and clothing seem to give everyo [...]

    16. Hazel Motes gets out of the army and arbitrarily goes to a generic southern city to play out his damage. He has lost his father and mother and grandfather. While traveling on a sleeper to the city he has a dream in which each in turn manage to spring out of their coffins, miraculously alive. Then he wakes up. He is in a fury at Jesus, presumably for failing him, though his specific anger on the matter is never addressed. A rage burns within him which he cannot satisfy, no matter what he does. Ev [...]

    17. daha önce yazarın "iyi insan bulmak zor " adlı öykülerinden oluşan kitabını okumuş ve hayran kalmıştım. nasıl bir roman yazarı olacağını merak ile bu kitaba başladım ve gördüm ki bu alanda da gayet başarılıymış. Yarattığı atmosferden olsa gerek bana Kafka ve Dostoyevski yi anımsatan bu harika bayan aynı zamanda harika bir kara mizah ustası.

    18. The characters here are those which at any time--past, present or future--could easily be considered as those at the outmost fringes of humanity. The grotesque, broken and irremediably flawed outcasts of society yet, like you and I, have their own, unique struggles with their faith. But this is no Bible story. And the thing to marvel at here is that this was published when Flannery O'Connor was only 27 years old and after having labored with it for about five years. A fruit of stunning insights, [...]

    19. Wise Blood: Flannery O'Connor's tale of the rejection of grace"God's free initiative demands man's free response"--Catechism of the Catholic Church 2002If Hazel Motes ever read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, he read no more of it than the Bible he carried like a rock in the bottom of his duffel bag. Flannery O'Connor never tells us what turned Hazel into such a stubborn son of a buck. It didn't appear he would turn out that way. The grandson of a Presbyterian minister, Hazel had determine [...]

    20. Flannery O´Connor (1925 – 1964)A escritora Flannery O´Connor (1925 – 1964) é unanimemente reconhecida como um dos expoentes máximos da literatura norte-americana do século XX, particularmente aclamada pela genialidade dos seus trinta e dois contos, coligidos em dois volumes: “Um Bom Homem É Difícil de Encontrar” e “ Tudo o Que Sobe Deve Convergir”, que combinam o cómico, o violento, o trágico e o brutal.“Sangue Sábio” e o “Céu É dos Violentos” são os seus dois ú [...]

    21. Ne kadar korkunç, deli, karanlık, tüyler ürperten, gözlerime yaş getiren, sapasağlam kurgusuyla bir kitap okumaktan ziyade yaşamın içerisinde su gibi akıyormuş hissi veren bir yazar bu böyle! Daha önce O'conner'ın A Good Man Hard to Find öyküsünü okumuştum sadece, orada hiç beklemediğim sürprizlerle dolu korkulu sonları ne kadar da mahir bir şekilde hazırlayabileceğini görmüş ve yazarı alkışlamıştım. Bu kitabı okurken de sürekli şok edici sonlar beklemişti [...]

    22. Huh. I don't know what to say about this book at all. I tried reading some of the reviews to see if they helped clarify anything for me, but nobody said much of anything. Lots of people gave it 4 or 5 stars but then just said that it was weird and anti-religion. That doesn't inherently make something good. I'm still unsure what the point of this book was: what's the critique, what's driving it, what, if anything, am I to take away from it?I've not read O'Connor before, and I don't think I'll be [...]

    23. Could we have a separate rating system please? One that is not concerned with whether we like a book or not? I was going to give this one five stars 'It was amazing' but amazing is not quite the word. Appalling. Perturbing. Perplexing, yes, but not amazing in the positive sense. And now I decide to give it only one star, to say no, I did not like this reading experience. I recognize that O'Connor is not writing to please, she makes no concessions to tired readers who want an uplifting story at t [...]

    24. Holy crap and profit! I think Flannery O'Connor could go 10 rounds with Cormac McCarthy and still end with a draw. Wise Blood is an amazing look at sin, heresy, apostasy and redemption(?). No. Redemption might just be too hopeful for this O'Connor. Wise Blood is an amazing reworking of several of her shorter stories, but where this novel might have ended up as some Frankensteinian monster in lesser hands, Wise Blood pulls it off. It is a monster for sure, but you never should confuse a grotesque [...]

    25. *Disclaimer: I was raised Catholic, so I’m likely predisposed to liking this book.*Disclaimer 2: I watched the shit out of the Poltergeist movies as a kid, so I'm likely predisposed to liking this book as I have a special place in my black heart for Evil Southern Preachers, Wide-Brimmed Hat Division.Wise Blood is so fantastically odd, so tit-stuffed with awful human beings, that it’s astounding that it isn’t loved by more members of the Satanic Underground that I hang out and play Yahtzee [...]

    26. I love this book. the first time I read it it scared the hell out of me. but i think that's what great art is suppose to do anyway: grab you by the gonads, drag you out to the edge an dangle you over the abyss.I don't think the book is about anything - other than the straight ahead plot. though maybe in some ways the three heros represent three facets of O'Connor's life. in the sense that Hazel struggle with a relationship to an unknowable deity represents the author's own relationship to her st [...]

    27. This is the first time I've read Flannery O'Connor and I enjoyed the book and plan to read an anthology of her short stories soon. The best description for this book is that it's Southern Gothic with a decidely dark streak of humor running through it. The characters are misfits and losers and, more often than not, are described in a way that makes them appear freakish and grotesque. Take, for example, the description of the prostitute that the main character, Hazel Motes, visits:"She was a big w [...]

    28. I like Flannery O'Connor, but I don't love her. This is a problem, I know, because if one reads half as obsessively as I do the words of other writers about how goes about writing fiction, one comes across Flannery's name and maxims at just about every turn. She is, without question, a genius, goes the belief. And maybe she is. She knows her way around a simile: "The little boys' faces were like pans set on either side to catch the grins that overflowed from her." She's also great at understated [...]

    29. A blind prophet, a gorilla and a mummy walk into a bar. The punch line is everything sucks, and Flannery O'Connor is the meanest writer in the history of the world.But Faulkner, you say! Cormac McCarthy! And it is true that these Southern folks are bummers. Which, I mean, the South sucks. I know, I've read books. But for me, even those two - there's a difference between dark and mean. Flannery - her name was Mary, by the way - she's just fuckin' mean. In a throwaway moment, that gorilla emerges [...]

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