One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Julie Cohen / Sep 22, 2019

One Night Stand Eleanor Connor may have written seventeen steamy novels but her own life is mundane In fact the nearest she comes to sex is having to listen through the thin walls of her house as her friend and nei

  • Title: One Night Stand
  • Author: Julie Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780755334834
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleanor Connor may have written seventeen steamy novels, but her own life is mundane In fact, the nearest she comes to sex is having to listen through the thin walls of her house as her friend and neighbour, Hugh, makes love to an ever changing stream of female conquests But then one night she makes a one night only conquest of her own, only to wake up alone, a bitEleanor Connor may have written seventeen steamy novels, but her own life is mundane In fact, the nearest she comes to sex is having to listen through the thin walls of her house as her friend and neighbour, Hugh, makes love to an ever changing stream of female conquests But then one night she makes a one night only conquest of her own, only to wake up alone, a bit repentant, and as she later realises, very pregnant Desperate to find her missing lover, if only to tell him he s going to be a father, she enlists the help of Hugh to help her search but begins to realise that the perfect partner could have been right under her nose all this time

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    1. One Night Stand was a one day read for me :) I don't exactly remember reading any book this fast and determined for a long time. It was an easy read, it was funny, it was sad at times and there were a few surprises that I did not expect sprinkled here and there. Overall, it was a book that I enjoyed a lot.I've never read anything by Julie Cohen before so I had no idea about her writing style but I did consider this book to be a chick lit before I started it, maybe because it's the cover or the s [...]

    2. Eleanor Connor is an erotica novel writer and is also working at the local bar. Her relationship with her family isn’t too bright full and she will makes sure that she doesn’t turns up like her mother. Then one night she does the very thing she always avoids, getting drunk with a gorgeous customer and have a one-night stand. When she wakes up the next morning with a huge hangover and only a few memories from the night before, she realize that they haven’t use a condom.When she finally disc [...]

    3. I think I am in love with Julie Cohen's writing. This is another great book of hers, which literally had me at hello!I read a lot of romance novels (you have probably realised that by now!) so the whole one-night-stand-leads-to-pregnancy theme is nothing new. However this one is a slightly different take on it, and I applaud Julie Cohen for exploring the difficult and darker side of this aspect of life.I'm sure we all know [of] someone who has been in this situation, and not knowing who, or wher [...]

    4. i like this book because1) u might never know what will happen even if it is only a one night stand2) u might never know who u should cherish for ur entire life [even he/she is ur bestest friend] until he/she is not in ur sight anymore3) u will learn to appreciate those who is there beside u all the time but u never noticed before4) money and glam never meant to be the only thing to sought after for ur life partneri simply love this bookcially when i'm bored.

    5. Woul like to give it 4.5 reallyd it only loses that as it took a while for me get into the story and characters. Good fun - totally predictable, but well written and after a slowish start gets going at a fair pace. Thought the character of June was a bit weak and stereotypical but I really enjoyed it.

    6. i fell in love with Hugh just because he's who he's (i want to taste his chocolate cackes by the way), the only thing that made me take a star was because of the "inappropriate scenes " that i didn't enjoy reading, but this was like a book version of "friends with benefits" but a bit nicer ♡

    7. Always enjoy Julie Cohen's work.El is both stupid & smart. I don't understand why. Hugh is ever patience with El's fickle-mindedness. Such a drama queen, i wish i could knock some senses into El's thick head

    8. I don't know why I ever took a break from reading Little Black Dress books. Sure, they all end the same. But it's the journey that counts. And this one is one of the good ones. Julie Cohen certainly has a way with words.

    9. I always love Julie Cohen's writing and always know I will like her books. This book was no different and a very easy read. There's always subtle witty humor in her books and the writing is always thoughtful and mature. However, there were parts in this book that were just a little too outrageous for me (without giving too much away) especially the remaining 10% of the book which started to slump for me.If you are looking for a very angsty, jealousy enraged, alpha-male type love story, that typi [...]

    10. I'm assuming this was one of Julie Cohen's earlier novels. The comparison between this and titles such as "Dear Thing" are worlds apart. This was very amateur chick-lit. Every cliche under the sun packed in to 300 pages. One of those "Looking for love but it's been staring you in the face the whole time" plots - we've all read them. Many a time. This wasn't particularly well written nor very believable. The whole book felt a little flat to me.

    11. Flipping loved this book!! I am now totally obsessed and away to buy all of Julie Cohens other novels!💞also, my surprise when she named the baby Emily 👶🏻

    12. I'll have to admit to being a little confused at times with all the British references and slang but I got through. I really liked this story. The description gave it all away so you kind of know what's coming. Meet Eleanor, she works at a bar and on the side writes erotic novels. Meet Hugh, her best friend. They met on their first day of university and ever since have been inseparable. One night upon some bad news about her current book, El decides to have a couple of drink (easy to do consider [...]

    13. I thought this was going to be unbearably trashy but it wasn't. It was a great love story between two best friends. Would recommend to romance fans.

    14. 4.5* starshardback I was lucky in getting this book for less the 1$ and I am happy for getting it be honest , three days ago , I wasn't encouraged to reading it but man , I am happy that I picked it upis book is so good . light and funny and fast-paste. I really enjoyed. the characters were well developed . the plot was simple but enjoyable . I needed something like this after the last book I have encountered.what made me like it less were :Hugh , Eleanor's best friend was so nice that it was un [...]

    15. A go-to read for me. One of my all time favorites. Eleanor is a bartender and an erotic romance writer. The only one who knows about her writing career is her best friend Hugh. One Night Stand tells the story of Eleanor's struggle with the surprises her family hands her, consequences of a one night stand, her budding career, her feeling for her best friend and to find out who she really is and what she really wants. Eleanor is a flawed, funny and at times frustrating character that I loved. Hugh [...]

    16. Rating 2.5 starsHonestly, I don't think I'll finish this one, I slogged my way to 68% read and I'm still not really interested so I think at this stage it's safe to say it's not going to happen.Which is a shame, because I adored Girl From Mars and thought I would at least like this one as well.But meh.I think the problem might be that I didn’t really like the main character (or the supporting characters) both Eleanor and Hugh were more annoying than anything else.Also, there's a distinct lack [...]

    17. The main relationship in this book was very predictable, but it was a sweet story.Eleanor's relationship with members of her family cause problems in her life and make her think that she will become the same person her mother is.Eleanor is determined to be a different person than her mother and relies largely on her best friend, neighbor and playboy Hugh. With Eleanor spending more time with her best friend Hugh she starts to develop feelings that she knows are one sided.An Excellent read and th [...]

    18. ENFIN!! Terminé :3 <3 <3 ((Le premier jour à l’université a-t-il raconté d’une voie émue mais forte.- Tu as ouvert la porte et s’était toi, voilà tout. Je t’ai aimé depuis de moment, même si tu m’as rendu fou. Je ne pouvais pas te laisser. Je ne pouvais rien dire de peur de te perdre. Je suis resté à tes côtés, j’ai tout regardé j’ai attendu et j’ai essayé de me stabiliser mais ça ne suffisait pas. Quand tu m’as appris que tu étais enceinte, je n’avais [...]

    19. In the beginning I was not convinced. First of all in terms of contraception, I felt like the main character’s actions fell short. (view spoiler)[She did not take the necessary post-coital measures to protect herself(hide spoiler)] and you’re just supposed to convince me that it was convincingh. Anyways, at some point I got hooked and could literally not put the book down. Almost walked into a swimming pool trying to read the book. All in all, I really loved the love interest. Engaging, slig [...]

    20. This book was hot! Not just the romance between Eleanor and Hugh, but everything else that was going on in the book too! The only thing that didn't seem quite real is how the book ended. A "happy ever after" is expected, but it just seemed too far fetched, while the rest of book was a bit more realistic. But Julie Cohen has another great book on her hands! I couldn't put it down until it was finished!

    21. A bizarre, quirky, unexpectedly touching tale of a girl, her best friend, and a contemplated 80s pop star look-a-like contest to be held to find her baby daddy. Sometimes I just wanted to smack Eleanor, with all of her disdain for Reading and the people who populate it. That said, Hugh was dreamy, if frustratingly reticent, and the humor was dark and lovely.

    22. What an amazing book! A very different & fresh story for a start.Kudos to Julie Cohen for writing such a marvel.Everyone would love to have a relationship like Eleanor & Hugh have. I simply loved it. This book put a stamp for me on the fact that the more I dislike the beginning of a book, the more I love it by the end! I would give it more than 5 stars, if I could!

    23. This was a really good book. You start off wanting Eleanor to be happy with "George" and then you can see how Hugh feels about her and you want them to get together but as is usual in things like this, nothing goes smoothly.All turns out well in the end for Eleanor and Hugh but whether that is together or apart I shall leave that for you to find out :o)

    24. Eleanor was pretty mean to Hugh on several occasions which annoyed me and I don't know why he put up with it. Having said that, it was a decent enough read. Would have liked a bigger epilogue though

    25. 2,5Konusu bana göre değildi. Hiç blmediği birinden hamile kalması falan hoşuma gitmedi açıkçası. Aslı şu arkadaşlıkta aşka dönme konularını da normalde severimde bu sefer dediğim olay yüzünden midir artık nedir beni çekmedi.

    26. This was a nice, predictable read. I think the reason I gave this 3 stars was because it had so many really cute moments in it that made me personally fall in love with Hugh. Great cheesy romance for a lazy afternoon!

    27. i love all books from lil' black dress. so simple, amusing and makes us know others opinion about relationship in different kinds of ways without being pushed to be like them.

    28. Sehr liebenswerter Roman, der trotz bereits zu Beginn durchschaubarem Handlungsverlauf in manchen Dingen, wunderschön zu lesen ist.

    29. I enjoyed this book. Fun read with good strong and honest characters. Hugh was lovely. I'm looking forward to reading more by Julie Cohen.

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