My Addiction: Second Chances Series #1

My Addiction: Second Chances Series #1

S.K. Lessly / Sep 17, 2019

My Addiction Second Chances Series Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once AyanaI want himThere s no other way to say it I want this man Oh I ve wanted him since forever He s just amazing He s that perfe

  • Title: My Addiction: Second Chances Series #1
  • Author: S.K. Lessly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once AyanaI want himThere s no other way to say it I want this man Oh, I ve wanted him since forever He s just amazing He s that perfect man you can t help but dream about He has an amazing heart He ll do anything for you He has a smile that will make you melt where you stand He has a body thatTake every chance you get in life because some things only happen once AyanaI want himThere s no other way to say it I want this man Oh, I ve wanted him since forever He s just amazing He s that perfect man you can t help but dream about He has an amazing heart He ll do anything for you He has a smile that will make you melt where you stand He has a body that s sheer perfection And his eyes, oh man, they can look through your soul and strip you bare until you have no choice but to give yourself to him It s a power he s had over me since the first day we met Hands down, ladies, he s fine as hell Oh, and his lips, goodness, I can t forget those Let me tell you, the moment he touches you with his lips, you instantly cream You can t help it The feeling he generates is like no other With just the simplest touch, he can make you soak with a need that only he can satisfy He can effortlessly bring nothing but sweet ecstasy and pure desire all through your body.Do you see why I want him He s my addiction, and I crave him with every second I draw breath.So why can t I have him It s simple I don t deserve him You see I ve had an opportunity to make him mine forever, and I blew it I blew it so bad that I don t know if he ll ever give me another chance But, oh, if he does, I promise you I won t waste it.BradI ve never met anyone like this woman She had me the first day I laid my eyes on her She s beautiful No doubt about it she s a goddess She has curves that I can t keep my hands off of Her skin is smooth like melted chocolate on your fingers She has an unbelievable spirit and fierce loyalty that you d want in your corner Did I say she s sexy as shit She turns me on with just the sheer thought of her My favorite part of her are those lips of hers Damn, I want to kiss her all the time I can t get enough of her taste She s made for me, I know this I m not denying that.I ve been in love with her since before I even knew she existed She s my best friend I can t live without her I just don t know if that s enough, if my love for her is enough I want to give her a second chance, but I don t know if she s ready They say that you only give second chances if a person has learned from their mistakes What if she hasn t What do you do when the one you love has an addiction stronger than you Do you fight for her or do you let it consume you both Life is about second chances The question is can we survive

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    1. Addictive- BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBS. K. Lessly has become a favorite author of mine because she writes about characters you can't help but fall absolutely in love with. This is true with Brad and Ayanna's story.Brad and his brother Lock were inseparable due to their challenging upbringing. Ayanna and her brother Terrence also had a a challenging childhood but when Ayanna and Brad met in middle school; they instantly became friends and later became lovers. The author has woven a compelling story th [...]

    2. APB Perspective Reviews: I am a big S.K. Lessly fan , so when I saw this book I purchased it right away. My Addiction is different from her other books so different that I felt a different author was writing the book. I didn't connect with the characters and even though they had sex I did not feel the love between them. There are editing problems but not so big they harm the story, but I did notice them. I will continue to read this authors work, and maybe because this series is different from h [...]

    3. Second chancestake itThis story of second chances is Anna and Brad's. These two have loved each other since they were 13 years old. However they never acted on their attraction for each other until they were in college. And once they got together it was explosive however it didn't last for long they went their separate ways only to come back together several years later for that second chance. I enjoyed the story of these two and I'm patiently waiting for Brad's brother Lockwood and his Second c [...]

    4. I became a quick fan of S.K. Lessly. I Loved all of her work. I have to say I am only in like with My Addiction. I liked the story, but for me it was missing that little something to push me into the OMG category If you are a fan you will enjoy it. I cant wait for the next book, I just have a feeling I will get that OMG tingle back from that one.

    5. Not what I'm used toI love SK Lessly, but something was missing. I enjoyed this book but it lack the excitement that the alpha males are known for in her other books. I felt the connection between Brad and Ayana but it was just bland to me. I'm more curious about the sequel then this one.

    6. Great Read First time reading something from this Author and it want be the last. I thought this was a great storyline and I just wanted more.

    7. 3 1/2 starsI liked the flashbacks of the H and h's earlier years showing their budding friendship. Ayana was a pistol and Brad didn't know what to do with her. It was pretty comical. The flashbacks also gave plausibility to their relationship. Ayana's character was my favorite. She had a tough life but she was a fighter til the end. I loved the way how neither Brad nor Ayana could seem to function without each other. This book didn't hold my attention as much as other books that I've read by thi [...]

    8. I really don't know how to put this into words, this book was just so amazing. I am telling you this book is really good. S.K.Lessly is quickly become my favorite author. I mean what can I say every book is just that good. This time around we are introduced to Brad and Ayana, whose love story was some 20 years in the making. These two met at 13 and became best friends. What neither of them knew was that the other was in love with them. So they went years being friends both secretly longing for t [...]

    9. SK Lessly does it aginOMG! What a thrilling story. I love EVERY book that Lessly has written. I've said it before, no one does alpha males like SK!!!! And with the epilogue contained in this one, the next book in this series is poised to be even better. My only hope is that it will include a Brad & Ana update as well. Would have loved it if the epilogue included more about Brad and Ana, but other than that, this book was hands down, absofuckinlutely fantastic!

    10. I didn't really like this one. I thought it would be similar to the Desired series. Even though had similar story line it was very different. I felt like Brad was a cry baby and Ana was so hard headed. I disliked how the main characters kept going on a constant cat and mouse chase to get to one another. My overview rate is a 3.5. I'm excited to read about Lock and Phoebe. I can't wait to see how there love story plays out.

    11. Frustratingly good quick read! I typically avoid books books that involves characters not knowing a secret or misunderstanding that the readers know. It's annoying and makes me feel like I'm watching a old school slasher film and I'm yelling for the actor not to go in that room! But anyway to book. I overall liked it. It truly was frustrating, but I couldn't put it down, so that speaks volumes to me.

    12. Ayana and Brad Brad and AyanaWow. I loved this book. I loved how Brad loved Ayana and vice versa. The action in the book was great, the sex was amazing. I must say Brad wasn't as alpha as the other men, written by the author. But it was still very enjoyable. So looking forward to Lock's story. Now he's all Alpha and Phoebe is going to enjoy all his alphaness :)

    13. ThrillerGreat novel by Ms. Lesley! The story has drama, passion, heartache and redemption. Definitely loved the how the main characters of Bradley and Ana worked there way through their complicated past. Great read!

    14. WowI gave five stars because of course you knock it out of the water!!!! I truly loved it and can't wait for more!!! I loved how it went in depth and we learned about the characters!!

    15. OmgIf you don't love this book and all others by her consider giving up your eyes!!!!! Yaaaaaasssssssss! This was ah may zing!!!#

    16. Brad was different from the other alpha males that I'm use to in SK Lessly's books. Overall a good read but It felt like something was missing.

    17. Great read about two hot heads who are the best the other has had. One made a huge mistake many years ago.The other knows if they get hurt again there will be no recovery. Fast paced page turner that will have you on the edge of your seat. Who says you can't fall in love at 11. I know for a fact the heart wants what the heart wants.Two brothers come to odds about past issues but the elder brother comes to know what the real truth is. He is determined to right a wrong and give his brother what he [...]

    18. Very goodIt's hard to describe my feelings with this read. I sorry of have a love it/hated it feeling. More so, liked it. Definitely different from most others I have read. The characters were strong individuals yet there were contradiction within their characters. I don't know if these made them stronger or less believable.

    19. Addicted Is RightAddicted to one another was the best way to describe the relationship between Ayana and Brad. They started their relationship, broke up were drawn together again by their magnetic force A good read.

    20. Not enoughLove the storyline and characters even the supporting characters. But I would love S.K. Lesley to give a couple more pages of finalizing the happy endings on Ana & Brad before leading us on to Lock who I do truly believe needs his own happy ever after! I just thought the Ana and Brad ending was missing something, it would of been nice to read about their wedding or that she gave all herself to Brad as he begged for, their storyline seemed a bit unfinished, leaving you half empty, u [...]

    21. I love this author but did not love this particular book. The reasons are many: Brad, the hero, was weak, whiny, and distrustful of Ana even after her assurance that she was clean and sober (and she was); Ana, the heroine, was too gullible which lead to her making dump decisions that put her in danger; More should have been done to develop the storyline (heroine sought by drug cartel for witnessing a hit/murder) and build suspense and mystery (I like mystery, suspense and some darkness in my rom [...]

    22. Awesome!I was on pins and needles reading this!!Great love story with some suspense thrown in. These two were meant for each other and even though people and greed were conspiring against them, they could not stay away from each other.The addiction they had was sharedither could fully be alive without the other. Ayana's main addiction however was not the drugs she used in the past, it was her need to fight for the underdog. She needed to right the wrongs that were done to her and Noelle and that [...]

    23. A love treated wrong and failed to be placed first. Still true love lives on. Looks, kisses, affectionate touches and lingering hugs are just the being of a lost melody waiting/needing to be played.But due to the wrong choices your left feeling like a fool with nothing left to give. Loving someone forever can't be wrong or can it? Still there the only one and because there is so much love. A second chance is what you need to give. Because the good times will always out weigh the bad? No, sometim [...]

    24. I need more Lockhart, lolS.K. does it again. I seem to never be disappointed when she puts out a new read. So I knew I was about to jump into a good read I loved the realistic story line, and the different take on an Alpha romance. Braddock was straight to the point, and he loved intensely. I loved that about him. Ayana was very kind hearted, but she seemed to think she can save everyone she cared for with no help. That kind of made me mad at her character at times. Hated Nora to the very core o [...]

    25. Crazy Cool LoveThere are times when you come across a story that pulls you in and ties you in knots,and this is that story.This is a story of love,and finding the one person who can see into your soul.The writer captures so many emotions and makes you feel them in the process.I love that we are getting a story that's real and gritty sometimes.This is grown-up love,sexy love and just straight up hot smoking sex.The two main characters are so believable that you get the feeling you know them,peopl [...]

    26. I'm totally Addicted to this Series!I love this book and hopefully the Series. So far all of S.K. Lesslys books have been so totally realistic, so well written, so totally intensely sensual that the reader simply looses themselves in the reading of the novel. This particular story has excitement, along with minor suspense to keep the reader involved. I loved the total emotional investment shown by the Alpha male. Love term love affairs are my favorite! I loved that he couldn't let her go even af [...]

    27. I'm usually a fan of this author's work but this one just didn't illicit that "I can stay up all night reading" excitement. I found myself skipping chapters. It almost felt like it was a different writer using the name SK Lessly. The book felt rushed. Plus, I never really connected with the main characters. The H/h in previous books were more defined and not all over the place as in this book. Hopefully SK is not falling into stereotypical characters in her future books. (poor black woman with c [...]

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