The Wildest Race Ever: The Story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon

The Wildest Race Ever: The Story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon

Meghan Mccarthy / Dec 15, 2019

The Wildest Race Ever The Story of the Olympic Marathon It was and St Louis was proud to host the World s Fair and America s First Olympics Hundreds of thousands of people came by car by train by boat Part of the Olympics was a wild wacky marathon

  • Title: The Wildest Race Ever: The Story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon
  • Author: Meghan Mccarthy
  • ISBN: 9781481406390
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It was 1904 and St Louis was proud to host the World s Fair and America s First Olympics Hundreds of thousands of people came by car, by train, by boat Part of the Olympics was a wild, wacky marathon Forty two racers registered, thirty two showed up, and of the three racers vying for the finish line one drove part way, one was helped by his trainers over the line, andIt was 1904 and St Louis was proud to host the World s Fair and America s First Olympics Hundreds of thousands of people came by car, by train, by boat Part of the Olympics was a wild, wacky marathon Forty two racers registered, thirty two showed up, and of the three racers vying for the finish line one drove part way, one was helped by his trainers over the line, and one was a postman who travelled from Cuba and ran in street clothes that he cut off to look like shorts How they ran and who won is a story of twists and turns that wouldn t be believed if it weren t true And it is Find out who won in this picture book all about the historic Olympic Marathon of 1904.

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    1. I'm so excited to read a book about running. It isn't a very common topic in picture books. McCarthy sure found a wonderful race to highlight. There are so many quirky things that happened in that Olympic race. For young runners, they may be amazed to see what the conditions were. Sometimes we even have a water stop in a race as short as 5K and these marathoners only had two water stops in the whole 24.85 miles. As someone who has raced in marathons, I found it fascinating.

    2. The first marathon in America was held in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904. That year the Olympics and the World's Fair were held concurrently. The marathon was held on a hot, muggy day and the racers really struggled to finish the race. They didn't have water or food stops along the way and the roads were so dusty from cars the racers could hardly breath. The lead racers changed periodically as some fell behind and others caught up. One racer was chased off course by a dog. Another kept stopping to [...]

    3. I love me some Meghan McCarthy, although I think this book could have been improved with some comparisons to modern marathons. What made this marathon "crazy" was that it was so chaotic, but I wonder if kids would necessarily know how a modern marathon is different. With the Olympics coming up, there will probably be additional interest in books about sports and competition, but I think the biggest audience for this book will be kids who are familiar with the running world, whether through their [...]

    4. A great book about the 1904 Olympic marathon held in St. Louis. McCarthy uses quotes from the newspaper reports of the time and shows us just how different this marathon is from contemporary sporting events. Cars and bikes followed and lead the runners kicking up so much dust the competitors, at times, could not see. The participants from around the world were not always well supported. Felix Carvajal from Cuba stopped frequently along the route to eat as it was later discovered that he had spen [...]

    5. Great account of the crazy marathon at the 1904 Olympics! I learned a lot - for example, I didn't realize they decided to have the Olympics in conjunction with the St. Louis World's Fair. Seems like a lot of stuff going on at the same time! I enjoyed the mini personality profiles and how each runner fared along the thrown-together course. The illustrations are fun and charming. The end materials are great for continuing the story and providing resources for further reading. A very fun read that [...]

    6. This was a very interesting account of the 1904 Olympic marathon, which had some "wild" events occur during the race. I would recommend for upper elementary students, (grades 3-5).

    7. I give it 3.5 stars. It had good illustrations and was a good introduction to the people and happenings in 1904 Olympic Marathon. It made me want to read a more substantial history of that race and the men who ran it.

    8. Good coverage of the race for elementary-level readers - not too much detail to overwhelm but enough to make it interesting.The buggy eyes of the people seem silly to me, and make the story lean a tad to the unbelievable rather than the significance of the event. I think the buggy eyes work really well in her book "Pop: The Invention of Bubble Gum"Backmatter adds details and bibliography. Love the images of postcards from the 1904 Fair!

    9. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumIt was 1904 and St. Louis was hosting the World's Fair and America's First Olympics. People traveled from all over the country and the world to watch and participate. One of the strangest things to happen at that years Olympics was the marathon. Forty-two racers registered, thirty-two showed up, and most managed to make it to the finish line one way or another. Unpleasantly warm weather conditions contributed to heat exhaustion in the runners since [...]

    10. Whoo! Okay, this is the story of America's first marathon, but it reads more like a script for an episode of Wacky Races.Someone vomits in the first mile. Another dude steals a bunch of peaches from some spectators and runs away to eat them. The race doctor falls off a cliff. A racer is chased a mile off course by a dog.Okay, then the leading runner is begging for water, but his trainers will only give him, get this, strychnine. Yep. Because they figured it would make him run faster, and of cour [...]

    11. After reading this story, I am amazed that anyone achieved the finish of this first Olympic Marathon. The temperature was 90 degrees in humid St. Louis, Missouri. the roads were dirt, and dusty. And people followed the runners in their cars, raising dust clouds so bad that runners could not see ahead and struggled breaking. Some runners immediately fell apart; one began vomiting. Another was chased by an angry dog, ran a mile out of the way, and still finished! One runner was refused water and g [...]

    12. There is something indescribably wonderful about running. It's like flying with your feet. When your legs and arms are rhythmically moving to a beat with your breathing you have to marvel at the beauty of the human body.We did not have official sport teams for girls when I was in high school but I loved watching the track meets. When I was in my early thirties I started racing in earnest in the 5K runs. I knew if I kept at it I would place in the top three eventually. When I was fifty-two years [...]

    13. "The Wildest Race Ever: The story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon" is an engaging non-fiction informative book teaching students about the 1904 Olympic Marathon. Along with helpful knowledge, the illustrations were unique and captivated my attention. The book is about what happened in the 1904 Olympic Marathon, and the participants who were involved. We learn about everyone who was involved in the race, and background information on them. We also learn the impact that they had on the race! Due to t [...]

    14. First sentence: The first Olympic marathon held in America happened on August 30, 1904, in Saint Louis, Missouri.Premise/plot: This nonfiction picture book tells the wild-but-true story of the first Olympic marathon. McCarthy introduces us to ten runners out of the thirty-two that started the race. This story has plenty of twists and turns. It's never dull! My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one. It appears to be well-researched. A select bibliography is included. And a link is provided for a fu [...]

    15. McCarthy tells the story of the first Olympic marathon held in America, at the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis, Missouri. Ten of the thirty two runners are profiled and followed at they attempt the race. Details about the conditions of the road (the runners choked on the clouds of dust), the public (very few spectators) and press coverage paint a picture of the then not widely known sport. Lots of information will interest kids: "At the World's Fair many people experienced their first hot dog, [...]

    16. The research necessary to write such a surprising account of the 1904 Olympic Marathon, must have been formidable. There are similarities in this race to competitive sporting events today, Fred Lorz, an American runner cheated by riding in an automobile for most of the race. Poor Thomas Hicks was given strychnine (rat poison) with egg whites to keep him running, which could have killed him but didn't. Following the anecdotes of a number of runners in this race from long ago is fascinating, and h [...]

    17. This informational book caught my eye because of its interesting pictures. It is about the 1904 Olympic marathon and all of its participants. Within the book, we see captions about each participant giving us their background information. The book is fun for students because they get to follow a story with dislodge, as well as learn important facts about this eventful day. It combines facts and humor. I would recommend this book for a social studies lesson about the Olympics or about world commun [...]

    18. Cartoony illustrations and conversational text recount the bizarre true story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon, which included cheating (one runner rode most of the way in a car), unpleasant weather conditions, poor planning, limited access to food and water during the race, a car accident, and runners who intermittently stopped to chat with bystanders or were chased off course by stray dogs. Amazingly, most of the runners somehow found a way to actually and legitimately finish this wacky race.While [...]

    19. A play-by-play of the 1904 Olympic Marathon, which focuses on the many characters running the race and all of the drama that made a the race a near-death experience.I didn't really connect with this book. I can understand how all of the drama surrounding the race makes for a good book, but I struggled with how to connect this to the present. I couldn't really answer for myself why the author decided to pursue this topic and adapt it for juvenile audiences.Back matter includes info about the runn [...]

    20. Meghan McCarthy makes learning about interesting facts about our history much more fun for kids! This book reminds me of a Schoolhouse Rock video much fun without realizing your learning along the way! We will be doing our Literacy Week this year themed around the Summer Olympics. This will be the perfect book to share with my second graders in the Lib. I think I may recreate name badges and pictures for the runners and have some of my students wear them as we are reading the story. Maybe make a [...]

    21. I remember reading somewhere that the 1904 Olympic Marathon was a hot mess.but boy, does this book confirm it! Excellently told, the story lets readers know who's running, follow along, and keeps the suspense building all the way to the finish line! (With some detours for dogs, peaches, and poison, OH MY!)The back section has some extra details plus a photograph, along with some good tidbits about the World's Fair (which got combined with the Olympics that were supposed to be in Chicagoah) and s [...]

    22. While I appreciated the information this book attempted to give, I felt as though the factual story was organized in a very abrupt manner and read in fragments, rather than in flowing sentences. I did appreciate the additional information provided at the end of the book about "The Marathon Runners", "The 1904 World Fair", "At the Pike" and bibliography sources; all of which gave clearer insight into what the book was about. +Book-List

    23. If the thought of running 26.2 miles (or in this case 24.85 miles) couldn't be worse, let's throw in hills, 90 degree temps, only two water stations (serving contaminated water!), dusty roads, angry dogs, and well-meaning (?!) trainers offering egg white and strychnine cocktails! This entertaining story about the first Olympic marathon run in the U.S. is an interesting bit of sports history. P.S. - 0.0 and not ashamed to say so!

    24. This a story about the 1904 Olympic marathon held in St. Louis during the World Fair. I liked how the author incorporated direct quotes from newspaper reports and spectator accounts from the time. There are also photographs from the race and post cards that were sent from the time. I think this story will show students how much society has changed and developed since 1904. Plus, the illustrations are really fun.

    25. I am a fan of this author/illustrator's previous works, and I enjoyed this latest book quite a bit. Unique stories like this make it easy to include more informational read alouds with students-because they will definitely pay attention to the humorous illustrations and quirky facts. There is back matter that includes an actual photograph, details gathered from the author's research, and a bibliography. The endpapers, covered with World Fair postcards, are eye-catching as well.

    26. I loved this completely wacky but also perfectly true account of the 1904 Olympic marathon! Racers who stopped to eat apples, another to chat up the crowd, and trainers who gave their racer strychnine! Then there was the racer who dropped out with cramps, rode in an automobile for a while and the got back in the race farther on!McCarthy's text and humorous illustrations are extremely fun. The book design is great and I especially enjoyed back matter information.

    27. Meghan McCarthy uses her distinct artistic style to describe the 1904 Men's Olympic Marathon, which was held in St Louis. I think kids would have liked a bit more flavor about the Olympics and St Louis but the narrative is clear. While McCarthy makes great efforts to keep all the runners clear, I still had a hard time keeping track of each man. Visual aids will go a long way in helping younger readers keep everyone straight.Recommended for grades 2 and 3.

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